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  1. Eventually yes. But based on production rate limited by battery supply and the fact that Ford is going to add another model soon (so not increasing MACH E production volume when they get more battery supply), I'm guessing it will continue to be a limited availability model for a while.
  2. bzcat

    NG Ford Fusion Mule Spied

    Outback is not a wagon though. It is a conventional 5 seat midsize CUV with no wagon counterpart. It's not based on a wagon... it is designed as a CUV from the ground up. It shares a platform with Legacy sedan just like Edge shares the platform with Fusion. Subaru hasn't sold a Legacy wagon in almost 10 years. Ford is not trying to sell a wagon. It is trying to meet the growing CUV market with different permutation of bodystyles. CUV is going to become like cars... there is going to be fastback ones, squareback ones, longish one that seats extra people, and even coupe ones.
  3. bzcat

    NG Ford Fusion Mule Spied

    Calling it a wagon is like calling any midsize CUV a wagon. Fusion is going to be a CUV and my guess is it will end up looking somewhat similar to MACH E, just not EV. Ford's midsize stable is getting crowded but remember Farley's game plan is to have 3 models in each segment. But since there are no more cars, it's actually not that crowded - remember, Ford has 7 bodystyles now in midsize segment using CD4 platform: Mondeo sedan, Mondeo wagon, Mondeo hatchback, Edge 5 seat, Edge 7 seat, S-Max, and Galaxy; and it is replacing it with 5 models: Mondeo CUV, Edge, Bronco, MACE E, and squareback EV (two of them EVs). If you just focus on ICE for a like-to-like comparison, Ford is shrinking the offering from 7 to 3 - this is also why I think Edge will have 7 seats if Ford sticks to Fusion/Mondeo taking over as the sporty midsize CUV. Segment: sporty looking/family oriented/rugged looking Subcompact ICE: Fiesta Active / Puma / EcoSport Compact ICE: Focus Active / Escape / Bronco Scout or whatever name that sticks Compact EV: TBD VW MEB based offering #1 / TBD VW MEB based offering #2 / n/a Midsize ICE: Fusion (sporty fastback) / Edge (squareback) / Bronco (rugged) Midsize EV: MACH E (sporty fastback) / TBD EV (squareback) / n/a Large ICE: ??? / Explorer / Everest Large EV: TBD Rivian based offering / ??? / n/a Fullsize ICE: Expedition
  4. FX4 will be interesting idea on Bronco. If Ford doesn't sell RWD Bronco, then all of them are standard 4WD. So some type of offroad package is almost inevitable to pad profit margin.
  5. You guys think Bronco will follow Ford's truck trim level or something unique like Mustang where it doesn't follow Ford's regular model trim levels? Trucks: XL --> STX --> XLT --> Lariat --> King Ranch --> Platinum --> Limited --> Raptor SUV: Base --> XLT --> Limited --> ST --> Platinum CUV: S --> SE --> SEL --> Titanium --> ST
  6. The black thing on the roof of Baby Bronco looks like a spoiler that deploys to reduce wind buffering when the roof is open. You can see it is hinged to the top of the windshield so it can articulate.
  7. It's a good strategy and fits with what GM is already doing with Denali sub-brand. GMC Denali = premium trucks GMC Hummer = electric trucks
  8. bzcat

    Baby Bronco dash shots

    I'm sure the hardpoints on Bronco is going to be shared with (new) Ranger.
  9. He was obviously talking about price not size. EcoSport is too small and too expensive as a FWD Fiesta and entry level Focus replacement and the unnecessary AWD just adds to the costs. Ford positioned EcoSport as a Kona/HR-V/Trax/Renegade type competitor but those are more substantial and better designed vehicles. What Ford needed was a Fiesta and entry level Focus replacement, in addition to a competent sub-compact AWD CUV. EcoSport is frankly neither of those things. All the car companies are replacing entry level cars with faux-CUVs. For example, Hyundai is replacing Accent with Venue, Toyota effectively replaced Yaris with CH-R, and Nissan is replacing Versa Note with Kicks. All three example I cited are FWD subcompact hatchback with an extra inch or so of suspension lift. It's basically still the same idea as their predecessors but just now they have higher ground clearance. And let's not forget about Kia Soul, another FWD only hatchback that is slightly faux-CUV... it more or less pushed Kia Rio into rental fleet only. That's what Ford needs as an entry level vehicle price below EcoSport. And of course, Ford also needs a competent EcoSport to compete with Kona/HR-V/Trax/Encore/Renegade/Countryman etc.
  10. I did... I predicted the B-segment CUV will be a 500k unit segment in the US when Ford made the original decision to not sell the EcoSport in the US and GM went ahead with Encore. I said that was a huge mistake and Ford is going to regret not competing in this segment. And I was roundly ridiculed on these forums for making such an outlandish prediction 😅 I wasn't arguing for importing EcoSport as is... I was arguing that Ford wasn't prepared to compete. And it is still not ready. Talk about a badly missed product decision...
  11. bzcat

    Future Edge Replacement

    That wasn't the suggestion. Ford could call the square back EV, Ford Edge MACH # (insert a letter) if they want. The point being Ford will have two similar sized CUV with nearly identical form factor - one electric and the other one ICE. How they manage the marketing is not really the point here. We know Edge is getting another facelift in 2021 so that suggests the current model is going to march on for bit longer than Ford's typical 7-8 years marathon model cycle. It means the current Edge will live side by side with the square back EV CUV (due late 2021 or early 2022) for a while. Europe and China would have received their Edge replacement by 2022 but the North America version will probably march on until Ford sees what kind of number the square back EV is doing. Ford is also hedging a bit by launching the Fusion crossover, which will surely impact Edge sales as well. Between Fusion CUV and square back EV, maybe Ford is calculating that there won't be that much volume left in the ICE Edge in North America by 2025 or so.
  12. bzcat

    Future Edge Replacement

    I think the reason we haven't heard very much about Edge replacement (and indeed Ford is supposedly planning yet another facelift in 2021) is because the vehicle is likely being replaced by several different ones depending on market. In Europe and South America, Ford needs a compact class 7 seat CUV like VW Tiguan Allspace, not a 5 seat midsize CUV. In China, Ford needs a midsize 7 seat CUV like the current Edge but slightly bigger to keep pace with Toyota Highlander. In North America, Ford is planning a square back version of MACH E, which will be a the same size and form factor as Edge 5 seat now. It may be that Ford has decided to keep the current Edge going (hence another facelift) and see if the square back EV catches on as a replacement. In Australia, they really need the Chinese Edge (7 seat) to complement the 5 seat but that's probably not going to happen. Meanwhile, no decisions on RHD Explorer as far as I can tell.
  13. Toyota 4Runner starts at $36k for the poverty spec SR5. Most of them are sold in the mid $40s. Jeep Wrangler 4 door starts at $32k for the poverty spec Sport. Most of them are sold in the mid $40s. Jeep Wrangler 2 door starts at $28k for the poverty spec Sport. So few are sold, it doesn't really matter. My guess is Bronco 4 door will start at $35k. I have no guess on the 2 door... it's a super niche market and Ford may just decide to start at the same price as the 4 door. There is no reason to make it cheaper in my opinion. People that want 2 doors will pay a premium to get it. Most people will go for the 4 doors so it has to be price competitive with 4Runner at the very least. Another set of data points to consider... I highly doubt Bronco will be cheaper than Edge so look at the MSRP for Edge and add a premium for comparatively equipped Bronco. Edge SE AWD $33k Edge SEL AWD $36k Edge Titanium AWD $40k Edge ST AWD $43k
  14. If that's the case, MACH E is a 2020 release. Only the GT is 2021 spring release.
  15. V8 Everest is probably not going to move the sales needle enough to make up the numbers 😉 It's curious that FCA decided not to make a V8 Wrangler. They also have 2 other vehicles sharing the platform (Gladiator and upcoming Ram Dakota) and the math didn't work either.