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  1. Ford is a non-factor is cars in Australia. The market is dominated by Toyota, Hyundai and Mazda - the Big 3 in Australia. Ford Australia is basically a 1-vehicle line brand - Ranger/Everest (mostly Ranger) accounts for up to 90% of the volume. A smattering of Mustang, Transit and Endura (Edge) rounds out the rest. Focus, Fiesta and Kuga are all afterthoughts. I believe Puma was just recently introduced so too early to say if that will be a success.
  2. It's really slimy to do this to buyers that initially reserved online. If silvrsvt decline to buy it at MSRP then of course the dealer can do whatever it wants - people will pay to jump ahead of the line. But dealers should honor the price for people that ordered the car and waited for it.
  3. Remember pre-launch Ford showed a video of camouflaged Bronco driving thru water with a snorkel kit? The snorkel was curiously missing as an option or accessory during the first year. But here it is...
  4. US buyers are less demanding, that's not new, nor is it an uniquely Ford situation. Look at the interior of CR-V sold in Asia and the one sold in the US for example... night and day difference in quality of the plastic. The Asian CR-V is awash is soft touch material and stitched leather while the US version is comparatively low rent with hard plastics. Focus buyers in Europe has high expectations so Ford meets them or otherwise it can't compete. It's that simple.
  5. Lack of RHD is always an issue - which is why lots of vehicles that would sell in Australia like newer Explorer, Expedition, Bronco or F-150 never made it to Australia. Looking back, it seems Hackett's plan was to use the Jiangling Ford models to sell in LHD middle income markets (mainly China, Russia, and South America) and Mahindra Ford models to sell in RHD middle income markets (mainly India and sub-Saharan Africa). We'll never know how it would have worked out but it was a fairly expedient and low cost way to ensure Ford remained a volume player in these emerging/growth markets. With Farley, he doesn't want to be a volume player in these markets which is why he pulled the plug on Brazil and India (as well as Russia/CIS which was less publicized)
  6. bzcat

    Maverick Test Drives

    That's what Focus Active was suppose to do - offer FWD alternative to Bronco Sport for people that don't need AWD. But the plan went sideways with Trump's trade war with China But I think the plan now is to fill that space with either next gen Puma, which could come to the US as EV, or next gen Territory, which is the actual EcoSport replacement in LHD markets outside Europe and North America.
  7. bzcat

    Maverick Test Drives

    I'm sure Tremor, Timberline, maybe even King Ranch or Platinum, are all in the plans if sales are as strong as preorder suggest it will be over the next few years. Ford will add higher profit margin models if demand is strong. I just wish Maverick and Bronco Sport are available with manual transmission... but I know that's not gonna happen.
  8. I wouldn't write off the chance of it going on sale in South America like Territory. The regular 7 seat Equator is a bit too big for South America but something like Equator Sport with lower prices than Escape or Edge may be quite popular. It's LHD only so I imagine South America and LHD markets in ASEAN that already have Territory have a fair chance getting Equator Sport too.
  9. The baby F-150 look will go over big in a lot of market where truck buyers can only dream about owning the F-150.
  10. In case there are still any doubt that Ford Equator was the stillborn C2 Edge resurrected by Ford China after Ford US cancelled it, here is further proof... The 5 seat version what probably would have replaced the standard Edge in the US will get the "Sport" suffix. https://carnewschina.com/2021/10/12/ford-equator-sport-is-a-stylish-new-crossover-suv-for-china/
  11. Everyone seems to love the way it drives
  12. C2 hybrid have mechanical AWD (Escape) C2 PHEV have electric AWD (Corsair) Are we clear now? Ford can do a Maverick hybrid AWD if it wants. The reason there isn't one now is because Maverick hybrid has a new electric motor different from Escape. So Ford didn't want to bite off more than it can chew. I would expect AWD hybrid to happen in a year or two, probably when Escape mid cycle update happens and switches to using the same motor as Maverick.
  13. I guess based on usage data, Ford feels more confident about letting the car use more of the battery. This is just a software tweek.
  14. Didn't even take me 2 second to google this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_New_Jersey_gubernatorial_election - 2017 NJ Gubernatorial election turn out 38.5% https://electionresults.sos.ca.gov/returns/maps/voter-turnout - 2021 CA recall election turn out 57.5% 1/3 turn out is not great but almost 60% turnout is a convincing mandate. And AOC's district is in friggin Bronx and Queens... of course she wins by a landslide. She received 152,661 votes in the 2020 election... about middle of the road compare to other candidates in urban and suburban districts of both parties. But far more than most winning candidates from rural district, which is where minorities tend to be really disenfranchised and don't vote.
  15. Bangkok auto show is traditionally held every year during last week of March so that jives with the May launch in Thailand.