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  1. Chrisgb

    HOLY SHNIKES..TTAC Opinion on Tesla CT

    “Beyond these (pandemic related) unforeseen challenges, launching three new vehicles while setting up a multi-vehicle manufacturing plant is a complex orchestra of coordinated and interlinked activities where small issues can translate into ramp delays.” -CEO RJ Scaringe in a letter to depositors. R1S, R1T, and...? the Amazon van?
  2. Chrisgb

    Ford Skyline Facebook Group

    Is Nissan aware of this? 2021 Nissan Skyline:
  3. Chrisgb

    Drive your car off the line program

    When my grandfather retired from the railroad, He and Gramma took the train to Los Angeles to pick up their brand spanking new 1950 Plymouth from the factory, their first and last new car. There is a guy in our town that still has his 1966 Mustang that he picked up in Dearborn. He has a photo of it coming down the final few yards of the assembly line. These days, with heightened security, I think that the Rouge Center is the only plant within Ford that still does tours. I naively tried to get a tour and factory delivery at Oakville of my 2015 Flex
  4. Chrisgb

    Ford June 2021 Sales

    Not sure about Lexus GX, but it makes sense. The article I referenced says, "...mini vans and midsize SUVs." I assumed Highlander & Sienna, but a Lexus GX would be doable, too. The article says that Toyota is spending $1.3 Bn on all this shuffling.
  5. Chrisgb

    Ford June 2021 Sales

    The Sequoia moves to TMMTX (San Antonio, TX ) from TMMI (Princeton, IN). TMMI is expanding Sienna & Highlander production.
  6. Chrisgb

    Ford June 2021 Sales

    Toyota must have been wondering that, too! Tacoma production at San Antonio (TMMTX) will end this year. Tijuana (TMMBC) will produce all Tacomas for this market. edit: Jumped the gun and posted before scrolling down. I wan't trying to pile on.
  7. Ad Block Pro Works great! And you have the option to disable it for sites that don't display right and to configure it for sites that are often visited. Most pages load faster, too.
  8. Chrisgb

    2022 Ford Maverick Pickup thread

    Pickup Box Delete option was dropped for 2021MY at least in the US.
  9. Chrisgb

    2022 Ford Ranger

    Looking at Carscoops photos, the T6 Ranger Regular Cab looks almost as big as the "downsized" 7th gen (1980-86) F-100. That would still leave enough headroom slotted between the current F-150 and the Maverick, and, a slightly smaller Bronco pickup. 1981 Ford F-100
  10. They could build a three armature motor for Class 7-8 and call it the Tri Motor!
  11. Chrisgb

    2022 Ford Maverick Pickup thread

    Needs another garage door on the left, though. I get vertigo trying to make sense of it...
  12. Chrisgb

    2022 Ford Maverick Pickup thread

    Some folks over on Ranger 5G are selling 2019 &'20 Rangers to Carvana and buying 2021's with the Tremor pkg for very little extra. Some report getting more than they originally paid for them. But then again in my market Ford is advertising $6000 off on a 2021 Edge
  13. The fuel filler door on the left rear fender looks too small for a charging port Charging ports are commonly located on front fenders On either side of the rear facia, looks to be Lexus-type exhaust ports