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Possible Emergency Spare Tire Donut for 2018 EcoSport 16`` Wheels?

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Just as I previously did with my 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid were I found a Emergency Spare Donut off a 2012 Fusion that worked fine, I now need to find a compatible Emergency Spare Donut for my 2018 Ford EcoSport. Not so much to hall around town daily but throw in the back for long highway trips. Seems there is but two possible choices to match with with the 4 Lug 108 mm radius Wheel pattern. 1987- 1993 Ford (Fox Body) Mustang 16`` Emergency Spare Donut or 2011 or earlier Ford Focus with 15`` Emergency Donut. Anyone have any better solution to the Air Inflator Kit an Can of Sealant Goo packed in the Trunk? When stranded, first think AAA asks, "Do you have a Spare Tire to Mount" or will they be towing it to a Tire Store or Ford Dealership. If the Spare Tire Wheel fits, I will use (their) Jack!

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