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  1. A reasonably high gas tax or CO2 tax (they are the same thing... one tax the input, the other tax the output) is the most effective way to regulate greenhouse gas emission. However, you are forgetting the emission also include smog forming particles and non-greenhouse gas. You can control fuel consumption but regulating emission. But you cannot control emission (all of it, not just greenhouse gas) by regulating fuel consumption. It's not a 2-way street.
  2. We have one single national emission standard and CAFE tareget NOW. It has been the case since 2016 when the Obama era EPA brokered the compromise between auto companies and CARB to come to a 50 state solution. What Trump is trying to do is undo the single 50 state standards and introduce a lower CAFE targets. They know this won't work because CA is not obligated to go along - because the Clean Air Act gives CA the legal authority to regular its own emission. So Trump is trying to revoke that authority. The legal argument is pretty slam dunk. Unless congress changes the law, EPA does not have the power to revoke CA's ability to regular emission. The Clean Air Act give CA the power to decide when its authority should end as a deference to the fact that CA's emission laws were in effect before the Federal Clean Air Act. Because this is a law, only congress can change it. This is a pretty silly power grab by the Executive branch of Federal Govt that will almost certainly fail in court.
  3. CARB doesn't conduct any certification test. Car companies submit certification to CARB just like they do with EPA. The work is all done at the same time, usually by independent labs e.g. the guys that blew the whistle on VW diesel gate. And just to clarify, there is currently no difference between CARB and EPA emission. The car companies asked for a 50 state standard during the Obama Administration and they got what they wanted.
  4. Yea, it's basically nonsense that this will result in cheaper cars and trucks. And it's pretty clear that he doesn't have the authority to revoke the waiver. Only congress can do that because Clean Air Act is a law, not an executive order or administrative policy. The constitution gives legislative power to congress. I learn that in 10th grade US Govt class. I guess Trump wasn't paying attention 😀
  5. It's actually written into law in the Clean Air Act. The Feds can only revoke CA's power to regulate emission when CA deems there is no longer a need for it. Trump can attempt to revoke it but EPA actually does not have the authority to do so. It is a huge Federal overreach. The Clean Air Act allows the withdrawal of the waiver only on the following three grounds: (A) [California’s] determination [that its standards in the aggregate will be at least as protective] is arbitrary and capricious, (B) [California] does not need such State standards to meet compelling and extraordinary conditions, or (C) such State standards and accompanying enforcement procedures are not consistent with section [202(a)]. So essentially, Trump is directing EPA to ignore the Clean air Act. And let's be clear... CARB emission standards (and by association CAFE because emission and consumption are two sides of same coin) is the current 50 state standard. There is no separate CARB and EPA standards. The auto companies asked for this during Obama Administration and got what they wanted. The issue now is purely political because the current administration wants to nullify everything that the previous administration accomplished. The few auto company that went along with it is basically in a suicide pact with Trump Administration... except they've already pulled the trigger to shot themselves in the face while Trump is still holding the gun. This will be litigated in court for many years and will outlast the Trump administration. Unless Congress amend the Clean Air Act, the courts will probably side with California. And lastly, the CARB (and current EPA) standards is nearly identical to EU and Chinese emission standards. This is why some of the smarter car companies (i.e. Ford is one of them) is saying WTF, why wouldn't we want to meet CARB emission and existing CAFE? It's not like we will see a significant cost saving is EPA lower the Federal standards.
  6. bzcat

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    Highly doubt it... external spare tire is a IIHS crash test nightmare. Also, I think it will have a lift gate not a swing gate which rules out external spare... but I could be wrong. I'm going with housing for lift gate handle. It is not too big as someone mentioned... it's about the right size. Remember, it also has to fit a bunch of other things in there like rear camera wiring and potentially cross traffic and parking sensor radar control unit.
  7. bzcat

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a29088768/ford-baby-bronco-rear-spied/?utm_source=facebook&src=socialflowFBCAD&utm_medium=social-media&utm_campaign=socialflowFBCD&fbclid=IwAR2Hq2Kh5gGOUMDWrOTO-2SfyNNReffJe768xiRwr31Qzse3LyT4mdavVXw Baby Bronco body in white. First real good look at the high top roof line.
  8. That's another US-market induced blunder. Hybrid is stuck with the 6 speed auto instead of the new 8 speed because Ford gave up on putting any serious money into Fusion.
  9. There is no 5 door Mondeo hatchback hybrid. They are either sedans or wagons. See page 44: https://www.ford.co.uk/content/dam/guxeu/uk/documents/feature-pdfs/FT-Mondeo.pdf Hatchback is available only with gasoline or diesel engine options. Mondeo hatchback sales is concentrated in the UK where non-luxury badge large sedan sales are basically non-existent. So I think the hybrid sedan is selling abysmally in Europe (and UK in particular) so it is probably headed to the scrape heap. Hybrid wagon still makes sense in mainland Europe where Mondeo are mainly sold as wagon.
  10. Mondeo sedan and hatch are still around in Europe but looks like Ford will discontinue the sedan hybrid (hence making it wagon only?) For now, it looks like you can get Mondeo hybrid in both sedan and wagon in Europe.
  11. https://insideevs.com/news/369896/ford-three-new-plug-in-hybrids-debut/ Ford's appears to be fully committed to staying in Europe with a full range of electrified vehicles. 8 launching in 2019 and 17 by 2024. Ford also confirmed for the firs time that both known Model E variants are slated for Europe - the Mustang inspired MACH E and the unnamed utility that Ford is planning to build at Flat Rock.
  12. I think the sales number indicates Ford didn't have to give away the TC for pocket lint like it did with Ranger. If you eliminated all the fleets that bought Ranger because it was the cheapest thing Ford sold, then you are probably left with a sales volume that is not all that different from TC sales. so from Ford's perspective, TC was probably a very successful fleet product. Napa Auto Parts for example, replaced their Ranger with Fiesta, Sonic, and other assorted B-segment hatchbacks... they didn't go with TC. But that just shows that they didn't really need a Ranger for parts runner. They had a bunch of Ranger because it was really cheap. They replaced them with the next cheapest Ford. BTW, found this hilarious photo
  13. I'm pretty sure Ford is very pleased with all the fleet buyers that it has retained with Transit Connect. The old Ranger was a hard sell towards the end and Ford had to basically give it away. Ford is definitely not giving away the TC now. TC also has picked up new fleet buyers that were not interested in pickup trucks. So it's a net win for Ford as far as fleet market is concerned.
  14. bzcat

    2021MY Escape Facelift

    They should have just used the Chinese market front end. Looks so much more upscale and grown up design than the cartoon like US market one.
  15. BTW, I just noticed Ford took Yusheng S330 off the Yusheng website in China... so I guess Territory is replacing S350 for good. So maybe S350 is not long for this world either. The Maverick name is available... 😄 This website used to have both S330 and S350: http://suv.jmc.com.cn/ Now there is no S330 but only link to Territory on the JMC website: http://territory.jmc.com.cn/