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  2. cyberdman

    2022 F250 Lariat Tremor

    No change in status again.
  3. cyberdman

    2022 F-350 XL forderorder bsf

    No change in status.
  4. In Order Processing - Unscheduled- Clean Jul-09-2021, 15:59 EDT.
  5. So for instance yesterday on my shift in 8 hours 56 Nautilus were built. Today the operator said they need 100 for our shift based on 9 hours production. We will not work 9 hours because the main plant will be down tomorrow and the whole plant next week. So to make a long story short the daily requirements fluctuate as you probably already know.
  6. cyberdman

    22 F-450 Platinum

    In Order Processing - Unscheduled- Clean Aug-25-2021, 12:08 EDT.
  7. I’m glad that you haven’t had any problems with any of the Lincoln’s you have gotten from OAC. That’s good to hear.
  8. cyberdman

    '22 F450 Lariat

    No change in status at this time.
  9. cyberdman

    2022 F250 Lariat Ultimate Tremor

    Awaiting Shipment - Origin Received Ramp 1K, Kentucky Truck, KY Jan-20-2022, 03:31 ET. ETA Feb-10-2022
  10. cyberdman

    22 F350 CCSB 6.7l Lariat

    Scheduled to Week (Week -of Feb-21-2022 )
  11. Ngwidener

    2022 Ford F-250

    Bummer, thanks again for checking!
  12. cyberdman

    2022 Transit Connect

    In Transit - Shipped from Plant Ford Espana Sl-valencia Assembly Plant Jan-10-2022, 03:23 EST.
  13. Forderorder

    2022 F-350 XL forderorder bsf

    I dropped some options earlier this week, but now I see there's not going to be any scheduling. Could you please share my status? Sales Code F53118 Order Code 3522 2022 F350: Body = XL 4x4 Code = 610A Engine = 6.7L Wheelbase = 160" Paint = Carbonized Gray Trim = Vinyl
  14. cyberdman

    2022 F450 Lariat Ultimate

    Scheduled to Week (Week -of Feb-21-2022 )
  15. cyberdman

    2022 Ford F-250

    There are no new updates at this time since the last one I gave you on Jan 5th unfortunately.
  16. cyberdman

    2022 MY Bronco Wildtrak

    No changes or updates since last time.
  17. cyberdman


    Your VIN starts N-M-Zero, not N-M-Oh. 2022 Tran Connct Van - VIN NM0LS7S28N1520878 In Transit - Shipped from Plant Ford Espana Sl-valencia Assembly Plant Dec-27-2021, 11:07 EST.
  18. No changes, same as last update.
  19. cyberdman

    2022 F250 Lariat

    Scheduled to Day (Jan-25-2022)
  20. cyberdman

    2021 Mustang Mach e

    Excellent, thanks for letting me know. Enjoy
  21. cyberdman

    2022 SuperDuty F-250 Platinum

    No change, same as last week.
  22. cyberdman

    Atlas Blue F250 XLT

    In Transit - Received Ramp 2L, Petersburgh, VA Jan-15-2022, 21:03 ET. ETA Jan-24-2022
  23. Mefly2

    Good running boards?

    Details ... ours is yet to be built ... but optimistic.
  24. cyberdman

    2021 F150 Raptor

    No change except now it definitely says Micro Chip At Plant On Hold.
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