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Found 18 results

  1. I was very upset when I found out my 2013 Fusion Energi Titanium was not going to have the Dual Integrated Tailpipes like the Gas Titaniums. To me, that was the mark of the higher end Fusion Titanium (If you agree, please comment/Like my Ford post - http://social.ford.com/your-ideas/technologies/personalization/dual-integrated-tailpipes-for-the-2013-ford-fusion-hybrid-titanium-and-energi-titanium/) So besides telling Ford, I am looking at changing my Energi's rear end. I have been talking with my Dealer's Service center. We think that we can change out the current Energi rear for the gas 2.0l rear. It would still only have one working tailpipe, but it would look like a dual. From best we can tell at this point, there are two parts (17810 and 17K922 [may need 17F827], costing just over $500) on the Fusion gas that are different from the Energi. Here is the image from the part catalog (in PDF and jpg): pdf - https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4hPmV6eq_1HV2ljWmlZZm51UDQ/edit?usp=sharing jpg - https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4hPmV6eq_1HUnJENEpmaTNaenM/edit?usp=sharing I am going to meet again with the Service department and with the body shop and my salesman later next week to really scope this out. I am not sure what it will really cost, but if all of the parts fit, it should be a simple change. Even on the gas version, the exhaust pipes just butt up to the opening in the "integrated" holes in the bumper, so the Energi would just have one pipe, but still to openings. I'll let you know what I find out. Anyone else do/looked at this?
  2. ChrisFra

    DSC 4439

    © 2014 Chris Francis Photography

  3. ChrisFra

    DSC 4418 Edit

    © 2014 Chris Francis Photography

  4. ChrisFra

    DSC 4390 Edit

    © 2014 Chris Francis Photography

  5. ChrisFra

    DSC 4372

    © 2014 Chris Francis Photography

  6. I would like to find out how far we are getting on actual orders for Fusion Energi and Hybrid Titanium. So please restrict your posts here to What you ordered and where you are in the process so far. Like You placed your order and have a VIN or schedule build. Example, I have: Model: Deep Impact Blue 2013 Fusion Energi Titanium Date Ordered: 11/15/2012 JOB: Job # 2 Promised Delivery time: none VIN Available: not yet Window Sticker Available: Scheduled Build Week: TBD Scheduled Build Date: TBD Actual Build Date: TBD Released from Factory for Shipping: TBD Rail car ID available: TBD Estimated Delivery Date: Estimated Delivery Date: Actual Delivery Date: TBD State: MD And that's all.
  7. Blue Oval Guide

    Ford Focus Energi Forum!

    Ford Focus Energi Forum We've developed a site for the possible Ford Focus Energi, which can be found here. There are some articles gathering from news sites on the forum and a topic asking your thoughts on the Focus Energi here. If you have a Facebook account, you can login to the site using your Facebook details.
  8. I have a vehicle on special order from a dealer in South Carolina (I live in the Charlotte, NC area). After being told it had shipped, we found out it did not ship after all, but is still at the factory in Michigan ON HOLD. We don't know why it's on hold and we don't know when it might release. Is anyone aware of any reason why our Energi might be ON HOLD as of September, 2013? VIN: 1FADP5CU8DL549822 Model: 2013 C-Max Energi SEL Color: Ruby Red Metallic Tinted/Charcoal Black Leather Equipment Group: 302A - Panoramic Sunroof, 50 state emissions Ordered 4/22/13 (told expected delivery 8 to 10 weeks) Notified of pre-production status: 7/17/13 (told to expect delivery end of August, 2013) Notified that vehicle was shipping 8/25/13 (told to expect delivery Labor Day weekend, 2013) Notified car was showing on dealer's paperwork at the railyard in Columbia, SC on 8/30/13 Notified car was not a railyard in Columbia, but still in Michigan at factory on HOLD on 9/4/13 I have pulled the "sticker" and am trying to interpret if there are any clues on it. Do any of the numbers/codes on the sticker indicate any info as to where the car might be in the process?
  9. Energi and EV owners! One more day until National Plug In Day (#NPID2013):https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=582993895081757&set=a.165499530164531.32894.152792554768562&type=1 Do you have a Plug-in? then you should go. What to know more about EVs and PHEVs?, then you should go. Are you going?
  10. I posted this on the Ford Fusion Energi Forum as well: http://www.fordfusionenergiforum.com/topic/1293-fuellycom-adds-the-fusion-energi-to-their-database/ but thought I would let everyone here know too: I have been talking with Fuelly.com and finally got them to add and separate the Fusion Energi as a car/engine type. So if you are using in Fuelly to track your fill-ups, you can now set it to the correct car type. And if not, go and do NOTE: Fuelly is not tracking power use so this only tracks the gas used to the miles traveled. They may do something with MPGe in the future. Lots of thanks to Fuelly for listening and responding. http://www.fuelly.com/car/ford/fusion%20energi/2013
  11. What changes, additions, deletions would you suggest to Ford for future Ford Fusion? Include the version (Gas, Hybrid or Energi) and trim level (if applicable).
  12. If sharing is caring, the folks at Ford care about the Fusion Energi. They started caring by sharing the same powertrain that motivates the C-MAX Energi: a 2.0L Atkinson-cycle I-4 that makes 141 hp @ 6000 rpm and 129 lb.-ft. of torque @ 4000 rpm. Matched with a 35 kW, 47 hp permanent magnet AC synchronous motor, system output is 188 hp with a peak of 195 in charge depletion mode. It also shares the eCVT transmission, regenerative braking and front-wheel drive configuration of the C-MAX models. Read more here. Follow us: Twitter: https://twitter.com/carfanatics Facebook: facebook.com/CarFanaticsForum and https://www.facebook.com/CarFanaticsBlog Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/carfanaticsblog/
  13. Let me start off with saying, Hi. I've trolled the forum for years but now I need some legitimate help. My biggest issue is Ford Canada's lack of Energi sales support up here. In late 2009 I bought my 2010 Fusion Hybrid. I loved that car but when I had an opportunity to buy the Energi, I jumped at it. I sold my car to a friend and ordered a 2013 Fusion Energi and this is where my troubles began. First off, Ford.ca is useless to build and price a 2013 Fusion Energi; you still can't build and price, it's still not available. I actually found a bug in the website that installed the 800A options package when you picked Titanium Hybrid and chose one option and deleted another. End result of that gave me a broken image of the car but a price at least. They since fixed the bug so now there is no way to package an Energi together. My salesman, however, had issues too trying to build me one from his system. But he did, which brings me to the main question of this post... I was only allowed to pick from 3 colours (Black, White, Silver) for my Fusion. Does this sound right to anyone? Any Canadian Energi customers here have the same issues? Can any non-Canadian's offer any insight? Are there any other differences between the Canadian and US Energi (other than speedo )? Also, to be contrary to questioning and to add to the story, days later when I was fixing up some paperwork with Ford, the sales manager comes out and tells me he can't order 2013s, he can only get 2014s now. Which is funny in retrospect, since as of today a Canadian still can't build and price a 2013 Energi at Ford.ca. Though at first I was just happy I would get a brand new year. Days later, I had an epiphany and Googled 2014 Fusion Energi and found all the recent info on new features, colours, etc. FML. This Canadian desperately wants to get a 2014 Fusion Energi PHEV Titanium, having sold his perfectly good 2010 for one and has to wait "up to 6 months" for a new one (I assume Ford Canada hasn't gotten their ordering guides yet). Any insights and guidance would be greatly appreciated from anyone!
  14. So I had a chance to view an Energi SE at the Dallas Auto Show today and learned something I did not previously realize. The Energi has no spare tire. It makes sense with trunk space coming at a premium for this model, but it never occurred to me they would remove the spare tire. In its place is a 12v air compressor that has a built-in can of "fix a flat" to get you going again for minor punctures. Ford rep from the dealership said you could go about 50 miles on the repair until something more permanent could be done. I'm including a couple pics. I wouldn't have even looked and noticed this if the wife hadn't made a fuss about the lack of trunk space. Apart from that she's excited for one of these to join our family hopefully in a week or so. Enjoy!
  15. I installed a Leviton level 2 plug-in charger in my garage in preparation for my Fusion Energi when it eventually is delivered. I measured the power it idles at and found that it is about 10 watts. Over a month that amounts to 7.3 kwh wasted. I modified the installation to have an on/off switch so it will only be turned on when needed. That's one less phantom power drain in my house.
  16. www.evgonetwork.com I found this interesting. This group has been planting their commercial charging stations at the Walgreen's stored in the DFW area for a while now. Even though I knew the name, I did not know the extent to what they offer. With a residential subscription you can get a Level 2 charger installed with service and maintenance with a 3-year subscription at $59/month. That comes to $2124 over three years which isn't as affordable as those who can do some of the install work themselves. But for some this may be an affordable way into 240v charging at home. They have a "Complete" Plan for $89/month which includes the same plus unlimited charging on your home station during off-peak hours and unlimited charging at their commercial and public sites. Still more than I think I would pay since I think I'll do fine with Level 1 charging. What I found more interesting are their multi-family/workplace plans. For $69/month with 1 year subscription they will install a dedicated charging dock for you at your workplace, service and maintain it AND rebate your employer for the electricity used. Here is the workplace process: eVgo and the property representative agree on the best location for EV parking spaces. A licensed electrician determines the requirements for delivering power to those spaces and documents them in a plan that details costs and timing for installation. eVgo and property management begin promoting the building as REV-Certified. As soon as the first employee request for EV charging is received, installation of the EV infrastructure begins. And because the design of the installation has already been prepared, Installation can occur rapidly and employee expectations can be managed smoothly. The basic infrastructure is installed for the first employee, but additional charging docks will only be installed as needed. The result? You don’t end up dedicating parking spaces to EV parking that isn’t being used. When the tenant leaves, eVgo will remove the charging unit. It is still more than I would consider paying at this point. $3.45/day for electricity vs. the 1/2 gallon of gas I anticipate on the drive home. ($69 / 20 workdays per month) But I haven't found anything else out there for subsidization or "renting" of infrastructure that actually includes the infrastructure. I'm still looking for a way to recharge at work for my return commute or I'll be running on ICE the whole way for that leg. Everything I find in downtown Dallas is private or for use by hotel guests only. So far it looks like they are only in Houston and "North Texas" which would mean DFW.
  17. 47Minutes

    Dealer "etching" fee - $399+tax

    I'm hoping for some quick feedback from the community... I'm going to my dealer tonight to finalize paperwork on my Energi Ti. In reviewing the drive off cost and what fees are in it the dealer mentioned $399 for an "etching" fee. I understand this to be a "theft deterrent" by having the glass and, I guess, some other parts etched with the VIN. I'm really on the fence about whether this is necessary. It is completely optional. It just makes me think of the old dealer added undercoating. Anyone else run into this or something similar and what are your thoughts about paying to have this done? Many thanks!
  18. WOW, Very Cool. That just happened last night (I checked it yesterday). The Hybrid Titanium and Energi and Energi Titanium are now on the Ford Build and Price page!!!! http://www.ford.com/