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Sold my Ranger

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So, I have been on permanent work from home for the past 2 years and have only put maybe 6-7k miles on my Ranger in that amount of time.  Rather than have that fat wad of cash sit in my driveway collecting dust, I decided to take advantage of the (slowly down turning) peak of inflated car prices and sell it.


The Ranger was going on 4 years old.  I paid around $38k for it in January of 2019 and it had a total of 32k miles on it.  CarMax gave me $33k (Carvana offered a little less).  So for $5k, I got an awesome new truck for almost 4 years.


The wife (who also works from home) and I will share her Edge for a while until car prices come down to a somewhat reasonable level, (even if it takes a while unless I come across a good deal).  Then I'll buy a used something or other for my little jaunts to Home Depot (the only thing I really used my Ranger for in the past couple of years). I really don't have much use for an extra vehicle (let alone a new one) right now.


The Ranger was a 9/10.  Out of the 40+ vehicles I've owned, it was definitely in the top 5.




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