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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Looks to be the real deal. I am impressed with how they got the lightning to pass the frontal crash tests without the mass of a conventional ICE powertrain to absorb some of the energy. My gut feeling is that we may see the "frunk" design be augmented with a forward cab configuration; a SuperCrew/8ft box in roughly the same footprint of a regular cab
  2. Q: How do you make a $200 billion dollar company? A: Start with a $450 billion dollar company,
  3. A lot could change in the next 18 years, as th article states. Look where we were at 18 years ago: AXOD transmissions, Motorola Razrs, weird, 1st gen Honda Insight. Windsor may well be building fuel cell engines in 2040, owing to the growing concern over the sourcing of raw materials for electric storage and motors. 2004 Honda Insight:
  4. Are those Hoosier tires? The rears look like 33x 12's
  5. Chrisgb

    Premium Sound tha is actually PREMIUM

    I wouldn't pay extra for premium sound. With road, wind and vehicle noise going on, subtle acoustic nuances are drowned out. And, the chain of fidelity is reduced by ever- lengthening links: Original recording>duplication>archival hardware-software(Spotify, SiriusXM iTunes etc)>broadcast/cable streaming>receiver> Bluetooth/USB cable/Wifi> speakers/headphones. It's amazing we get any audio at all!
  6. I was going to say next-gen Honda Element, but Aztec is better!
  7. I think it is hitting Asian mfr's, too. The article below states that China's in house chip capacity is around 20%, only 5% in the automotive sector. They have been largely relying on their Western joint partners fo their chips. https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Tech/Semiconductors/China-s-automakers-fight-supply-chain-chaos-with-in-house-chips
  8. Chrisgb

    Dealer Interaction

    They might mistakenly put $1,999 ceramic coat on it...
  9. Chrisgb

    2023 Honda HR-V

    1961 Rambler American:
  10. Chrisgb

    This Just In:

    April 1st 2022 Ford may have answer to pickups that are too large for many parking spaces. The “Ar-Truck-U-late.” Made for driving to an urban job site where on street parking is at a premium, the Ar-Truck-U-late-equipped F-SuperDuty can be parked in a space only big enough for a compact car, yet retain full size cab and 8ft box. A button on the console activates an electrically powered hydraulic ram that “Inchworms” the truck into a shorter overall length. The Ar-Truck-U-late is only in prototype stage, a few tweaks are necessary before production can begin; there is only 4 cu.ft left in the box once the mechanism is stowed, and a self leveling cupholder design has not been approved, for instance. But an unidentified source familiar with the project say this is what truck buyers have been longing for. “Great for off roading!” Says the source, “highest break-over angle ever achieved in a mass produced truck!”
  11. In many cases, municipalities will opt on to a county or state bid, choosing to go with the lowest bid the state gets for a specific brand or the lowest overall. This way, the munis get the same level of political entity discount the states get which is generally larger than they would get on their own. We have Chevrolet everything in our town of 4500: cruisers, city pickups, brushfire trucks, staff car(s). Bid with the state, serviced at our town's Chevy dealer.
  12. Chrisgb

    Bedliner: Drop-in v Spray

    I have the Toughbed factory spray in bedliner in my Ranger. It has more grip than a drop in liner, and won't blow out of the bed at a carwash. Very durable , I can slide in aluminum ramps for my motorcycle without scratching or marring it. Quality is excellent, but I had some minor overspray on the exterior. The dealer was able to buff it out with no damage to the clearcoat. Hope your truck isn't held up indefinitely for your bedliner, they are installed off site. Mine took an extra day or two, but that was a year ago before all the critical shortages.
  13. Same here. I'm a Mopar convert and I'm 12:1 with Ford products going back to 1986. The money pit was a used 1984 Tempo. Battery, alternator, water pump, steering rack... sold it to my wife's coworker and they blew it up two weeks later. @Awills has not been back since starting the thread. I don't know how Ford Franchise agreements work these days, but isn't there a requirement for a dealership to have a qualified person or persons to do at least basic diagnostics on vehicles? Odd response from the dealer.
  14. I wonder if it's selectable, with default conventional front axle-only steer? I would think it would be confusing for a lot of people switching back and forth from their other vehicles.