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Deferred vested benefits

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I wonder if anyone else is in this situation?

A few months ago I got a 85 page summary plan description specifically for deferred vested benefits.  This means I am owed benefits on retirement but am not of that age yet, and am no longer an active employee.  I was salaried during my time at Ford.

I'm an ex-employee with 16 years of service.  When I left I had the option of medical benefits to choose from on retirement like FMP, CMP, HAP etc etc.

This plan summary appears to change that, in one sentence it says "you are not considered a retiree for coverage under other company sponsored benefit programs (such as healthcare and life insurance)"

So this seems to say I can no longer get my healthcare benefits that I have earned and were previously eligible for?

 I understand Ford has the right to change benefits at any time with BOD approval, but can they just remove this and not compensate somehow?   I would call NESC but I'm sure they have been coached to avoid answering as usual.  Anyone know anything?  Thanks.


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