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2016 Ford Transit Connect Wagon XLT LWB driver side rear door has stopped responding

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2016 Ford Transit Connect Wagon XLT LWB

So the wife tried to roll down the window with something suction cupped to the window and it really hasn't been the same since so maybe the electronics in there have had a hot lunch or two. A couple of weeks ago the door stopped working altogether. It does not lock, it does not roll down the window, it always assumes the door is ajar. I checked the fuses in the rear of the vehicle and the fuse for the "Door control unit rear left" is ok and has power. I inspected the wiring in the track that goes to the door and superficially there didn't seem to be anything wrong. I unplugged and plugged this harness in. I pulled the fuse to see if this would stop the door ajar issue, it did not. The door ajar issue causes battery drain as it fails to shut off the parking lights under certain circumstances or the interior lights if those get turned on. I can't find any exploded views of the door or schematics to help troubleshoot. I'm sure as heck not going to take it into the dealer while we are under quarantine unless I absolutely have to. If I remember correctly there are 6 wires in this connector, I assume they are power, ground, CAN, and speaker but who knows for sure. There is a non-zero chance that some critter has eaten a section of harness somewhere inaccessible, I will probe what I assume are the power wires and maybe stick an o-scope on the CAN wires maybe and hopefully not blow anything up.  Thinking about it, none of the wires were shielded, so maybe I have interpreted that incorrectly to think there is a CAN network running to the door. I asked the ford dealer where the "door control unit" was that is related to the fuse, they said, "in the door." I really wish I had a schematic snippet.  I tried popping open the plastic on the door, but I peeked under the skirts there and it seemed like there was foam insulation glued on that I would have to cut through to explore further so I lost my nerve there too.

Any advice on next steps would be great. Are there any parts sites that have good exploded views. Even googling "Door Control Unit" for transit connect doesn't really come up with much.

Thanks much,

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I had to replace the lock/latch mechanism on my wife's driver door in her 2016 TC. I made a video about it.  I don't know if the mechanism is the same for the door you are having issues with but hopefully it's similar.


Link: https://youtu.be/YIZWLtTmrkA

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