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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. The drive posting refers back to R6G: "According to a recent report from Ranger6G forum, sources close to one of the sites administrators claim that production will kick off at the Michigan Assembly Plant on July 10, 2023." I suppose it could be true but I'm skeptical of 'heard it from a friend of a friend of a friend' rumors. With 2022MY orders ending, that's a lot more downtime to the 6G's Job 1. Ford must've read all the outcry here concerning steel bumpers and 6' box SuperCrews and are rushing additional tooling.
  2. Ford Authority showed a SuperCrew/6' box testing last summer; note the NA roof-mounted CHMSL gm dropped all 6' box and extended cab Canyorados for 2023; Crew Cab/short box only. Toyota has been road testing a 2024 Tacoma, crew cab/5' box, no official word on a Taco crew/6'box.
  3. Might be, but unless the facias will all be body color, this might be a 302A XLT or a Lariat: note the chrome fender vent and turn signal mirrors
  4. A 4-place Honda Talon SxS weighs 1,737 lb, with very minimal creature comforts, like windows, and retails for $23,569 incl dest. & del. To build an under one ton vehicle that would be NHTSA-compliant, Cost no object, I bet it could be done.
  5. Wasn't the Avalanche derived from the Suburban? Lighter built throughout, the reason for the buttress was to keep it from sway backing IIRC. If the Revolution is to be intended for vocational buyers, It will need a higher roofline to accommodate 6'2"+ drivers and passengers who will be wearing hard hats. You're not going to put your hard hat on the floor, especially if it's wet or muddy when there are four or more of you in the cab. I wonder if the production version will be called the Dakota.
  6. Colossal up front costs in time and treasure. Land purchase or leasing for solar or wind, DOE, EPA & local/regional PUC permitting processes regardless of generation type, local zoning. Also in many cases the "first mile" high voltage power lines are developed and/or operated by a separate company, which have their own hurdles. It's not implausible that the planning for power needs in 2050 and beyond is already in the works, and has been for awhile. Nuclear is tamped down in this country so much that the costs to get a plant online nearly or completely exceed the margins necessary to operate the plants profitably over their service life. France on the other hand is ~80% nuclear; vive le nucléaire!
  7. Did't I read somewhere that the new SDs were going to use the same cab as the F-150? So maybe "all new" to the SD.
  8. And we don't know the actual quantity of crude oil we have left, we just know it is finite; there was a finite number of acres of vegetation that got compressed into crude. It doesn't matter what we may think of global warming or climate change. The world's pump jacks are going to make a slurping sound, one by one in their day, so it is prudent to develop other forms of energy that either have greater reserves or energy density like geothermal, hydrogen and nuclear, or are renewable, like solar and wind. CCC & TVA were/are federal government corporations created in part to develop some resources, set aside others and in part, electrify the country, particularly Appalachia. President Herbert Hoover, once called Prohibition "...the great social and economic experiment, noble in motive and far reaching in purpose." There have been over a dozen conscription acts (mandatory military selective service registration) going back to colonial days. Thomas Jefferson has been erroneously atrributed to saying, "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have." True today as ever, no matter were it came from. Still, the US Border Patrol is overwhelmed with people trying to get in, not people trying to leave. Anyway, Congratulations to the Ford Motor Company on winning the 2023 Motor Trend Truck of the Year Award.
  9. Chrisgb

    Two Row Aviator Render

    Nice work Matt, especially considering you did it on an iPhone while moving! Once you've gotten stopped 😉, I would soften the hoodline and front falloff; too Bronco-ish IMO. Slightly round it from the windshield forward to more closely compliment the roofline. Also, run it thru the carwash to remove the "mud " underneath.
  10. I was thinking more of hydrogen fuel cell- powered EVs. rather than less efficient burning of H2. A new electrolysis process has been demonstrated to produce H2 at 98% efficiency and reduces or eliminates much of the post-electrolysis expenses and hardware. H2 fuel cells are less efficient than batteries but far more energy dense, and require far less toxic (chemical as well as political) materials, resulting in significantly less overall powertrain weight. Add all this to ~95% efficiency of electric motors and long term I believe is the best way to achieve a goal of net zero energy. https://newatlas.com/energy/hysata-efficient-hydrogen-electrolysis/ https://www.umicore.com/en/newsroom/news/fuel-cells-battery-difference/ Thread hijack over 😁
  11. More accurately the beginning of the end, IMHO. Thomas Edison opened the US' first large scale power plant in Detroit in 1882. The end of household coal? kerosene lamps? Balderdash! sheer madness to put copper wires in your home and bring in this man made lightning which has the power to kill two horses simultaneously! Despite ambitious engineering efforts, subsidies, private investment, it wasn't until 1952 that 98% of US households had been electrified we have a skeptical stripe as a species. It's exciting to look forward to a BEV future, but it will take time; agonizingly long for some, much too fast for others. And I'm thinking H2 will be the prevalent energy source for turn of this century. Christians believe that we are in the end times, and have been for about 2,023 years so far,
  12. 10-4. Today's F-150 is the Crown Victoria reimagined: avaiable V8, RWD 6 passenger shoulder & leg room, heap big trunk.
  13. Chrisgb

    Auto exec losing faith in electrics..

    They could always walk it back with, "Oh, you thought were saying 100% BEV? No, not 100% electric in each individual vehicle, we meant 100% of our vehicles will have some form of electric propulsion, including HEV and PHEV."
  14. Chrisgb

    Top 100 dealers?

    Automotive News does a top 100 dealerships & dealership groups by volume, number of rooftops, etc each year. I don't subscribe any more so I am not sure where they are getting their data.