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  1. They could build a three armature motor for Class 7-8 and call it the Tri Motor!
  2. Needs another garage door on the left, though. I get vertigo trying to make sense of it...
  3. Some folks over on Ranger 5G are selling 2019 &'20 Rangers to Carvana and buying 2021's with the Tremor pkg for very little extra. Some report getting more than they originally paid for them. But then again in my market Ford is advertising $6000 off on a 2021 Edge
  4. The fuel filler door on the left rear fender looks too small for a charging port Charging ports are commonly located on front fenders On either side of the rear facia, looks to be Lexus-type exhaust ports
  5. ...With Edsel's arm around her shoulder consoling, "I know, I know..."
  6. Chrisgb

    Spray in Bed Lining Timing

    This helps explain why this is the eighth my Ranger has been "In Production." Oversimplifying, but It's too bad they don't just add a couple more nozzles at the MAP Paint Shop.
  7. Chrisgb

    OAC BEV Clay Model?

    Pretty large "Frunk" area for a BEV. I would think a clean sheet design would minimize the frontal area.
  8. Chrisgb

    Porosity in Ford Blocks

    Keep an eye on your coolant overflow tank. It seems to be the norm for the coolant to ride at or just under the ADD line when cold. If you notice it going down from there after topping it off, bring it in, have it diagnosed to start a paper trail. If you are close to the end of your 5/60 powertrain warranty, I would seriously consider getting an extended warranty for as long as you intend to keep the car.
  9. Chrisgb

    '21 March Sales/Chart

    But isn't that a little misleading? Q1 gross total Ford +1% vs gross total Toyota +23%; both combined retail & fleet. Hypothetically if Ford had sold 1 retail the previous qtr and 2 this qtr, that would be a 100% improvement. Given that Toyota historically sells fewer fleet as a percentage, they undoubtedly made more money (253,783T vs 213,700F). I think Ford is moving in the right direction, and will need time to get costs and quality back under control. They need to concentrate on getting their upcoming launches right; as the vehicles come out of the plant, not, "We'll give you a loaner while we fix the recalls on your new Ford."
  10. Better harmonic balancing and my layman's guess is the head is wider or larger for the prechambers, which might cause packaging problems for a Vee
  11. Chrisgb

    '21 March Sales/Chart

    FORD AUTHORITY has the March monthly figures.
  12. Chrisgb

    Engine Cleaning Question

    From the owner's Manual: RANGER OWNERS MANUAL285-286.pdf
  13. We'll probably start seeing electrical hookups alongside fire hydrants. California will likely shut down air travel (MA first to follow suit) as airport districts are among the highest contributors of greenhouse gasses in urban areas. We have Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, VR etc. No need to go anywhere anyway.