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  1. Jim58

    The Frozen North - Alaska Here

    I forgot to do this when I joined. I live in South Central Alaska (Anchorage area). Joined this site to see if I could get some insight on how Ford is deciding on which trucks to build and which to push off indefinitely. I see guy order November 2 and their trucks are in Production and there are trucks ordered the day Order Banks opened with no build date, and I am in the middle. Ordered July 28, Got a build week and it has been pushed a couple times then got an email stating it had been moved up a week to Dec 6. Expecting nothing to happen and when my salesperson gets back off vacation I will have her check for new dates. I put this here because I haven’t figured out this Forum’s set up.
  2. Jim58

    How many Fords , or Ford trucks have you owned?

    1964 Ford Falcon - Blue 1970 F150 - Red 1978 Bronco - Blue/White 1979 Pinto - Power Blue 1979 Courier - White 1980 Mustang - Blue 1982 LTD II - Blue 1987 F250 - Blue/Silver 1994 Mustang - White 1997 F150 - White 2004 F150 - Silver/Gray (Still own) 2007 Ford 500 - Brown 2013 F150 - White (still own) 2021 Ranger - Cyber Orange (bought 11/21] 2022 F250 - Star White (waiting to be built)
  3. Jim58

    Kentucky Truck Plant

    It just sucks to be told one thing from dealer, then finally get it scheduled only to have it pushed back and nothing from Ford. Especially in the so called Information Age. And dealer has no trucks ahead of me or at least that they will admit to. My PCO will now expire a month and half before I ever get my truck.
  4. Jim58

    Kentucky Truck Plant

    And if that was the true hold up, I would delete and pay the $500 extra here. Only reason I ordered it in the build is because companies want to Rape Alaska with shipping charges or say they can’t ship here, even though we have the 5th largest shipping hub in the World just 30 minutes from my house.
  5. Jim58

    Kentucky Truck Plant

    So what is reason?
  6. Jim58

    Adaptive Steering? Rumor is no more AS!!

    Scheduled doesn’t seem to mean a whole lot. After I finally got scheduled I have been bumped twice so far, and others 7 or more times. I do not have AS or cruise control. I do have spray in liner as part of Black Appearance Package. I haven’t received anything from Ford since October to tell me I had been scheduled. But had to contact my dealer again to find out I was pushed from 11/22, to 12/6 then a build Day of 12/7 only to be pushed to 12/12 as of last Thursday. Once built, if it gets built, it will take about 45 days to get it to me.
  7. Jim58

    Kentucky Truck Plant

    I have read forums on the reasons. I don’t have AS on my truck. I have also been told by many for your truck to get scheduled Ford has to have all the parts/items for your build. Then the trucks just keep getting pushed back and as I said in my original post, I see trucks with the same options as mine get built but ordered in September not July. There is a guy on FTE that ordered his truck Oct 20 only to have it canceled in March 21 in which he re ordered and still has no build date. Ford has stopped sending out emails stating the pushes. And why not let people know what Commodities on a specific truck. Ford has pushed AS but can’t build them, spray in bed liner is part of packages but again Ford can’t do them, if my hold up is just Hard Folding Tonneau Cover and someone just tells me, I would delete and buy local (even if $500 more). Dealers won’t deal or even talk to you. I was told, “well you can always back out and we well sell the truck”.
  8. Can anyone explain Ford’s process for building SD’s? Getting pushed back and back while seeing trucks built with same opinions that were ordered months after mine are being built and delivered already. Been a Ford owner for more than 40 years and just bought a Ranger a week ago. But Ford doesn’t care.