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Trailer tow battery relay & fuse

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2017 Ford F250 Superduty. I am in the process of wiring in an electric winch on my trailer. The deep cycle battery required would need to be charges as we drive. I know the 7 pin jack has a 12+ and a negative. Connecting up a pigtail to connect to these is easy enough, but what about the fuse and relay. The owners manual says a relay goes in slot 37 and a 30 amp fuse goes in slot 27. However, it does not say the specs for the relay. Also, reading another forum, a guy says there is no need for these because the computer will recognize the trailer and automatically power up the 12+. That's why no relay type is specified. What's the deal? Any ideas?



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If you have a factory Trailer brake controller you don’t need the relay and fuse.  It will activate power when a trailer is connected and the brake pedal is engaged.

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