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  1. chromeronzo

    E-450 with V10 serpentine belt instability and noise

    Thanks to Bullit6283---ordered my parts today--double checked on your numbers---spot on. Will receive them on Monday...go in on Tuesday.
  2. chromeronzo

    E-450 with V10 serpentine belt instability and noise

    I guess I'm a little late getting here, but I'm glade that I found this forum. Thanks to all...I just joined this conversation, and do I have a little story that will really fire you up. I have a 2015 E-450 Class C Winnie..6.8L V-10(I love it with the SCT upgrade)...with 48,000 miles. Great running motor home. Just recently started having this same noise 500 miles ago, and rather than sit for days to get it repaired, I soldiered ahead and drove home. Took it to my local Ford Dealership...spoke to the service writer(very helpful) and let him take it from there. Now, I have been working on cars since I was eleven. I know the front from the rear, I also have 2 vws, and can pretty much do all of my own maintenance. In fact, I earned a living from bending wrenches for quite awhile(just do not like all of the electronics); but, when I heard after paying $285.00 for an RV diagnosis, I was stunned. What they found out is that I had a noisy valve cover! Yep, those darn valve covers can sure get noisy. Whatcha goin' to do. Replace the valve cover. Apparently, the oil filler opening came loose? from the inside of the cover--spot welded I guess...could not really tell from the diagram presented to me. So while they did open-heart surgery, I had the dealership replace the serpentine belt. So here we are...$1200.00 later(all but $478 paid for by Good Sam extended warranty), and I'm not sure if the sound has dissipated. From the Ford dealer to the RV shop for some needed maintenance, and when I pick it up from there, I'll give it a good going over--noise and missing pulley. It sounds like the FIX in this forum could and should make me smile...thanks again...I'll update later in the year.