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Fords Projected Blend Mix of 2018 EcoSport Trim Selections

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It in Pre-Production an later Ordering Guide Ford speculated the mix of the 2018 EcoSport Trim Levels. Expectedly, the SE was going to be the volume seller, followed by a significant drop to the SES and Titanium Trim Lines. The Base "S" Trim was projected to be the Sales Dog, a simply price leader. Most Ford Dealers here in South Florida where AWD is only necessary during a blinding Rain-Out, the "S" trim is making up 80% of Dealer Stock. Not everyone needs a Power Sunroof especially here in Florida, many of us can live without the Push Button Ignition an 12 to 18 high output Audio Speakers. The Base "S" Trim despite have 16`` Rims has very attractive Alloy Wheels unlike the cheap Wheel Covers on the "S" Trim Ford Escape. So far I really am enjoying this EcoSport an appreciate its Body height significantly higher then my 2017 Honda HR-V. The EcoSport despite all the Bells an Whistles added is (not) a 28K vehicle, period! The sweet spot is at the 20K entry level an thats where a majority of Sales will come from. Those responsible for ordering Dealer Inventory an skipping on the "S" Trim an instead loading up on the higher Trim SE, SES, an Titanium will be left with a lot of Inventory while the "S' Trim Models will prove to be the biggest Seller, IMO.

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