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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. "...but it still feels as though Ford is holding something back..." I wonder if they are as flummoxed by this as everyone else? They seem to be saying, "Hang on til we figure out what's going on." In the New Vehicle Demonstration/Delivery Hold-Advance Notice communique, it states: "SERVICE ACTION DO NOT DEMONSTRATE OR DELIVER any new in-stock vehicles involved in this safety recall. A complete Dealer Bulletin will be provided to dealers in the 4th quarter when it is anticipated that a remedy and repair instructions will be available to support this safety recall." Does this mean that the Escape, Maverick and Corsair Hybrids are off limits until at least October 1? The other thing I am astounded by is, why such a severe defect appears now, after a dozen or more years of production, or is this not the same 2.5L Atkinson motor?
  2. It seems to be much ado about nothing. I don't think we need a Congressional act to ensure America Coast to Coast remains available in your vehicle. It just seems to me that, while a mfr probably may not lose many sales by eliminating AM, but that it may add to the things they don't like about the vehicle.There are some of us folks that enjoy AM talk shows while driving. Professional and local sports are not alway available online or FM, and there are many AM stations adopting a foreign language format. A cursory Google search reveals that an automotive AM/FM receiver chip costs about $4, an FM-only chip is around $2.25.These are retail prices for individual orders. Quantities of a thousand or more of either are less than a dollar. There is already an antenna, amplifier and speaker network in the vehicle which would remain sans AM capability. What would be the effect on overall sales of saving ~50¢ a vehicle this way?
  3. There is that. I guess we'll have to get along with C-store polarized sunglasses for a while longer.
  4. Well, 350 mi range is nice, but at 349 mi you need to find a place to charge, and spend 30-50 minutes or more for a full charge, to go another 350 mi, etc. Should work ok for suburban duty, but with compact and midsize BEVs with entry level prices $40,000 and up, what will be the median MSRP for a long range C/D class BEV? Not a fan of such steeply raked windshields. Increased glare and dashboard reflection, and the inside panels very awkward to clean. We have real-time video camera rearview mirrors, why not realtime forward vision video screens? The outside could be raked any degree, while the inside screen could be at a comfortable viewing angle, maybe adjustable. No glare or reflection, and it could be made to support multiple windows, so the passenger can watch a movie.play games, etc.
  5. Chrisgb

    2024 Tacoma Shown Off

    Is he also the one who explained why drum rear brakes are better off road? 😜 I bet most of them will wind up at the recycling center, or in the corner of the shed next to the Subaru Brat seats.
  6. That's $20,315.00 more than my '21 STX listed for, and you can't get an FX4 pkg on a 6G XL. I'll admit to being infected somewhat with the off- roading craze, but I think it is the latest syndrome that has supplanted 50's tail fin, or 70's crushed velour & opera windows syndrome.
  7. The Flex SEL we had was one of our favorites. I would've cancelled the Explorer program if i ran the show but they hired Hackett instead.
  8. I am disappointed in the model packaging for the 6G Ranger, not that that matters to anyone. I had planned from the outset to keep my 2021 Ranger SuperCab STX 4x4 for ten or more years and ordered it as close to ideal as I could, and it MSRP'd at $36,555. My biggest objection for the 2024 is the elimination of any 6ft box configuration. A SuperCrew would be marginal for my use, as I don't need that much interior space, and I do need a 6' box for my motorcycle. I have ramps and carry the bike across timezones, ride & camp locally, load the bike up and head home. The rear wheel of the bike would sit precariously close to the rearmost edge of the tailgate in a 5ft box. A '24 XLT base (FX4 unavail. in XL) would be nearly $7000 more, and without dual HVAC or 18" wheels. Or hood struts. Or... For me, the added features, LED headlights, Sync4A ,bigger screen etc, don't offset the things I would be giving up for the difference in cost. I seem to be one who buys "left-handed" Ford products. I've owned or leased: Mercury; Milan, Mariner, Cougar, Ford; Windstar, Flex, Ranger SuperCab.
  9. I think there will be a lot of developers out there that will write code to activate features, just like we have aftermarket hardware and 3rd party software today that is usually less cost than the OEM-branded items. it may become possible to get a subscription added to your Xfinity or Apple CarPlay account to activate your Blue Cruise for only $29.95/mo, for example.
  10. I don't agree with the premise of installing equipment as standard and then charging a reasonable fee, whether Ford or a third party, to make it functional, like SiriusXM. If Blue Cruise is offered as a standalone option or part of a package, a fee is acceptable. I can choose to not have it and the other options that may come as a part of its package. For me, $75/mo plus the cost of the BC is too much just to have the ability to hold a jellyroll and a coffee at the same time while driving.
  11. Also, I think that fuel cell technology is not well understood by the general population, hence the "E" in the acronym lets everybody know that the hydrogen is not burned to power a generator, say, but produces electricity directly
  12. It's a nice feature to have when you want to lock your vehicle running, or you leave your phone in the console, and you remember an important call is coming, so you run out to the locked vehicle, forgetting your key or fob...
  13. Mach-e production will increase going forward now that production has ramped up after expansion of the Cuautitlán Stamping and Assembly Plant. CAP produced 11,858 Mach-e's in April https://fordauthority.com/2023/05/2023-ford-mustang-mach-e-production-up-sharply-in-april/ If they can keep it up, Ford should have 600k Bevs on the ground by New Years Eve on those alone, plus the Lightning. gm is rolling out new models, Ford is rolling out new models VWG, Stellantis Volvo JLR, lots to choose from.