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2017 Escape 2.0 ecoboost a/c issue

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Last year my a/c compressor crapped out and could not afford to fix it. This year I took the car to my sons work (Mechanic at Chev dealer) and their a/c guy recovered the system. My son ordered a rebuilt compressor for me which I installed. Their a/c guy vacuumed the system the recharged it for me. The compressor did not work. It was faulty as the clutch coil was reading well over 7 ohms and the air gap was at .060. I could only get the compressor to work if I tapped the clutch so it would engage. (then had cold air blowing)   So they ordered me a NEW compressor and we repeated the process. However, this time when their a/c tech tried refilling the system it would only take .60 of a 1.50 charge. (its the 1234yf system). We cannot figure out why the system won't fully recharge. They are going to have a tech out to look at their machine and I hope that is the issue but I am wondering if there is something within the cars system that may cause this.  Thanks

Forgot to mention; The system took a full charge with the rebuilt comp on it. The new comp with only a partial charge works and the car blows cold air, -28C, but I am concerned that it is running on less than half a charge. 

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