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  1. Chrisgb

    2022 Lexus LX600 Revealed

    "if a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away." -Henry David Thoreau
  2. Chrisgb

    2022 Lexus LX600 Revealed

    After everyone else exited the vehicle, Ted stayed in the back seat, oblivious to the four other dark screens and read Billie Eilish's autobiography on his mom's Kindle.
  3. Chrisgb

    Maverick Test Drives

    Definitely a seller's market in the North Country. Housing & rentals are very distorted. Realtors are encouraging prospective buyers to include a letter with their offer gushing about how lovely the decor is, really need the backyard space yada yada to try and stand out from the rest. Daughter & SIL got $160,000 more than they paid for their 3br split level tract home four years ago.Ten serious offers in two days. As others have said, "What goes up must come down."
  4. Chrisgb

    Maverick Test Drives

    According to the 9/27 release- 2022 Order Guide, Privacy Glass is standard on Lariat, I'm not aware of a later revision. Can't explain why that Lariat doesn't have one. It is also available on XL when the STX Special Edition Package is ordered (req.101a & STX pkgs) same as 2021; I have it on my STX.
  5. Chrisgb

    Ford missing the boat. Transit pickup needed!

    The Maverick is built on the C2 unibody platform shared with the Escape and Bronco Sport. AFIK, the Transit Connect isn't designed to accommodate AWD/4WD. A Transit PU would indeed be bigger than the Ranger or a Transit Connect PU, but would be cool withe a flare side box!
  6. Chrisgb

    Retail vs Stock Order

    I was assigned a 10 priority for my Ranger and just assumed that mine was the first order for that scheduling period.
  7. Chrisgb

    Retail vs Stock Order

    That could just mean that there are other retail orders ahead of yours at that dealership. Your order will still be ahead of all their stock orders for that model
  8. Chrisgb

    Maverick Test Drives

    Some of Ford's equipment groupings are really confounding, Why is there no rear window defroster available at all? Maybe they hope folks won't notice until the next dewey or frosty morning. IMHO, it should be standard in this day and age. On my 2021 RangerSTX , the auto dimming rearview mirror was standard as an XL,, but because I had to ordere the 101A pkg (cruise, Sync, pwr mirrors, etc) it was downgraded to a flip day/night mirror!?
  9. Chrisgb


    The not-so-far-off day is coming when the entire windshield is a screen; As soon as SAE Level 5 autonomous tech is acceptably efficient beyond geo grids. You would simply enter the vehicle and give a voice command direction. You will have menu choices for real time outward view, streamed content, utility apps (Word, Pages, Exel etc.) in various split screen configurations.
  10. I feel the same way about my factory ordered 2021 Ranger STX!
  11. The smaller knob on the console-electric parking brake; I don't see a handle in the last photo. Or maybe emergency kill switch for the tester?
  12. I can't prove anything, but I suspect there is lobbying, rather than engineering considerations; Not Invented Here. How long dit it take them approve composite headlights? About when the Guide Lamp Division came up with one.
  13. During the "Great Compression," 2008-2011, gm (no sic, they use lower case now) discontinued Pontiac, Saturn and Hummer, and should have also dropped Chevrolet-branded trucks and-body-on-frame SUVs, allowing all stores to carry the GMC brand; Chevrolet and Buick marketing all the unibody SUVs. Everyone in the world, except those working in the Renaissance Center knows that they are the same truck fundamentally, and I believe that few buyers would not have bought a GMC in the absence of a Silverado or Colorado. In rural markets, there are many Buick-GMC-Chervolet stores today, and I can't imagine any firm resistance to selling a Sierra to someone if there isn't a Silverado to their liking in stock. Many years in the last 44 gm's total full-size pickup sales were higher than F-Series, but because of their dual marketing, Ford is #1.
  14. It could get to the point where Wuling, Great Wall, Maxus et al make a run at the US market. At $50-75 K MSRP for mid- and upmarket US pickups, China could export a USDOT-spec truck competitively priced even with the Chicken Tax. They are getting better. More here.
  15. The Ram1500 Classic, Ram's 4th generation truck, is still in production alongside the 5G Ram 1500. the Classic's MSRP is typically lower than either its Ram counterpart or Fi50 or Silverado throughout most configurations.