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  2. Zhenocnra

    An Interesting Comparison

    Some of the reviews of the GV80 show the 3.5L is not as fast as that graph indicates. 6.2 seconds for 0-60 MPH from Alex on Autos. The 2.5L is even slower. Very disappointing. It's slower than the heavier, larger, and slightly more powerful Aviator (non GT).
  3. Time for the “gotta have a V8 Bronco” crowd to put up or shut up! (kidding of course - $225K is a little steep!)
  4. Maybe last year but deffinetly not now, a retail sales increase of 73.9% in Q3 with a 5% gain in market share is a pretty healthy comeback in my book!
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  6. tbone

    Genesis GV70

    It’s fine. Agreeded about the poorly executed C pillar. Reminds me of the Mazda CUVs, but not quite as elegant.
  7. I must say I was taken aback by this article. It appeared to be overly critical, for no particular reason. I mean, it is a desert runner so that is it’s primary mission. It was interesting to hear the guys take on the truck basically criticizing everything accept its off-road capability. I’m skeptical of some of his claims. With that said, I’m a Raptor owner that has had both gens, and I will say the onroad manners particularly the 2017+, are excellent. Honestly the best of any truck I have owned, so it will be interesting hear from other testers on the TRX’s onroad manners. That was a complaint about the Mopar off-road kit that Ram had a while back. Regarding the fuel economy, the Raptors 6.2 was a guzzler, and it did get old filling up so often. My MPG computer rarely exceeded 11.5, so I wouldn’t expect the TRX computer to ever read Much better than 10, if they drive it like I do. I was surprised the TRXs MPG is as bad as it is. The 3.5 in my 2017 Raptor is a better motor than the 6.2, and gets significantly better gas mileage. I don’t really expect a TRX owner to worry too much about the MPGs, but it is still a bit disappointing though. It will be interesting to see where Ford ends up on the MPGs with the next gen Raptor. The knock on the TRX interior isn’t legitimate. I personally like the vertical screen verses the horizontal screen. The Ram interior is excellent and as it was suggested above I’m not convinced the 21 F150 interior will exceed that of the Ram, though I haven’t actually seen a 21 to compare. I am wondering how the TRX will be as a daily driver. It seems like they did make it wider than the Raptor for the sake of making it wider. The Raptor can be a PITA to park sometimes, so this thing will be worse. The best thing about the TRX is it will make my Fords that much better. I have faith that Ford won’t be shown up in a segment they created.
  8. vipersinu2

    lincoln emblem flashing

    Dropped the truck off at the dealer for the emblem light. Also its been 2500 miles scince the turbo has been replaced. The oil was changed 2500 miles ago at 12,400 miles, the truck has 14,797 miles, The oil is very low, below the 2nd dot. Where did the oil go?
  9. T-dubz

    Genesis GV70

    saw this first pic and thought it looked pretty good, then I saw that C pillar...
  10. He’s talking about you....
  11. A month or two ago I saw SIX in one weekend!
  12. I just saw my first Taycan on the road while driving home from work today. Nice looking car!
  13. When did you speak to Jim Hackett or Jim Farley? Are you allowed to share details of what they told you?
  14. Holy dog whistling
  15. rperez817

    Hummer EV unveiling this fall (spy pic too)

    They are. Model S Plaid is coming next year. More performance, more luxury features, more range added to an already superb product. Price is currently set at $139,990.
  16. If my Mach-E isn’t convenient for a trip, I’ll take our Edge. If it’s a really long trip I’d rent a car anyway - rentals are cheap, and it not worth putting the mileage on my cars.
  17. You’re missing my point completely. And you’re really comparing a vehicle purchase to a bike? A vehicle is a 38k average purchase now - most people need vehicles to do anything they need and can’t afford to have multiple cars or rent another car for a trip. I’m not arguing that EVs don’t have advantages, or a place in the market, or even that they don’t have a future market. Just saying for most people they’re not a realistic option right now.
  18. Yeah, I'm not reading any of that. I was bored and done with this topic like 2 pages ago. Have fun on the ignore list.
  19. The debate is whether BEVs can totally replace ICE/PHEVs and I’m saying people will not go 100% BEV until they can travel 8-10 hours and refuel along the way very similarly to what they can do today with gasoline. Now of course there are BEV faithful that will do whatever it takes but that’s a tiny percentage. The rest will want an ICE in the garage but would be willing to buy a BEV for local use and charge at home overnight. But that’s not going to work for people who can’t charge or people who can only afford one vehicle.
  20. 67cougar289


    This posting is up at parts distribution centers.
  21. You seem to be saying that a person needs two vehicles, an ICE vehicle for the highway and a BEV for around town. This smacks of arrogance. Where I live, most people can't afford to own two new vehicles, especially a part-time BEV for the city.
  22. 1999 White C5 Coupe

    Engine Issues ...again

    If you live in the USA - it’s time to speak to an attorney regarding your state’s lemon law (or research the law for you state on line). Good luck.
  23. jcartwright99

    Ford earnings rebound big in Q3 2020

    You sure about that?
  24. ice-capades

    Order Guide Updates

    The following order guides have been uploaded to the Dealer Order Guides section. 2021 Edge Order Guide 2021 Escape Order Guide 2021 Escape PHEV Order Guide
  25. ice-capades

    2021 Escape PHEV Order Guide

    2021 Escape PHEV Order Guide View File 2021 Escape PHEV Order Guide Submitter ice-capades Submitted 10/28/2020 Category Escape  
  26. ice-capades

    2021 Escape PHEV Order Guide

    Version 10/28/2020


    2021 Escape PHEV Order Guide
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