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Cmax issues when it rains hard

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I own a 2013 Cmax Hybrid.  I've owned it for 5 years and have only had this issue a few times, but with increasing regularity since I've had to change my wipers (I'll explain later).  When it rains hard...not regular rain, but that inch an hour type of rain... My car does not want to switch from electric to gas.  It will stay in electric mode and the "PULL OVER SAFELY NOW" warning flashes.  I've found that if I shut off the car, press and hold the gas down, and then start, the engine will stay in gas mode, but if it switches to electric mode before whatever in the engine dries up it freaks out with the warning.  Yesterday, it happened but I could not get it to start in gas mode.  I had to push it to friends house (luckily, his house was 100 feet away)... open the hood and place a fan pointing down on the engine for 20 minutes and then it was fine.....


So, What the heck could get wet in the car that would cause this?  
I mentioned the windshield wiper assembly thing before because I changed them about 6 months ago which required me to remove the plastic protective cover at the bottom of the windshield to replace the wiper motor...(it has been replaced but I am guessing something is off....)  Either way, Does anyone have ANY idea what I can do to avoid this issue?

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