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  2. rescueohio

    MY 2022 F250 Lariat Ultimate

    Good Morning again Cyberdman. Again thank you for this valuable service. Looking for an update on my order please 2022 F250 CCLB 7.3L 3.55, Carbonized Grey Order code M888 Dealer Code F44204 Ordered 6/5/2021
  3. I figured it would be close to impossible to get it installed for $260. Dealer said they will mail it to me once it is shipped to them.
  4. jpd80

    Maverick Test Drives

    Reminds me of a simpler time when smaller pickups could fill a niche when things weren’t all about “covered wagons”.
  5. most 4x4 That’s interesting because snorkels aren’t usually intended to be water tight most applications are used to get cleaner air from above the road dust….
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  7. SmartKid001

    Lincoln Zephyr

    my sales guy told me the production version will arrive showroom at early Nov. And judging from newest spy pic, the front overhang is actually acceptable. If this is priced right, Ford is definitely gonna have another hit in Chinese market😎
  8. road turtle

    Sync 4 Question - Modem

    I bought a solid mount for both my phone and garmin 890. https://www.bulletpointmountingsolutions.com/products/metal-series-ford-f-150-2015-2020-universal-dual-20mm-ball-dash-phone-mount-13th-generation
  9. FYI, September sales, F600………….615 F650……...1,068 F750………….162 It looks like F600 has settled into around 600/mth, F650 sales are still down a little and F750 never sets the world on fire.
  10. cyberdman

    22 F350 drw

    Those codes aren't working. Usually if the order number is wrong I can look up all the dealer orders but I got nothing. So - I am thinking maybe that isn't an actual dealer code - maybe you mistyped the number?
  11. cyberdman

    2022 F350 DRW King Ranch

    Awaiting Shipment - Released Ford Kentucky Truck Plant 2, KY Oct-19-2021, 00:00 EDT.
  12. Excellent! I am so glad it arrived. Really nice looking ride, thanks for sharing and enjoy!!
  13. cyberdman

    2022 F-350 Platinum

    In Transit - Received - 1-BB-23 (Brothers Auto Transport Llc ) Ramp 2M, Lordstown, OH Oct-18-2021, 13:00 ET. ETA Nov-01-2021
  14. Ok I would check and see then maybe if you got a new order code. The old one still points to this 2021 order which was canceled out.
  15. mitch42

    2022 F-150 Production Information

    https://www.f150forum.com/f129/best-deals-2022-f-150-a-509846/index19/ look at the end of thread
  16. Kory04

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I picked up my truck last night, f250 xlt. I thought for sure XLT had the lane keeping alert, but I cannot find it anywhere. Also, my automatic high beams seem to have hyperactivity disorder, they will change to low even if the oncoming traffic is a mile away, then they'll continue to flash back and forth until the opposing traffic is very close. I had to pull over to figure out how to turn the automatic lights off because the truck would flash them repeatedly. Just sharing my experience so far, and really hoping I have the lane keeping feature
  17. kenneths

    2022 F350 DRW King Ranch

    Order Number T200 Vin# 1FT8W3DNXNEC83316
  18. twintornados

    2022 Ford Focus Facelift Revealed

    Ford didn't kill cars...market forces killed 'em.
  19. Something that tames the Coyote at lower rpms is the charge motion plates in the intakes. At low speed the butterfly valves close, only allowing air to flow through one of the two intake ports and valve on each cylinder, making the engine behave like a small port engine. As the revs rise, the butterflies swing open allowing full air flow for top end breathing.
  20. first

    2022 F-150 Production Information

    Can anyone recommend a dealer that is actually willing to deal on stock they have on hand? I know those guys are giving pretty good deals to people who order but since I can't. I was wondering if any dealer was actually offering reasonable deals on their inventory. Willing and able to travel anywhere in the country.
  21. First thing…come up with an evil acronym “sore” for the problem. Small off road equipment. Then compare emissions from 2020 when CA shut down the state to make sore a bigger problem than it is. Next add loopholes so the big boys are exempt (only applies to engines under 25hp). Top it off with a dose of the technology already exists. By the way, 2024 is the earliest it can take effect. The wording was 2024 or the earliest it is feasible whichever is later. How much commercial landscaping equipment is available using battery? Has it grown beyond a few small manufacturers? Toro hasn’t even brought out a battery powered version of the time cutter 30” wide area mower for consumers. Largest is a 22”. Seems premature to me. But, I don’t follow the industry so there might be a lot coming to market in the next couple of years.
  22. GearheadGrrrl

    2022 Ford Focus Facelift Revealed

    All off the above are trucks. Good trucks, but still trucks. The Ford heritage includes trucks, but wasn't built with trucks. The Ford heritage was built by the cars like the Model T, flathead V8, "hot rod Lincolns", Thunderbird, Cobra, Mustang, GT, RS, NASCAR stock cars, and Taurus SHO. Ford has killed all but the GT which is on death row, and how long will the sporty 2 door Mustang survive? Sorry, but without cars Ford is about as exciting as Freightliner...
  23. Well like I said, to each their own. There's really no way to mess it up but I'm not here to convince anyone to do anything. You simply asked about turning off chimes or dings and I was letting you know it can easily be done.

    Sync 4 Question - Modem

    Hmmmm...won't let me add pictures...oh...there we go!😆

    Sync 4 Question - Modem

    I bought an XLT with the sync 3 and opted for no navigation. I bought a Garmin 890 to keep on the dashes I have never liked the BS of the factory navigation. Our Buick is 6 years old and it cost $150 to update the navigation and I refuse to do it. But instead of dealing with the connected navigation you can use your phone and connected directly to sync 3 even with no Factory navigation, as long as you have a good internet signal you use Google Maps as your navigation in your truck. And if you're looking for a good traveling/ Towing GPS the Garmin 890 is the best I have ever seen I love that thing....

    Different kind of running board question.

    Another question, what is the difference between the full length wheel to wheel long bed crew cab dually and single rear wheel bars? Length or attachment point? I've been searching everywhere 4 long bed single rear wheel bars or boards still can't find anything.
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