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Welcome to the X-Plan P.I.N. request section.

In order to make your P.I.N. request possible, please note the following:

1) DO NOT request an X-Plan PIN unless you intend to use it within 30 days. After 30 days, your unused X-Plan PIN will be CANCELED. If you are not going to use your PIN, please contact the person who issued it so that it can be canceled. If you fail to use or cancel an X-Plain PIN, you will not be issued a new one to your social security number.

2) Please open a new topic for each P.I.N. request. P.I.N. requests are for retail customers only! Dealers and wholesalers are PROHIBITED from requesting an X-Plan P.I.N.

3) It is strictly against Ford Motor Company policy for anyone to charge for an X-Plan PIN. All X-Plan PINS are provided free of charge.

4) Please post what kind of vehicle the P.I.N. is for. Dealers often visit the boards and may be able to assist you.

4) Please make sure your PM and E-mail functions are turned on. Most P.I.N. request responses are made via PM or E-mail. The operation of these functions can be found under "My Controls" toward the top of each forum page, to the right of where you login.

5) BEFORE a P.I.N. request can be fulfilled, you may be required to supply the following information: Your name, address, e-mail address and the last four digits of your social security number. IMPORTANT - Do not post your personal information on these forums. Only supply the last four (4) digits of your social security number. As always, be careful who you share your personal information with.

6) We'd love to hear from you! Please come back and post of picture of your new vehicle and share your experience with us. smile.gif

PIN Types

A-Plan PIN
Provides the best price on any of the Ford family of brands to eligible employee family members, including grandparents of both the employee and the spouse

Z-Plan PIN
Is identical of the A-PLAN, but provides the best price on any of the Ford family of brands to eligible retired employee family members instead of active employees.

X-Plan PIN
Extends discount pricing to friends and neighbors of employees as well as Ford supplies and other business partners (through the Partnership Recognition Program). Businesses are eligible for the X-Plan by contacting AZX Plan Program Headquarters and providing an X-Plan PIN for a vehicle titled in the company's name.

D-Plan PIN
Applies to dealer employees and their family members.

Did you know?
If each employee helped to sell just one vehicle per year, Ford would sell an additional 350,000 units and Ford's market share would increase by two points!

Source: Ford World. 13 August.
Last updated 02 Jan 2012

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