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  1. I wonder if the tailgate had a defect? I load my 480lb (+160lb me on it) motorcycle into my Ranger occasionally. That plus the weight of my 3-piece ramp on the tailgate lip. The bike with me on puts a lot of momentary weight concentrated in a small contact patch as it rides up into the box. I have done this 8 times (unloading too) with no damage whatsoever.
  2. ...Which to me seems rather petty. When I watch a documentary on the History Channel or PBS, the lead investigator/archaeologist/zoologist whatever travels to the lab/site/nature preserve and the Bowtie/Blue Oval etc is blurred out, sometimes even in shots where the steering wheel is in view. But keen observers will decipher the make from a sliver of dashboard or color of the headliner, etc. I don't think the general population cares that Dr drove a Tahoe or an Explorer to the destination. It seems to me that more time and money was wasted burring out escutcheons than just condoning the incidental brand appearances.
  3. I was in Duluth, MN today and 87 E10 was $2.869 at a Holiday (Circle K). I filled my motorcycle up with 91 E0 @ $3.769. Across the bay in Superior WI it was $3.299/ $4.099-019.
  4. That type of fan moves a lot of cu ft of air S L O W L Y. You really can't feel any air movement on the floor. A barn fan in the aisle would be more effective.
  5. Does it cool any better while moving? Check that the electric radiator/condenser fan is working normally.
  6. The ID Buzz was first shown at the 2017 NAIAS in Detroit; a mere blink in the history of the universe.
  7. If you are talking about the glare reflection of the dashboard on the windshield in bright sunlight, polarized sunglasses eliminate that, while your instrument display should still be clearly readable. Our eyes attenuate to the brightest light in the field of view. Polarized sunglasses cancel out the effects of glare, virtually eliminating the source of brightness and thus improving the readability of the instrumentation. I'm not familiar with the '24 Nautilus' steering wheel, but the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel of my Ranger are all labelled and backlit at night. It seems odd that the Nautilus' would be blank.
  8. And now Bronco is charging extra for non grey-scale colors and they do on the Mustang. I guess they'll try anything to improve sales. 🤡 I think there will come a time when some insignificant feature will be decontented or become extra charge, like offering cup holders at additional charge and/or in a High Package, and we reach a tipping point where the market says collectively, "Enough!" And new vehicle sales plummet 50% or more.
  9. This seems like a pretty straightforward episode to me. "Angie" would not know offhand if you had an extended warranty, only a Ford ESP warranty or a third party extended warranty purchased at that dealer would be visible to her. She eventually did go to bat for you, albeit with a little prodding, and the svc mgr applied for and obtained the good will program. After a logistics hiccup, the part arrives. They install the cat, and charge you $1319.11 incl tax 5.5% +/-, or about $1,346 (I live in WI too). A quick Google search for an original equipment right side catalytic converter shows a retail price of $1,491.43 for just the part. https://www.oemford.parts/oem-parts/ford-catalytic-converter-jl3z5f250b?origin=pla So your cost seems very reasonable; about 54% of the $2,300 Angie quoted you originally. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you didn't mention if there was a Ford payment disclosed for the left cat replaced under warranty. In my experience with Ford, GM, and Chrysler (now Stellantis) vehicles I've owned, the cost of factory or dealer warranty work is never disclosed, either left blank or "No Charge." IMO, you were treated fairly and I would buy and service from that dealer. The Tundra is a very good truck as well. If you decide to buy one I hope you will be treated as fairly as you were at Gordie Boucher Ford.
  10. Hot Pepper Red on a Ranger, My 2021 Ranger is Carbonized Grey, as HPR wasn't available in 2021 on Rangers.
  11. MT said they used the trucks to haul furniture to their new offices- It would've been nice to have pulled a trailer with each truck. A Trailer Tow transmission mode was not mentioned, and I don't know if the other two have it, but the Ranger's is very well thought out and provides for smooth acceleration and deceleration. It also works better unladen than the standard pattern in stop & go/slow & go traffic, IMO. Hard to believe this truck has the same size motor that my '84 Tempo had. 😜
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