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  1. Making room for Taos, which will replace Golf as the entry level hatchback for VW in the US.
  2. bzcat

    2022 Buick Enclave Shown

    The mid cycle update adopts the styling of the Chinese spec Enclave.
  3. bzcat

    2022 Ford Fusion

    I think this is supposed to be the next gen Territory.
  4. Big but literally the same size as LWB extended Sprinter. Slightly wider but same length (290" vs. 288") and height (106" vs" 107").
  5. I love a V8 as well and I am also a manual transmission hold out. Mustang is one of the few cars for sale right now that has that combo. I figured I will have a few more years to pick one up before we fully enter the EV future. Like I said earlier in the thread, S650 Mustang will be the swan song for this type of car and I think it will create a lot of interest, especially towards the end of the model run. Just like Porsche guys that are frantically buying up Cayman GT4 and Boxster Spyder because they will be the last ICE 4.0 non-turbo flat six that Porsche will ever make. The next Cayman/Boxster may be all electric.
  6. Exactly... like Oakville when dealing with UNIFOR, Flat Rock is a useful punching bag for Ford when it is time to talk with UAW.
  7. You can keep saying "who knows" but that is not true. Ford knows. The writing for a near all-EV future has been on the wall for since 2011 when EPA and all the auto companies reached agreement on 2025 CAFE. Ford is a real business with real Govt compliance requirements and they have to make sure they can continue to sell vehicles in the future. 2028 is not that far away - you have to make decision now for vehicle going on sale in 2028. Please enlighten the crowd on how you can get to 54.5 MPG fleet wide average without going all electric on things like Mustang to offset F-150 hybird which will probably max out around 35 MPG (CAFE uses the old school inflated MPG number) after footprint adjustments. Going full EV is the only practical solution that will preserve Mustang's performance and still meet CAFE. You can try to make a non-EV Mustang after 2025 but you have to either sacrifice performance or increase price (to cover the non-compliance penalty). EV will get you the performance and still keep price reasonable. The US is about to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord which will snap it back into CO2 reduction target in line with the rest of the industrialized nations. 2025 CAFE is upon us in only a few short years so EPA will begin working on 2030 or 2035 CAFE target soon. Even a modest 1% increase per year from 2026 onwards will see the CAFE target go over 60 MPG by 2035. This is the future that Ford is planning for... 2028 EV Mustang won't be the first traditional nameplate to convert to full EV. You'll see that starting much sooner.
  8. Don't forget CD4 Fusion is in itself a late cycle update of the EUCD Mondeo, which came out in 2007. The 2014 CD4 update introduced new front grille and some new engines but the three body styles (sedan, hatch, wagon) had very little change. Buyers in China and Europe have been staring at largely the same Mondeo for a mind blowing 14 model years. 2007 - EUCD Mondeo 2010 - ECUD Mondeo mid cycle update 2014 - CD4 Mondeo (basically EUCD late cycle update) 2018 - CD4 Mondeo mid cycle (almost invisible to the eye) 2022? - C2 Mondeo Active
  9. Not sure about 2028 but it's been obvious for a while that 2022 S650 will be the last Mustang with internal combustion engine given what we know about 2025 CAFE requirements. In 2022 and 23, we will enter the final product release cycle for cars with traditional drivetrain - ICE only, available with manual transmission etc. No car company is putting any development money into new cars with ICE for sale in North America after 2023 or 24. From 2024/25 and onwards, all new cars will likely be EV only. The exception will be vehicles with large footprint - i.e. fullsize pickup trucks or large SUVs will have ICE but they will all likely to be hybrid or PHEV.
  10. bzcat

    2022 Ford Fusion

    The prototype does seem a bit small for a Fusion replacement... however, also way too big to be something based on B2 platform. I'm really not sure what to make of it to be honest. If we didn't know about Mondeo/Fusion active being an actual project, I would have guessed that this prototype is an "Escape/Kuga coupe" - basically imagine Ford Puma like vehicle but Kuga-size and using C2 platform. We just assumed this is Mondeo/Fusion...
  11. Locally assembled Lincoln had substantial price reduction from their previous imported versions. Local assembly also allows Ford to modify the vehicles to better cater to local tastes and demands - Chinese consumers are a lot more demanding and picky about the interior material quality than US customers.
  12. With fate of Edge now clear, Ford is moving ahead with 3 row Kuga to replace Edge in China. Europe may get it too. Will launch in China in late 2021 or early 2022. https://www.autohome.com.cn/news/202101/1100482.html#pvareaid=102624 The articles is in Chinese so you have to use Google to translate. Here is an older articles from Ford Authority talking about it. https://fordauthority.com/2020/09/three-row-ford-escape-seven-seater-to-expand-escape-family/
  13. bzcat

    2022 Ford Fusion

    The low ride height points to it being more like BMW 3GT and 5GT rather than X4 or X6. Another car that comes to mind is Infiniti EX, which was a fastback G35 with wheel arch cladding. So far, based on the prototype, it looks like Ford's design is a lot more sophisticated than these earlier attempt at making a car-like CUV.
  14. bzcat

    2022 Ford Fusion

    I thought that might be a possibility as well... that Ford will end up making both fastback and squareback version of this car. If you look at Mondeo sales in Europe, it is roughly 60% wagon, 30% hatch, and 10% sedan. But I will say it again, I don't think Ford is thinking Outback specifically. This car is more or less an Edge replacement as well as Mondeo/Fusion replacement. If Ford is going to make a long roof square back version, it will look like a CUV.
  15. You are quite right that products for India and South America are linked, as well as Russia/CIS (another market that Ford failed in), Africa (where Ford is struggling), and ASEAN (where Ford basically only sells Ranger). If you look at the product portfolio of the top 10 car companies excluding Daimler and BMW, you will see that they tend to sell the same or very similar vehicles in these 5 regions. China used to be in the same group but has moved on to have more product commonality with North America and Europe.