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2022 F250 DPF Regen Question

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How can I tell when my 2022 F250 is going into or is in DPF Regen?!?  I’ve got 10885 miles and have NO clue if or when my truck went into regen!


I’ll try again to change my settings with FORscan.  I didn’t have any luck the first time…


Thanks in advance for answering a question that I’m sure has been asked/answered before. I obviously didn’t have the correct search terms…

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My 2022 F-450 is a year old and their is no notification on when the truck initiates a regen. The 2013 & 2016 F-350 flashed a notification on the screen in the instrument cluster. Based on my experience the 2022's do not show this message. Only way I notice is when I have the instantaneous mpg readout on and it drops.

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That’s my experience as well. The issue is that I have no idea when it is in that cycle, so consequently I have no indication whether or not to continue driving to let it complete that cycle. In city driving, I do not always travel longer distance/time that would allow a full regen, therefore my DPF will continue building layers of “soot” and I’ll lose efficiency and eventually lose capacity. I don’t want to be forced to take my truck to the dealer to have it cleaned. 

I'm glad I’m not the only one who has not seen any indication. I thought I was just missing something. 

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There is no message or signal that indicates regen on my 22, even with ForScan changes. I bought a iDash gauge, and with that I can monitor the DPF %, which is not actually spot load, but the % of the 500 mile regen interval. It also shows ”ACT”ive or”OFF” for regen status.


With ForScan, you can add a monitor for DPF soot load %, and you can add a toggle to turn “Automatic Regen” on/off.


I use the iDash to watch when the truck is approaching the 500 mile trigger, and will turn off auto regen if I’m not in a position to let it run completely. I’ll turn it back on, when I have a chance to run about 25-30 miles at highway speed. It seems every time I get to the mileage trigger, the soot load is still less than 70%. 

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