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Troubleshooting ford power seat motor vibrates but won't move seat

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Hi i have a 2011 fusion hybrid and the front portion of the seat won't go down or up.  (It's all the way up right now, 6 of the 8 way power seat functions are working correctly)


You can feel it vibrating when you signal it to move up or down but it doesn't move.  The motor hums and vibrates like it's bound up.


I unbolted the seat and nothing is binding it up.  I tapped the middle motor with a hammer but still no luck.


The forward/ reverse and rear up/down works fine  


How do trouble shoot this farther or is it just designed that you need to replace the entire seat track motor assembly?


This is the middle motor and i can't see any way to take it apart to look for broken gears or jambed motor internals


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