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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Well that explains the lack of product plan for that plant... Ford has scaled back volume significantly in Europe so makes sense it wants to close the most expensive plant. Also looks like Focus is done in 2025. So putting everything together, it appears Valencia is getting the Focus replacement EV.
  2. That leaves Saarlouis as the last ICE-only plant in Europe. Cologne: MEB midsize CUV and CUV coupe (replacement for Kuga... Fiesta's fate unknown) Craiova: Ford B-platform EV (Puma and Transit Courier, ICE Puma fate unknown) Valencia: ??? but I'm guessing GE2 (current product: Kuga, Transit Connect, S-Max, Galaxy, all on the chopping block it seems) Saarlouis: ICE Focus (fate unknown but probably will be the last ICE Ford builds/sells in Europe) Otosan: Transit and Transit Custom ICE and EV
  3. So there is some sort of weighted average thing going on with Escape since 1.5 EB is from Mexico. But 30% US/Canada content is probably wrong. There is no logical reason for Mustang's content drop from 77% to 50% either. That implies a major change in powertrain sourcing.
  4. How did Corsair rank 3rd but Escape is #70 in terms of domestic content? They are the same vehicle with different tophat! Look at the for the rest of top 10... Tesla 3 and Y - same vehicle different tophat (#1 and 2) Tesla X and S - same vehicle different tophat (#5 and 6) Honda Ridgeline, Passport, Pilot, Odyssey - same vehicle different tophat (#4, 8, 9, 10) Something doesn't make sense about Escape vs. Corsair Also, why did Mustang drop from #2 to 26? Ford made no changes in the source of powertrain or assembly point, or any suppliers that I know of. Seems nonsensical to drop that much unless powertrain or assembly location has changed.
  5. It's definitely an engineering mule but I'm not sure for what. Doubt that it is Transit Connect, which won't have IRS or AWD. The simplest answer is that it is a Maverick PHEV mule - the photo doesn't show if it has a driveshaft so don't know if it is an new AWD PHEV system (with driveshaft) or adopting the system from Corsair that has electric motors driving the rear wheels only.
  6. Breaking new: Things cost more, inflation happening. 🙃 What Lawler is saying is that Ford is going to raise prices, probably soon.
  7. It's quite obvious the grille didn't move. But the hood opening moved lower.
  8. I'm sure the lightbar will be only on Titanium or SEL. The SE will probably just have a chrome strip like the Chinese Escape. The headlight is now tucked under the hood instead of above it so it looks like the nose is pointed lower.
  9. They got rid of all the black plastic that reeks of cost cutting. So it's a start. The Chinese Escape for reference... They look different but the treatment is very similar.
  10. My post wasn't about EV. It was about the horrible value proposition of EcoSport which is Ford's entry in the B-segment CUV and Bolt competitor.
  11. Bolt is now basically the same price as EcoSport... Makes you wonder how Ford still manages to sell several thousands of these miserable turds every month. EcoSport SE $25,510 SES $28,205 Titanium $28,395 EcoSport S is cheaper at $22,040 but it is not comparable because Chevy doesn't sell a Bolt LS barebones model like the S.
  12. bzcat

    Electric Last Mile Files Ch. 7

    Another pump and dump stock scheme that pretended it was an EV company.
  13. bzcat

    '22 May Sales

    Hyundai and Toyota are not going anywhere, especially in markets like Australia where they dominate. These are the legacy players - and by that I mean car companies that sell ICE and is big enough to be around in the next few years: Europe is down to 5 car companies: Daimler, VW, BMW, Renault, and Stellantis Korea has 1: Hyundai Japan has basically 4: Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Nissan (I'm counting Subaru and Mazda as part of Toyota which they are effectively anyway, and Mitsubishi is now a subsidiary of Nissan like Daihatsu is part of Toyota) US has 2 legacy: Ford and GM India is a closed market protected by the Govt and its car makers are not really competitive outside of India so I'm just going to ignore them. China has 10 big enough to survive: SAIC, FAW, Dongfeng, Chang'an, BAIC, GAC, Geely, Chery, Greatwall, BYD. Tesla is the only EV challenger that has established itself as a worldwide player. There are a handful of Chinese EV companies but I don't like their odd. I think eventually the Chinese Govt will favor the incumbent legacy state-owned car companies and squeeze out the privately funded EV startups. So 12 car companies in traditional car producing countries, and 10 from China. Plus Tesla. Of the 23 companies, my guess is we will lose 4 or 5 in eventual merger - probably the bigger Chinese companies will start gobbling up the smaller ones and 3 or 4 surviving Chinese companies will emerge as global players. You will probably see companies retreat to a fortress regional bases e.g. Ford and GM and some will not do well in the BEV transition that they continue to decline and just tread water for another decade or so.
  14. bzcat

    '22 May Sales

    Tesla would have really aced Ford and GM if Cybertruck wasn't such an ignorant project. That will go down as probably the biggest missed opportunity in automotive industry this century. Tesla 2 (or whatever the compact will be called) will eat Audi A3, Mercedes A-Class, and BMW 1-Series for lunch. The Germans know it. They are lucky that Tesla actually can't expand as fast as it wants... Model S is 10 years old now so that is giving the Germans a chance to jump back in with better products in the E-segment. Porsche Taycan is outselling Model S now. The upcoming Audi A6 Etron should be interesting. It will be the first Audi EV wagon - attacking Tesla where it is the weakest (and where Audi is the strongest).
  15. bzcat

    '22 May Sales

    Tesla 3 outsold the Big 3 Germans sedans in both US and Europe. Especially in Europe... outsold is not the right word. Decimated is more appropriate. I will also accept obliviated, massacred, or nuked. The numbers in Europe looks closer if you by nameplate for the Germans because majority of sales in this segment is actually wagons and Tesla doesn't have one to compete properly. But looking at sedan only, Tesla is the best selling premium D-segment sedan right now in both sides of Atlantic and it's not even close. Tesla is leaving a lot of money on the table for not making a Model 3 wagon. \ The best selling D-hatchback is also an EV. Tesla would have cleaned up here if they had bothered with a Model 3 hatch. Globally, the sedan number looks a bit better for the Germans because China is still a big market for the Big 3 German sedan but Tesla 3 is still beating them comfortably. The take away if it is not completely obvious by now is that luxury car market is so severely impacted by the rise of Tesla that caught everyone asleep at the wheels. Demand for EV is so strong that all the traditional car companies basically misjudged consumer sentiments. I bet all of them would love to have a do-over for the last model cycle - instead of cynically laugh at Tesla, they all wished they started working on their BEV 5 years earlier. You can see the same kind of head in the sand denial in this message board too about the inevitable collapse of ICE sales in other segments too. It's just a matter of time that all the sales chart will look like this. It is an existential crisis mode for traditional car companies that doesn't have a full line up of EV ready to launch.