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  1. It's July to September - 1,858 deliveries https://newsroom.porsche.com/en_US/company/porsche-cars-north-america-retail-sales-third-quarter-2020-22498.html https://newsroom.porsche.com/en_US/company/porsche-cars-north-america-retail-sales-second-quarter-2020-21395.html https://newsroom.porsche.com/en_US/company/porsche-cars-north-america-retail-sales-first-quarter-2020-20392.html However, I did overstate the YTD deliveries. 6,000 apparently is the projected full 2020 deliveries not YTD.
  2. bzcat

    F150 Tremor?

    I think so too. After all, I think Trail Boss and Rebel packages were a response to FX4. But they went further than FX4 with more lift so now it is Ford's turn to respond.
  3. 1,800 in the 3rd quarter. Over 6,000 in 2000 so far. I didn't say GM will sell 20k. I said they will be very pleased if they can sell 20k. But it's easy to see how that is reasonable target when Taycan which is more expensive will probably hit 10k at some point - maybe as soon as 2021 when the cheaper version starts delivery.
  4. 1,858 were sold in the US in third quarter 2020. Like I said, some of you are completely delusional about EV market and how much pent up demand there is for luxury EVs.
  5. The thing about charging network for long distance driving is that it is only relevant if you believe people will use EV the same way they use ICE cars. Most EV owners will tell you empathically that they do not. You change your habits really quick. Tesla by virtue of being an early EV entrant had to convince alot of people that you can use EV like ICE so they went ahead and build the charging network. But the reality is most EV owners charge at home and they wouldn't contemplate taking it on a long trip, just like you wouldn't contemplate riding a bike across the country either. Driving an EV is committing to a different way to think about transportation. Just like when you bought your first cell phone, you start using phone differently. If all your life you have had reliable landline phone, and then someone comes along and tell you hey, we going to give you a new phone that doesn't have a physical connection to the phone line and you can not just talk on it but also send text, but the only thing is that it runs on battery and you have to plug it in to charge it or you risk running out of juice. What is your reaction? Seem like a bad idea to have a phone that can run out of electricity when my landline phone doesn't even need external power.
  6. Porsche Taycan seems to suggest the market is ripe for more $100k+ luxury EVs The issue thus far is there haven't been any really good luxury EVs, other than Taycan.
  7. It hasn't stopped GM from selling Escalade for the same price. And what do you think Mercedes G63 is? It's a toy for rich people to play with limited range.
  8. I don't really understand why H1 is being used as a comparison. H1 was military vehicle adopted for civilian use. It had very limited appeal. The Hummer EV is a fairly conventional luxury vehicle so it's more similar in character to H2 than H1. The market for $100k vehicle is much bigger than you think. Mercedes sold 7,348 G-class in the US in 2019 (it starts at $157k). A Hummer SUV with sub $100k starting price will absolutely get plenty of attention from these buyers.
  9. We don't know how many GM is planning to make. As usual, I suspect battery supply is likely the constrain on how many it can sell. I think they will get to 2,000 without much difficulty assuming supply is not an issue. 20,000 will be a reach for sure in the first year with just one body style which is why I said they will be very pleased if that happened. The SUV version of Hummer is probably the one with higher volume possibility but GM didn't say when they plan to build that one.
  10. It was put on indefinite hold so pretty much canceled at this point. The large Lincoln EV will now be build at Oakville as part of the UNIFOR contract agreement.
  11. Rivian is building 3 vehicles off its skateboard chassis: pickup, SUV, and van. Ford is also making its own EV pickup, SUV, and van. If you don't see a problem here, you haven't worked inside a big company with internal politics. I think there is a degree of bickering inside Ford right now about how to incorporate Rivian into its product plans for the future. If you are a vehicle engineer or program manager, you don't want your vehicle to be designated "Rivian based" for obvious reasons. You going to fight tooth and nail to have your vehicle based on the Ford chassis. I believe Hackett and Farley thought Rivian will be a shortcut to getting more EV to market faster. But once the projects get down to the details, you have to have answers to a lot of questions and this leads to conflicts and delays. Until Ford and Rivian's relationship becomes more clear (who wears the pants in this relationship), I don't believe there will be any mainstream market targeted Rivian based Ford vehicles. Lots of practical questions needs to be answered before the rank and file will fall in line. For example, will Rivian vehicles use Ford designed steering rack or seats? That may seem trivial to some people but it is a huge part of vehicle development because they have major impact on crash test safety protection and teams of people spent their careers working on integrating those things to different vehicles.
  12. bzcat

    2022 Ford Evos mule

    I don't think you can draw any conclusion about the body based on this mule. The weird shape you see behind the C-pillar is because Ford had to add about 6" to the Focus wagon mule due to the longer wheelbase of the vehicle. The only clue about what it will look like is the suspension ride height... it doesn't have a typical lifted wagon ride height but more like a SUV. I've said it many times in other threads that I believe this vehicle will look like a SUV. All signs point to this being an Edge like replacement. Here is a closer look of Focus wagon and this mule. Look at how the bottom of the body on this mule is lined up with the center hub of the wheel. While on the Focus, the bottom of the body is almost 3/4 way down the side of the rear tire. Now look at this close up of Focus Active wagon ride height. See how the bottom of the body is line up about 2" below the lowest lugnut (roughly 1" higher than regular Focus)? So my guess is this vehicle has roughly 3 to 4" higher ground clearance than Focus and at least 2" higher than Focus Active. That's pretty substantial difference.
  13. Cuautitlan shipped the first batch of Mach E to the US this week according to this article (in Spanish). It will also start shipping to Europe soon so Ford can keep its deadline of starting delivery in North America and Europe before the end of 2020. https://forococheselectricos.com/2020/10/arranca-la-distribucion-del-ford-mach-e-con-las-primeras-unidades-de-camino-a-los-concesionarios.html
  14. I'm pretty sure this won't be the only vehicle GM is going to build off this platform. Cadillac Lyriq is also using this unibody platform, and of course the Hummer SUV that has yet to be revealed, and there may be a cheaper Chevy version further down the road. And the Ultim battery system is also modular and will be used on all other GM EVs. If GM can sell 20k Hummer pickup a year, I think they will be very pleased.
  15. Looks like Ford is doing its best to limit manual availability. We already knew base model 4 door is auto only but after playing around with the configurator a bit, it also looks like that on Big Bend and Black Diamond, manual is only available with standard package. If you add mid package, you are forced to take automatic. Outer Banks and Wildtrak are auto only. Bad Lands is the only theme that you can order manual with mid, high, or lux package.