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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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    KingRanchRuby reacted to jpd80 in '22 March Sales   
    Ecosport Inventory 
    Ford was getting the inventory levels down but then the must have received more shipments from India.
    Maybe use them as service day courtesy vehicles and don’t ask for them back…….
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    KingRanchRuby reacted to akirby in Scheduling Stopped   
    Ford is providing updates.  There is nothing else they can say.  I’ve already explained that Ford is having supplier issues.  So is everybody else.  They have tens of thousands of trucks already scheduled that they’re trying to build but can’t.  Supply chain issues.  I’m trying to buy a few thousand servers but they can’t get NIC cards.  Other mfrs can’t get power supplies.  Literally every part of the truck has the potential to be a delay even if it’s just a trucking issue.
    Ford doesn’t keep 6 weeks worth of parts at the plant.  It’s just in time inventory so they expect to have the parts when needed but it isn’t happening.
    As for your situation, if you need a truck to make a living and you got rid of the old one before getting the new one, that’s on you.  These supply chain issues have been happening for almost 2 years now.
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    KingRanchRuby got a reaction from amtrucker22 in Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control   
    I just recently commented on another post about the adaptive cruise control feature and I'll tell anyone that has never experienced it before...it is the best feature money can buy IMO.
    Setting it for a speed and not having to readjust it for changing traffic conditions is all that and a bag of chips. For long distance road trips on the highways, it greatly improves your driving experience. 😎
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    KingRanchRuby reacted to Thomas454 in Hello from Ohio!   
    Hello I'm also From Ohio . And I'm proud to be a Ford owner
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    KingRanchRuby reacted to akirby in '22 Vehicle Dependability Study JDPower   
    So the absolute best vehicles had 1.5 problems on average and the absolute worst had 2.5.  So everybody is averaging 1 or 2 dealer trips.  To me that’s not a reason to favor or disfavor any specific brand.   What would be more useful is whether the problems were major or minor issues and what percentage of vehicles had 0, 1 or 2+ problems and which models.
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    KingRanchRuby reacted to rmc523 in '22 Vehicle Dependability Study JDPower   
    Yeah, not sure how Silverado alone would be so much higher than all 3 other entrants (Ram, Super Duty, Sierra HD) to have them all be below average - especially with Sierra being mechanically identical.
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    KingRanchRuby reacted to rmc523 in Toyota Sequoia leaked   
    Considering it hadn't debuted, nor was I seeking info about it out, no I hadn't.
    This thing manages to look like several different vehicles at the same time lol.
    The third row - as pointed out above - looks especially bad - very upright and seats basically on the floor

    And on top of that, it doesn't even result in a fully flat floor - they have to revert to tricks like this shelf to create a flat floor.

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    KingRanchRuby reacted to tk421 in Toyota Sequoia leaked   
    That front end...woof. 
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    KingRanchRuby reacted to rmc523 in Toyota Sequoia leaked   
    It looks bloated to me, but so does/did the outgoing one.
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    KingRanchRuby reacted to rmc523 in 2022 Range Rover Debuts   


    It's almost too clean......
    I also don't understand why they made the front so similar looking to the outgoing model, and then the rear is very futuristic with the very slim, hidden taillights.  I feel like the front should have also had very slim, more integrated/hidden headlights to match the vibe of the rear.
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    KingRanchRuby reacted to MadManMoon in 2022 Toyota Tundra Thread   
    Wow. I realize this is a TRD Pro model, but that front end is the very definition of overwrought.
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    KingRanchRuby reacted to silvrsvt in Chevy Blazer Refresh   
    The rear bumper looks like it has black hole in it...other wise looks good outside of ruining the name
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    KingRanchRuby reacted to twintornados in Ford to 100% electric... Or so some thought..   
    No....market forces will tip in favor of BEV when the ability to charge a vehicle in under 10 minutes (solid state batteries, level 3 charging infrastructure) become a reality and the norm. BEV is already comparable to ICE when you look at them side be side per vehicle from a cost perspective (Mustang Mach E vs Edge is one example). The infrastructure and technology is not quite there yet to displace ICE...example, I can fuel up a Ford Edge quicker and more easily than I can charge up a Mach E. It's almost there...but not yet. Same example can be made for a Nissan Versa compared to a Nissan Leaf.
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    KingRanchRuby reacted to rperez817 in Ford to 100% electric... Or so some thought..   
    Both of these issues are being addressed nowadays, so they won't become a "brick wall" in the future.
    For the first, governments, utility companies, charging network providers, and to a certain extent automakers (incumbent automakers could do more though) are working to continually expand the availbility of EV charging infrastructure. For example in the U.S., President Biden, USDOT and USDOE announced today the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program that will distribute $5 billion to U.S. states to help build out a national EV charging network. President Biden, USDOT and USDOE Announce $5 Billion over Five Years for National EV Charging Network, Made Possible by Bipartisan Infrastructure Law | FHWA
    For the second, the issue isn't generating capacity, but resiliency. bzcat mentioned this in another thread.
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    KingRanchRuby reacted to jpd80 in Ford to 100% electric... Or so some thought..   
    I find it interesting that companies like Ford who project the image of knowing what their customers want, suddenly realises that their plan moving towards electrification was way too slow……that’s not coming from greenies or clueless politicians, that’s a whole bunch of folks that are willing to pay for the type of vehicle they want and pay a premium for it too…..To say that Ford was floored by 200k reservations for Lightning is an understatement and, 70% of those people are non-Ford / non F-150 owners. My take on this is that there’s way more people open to electric vehicles than we imagine, has this come from spiking gas prices? Yes, there’s probably some of that but I wonder if a lot of people are seeing vehicles like Lightning as a real next vehicle, especially if used as a quasi large sedan for daily commutes and weekend go do things with the family.
    Charging infrastructure obviously needs to grow but I see that growth as symbiotic with the rise of electric vehicles numbers, more charging stations are planned and they will continue to pop up. We often talk about constraints of home wiring to accept a charger appropriate to need and for many people, not possible due to costs or other issues with location, but there’s also a lot of people that can upgrade / install chargers and make a BEV work for them, we’ll see a lot of that to begin with so taking emphasis off requiring a complete public charging network but certainly,  that’s a growth industry. 
    At the moment, I see the ford plan as a balanced, metered response to rising interest in electrification, we don’t really know anything about depth of sales beyond the spike in initial interest, that’s where Ford and others are spending tens of billions to get the ball rolling but in all of that, not forgetting their ICE buyers and those wanting hybrids and PHEVs, offering choices to buyers and letting them tell Ford how much electrification and how quickly they want it.
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    KingRanchRuby reacted to Footballfan in Ford to 100% electric... Or so some thought..   
    Bottom line the customer is going to buy what they want. At the end of the day no politician or company is going to dictate what folks are going to drive.  If they do, they will pay in the marketplace and at the ballot box.  
    EVs are being pushed by the Greenies and a bunch of clueless politicians who care neither about the environment nor know the workings of the auto industry.
    EVs will have a place, mind you, as locally dispatched commercial/delivery vehicles and daily drivers all of which can be charged in one's garage or place of business.  The brick wall that these "all electric" dreams will hit is not enough charging stations and not enough electricity to power them.  
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    KingRanchRuby reacted to rperez817 in Ford to 100% electric... Or so some thought..   
    Here are additional numbers and timelines for Ford Europe. North America and Asia/Pacific regions lag right now in terms of Ford's electrification timeline, but if automotive emissions regulations including BEV mandates in those regions achieve harmonization with Europe (which is likely), Jim Farley will dump ICE vehicles as quickly as he can in all regions where Ford does business just as 7Mary3 said.

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    KingRanchRuby reacted to FordBuyer in Ford to 100% electric... Or so some thought..   
    That seems to be the Ford strategy going forward. About 60% hybrids/plugins, and maybe 40% BEVs by 2030 or so. And then take it from there as the feedback/sales numbers come in. Toyota is certainly using that strategy. Foolish IMO to go head first into only BEVs like GM.
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    KingRanchRuby reacted to 7Mary3 in Ford to 100% electric... Or so some thought..   
    I will say with absolute certainty that Ford will build what the EPA and CARB will allow and the customer will buy.  If BEV's really take off Farley will dump ICE vehicles as quickly as he can.  See where we are in 5 years.
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    KingRanchRuby reacted to FordBuyer in Ford to 100% electric... Or so some thought..   
    Other than Tesla, there is no other high volume BEV seller. Mach E, Bolt, Leaf at best do 3,000/month and the Leaf especially is very affordable with range now competitive. Will see how well the VW ID4 sells. And the Kia BEVs. So other than the BEV Lightning and Silverado that look like high volume sellers, there are none yet other than Tesla. And will see how many Lightning reservations are turned into outright sales.
    With new subsidies from government, more convenient charging stations, cheaper, more powerful batteries, a robust supply chain, and cheaper sticker prices, BEVs have a dominant future. But that is not here yet.
    I know I hate it when the engine kicks on in my hybrid. The electric mode is so quiet and extends the fuel significantly. Impossible for me to go back to ICE only unless it's a high powered sports car with a Flat 6 or V8. No more pedestrian ICE for me.
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    KingRanchRuby reacted to rmc523 in Ford to 100% electric... Or so some thought..   
    well we’ve already seen shots of the refreshed escape (with a much better face) so that’s good

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    KingRanchRuby reacted to rperez817 in Ford to 100% electric... Or so some thought..   
    The "opportunity in the ICE business" and "strategic advantage" Lawler spoke about is extremely short term. Long term, the Ford+ transformation plan that was mentioned during the May 2021 investor day event targets 40% of Ford's global vehicle production to be all electric by 2030, and 100% zero emission vehicles (practically, that means BEV because Ford isn't keen about FCEV) by 2035.
    The sooner Ford exits the "ICE business", the better chance the company has of being a leader in the automotive industry 20 years from now.
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    KingRanchRuby reacted to FordBuyer in Ford to 100% electric... Or so some thought..   
    Right now, more buyers want a BEV than can be built this year and next. And most would be buyers have the means to do it. It will be interesting to see what happens when supply meets demand, and if BEVs still cost thousands more than ICE vehicles. And if average range of BEV is as good as ICE and as easy to charge as gas up. So Ford is smart to proceed cautiously and still offer ICE versions of many of its BEV offerings. Cover all bases to meet all the needs of its customers. 
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    KingRanchRuby reacted to rmc523 in '22 Vehicle Dependability Study JDPower   
    How is there only one competitor listed for large heavy duty pickup - I know there are only 3/4 in the segment, but why is only Chevy listed?
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    KingRanchRuby reacted to iamabuckeye4life in Hello from Ohio!   
    New to site but long time Ford guy.  My22 f350 DRW Carbonized Gray CC 8'BED went to production this week.