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  1. I'm reaching out to see who I have to contact to get some help and answers concerning my warranty issues.

    The service from Ford Canada and the dealership is the worst I have ever experienced.

    I loved my 2016 F-150 3.5 ecoboost until 3 months ago. I was driving and I noticed the truck was losing power, it felt like it was suffocating. I had zero indication there may be a problem, no icons or engine lights ever came on, the truck has 48,000kms. That in itself is a major problem. I immediately took the truck to the dealership and after close to 3 weeks they got back to me stating the engine was blown. I was in disbelief because as I mentioned above zero indication there was a problem.

    The service manager said it’s due to “lack of maintenance” because there was sludge inside the engine. I asked how would that happen and the response I got was “ not enough oil changes had been performed”. I have had the oil changed 4 times within the manufacturer's recommended time frame. I take it to a shop I’ve been doing business with for over 25 yrs., who looks after my other vehicles and I trust them.

    We’ve had 7 Ford vehicles since 1998 with no problems whatsoever and all the vehicles have been serviced by the same shop and owner.

    The service manager requested my maintenance records which I provided and on their request I had an oil analysis performed. The analysis came back with a high concentration of H2O with normal wear.

    I thought ok, I’ve provided maintenance records and analysis, no problem. Well, they declined the warranty and said I had to contact Ford Canada which I did. I thought after owning 7 Fords I would at the very least be able to speak with a regional manager concerning my issues, not a chance. The front line representative after begging and pleading let me speak with a supervisor (24 hrs. later) but said they will tell you the same thing.

    The supervisor clearly stated, “ because I didn’t have Ford perform the oil changes, we will not warranty the engine”. This has been going on for 3 months meanwhile, I’m paying for the truck and insurance with zero help from the dealership or Ford. This is completely unacceptable when the records and analyses have been given to them.

    Love the “ thank you for being a loyal Ford customer” but you're on your own. The only vehicle I’ve ever had a problem with and they’re saying tough, it’s your problem!

    The same truck has a class action lawsuit going on for transmission issues.

    To have the dealership and Ford not even look at any other reasons why the engine failed without warning and how the sludge got inside the engine compartment when the oil change receipts and analysis have been provided. Not to mention the high concentration of H20 in the oil sample. There's way more going on with this engine than oil sludge. To shut the door on me and expect me to pay $14,000.00 for a new engine on “it's lack of maintenance” is way to general a statement.

    I was told, both turbos are blown without any metal fragments in the oil or oil analysis and the oil filter is still on the engine makes me wonder who's running the shop. Removing the oil filter and cutting it open to see if there are metal fragments inside would be one of the first things that should have been done.

    There are so many questions that have to be answered concerning the mechanical breakdown of this engine. To date after asking the service manager twice for a written report on what they did to come up with their decision has fallen on deaf ears. To quote me a price without proving that a compression test was performed, where the cylinders inspected, pictures of the cylinder bores, to name just a few questions. Could there be anything else that might have caused this issue? Without a written report of what they did and then ask me for $14,000.00 or more, it is absolutely unacceptable.

    This isn't a $100.00 repair it's $14,000.00 or more they want me to pay without supplying anything on paper, other than their word without even looking at anything else. They've made up their mind and that's it.

    No one from the dealership even has the courtesy to respond to my emails from the GM down...

    If this is the way a Ford customer of 22 years is treated I would hate to see how a new customer would be dealt with who has a problem.

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