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Truck stolen at dealership

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My brand new 2020 f250 broke down and was towed to my local dealer, plantation ford. Truck sat for 3 1/2 weeks waiting on parts, supposedly a bad tcm. While my truck was sitting inoperable at the dealer, it was stolen off the lot during business hours. Not one employee stopped a tow truck driver from driving around the service lot, moving another vehicle, picking up my truck and driving off with it. Plantation ford didn’t inform us for 3 days following the theft. They actually called to ask if I had my truck towed off the lot. Police were called and report filed. Dealer refused to disclose any insurance info since they were negligent in the care of my vehicle should be their responsibility and their insurance. I’ve had to file with my insurance for the theft. Plantation ford does not have me keys anymore. When I went to get my keys, was informed the tech had my keys and he was on lunch. No reason for a tech not on property to have my keys to a vehicle that had been stolen. Was informed to come back after the tech came back. Returned an hour later and just happened to be a mobile locksmith on the lot. They tried to give me a key I know wasnt mine. Mine had a key tag from my shop on it. Police detective said the theft was likely an inside job and I happen to agree. 

ford had set up a loaner while my truck was being repaired. The day after I found out the truck had been stolen, I returned the loaner to enterprise rentals. Just receive a bill for over 1000$ from enterprise. Plantation ford supposedly told ford Corp and enterprise rentals that I had the truck towed out of the dealership on my own and therefore I would be responsible for the “loaner”.
Don’t ever bring a vehicle to plantation ford if you want to actually get it back. This is not a made up story. Have all papers emails etc to price this story. 

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