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  3. https://www.sciencealert.com/a-vast-untapped-source-of-lithium-has-just-been-found-in-the-us
  4. Anyone know how many 2024 Raptor R’s will be produced for USA? Is Ford only full filling dealers with allocations or will they supply a retail order to a dealer without allocations? (This happens to be my favorite dealer who supports me exceptionally well and is deserving of a Raptor R but oddly didn’t get any allocated but received Raptor and Raptor 37 allocations) I have an order with them that states Order Processing Clean & Unscheduled from Ford Marketing but no emails yet. Thanks for you time
  5. Where are all the headlines about this? We certainly got force fed the news when the VW plant voted for UAW representation. The dearth of coverage of this UAW/Shawn Fain failure might lead one to conclude that the 'media' have a particular leaning about this topic. https://www.autonews.com/manufacturing/mercedes-workers-alabama-vote-against-joining-uaw?utm_source=breaking-news&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20240517&utm_content=hero-headline#/
  6. The 2025 Lincoln Aviator Order Guide has been (v3) uploaded to the Dealer Order Guides section and should now download correctly.
  7. Really not sure what a 2024 F450 owner’s manual reference to a tailgate step has to do with the OP’s 2020 F350 and unloading of a golf cart from the bed?
  8. Dear Ice Capades, When I attempt to download the pdf of the 2025 Lincoln Aviator, all I get is a 0 bit file. Not sure what I am doing incorrectly. Please help.
  9. Another thing to consider-what an auto industry reporter likes or want is often at odds with what actual is sold. Case in point-car interiors-the NA market really doesn't give a flying shit about them, but yet you hear how great brand X is say a Ford interior with apparent interior material issues. I haven't heard one non car person ever say, Oh I didn't buy that because the interior plastic looked like crap.
  10. And you can't make people buy things they don't want. Not to mention things that are coming from Toyota-where they are saying one thing about EVs (often trumpeted by anti EV people) but yet are still spending billions on new product and battery plants that will come down the road with no negative reporting Ford and GM have been very vocal about their EV transition because of investors asking why their stock isn't like Tesla (was) and they get dragged through the mud by the press/internet for it.
  11. Auto manufacturers have poured billions into the EV transition. This article is nonsense.
  12. Our new rig. This truck is a towing beast! It pulls our 20k lb toy hauler with ease! 😎
  13. https://thedriven.io/2024/05/14/nearly-all-major-car-companies-are-sabotaging-ev-transition-and-japan-is-worst-study-finds/amp/ I’m all for EVs, but FFS, this completely missed the point that price and FUD are keeping people from buying.
  14. It would’ve been great to see a new edge hybrid and nautilus built at OAC as weve said ad nauseum here. I agree with you that ford had to go back to the lab with this u759 mystery product. I suppose they’re playing the long game and all of this is supposed to be for the better. I truly hope it is.
  15. I am no expert in this but I have read that Around 70% of the forward crash protection development work involves the engine bay crash absorption and force vectoring but equally the passenger compartment is also important as it needs to withstand crash forces in all directions, sides, top (rollover) and rear end hit. Yes, a full CD6 Mustang was considered too expensive but its electrics and floorpan / hybrid battery made S650 affordable. I guess your point on CD6 begs the question of how far advanced the sedan was before axing. Ford has many options and they work out every possible permutation and crunch the numbers but so far, nothing has really come back as a strong business case. This four door RWD rumour seems to gain legs every few years and then disappears again.
  16. Absolutely true. Honestly, if most people were given the choice, they’d probably pick a next generation Edge over a Mach E simply because the change to BEV is just too much for most buyers. When it comes to three row BEV clinic results, I think the decision was even more clear cut, Ford knew that and with the current battery tech, it was on a hiding to nothing if released, the Tesla X probably covers most of those would be buyers anyway
  17. Great to read. Voting with your wallet is the way to go.
  18. I’m ok as I’m a veteran worker, it’s the people with the low seniority who are greater affected by this delay. I’m still extremely frustrated with Ford and some of Farleys decisions. I’m almost expecting the plan to change again because that seems to be the norm now. One EV product will not be enough volume for that plant. The Lincoln u760 is up in the air so I know there is only one product right now. From talk of 5 to 1 for now. The union kept saying there is a Ford and a Lincoln then a third product coming like 2028 or later. Ill believe this stuff when and if I actually see it.
  19. I don't see a V8 landing with the modern Lincoln crowd. But swap the V8 for some sort of smooth hybrid system and I think you'd be onto something.
  20. RWD sedan with a V8...why not spread the resources and make a proper Continental from it too....
  21. Last week
  22. So Chinese consumers at a Chinese auto show in China paid more attention to Chinese brands than imports. Shocking. 😂
  23. I don't think they are ahead of what western or eastern world builds, just that they are being subsided by the Chinese government, which gives them a competitive edge when it comes to spending money on products. You can afford to take risks on products or sell say a 25K EV when the government is covering 10-15K of the price. EV batteries where developed by the US university/development system and built in China because it was cheaper to do so. Its like you designing a tool that no on else has, and then having another party build it for you, they'll learn the ins and out ofs of it and then make themselves. I just took a look at the article and comment section....very interesting, but not very surprising. All I say is this-people need to learn that there are lots of "bad actors" out there and I saw that in the comment section of that article. Your in the middle of a propaganda campaign, like it or not. Just take the time and read in between the lines on everything.
  24. I was under the impression that the crash cell (aka Passenger compartment) was the long pole in the tent when it came to crash test performance, not sure how much of a C2 would be able to be used due to the transmission tunnel that a RWD product needs. Dusting off maybe the CD6 from the Explorer might be a better bet, plus doesn't the S650 use much of the same harnesses and electronics as the Explorer?
  25. I feel for you guys now, hitting the delay button was just the easy decision for Ford as I doubt that Farley really knows what to do now as that could change again by next year. Oakville is such a big plant, it seems like a crime not to build multiple products, particularly when Canada is an export hub for ROW markets.
  26. I mean hey, if that's a wink and a nudge that a mustang sedan could take the form of a RWD fusion with a V8, I'll take it. Hopefully they'll tweak the exterior styling, give it a longer hood with sleeker from end styling. The latest sedan already looks a bit like a mustang so maybe this was the plan all along.
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