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What constitutes “off-topic” warnings?

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I was recently dinged for being off-topic in a thread here. I honestly want to know what constitutes being “off-topic” here?


I have had many conversations and topics here and not a lot of replies that I really wanted feedback on. Are people not responding to posts because they don’t want to get a warning?


How often do people get warnings here?


How important are warnings?


How many moderators are there here?


What power does a moderator have in discussions?


How do we know if somebody is a moderator?


I really do appreciate this place and enjoy talking about opinions related to Ford vehicles, mostly the Bronco. My comments are genuinely received well as I get mostly likes. I just don’t know how this all


Feel free to add any other comments or questions to this thread as I know I didn’t cover all questions. I won’t hold it against anybody for being off-topic, obviously. 


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