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Seeking for Travel Advice - Need help!


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Hey guys, I'm starting to plan a solo trip to Egypt soon and had a few questions if anyone has been recently and can offer some advice.


Firstly, how safe has it felt traveling around as a solo female? I know things can vary depending where you are, but would love to hear experiences.


Secondly, for transportation, would you recommend hiring a local guide or trying to get around myself with a rental car? Not sure the best option.


Also looking for general tips - must see places, activities, areas to avoid, etc. Really wanting to experience the history and culture but also be careful as a solo traveler.

Any recommendations you have would be super helpful! Egypt has always fascinated me so I'm really excited to finally go. Just want to make sure I have a good plan first.


Let me know if any of you have been and can offer insight into safety, transportation or what to be sure not to miss while there. Thinking of focusing on Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria areas. Thanks in advance!

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