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  1. Truss57

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    What documents should I get a copy of from the dealer to ensure my order has been placed with Ford? How then do I track the progression of my order with Ford? Thanks!!
  2. Truss57

    Plow Package

    I am in the process of ordering an F350 4x4 Platinum SRW. I have no plans on using this truck to plow. However, the dealer is suggesting that I add the "snowplow prep package" (not a lot of money). He is saying on a resale down the road it could increase the resale value and make the truck more desirable. I would do this, but my only concern is ride quality. The F250/350 ordering guide states that a truck equipped with a plow prep package could have poor ride quality when no plow is in place. The dealer is telling me it will be fine..... Those with the plow prep package what are your thoughts? Thanks!!
  3. Truss57

    Dual Batteries

    Does anyone know when you order the dual battery option in a 2022 F350 where the 2nd battery is located?? I am ordering the 7.3L engine. Thanks!
  4. Truss57

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Does anyone know where I can find out what is in " Preferred Equipment Package 713A" ??
  5. Has anyone swapped out the stock tires that come on the factory 20" rims? I was wondering if anyone has kept the factory 20" polished aluminum rims and replace the tires with something larger in diameter? If yes...what max size can you put on those rims? Thanks!
  6. Try to follow on this topic. Are you saying after I order my 2022 this week I could actually end up with a 2023 by the time I get it??
  7. Truss57

    F250 vs F350

    How is your MPG when empty and not pulling anything? Thanks!
  8. Truss57

    F250 vs F350

    How is your MPG when empty and not pulling anything? Thanks!!
  9. Truss57

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    So when reading this letters it refers to trucks ordered in 2021. WHen I place my order this week will I be price protected going forward?? Thanks!!
  10. Truss57

    F250 vs F350

    I am about to order a 2022 Platinum Super Duty SRW 4x4 with the 7.3L and 3.55 Electronic rear. Compared to the total cost of the truck a 350 is not that much more then a 250. The big question is which one would you order? 250? 350? 3.55 axle? 4.30 axle? 90% of the time this truck will be used for fun.! Retirement gift to myself! This will not be a work truck at all. Occasionally trips to the Home Depot for building supplies. I live by the shore so driving in the sand on the beach could be often for fishing. I do have future plans of buying a travel trailer but don’t know what size yet. A slide in camper for the beach could also be in the cards. One big concern is how hard the drive will be when the truck is emty. Will the 350 drive that much harder then the 250? I also think about resale in the future. Which one will hold its value better... and will one be more desirable then the other? Thanks for any input!!
  11. Truss57

    Ordering a super duty with xplan

    Is the $275 for the dealer or does that go to Ford?
  12. Truss57

    Ordering a super duty with xplan

    Thanks! I plan on ordering with pretty much the same options/color except with the 7.2 gas. Good luck with your truck!
  13. Are dealers taking xplan for Super Duty’s? Are they allowed to add a service fee for placing and xplan order? How can I insure the xplan price I receive is what I will pay when I receive the truck months from now? Are there other discounts available today in “addition” to xplan?