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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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    FreeFlow reacted to akirby in Ford CEO Farley Cracking Down on Dealer Markups   
    The only thing that saved Tesla is supply chain shortages that allowed them to raise prices by as much as $9k on some models.  Prior to that they were losing money on actual auto sales not counting carbon credits.  I’ll give them credit for increasing volume - I thought they were closer to 200k.
    The point here isn’t that BEVs can’t be sold factory direct - the point is it takes a lot of overhead for the factory to take in and process trades and do the sale paperwork including state taxes, registrations, etc  and to submit and process loan applications.   Not to mention delivering and servicing vehicles outside large metro areas.  Nobody in South GA is going to drive 3-4 hours to Atlanta to test drive, pick up or get service on a BEV when they have regular car dealers within 30 minutes everywhere.  And those dealers can handle delivery, trade-ins, test drives and service with zero additional investment.  And they’re everywhere.  Replicating centralized services gets super expensive when you go from 350k to 2.5M - a factor of 8.  And right now customers are cherry picked - affluent and educated with 800 credit scores.  To get to 100% BEVs you have to sell less expensive vehicles to less qualified buyers and that is harder.
    i just don’t see Ford abandoning dealers.  I see them handling the orders online and having more set prices and faster build times and maybe financing approval but I think dealers will still deliver service and complete the paperwork.
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    FreeFlow reacted to ice-capades in Production Week Scheduling Information   
    This is the tentative scheduling plan for the production period. This is just a guide for scheduling. This information is tentative and may change at any time.
    CORRECTED SCHEDULE (Ford Posted Incorrect Information Earlier)
    Blue Oval Forums_Production Week Scheduling_2022-05-09.pdf