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  2. ice-capades

    Window Sticker Lookup

    The Window Sticker has not yet been released.
  3. PeteinMI

    Window Sticker Lookup

    Ice-capades Thanks so much for offering this! Possibly buying an used Expedition later this week. Any chance on getting a window sticker? Would love to dream about it before seeing it. hahaha 1fmjk2a57eef48961 Pete
  4. PeteinMI

    Wait Time?

    Not sure. But that is going to be a nice looking Ranger!
  5. Very cool. Nice looking ranger by the way!
  6. PeteinMI


    I just looked at a 2016 Expedition and the rear hatch was already starting to bubble...unbelievable. I was nervous about checking the rocker panels...lol
  7. PeteinMI

    Troubleshooting misfire on 2012 5.4 3V

    Thanks for the update. I had a sort of similar problem. Driving down the highway and one cylinder cut out. Thought for sure it was a coil. Ended up being a broken valve spring. I sure got lucky that it did not do any other damage. About a 30 minute repair and I was all set.
  8. jcartwright99

    Mercury Cougar Veryon

    The engine and manual trans was good in that car. However, that platform was awful for things going wrong. The Contour and Mistake, which is what the Cougar was based, was an engineering nightmare. You don't see too many of those on the road anymore. Nostalgia is one thing, being a masochist is another.
  9. PeteinMI

    Well I guess the Bronco rumors were true...

    Thanks for the link!
  10. PREMiERdrum

    Mercury Cougar Veryon

    I came [-] this close to trading my Fusion for a mint 2002 Cougar a few weeks ago... it was a 25th Anniversary edition with crazy low miles. Back when I was 19, I was on my way to trade my Expedition for an '02 Cougar but got t-boned by a drunk driver on the way to the dealership. They sold her while I was sorting out insurance, costing me my chance. I've wanted one ever since. Finally talked myself out of it as it would have been even less practical than the Fusion for baby carrier duty. Once the lease is up on this awful Cruze and we get her something proper... I'll have something fun again.
  11. Bellanca

    Build quality worries

    I am cautiously optimistic; I want this car so badly but I don’t think I’d want to reorder one if mine has issues. My sister said they don’t think it’ll take two weeks for all of the fixes to be completed. I’ve waited this long so I’ll at least wait until mine is ready; but if it has imperfections I guess I’ll be going back to JLR.
  12. Today
  13. Oh, well you didn't say that you just said it was in the manual so I wasn't sure. Could have been a running change or they just forgot it on one vehicle.
  14. akirby

    Build quality worries

    Same thing happened with 2013 Fusion/MKZ. They were shipping them to Flat Rock for headlamp replacement and shipping them back to Mexico. A few months ago they were parking mustangs all over Flat Rock waiting on steering wheels. It's a CF and not the first but as long as they get it sorted out within the next few weeks it will be forgotten.
  15. jfischetti

    2020 Aviator

    now following thread per rules. 5LM5J7XC7LGL04314
  16. fordmantpw

    2020 F-350 specs ???

    Look at the numbers for a 2019. The payload will likely be essentially identical on a '20 as on a '19. Fifth wheel tow capacity may be up slightly, but doubtful much difference (if any) on a SRW. But, don't buy the truck due to the increases over your '15, but the truck because it is miles ahead of the previous ('11-'16) gen trucks. Seriously, it's amazing how much better the '17+ trucks are.
  17. jfischetti

    Build quality worries

    Mine is still "In Production" since it was built on 7/19. I'm already getting cold feet. If it's not perfect (looking) i'm not taking it. Still worried about the AC and suspension, not to mention look to see if panels have been repainted..
  18. Len_A

    2020 Explorer Platinum

    This may be what's happening with yours: https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/ford/2019/09/13/ford-2020-explorer-lincoln-aviator-delivery/2292795001/
  19. blazerdude20

    Nissan Titan diesel is dead.

    The XD was available with both the standard gas engine and the optional diesel. Either way there were upgrades over the standard Titan. The frame and suspension had beefier components added. Not sure how much of a real world difference there is, but they do exist.
  20. Bellanca

    Build quality worries

    People won’t remember but I guarantee it will turn off some prospective buyers; like I said once mine is finally ready now that it has to be repainted if there’s a single blemish I’m not taking it.
  21. Len_A

    Build quality worries

    I was exchanging emails all day Friday, and then over the weekend, with Ms. Howard. She has a lot of sources inside Ford that are anonymously feeding her information. She's not that naive - it isn't just that there are new model birthing pains. It's Ford having so many repairs, that CAP can't handle them - physically running out of space. Even I'm shocked at how many problems they're having with the Explorer and Aviator. I've had three products, over the years, built at CAP, two of them first year models, and even with first model year blues, it was nothing like this.
  22. Ford truck guy

    2020 F-350 specs ???

    Does anyone know when the technical specs will be released? I am looking to order a new 2020, but am concerned with 2 numbers only . . .#1 payload and #2 fifth wheel tow capacity for Larait... F-350... SRW... 176".. 4x4 . 6.7 Diesel.. CC..... If its not a MAJOR increase from my 2015 , I may opt to hold on to this one.. .. Been looking at the 2020 stuff that has been released, but nothing to sink my teeth into yet
  23. That doesn't mean it should have been included for free. It probably means they forgot to add "if equipped" in the manual. I don't recall any US vehicles getting tow hooks included.
  24. Ford truck guy

    2020 Super Duty Pick-Up Order Guide

    Does anyone know when the technical specs will be released? I am looking to order a new 2020, but am concerned with 2 numbers only . . .#1 payload for Larait... F-350... SRW... 176".. 4x4 . 6.7 Diesel.... and towing capacity.. If its not a MAJOR increase from my 2015 , I may opt to hold on to this one..
  25. Then I got hosed out of $35. Because I wanted one and I went and bought my own.
  26. It specifically says in the US manual that the tow hook is in the spare wheel storage tray.
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