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  1. It's also a calculus on plant investment. VW is more than happy to build MEB for Ford because they invested so much in it. Ford was probably on the verge of committing to building Model E derivatives in Europe (which will involve heavy investments in at least one of the 4 plants in Europe). With the MEB, Ford gets to kick the can down the road on huge capital investment required to build EV in Europe, and can concentrate on getting it right in North America.
  2. EB V6 in a Mustang will likely eclipse 5.0 V8 in performance so Ford has no real incentive to go down that road and torpedo the business case for keeping the 5.0 in production. I fully expect Ford will evolve the V8 in Mustang to a hybrid to justify its continue relevance in the line up.
  3. bzcat

    Bronco R Prototype

    My prediction - Bronco 4 door will be almost exactly the same size as Edge 5 seat the same way Everest is almost exactly the same size as Edge 7 seat; and Bronco 2 door will be almost exactly the same size as Escape. Edge: 188.8" length, 112.2" WB Escape: 180.5" length, 106.7" WB Wrangler 4 door: 188.4" length, 118.4" WB Wrangler 2 door: 166.8" length, 96.8" WB 4Runner: 190.2" length, 109.8" WB FJ Cruiser (discontinued): 183.9" length, 105.9" WB There is not much debate on the size of the 4 door... not way it will be significantly different vs Wrangler or 4Runner. But I think the Bronco 2 door will be significantly longer than Wrangler 2 door for 2 reasons: longer wheelbase helps with ride quality and handling, and larger footprint for CAFE advantage. If FCA wasn't bound by tradition and Wrangler iconography restrictions, they would have also make the 2 door Wrangler longer. Look at 4Runner and the dearly departed FJ Cruiser for clue on size of Bronco...
  4. That's a lot of power for the OG Bronco... honestly it looks dangerously under tired with those skinny offroad tires. It's probably very fun to sling around but all that power and high center of gravity... better have good life insurance 🤪 Edit: It looks like it has a new chassis and body... basically just a Bronco VIN tag. Everything else is new so hopefully it has modern brakes (!)
  5. Mustang derivatives could just mean GT350, GT500, GT350R etc. in the same way Porsche categorizes its GT3, GT2, and RS cars as sub models as opposed to trim levels of 911 thus making them "derivatives". I wouldn't read too much into it at this stage. The new product at Ohio is intriguing. That plant is not really setup for anything other than truck production so it points to finally a real replacement for E-series? Maybe? But it also says E-series will continue... so maybe a new cab forward truck? Seem unlikely but who knows...
  6. I think GM already demonstrated that midsize truck wouldn't steal fullsize sales. That's what gave Ford to confidence to go forward with fast track process to bring T6 Ranger to the US. At the end of the day, I think having Ranger being absent from the market for a few years was a positive. It cycled out/weened the bargain buyers out of the old Ranger market and gave Ford essentially a clean slate to price the new truck properly to reflect demand and competition.
  7. Yes exactly. No one seriously thinks Model E is related to C1 Escape but for some reason people keep drawing false connections with E1 and newer hacked up C2 test mules. The one thing that confuses people I think is the wheelbase. E1 mules had really long wheelbase and very short overhang so in camouflage, it looks smaller than it really is. Tesla Model 3 was the same way... when the mules were out in camo, people thought it was a small compact car like Prius or Volt because the front quarter of the car is really short (no engine in there so no need for extra crumble zone to account for the engine intrusion). When the car actually arrived, it was basically the same size as BMW 3 series or Audi A4. I think people will be surprised by the actual size of MACH E when it shows in real life as well - it is probably about the size of Fusion if not a little bigger.
  8. bzcat

    FCA and PSA in merger talks

    PSA's EMP2 platform is the obvious answer (and a lifeline really) for FCA. Instead of developing its own FWD platforms to replace both Renegade/Compass and Cherokee, there is now a clear path forward for those vehicles. PSA and FCA are already very closely linked in commercial vans in Europe so there is no change there. The interesting development here is what could PSA do with FCA's RWD platforms. There is the Alfa Romeo platform which seems ready to spawn new large Opel and Peugeot vehicles but PSA seems committed to FWD EMP2 path for those brands. There is also the Jeep Grand Cherokee platform which frankly is too expensive for anything that PSA sells in Europe. There is also question about brands and which one they will keep... you have a stable full of regional brands that doesn't resonate outside their home region (some doesn't even travel out of its national borders): Brands: Distribution footprint Fiat: Europe, Middle East, and South America Alfa Romeo: Worldwide Maserati: Worldwide Lancia: Italy Fiat Professional: Europe, Middle East, and South America Chrysler: North America Dodge: North America Jeep: Worldwide Ram: North America Peugeot: Europe, Middle East, Africa, China, South America Citroen: Europe, China DS: Europe, China Opel: Europe, Middle East Vauxhall: UK There doesn't seem to be any appetite to whittle down the overlapping European brands so the bloat will continue. This combination should also permanently shelve PSA's plan to return to the US market... there is simply no need when the combined company already has a bunch of regional brands here.
  9. We know very little about E1 because Ford hasn't said anything beyond that it is a dedicated EV platform with no provision for internal combustion engine. I think a lot of conjecture about it being related to C2 is from the fact that Model E test mules were generally based on hacked up C2 vehicles. But based on what we know about dedicated EV architecture from other car company, E1 by design would share almost nothing with C2 from a platform engineering perspective. Placement of batteries affects weight and load, and the firewall and unibody safety cell structure on EV is totally different than ICE platform requirements. We will learn a lot of Model E when Ford reveals MACH E in about 12 days.
  10. E1 name is what we came up with to parallel C2 and CD6. Ford's official name for this platform is Model E. Ford has 6 known EV programs right now. 1. Model E: Ford has been very clear in its communication with Wall Street that Model E architecture will underpin a whole family of mid to large size unibody EVs, not just MACH E. 2. VW MEB: Ford is using VW's MEB EV platform for smaller compact and subcompact EVs which most likely will only be sold in Europe. 3. Ford is working on F-150 EV which persumbly will also spawn other body on frame EVs . 4. There is a program ongoing to adapt the existing Transit/Transit Custom platform for EV use, although it is probably a transitional program. Next gen Transit is due by 2022 or 2023 so it will probably have EV option fully baked in. 5. Rivian platform: not much is known about what Ford plans to do with this platform. It is very similar in concept to both Model E and MEB so there is probably some synergy to be had if Ford basically herds Rivian into E2 (or vice versa). 6. Zotye Ford is working in China on low cost BEV, based on Zotye technology, primarily for the Chinese market. Although this project is probably on very shaky ground as Zotye is on the brink of bankruptcy.
  11. Four major auto shows in first half of the year - Chicago (Feb), New York (April), Beijing (April), and Detroit (June). Two major debuts - Bronco and Bronco Sport.
  12. bzcat

    Fusion styled crossover?

    I think the Fusion Active wagon thing will be roughly the size of current Edge, especially if it will be sold in Europe. Next gen Edge will probably be bigger to keep pace with competition that are all taller and longer now - e.g. Chevy Blazer, Hyundai Santa Fe, VW Atlas Sport, Honda Passport, and next gen Grand Cherokee which will no doubt increase in size. The 2nd car in the photo is really interesting. Like silvrsvt mentioned, it has narrower track than the Escape body it is running in. But noticed the center strip in the hood, incidcating the bodyshell is widened. So I *think*, that 2nd car is Fusion Active width running on standard C2 wide chassis... possibly a test mule to test subframe or something to do with the width.
  13. bzcat

    Unknown RAM/Jeep Mule Spotted

    We are getting both. A 3 row Grand Cherokee is coming to replace Durango. The standard Grand Cherokee will probably stay midsize but the 3 row will be Explorer size. The rumor was that the 3 row will be called Wagoneer (no "grand") but looks like FCA may have decided to just call it Grand Cherokee. And Grand Wagoneer will be based on the Ram chassis. This will be the same size as Expedition.
  14. bzcat

    Fusion styled crossover?

    I don't know but I agree with you that Ford should have a 2nd production site for C utilities. Ford is the only major volume car company in North America that has such a low capacity threshold for C-utilities. A single plant with around ~300k output without really putting quality control or labor relations in serious jeopardy. Ford has 1 plant in North America building Escape/Corsair, with Baby Bronco TBD. GM has 4 plants in North America building Equinox/Terrain, XT4 and will be importing Trailblazer and Encore GX (which are C-segment, no long B-segment) from Korea. And they also said they are building next gen Buick Envision in North America. Toyota has 2 plants in North America building RAV4 and also imports it and NX from Japan. Honda has 4 plants in North America building CR-V and RDX and also imports CR-V from Japan. FCA has 2 plants in North America building Compass and Cherokee. Nissan has 2 plants in North America building Rogue and also imports it from Korea and Japan, and Rogue Sport from Japan. Hyundai/Kia has 2 plants in Korea building Tucson and Sportage. VW has 1 plant in North America building Tiguan and will add another one building Tharu shortly. So basically, everyone in the industry has already made their bet... C-utilities are the new midsize car and everyone has the capacity to grow. Except for Ford. Unless of course Ford adds a 2nd line to build Baby Bronco and Escape overflow.
  15. bzcat

    Fusion styled crossover?

    I don't think this is CX758. The thing to remember about CX758 is that it was supposed to be low cost and designed with emerging market in mind. I think Ford has decided to go with Territory instead. CX758 may have been re-imagined along the way and perhaps will now become next gen Territory.