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  1. ChuckDiesel

    Tonneau Covers

    This one looks pretty appealing. I went with the factory rolling cover but wondering if I should have opted out. I was looking at this one last week.
  2. I'd consider financing if offered something under 2%. Otherwise, probably will pay cash.
  3. ChuckDiesel

    F250 Platinum Mods

    You can find mirror caps, door handles, and emblems here: https://oemautoart.com/collections/super-duty-exterior-products/products/17-custom-ford-f-series-super-duty-f-350-king-ranch-stx-platinum-limited-custom-fender-vent-emblem-set-flat-black?variant=31312551215202 Not sure where to get the grille parts to make the truck appear as if it has the BAP.
  4. I've found some good stuff at this website as well: https://oemautoart.com/collections/super-duty-exterior-products/products/17-custom-ford-f-series-super-duty-f-350-king-ranch-stx-platinum-limited-custom-fender-vent-emblem-set-flat-black?variant=31312551215202
  5. ChuckDiesel

    Wait for 2023 MY?

    I haven't heard anything about the Pro Power onboard being added but that would be a really enticing feature for me. If it does happen, I figure I can trade in my 2022 without taking much of a loss...assuming I get my 2022.
  6. ChuckDiesel

    Pictures of delivered trucks

    Great to hear! I did not opt for the vinyl but after seeing it and hearing a few other folks that got it, I sort of wish I did.
  7. ChuckDiesel

    Pictures of delivered trucks

    Absolutely beautiful truck! I'm really digging that dark marsala interior as well. I waffled back and forth on it for my F250 Star White Platinum (Scheduled 2/14), so glad I stuck with it.
  8. ChuckDiesel

    Exclusive Cash Reward

    I ordered back in September, sent my PCO to my dealer mid October and was told it would be honored even though delivery probably wouldn't meet the deadline, which it didn't. Looking like mid March right now (scheduled build week of 2/14). I think the dealers have some leeway here on how to apply if they know what they are doing. It would be silly to have to cancel an order that was made two weeks prior to receiving a PCO to just re-order and apply, but it sounds like that's what a lot of dealers are saying has to happen.
  9. ChuckDiesel

    Bad News From My Dealer

    I saw in another topic on here where this could be fixed by the dealer working with Ford. It happens when an order that was submitted prior to the price increases is subsequently changed after the price increases have gone into effect. They should be able to get this taken care of for you and your order should be honored under the pricing arrangement in place when it was originally submitted.
  10. ChuckDiesel

    Bad News From My Dealer

    I'm sure there is a number of factors, including luck, as to why this happens. I've seen folks on here ordering late October getting delivered early December, and others who ordered in March still waiting to get scheduled. At least part of it has to do with dealer priority and how many other similar orders your dealer has in the pool. I never asked my dealer how many other orders they had waiting but I was an 02 priority so I know I was at or near the top of the list, though they could have had a lot of other 02s as well.
  11. ChuckDiesel

    Bad News From My Dealer

    I ordered on 9/3, F250 Platinum 6.7, dropped the spray in bedliner mid November but kept the rolling cover, no other commodity issues that I'm aware of, got scheduled yesterday for week of 2/14. It's a crap shoot as to scheduling but certainly seems that those with less or no commodity restraints are getting scheduled much quicker.
  12. ChuckDiesel

    Ordering a super duty with xplan

    What's the ballpark difference between dealer invoice cost and the x-plan pricing?
  13. ChuckDiesel

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Same here! Similar build, F250 Platinum, 6.7, etc. but no AS, no bedliner, no 5th wheel prep, did keep the bed cover. Ordered 9/3, scheduled today for week of 2/14. Been sitting at 02 priority for a while now, happy to finally get scheduled. With some luck, perhaps I'll see the truck sometime in March, although April or May probably at current rates.