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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Congratulations on getting a schedule date. I ordered a 22 Platinum Powerboost on 11/4/21...I've been pushed 6 times so far.
  2. KingRanchRuby

    Hello from Ohio!

    Welcome Thomas! Awesome! I received an email from Ford on Friday saying that my truck build week has been pushed to 4/25. That's the third time its been pushed...hopefully it stays there! Enjoy your new truck!!! 😎
  3. KingRanchRuby

    Hello from Ohio!

    I ordered 11/4/21. I just heard this week that my truck has been scheduled for the week of 4/18.
  4. KingRanchRuby

    Toyota Sequoia leaked

    That front end looks like its a thousand pounds...too much bulk! As being someone who drives an Expedition Max...floor space is everything and that 'fold flat' floor from Toyota is atrocious! I wonder how it will compare in fuel economy to the Expedition.
  5. KingRanchRuby

    2022 Range Rover Debuts

    It really doesn't help seeing it in person. Every time I see it I feel like I'm in a Sci-Fi movie and should be telling the person who steps out of one...'live long and prosper.'
  6. KingRanchRuby

    Alfa Romeo Tonale Debuts

    Why does it look like a Mustang Mach E? I have never found an Alfa that I fit in comfortably, always too little leg room!
  7. KingRanchRuby

    Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control

    I just recently commented on another post about the adaptive cruise control feature and I'll tell anyone that has never experienced it before...it is the best feature money can buy IMO. Setting it for a speed and not having to readjust it for changing traffic conditions is all that and a bag of chips. For long distance road trips on the highways, it greatly improves your driving experience. 😎
  8. KingRanchRuby

    Adaptive Cruise Control. yes or no?

    IMO, its the best feature money can buy! I drive 80,000 miles a year for work and my work vehicle doesn't have adaptive cruise control, but my previous personal vehicle did and it was so fantastic to just set it and forget about how fast or how slow I was going. There was no need to adjust the speed of the cruise control because it automatically adjusted to the speed of the car infront of me. I cannot wait to have another vehicle with this option on it! It really enhances your driving experience and makes long distance trips on the highway...relaxing! 😎
  9. KingRanchRuby

    Ford Patents Automated Manual

    People who want a manual transmission are fine with the "calf raise" every time a new gear is needed. I feel like this is just an attempt from Ford to get more people interested in driving a manual...? 🤔😆 What happens if you grip the shifter too hard and the indentation you made on the knob doesn't release? I wonder how they'll combat continuous wear associated with physically grabbing something with your hand.
  10. Listed in the fine print... "*No other model in this segment performs at or above segment average." <<< What that heck?
  11. KingRanchRuby

    Hello from Ohio!

    Awesome! I haven't heard a peep on my truck yet but I remain hopeful to hear something soon!
  12. KingRanchRuby

    Hurry Naked pic's inside!!!!

    Every time I open the 'Welcome' sub-forum, this is the first post that always catches my eye for some reason...🤔😂 Hi!
  13. KingRanchRuby

    Good info

    Hello! Im sitting behind you in the queue a little bit, ordered on 11/4. Not really frustrated, just anxious! I'm not typically a patient person so this wait is painful, but it'll be worth it in the end! Hope you hear some good news soon!
  14. What the heck! Those are some crazy markups! That cactus gray first edition they have listed there is almost as expensive as an S Class Mercedes! Does Farley intend on cracking down on all of the model markups or just the electric vehicle segment?
  15. KingRanchRuby

    7.3 SD emblems (Godzillas)

    That is the slickest vinyl retro wrap job I have seen in a long time!