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New Guy Dumb Question about 2018 Navigator (I Hope)


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Jason here from Florida. New to Lincoln as a previous Escalade Owner.


We just bought a 2018 Navigator Reserve L out of AZ with only 34K miles on it. It is immaculate and we so far are VERY happy with it.


We only have a few issues with it so far,

  • the grill emblem does not light up (apparently common, and not a big deal)
  • only came with one key and it is a MyKey
  • previous owner updated Sync3 to 3.4, but did not adjust the screen back to 10"
  • cannot for the life of me figure out how to get INFO/TRIP/FUEL to show on the display. It is equipped with HUD but in the Advanced Settings > Vehicle there is not option for Tire Monitor, it has Power Running Board and then Windows....no Tire Monitor Option. Currently the screen looks as if NO CONTENT is enabled be cause it shows nothing in the center of the screen.


The first item is not a big deal......the second and third I hope to fix with FORScan and OBD tool my buddy is bringing over tomorrow (Big Mustang guy that is very familiar)


but the Trip Computer deal has me flustered.....any help?


Thanks in advance

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1. The emblem you might be able to replace with one from ebay.  I was going to suggest raymax but looks like they don't sell the Navigator one anymore or it's backordered.  Might be worth reaching out to them.


Lincoln LED Light Front Grill Hood Emblem Logo Badge — RAYMAX LUMINOUS GEAR (raymaxgear.com)


2. I have seen a lot of people complain about mykey and only having 1 key, I believe you can disable with forscan.  Might be worth getting a 2nd key though long term.


3. I am not sure what you mean by adjusting the screen to 10" can you provide a picture?  If you want to update to the latest software too check out cyanlabs they have a tool where it can download the latest version of 3.4 and the latest maps to a USB and then you can do the update yourself.


4. The menus on these cars are kind of weird.  I know to display the tire pressure monitoring on my MKZ it's buried in a strange menu not where you'd think it would be.  Do you have the owner's manual by any chance?   If not you can download it from Lincoln's website: 2018 Lincoln Navigator Owner Manuals


Also check Lincoln's youtube page they have a bunch of how-to videos with Sync and their instrument clusters which may help too.

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