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  1. Chrisgb

    Coming Soon: Bronco Warthog

    Telephoto lens effect. Notice the Explorer inbetween the two Broncos also looks bigger than the one in the foreground
  2. Chrisgb

    2022 ford expedition

    Static (non-blinking) leds do not require a load compensator. Only those controlled by a flasher require a 6 ohm resistor in an existing circuit. There are also plug n play led-ready flashers that are comparably priced to conventional’s. With the coming changeover to BEVs, I think we’ll see incandescent lighting become obsolete. LED technology is also coming down in price and require less power, aiding in battery range. Cost could be partially offset by going to thinner 20-22 AWG wire. The cost of direct fuel injection is much higher than the cost of a carburetor, but meters fuel much more efficiently, and without unburned volatiles escaping into the air.. The benefits outweigh the cost. So too, led lighting. We are already seeing non-replaceable leds in brake/taillights and DRL “eyeliners.”
  3. So the salesperson closed the deal and wrote up the purchase agreement, took it to the desk manager who approved it, so the salesperson could turn the customer over to the F&I person, who arranged the financing on an unsellable vehicle; nobody in the transaction chain knew?
  4. Chrisgb

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    Well, that was quick! They never got the Build & Price updated for 2021 on their website.
  5. Wouldn't it be fitting to have V8s around for a Centennial Edition in 2032?
  6. Chrisgb

    am radio static

    Do you have a portable AM radio? If so, have it on but not plugged into the dash12v or USB to see if the noise is generated as radio frequency or line noise. RF will also be present on the portable radio, while any interference present in the12v or USB power outlets would not. My best guess is something to do with the ABS relays? they would be "on duty" only when in motion, I would think.
  7. My guess is it will be the Corsair display in North America, as the Edge gets the "halfway across" screen. Overall, the vehicle is probably the Chinese market BEV, as their electrification mandates in urban areas are much more pervasive there. I would speculate that most manufacturers building light vehicles for the Chinese market are winding down ICE vehicle development.
  8. Better yet, with OLED technology it should be possible to replace the windshield with a panoramic screen using multiple cameras on all sides.You could have a main frontal view, open separate windows for the sides and rear. With Sync 5 put all your smartphone apps in other windows. Put the news up as a crawl along the bottom of the windshield, and run a 4k movie on the passenger side. As you drive by various businesses, popups could appear right on the screen alerting you to fast food or coffee deals, what's on sale at Home Depot, etc. Everything's fine. We will have Co-Pilot 360 Plus Ultra Elite Iridium Technology to actually pilot the car. For now, can we have a Screen Delete option?
  9. Chrisgb

    Bun Warmers, More Colors

    It's a good start, and I like that color.
  10. Chrisgb

    Bun Warmers, More Colors

    Is this a change for the ‘21 Ranger XL? Up until now it was an option.
  11. Chrisgb

    Mustang Mach E Embargo Lifts

    It still grates on my curmudgeon nerve that they named the electric car a Mustang. For me, the Mustang holds a special place in car culture. This was the first "sporty" car, and most everyone knew it was not supposed to be a Porsche or even a MGB beater (at first), But society is changing and car culture doesn't have nearly as many card-carrying, dirty fingernail motorheads as it used to fifty-plus years ago. Maybe .I just wish they would have used Falcon or Comet or something if they were going to use an historic name. However, using the Maverick name on the forthcoming C2 pickup is fine.
  12. Chrisgb

    Mustang Mach E Embargo Lifts

    In practice, Mexican labor unions advocate for the company, not the workers. This is slowly changing, but it will probably be decades before workers there have legitimate voice in their labor agreements. In the second, NY Times article, the workers at a Mexican Brdgestone plant won the right to choose which union would represent them; the incumbent or the new, employee focused one. The election was supervised and all parties were present. The week before the election, the company paid the workers a $1500 bonus, and the incumbent union won the election.
  13. Chrisgb

    Mustang Mach E Embargo Lifts

    In Canada, UK, and Austrailia, It's Gourd