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  1. I see the same downward trend in sedan ownership in minority groups as overall US population. Less than half of sedan owners come back for a new one - except for African Americans, but only barely. That is a terrible stat if you think about it. If only 45% of your buyer come back for another one. 55% goes for a different body style. The recent uptick in Asian Americans buying sedan is entirely driven by Tesla. EV sedan is the only part of the sedan market that is growing (which is easy to do from a base of 0).
  2. It will be interesting to see if Ford holds on to its Rivian investment or sell after the IPO. Ford's investment in Rivian is in theory worth more than Ford itself at the kind of valuation that people are guessing for Rivian. So either Ford stock has to go WAY up to reflect its investment in Rivian or it Rivian is going to crash after IPO. I'm guessing Farley will hold the stock and watch Wall St try to justify the valuation difference between the two companies.
  3. S650 is probably just testing in plain sight. It is based on the S550 so they can test whatever they need to test on the drivetrain with a S550 body.
  4. bzcat

    2022 Ford Everest Spied

    Everest is the same size as 7 seat Edge sold in China. So slightly bigger than Bronco but about 6" shorter than Explorer - Roughly the same size as Toyota 4Runner. L x W x H //WB Edge (5 seat) 188.1" x 75.9" x 68.6" // 112.2" Bronco (4 door) 190.5" x 75.9" x 70.2" // 116.1" Edge (7 seat) 192" x 75.9" x 68.6" // 112.2" Everest 192.6" x 73.3" x 72.3" // 112.2" Explorer 198.8" x 78.9" x 69.9" // 119.1" 4Runner 191.3" x 75.8" x 71.5" // 109.8"
  5. bzcat

    2022 Ford Everest Spied

    I think if Ford really thinks they can maintain the same profit margin on 350k unit, they will do it. But I'm guessing they don't.
  6. bzcat

    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    It's crazy that anyone thinks these two trucks won't be cross shopped. They are literally the only two choices in the segment. It's like saying Civic and Corolla don't compete because they are polar opposite in styling. Sure, they look totally different but no one would say they don't compete.
  7. Anyone can see that Puma was more suited for US market than EcoSport so the tweet itself isn't that revealing. I think he was actually throwing shade at both Americas and Indian product team because they pushed for their own EcoSport replacements (2 different ones) instead of Puma. Look at the timing: 1/13/2021: Farley cancelled BX755 EcoSport and shut down Brazil. 2/15/2021, he tweeted Puma saying "wish it came to NA and other markets". 2/18/2021, Ford announced it was freezing product development in India (including BX744 EcoSport which was going to use Mahindra engines) If that is not throwing shade, I don't know what it is...
  8. Now it is clear... cutting ties with Mahindra was the first step in the exit strategy. Gutting EcoSport replacement was step two. Now the final act.
  9. bzcat

    2022 Ford Everest Spied

    Production constraint is probably a real limiting factor which is why Ford is adding capacity to T6 plants. Toyota has 4 SUVs in the same price/size range: Landcruiser 70, Prado, 4Runner, and Fortuner. Ford had just Everest... so it needed to cover a lot of ground with just one product. I wish Bronco was engineered to sell in RHD countries... Markets like Australia will eat it up.
  10. We don't know anything yet about GE2 so hard to say... but all the GE2 vehicles are utilities. S650 will debut in late 2022 and will go until 2028 or 29. Flat Rock is an island on itself since it can't produce any utilities so I'm guessing Ford will not invest in GE2 production in Flat Rock, not in the near term anyway. That means if there is an EV Mustang coupe, it will probably be a retrofit S650, or another evolution of it. Ford doesn't need to use the skateboard chassis GE2 for Mustang... the production volume is low-ish in an antique plant... maybe better off just adapting what you have.
  11. bzcat

    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    Santa Cruz SE is roughly the same equipment level wise as Maverick XLT so they are priced pretty close. The base price mentioned for Ranger is XL 2 door... not comparable to Santa Cruz. I wish the robots writing these articles are programed properly. Context matters. SEL is similarly close to Lariat in standard equipment and price. Santa Cruz has range topping Limited with extra horsepower (310hp)... just waiting for Ford to respond with a Maverick King Ranch and ST.
  12. + Equator, Evos, Corsair, upcoming Mondeo and the Western Hemisphere version of Transit Connect... and maybe even Lincoln Zephyr. Oakville is the home of MEB for North America. Confirmed product right now is only Corsair but obviously that means Escape too. This is just my guess but based on what Ford has said and known investments already made: MEB will replace Fiesta (B2), Puma (B2), Focus (C2), Kuga (C2), Corsair (C2). Two production centers confirmed: Cologne and Oakville, but likely also either Saarlouis or Valencia (one will be chosen for MEB and the other will consolidate remaining C2) GE2 will replace Edge (CD4), Nautilus (CD4), Explorer (CD6), Aviator (CD6), Mach E (GE1). Two production centers confirmed: Chongqing and Cuautitlan, but likely one more plant in US (your pick between Chicago or Louisville) No EV replacement plans for now: EcoSport (B1), Transit Connect EU (MQB), Ka/Figo/Aspire/Freestyle (B1), Escort (C1), Territory, Transit Courier (B1) Too new/EV replacement unclear or too far out: Maverick (C2), Evos (C2), Mondeo (C2), Transit Connect US (C2) Committed to EV replacement but no clear path yet on how to do it: Mustang (S650/2023 model year)
  13. Transit Connect is not sold in China (except in Hong Kong for a while before Ford pulled out). It is sold in a few Asian markets that adopted or harmonized with European emission and safety standards so standard EU spec cars can be sold without modification in those area. Transit Connect being replaced by VW Caddy was primarily driven by the Ford-VW van/pickup alliance and doesn't have much to do with the EV adoption. Caddy/Transit Connect is on VW's MQB platform and it is not slated for electrification any time soon. VW will come to market with a cargo version of its ID Buzz electric van to address that market need. As for MEB replacing C platform, I think that's already cast in stone. B2 and smaller C2 will move over to MEB. Bigger C2 (and legacy CD4) and CD6 will move over to GE2.
  14. The European and Asian market Transit Connect and Tourneo Connect will be replaced by a rebadged VW Caddy. This is not news but this is the first time we have seen the prototype. https://www.carscoops.com/2021/07/2022-ford-tourneo-connect-spied-showing-its-vw-caddy-bones/ VW Caddy for reference
  15. bzcat

    Stellantis EV News

    The biggest news here is actually the confirmation that midsize Ram Dakota will return as EV pickup, and there will be a companion EV SUV (presumably for Dodge) that will slot in below Durango, which is scheduled to jump to fullsize Wagoneer platform. Next gen Ranger will debut before Dakota but it won't be a pure EV. And no word yet on Bronco EV.