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  1. This is supposedly the back of the Evos... Looks fastback-ish. And the front brake of Evos... very small brake disk and low-rolling resistance Conti ecocontact tires (something you'd find typically as OEM fitment in a hybrid or PHEV). https://info.xcar.com.cn/202104/news_2058223_1.html
  2. I'm sure it will. The question is if it will stick with the maritime theme or is Ford really going to let the Continental name go unused.
  3. Interesting that Ford has been able to keep MKZ replacement underwraps for so long. But makes total sense that it is part of the Mondeo replacement program. I wonder if some of the mules we saw earlier is actually the Lincoln version - i.e. the whole square back vs. fastback look of the different mules and supposedly the different dashboard. Ford version has the big single screen while Lincoln version will have a traditional bionicle housing for the instrument panel and a second screen in the center stack. Edit: the program codes: CD542: Mondeo 5th gen (Evos) CD754: MKZ 3rd gen (???)
  4. bzcat

    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    Transit Connect has 2,000 lbs towing and 1,550 max payload. I speculated in the Maverick thread before that because Maverick will likely weight less than Transit Connect, the payload should be higher and Ford is likely to offer higher towing rating because it is a pickup truck. Looks like Santa Cruz has laid down the numbers for Ford to match.
  5. I think the front 1/3 of the real thing looks better than the rendering? What do you guys think? I guess we have to wait a few more days to find out what the back 2/3 looks like.
  6. Still no word on when Escape PHEV will be available in the US but Ford is adding it to China... will debut at Shanghai Auto Show next week. https://www.autohome.com.cn/news/202104/1139849.html#pvareaid=102624
  7. Photos of black interior Equator as well as the cheaper 5 and 7 seat interior: https://www.autohome.com.cn/advice/202104/1140258.html#p1
  8. bzcat

    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    Yes, I mean Tucson not Santa Fe. Maverick is rumored to start at $20k but I'm guessing similarly equipped, it maybe about the same price as Santa Cruz.
  9. bzcat

    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    No price info was released but since Santa Cruz is based on Santa Fe, it will probably mirror closely to the SUV's price. In another word, Hyundai is not position it necessary as Elantra replacement. Maverick is (or was) supposed to be significantly cheaper than Bronco Sport or Escape so we shall see how this shakes out.
  10. bzcat

    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    Bed is longer than I thought and the drivetrain offering seems competitive. Ford needs to bring its A-game with Maverick...
  11. Not any more odd than having 4 different unibody CUVs all of them independent model and not under the same sub-brand. Not every Ford SUV have to be under the Bronco or Explorer sub-brand. And not every pickup has to be a F-series. I think we both agree there is no reason to abandon the Ranger name... the case is pretty clear Ranger is working just fine. And Super Duty was a legacy of when F350 was literally a fortified F-150 before the F-150 and the rest of the F-series diverged on different platforms. And this is admittedly off topic tangent... but I've always thought that GM is wasting an incredible asset by not launching Escalade as a sub-brand for Cadillac. Instead of XT#, the Cadillac SUVs should have all been branded as Cadillac Escalade XXX like Range Rover, or how Ford brands its vans under Transit sub-brand.
  12. I agree. Ranger doesn't need the F-series name to generate buyer interest or market penetration. Remember, the point of sub-brand is to leverage a stronger name to sell a new product. Ranger is a known commodity and is the #2 seller in its segment. It doesn't need help like say... Escape which is treading water against RAV4, CR-V, and other much stronger competitor. Replacing Escape with Explorer Scout (I just made that up) makes more sense than replacing Ranger with F-100. But neither is a good use of the sub-brand strategy. The proper way to launch a new F-series or Explorer sub-brand model is with a new segment entry. F-100 may make sense as a new lower range and lower GVWR version of F-150 EV. And if Ford wants to hedge its bet by keeping ICE Escape in production after the next gen EV one debuts, maybe they should launch the EV one as Explorer Scout and keep the Escape going separately.
  13. Some photos of Mustang Mach E debut in China: https://www.autohome.com.cn/advice/202104/1138726.html#pvareaid=102624 Chinese spec Mach E kept the same wheelbase (earlier report it will be extended LWB proved to be incorrect) and largely mirrors the rest of the world version. The only notable difference is all Chinese spec models will have the GT front grille. And in the back, "Mach E" script badge is below the Mustang logo, whereas the rest of the world, the word Mach E doesn't actually appear anywhere. Also GT will be available in China right from the start of production (supposedly mid June) so the Mach E GT will be available in China before the US.
  14. Amazon's step van are supplied by Utilimaster, which offers Ford or Freightliner chassis on the larger step vans and Ford or Isuzu chassis on the smaller step vans. Amazon has the larger version but don't know which chassis Amazon chose.
  15. I can see Ford adding more vehicles to existing sub-brands but launching new ones? Seems like we will hit a point of diminishing returns pretty fast. Will Escape sell better as Explorer Scout? Will Edge see resurrection as Explorer Sport? As some point, it is about the actual product, not the name. F-Series: F150/250/350/450/550/600 - seems pretty saturated. The only logical extension would be going lower... F100 but Ranger is a much stronger name on a worldwide basis Transit: Transit, Custom, Connect, Courier - again seems pretty full line up already. Tourneo: Sub-sub-brand fun 😄 Mustang: Mustang, Mach E - I could see a performance sedan here but that market is dying. More "same but different" theme on Mustang is more likely e.g. GT500, Mach 1, Bullit, GT350 (if it comes back) etc. Bronco: Bronco and Bronco Sport - seems like Ford hit pay dirt here with all the interest in Bronco. I can see a Bronco Sporttrac truck being added but not much else. Maybe a 2 door Bronco Sport which will be kind of fun but probably too small of a market. Would Ford dare use the Bronco name for EcoSport replacement? That maybe going too far. Explorer: This used to be sub-brand when Sporttrac and Sport were sold as separate models under the Explorer sub-brand. I can see Ford going back to this idea if Edge continues to sink. For example, what if the mid size EV is launched as Explorer Sport instead of Edge (or some other name)? And instead of Mondeo Active or whatever name it was supposed to have, Ford names it Explorer Evos? I can see that working as long as Explorer Sport and Explorer Evos are good competitive vehicles like Mach E.