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  1. My parents placed an order on a Rapid Red/Black Bronco Sport Outer Banks yesterday to replace their 2013 Fusion. I was surprised considering they're both on the edge of their 70s. They said it reminded them of a 78 Bronco they owned in the past. They were initially looking at the Corsair.
  2. My 15 Lariat didn't have it but my 18 does. It's barely powerful enough to make a difference in the cold, wet and icy Atlantic Canada winter we have here. My wipers keep icing up. But then again, we get more freezing rain than snow. The European fully heated windshield would've been a better option for the Canadian market.
  3. Mopar Announces New Doors-off Mirror Kit for Jeep® Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator https://media.fcanorthamerica.com/newsrelease.do?id=22273&mid=1 Now that's funny.
  4. 92LX302

    Explorer PI Hybrid

    Ours has no indication it's an hybrid, inside or out.
  5. 92LX302

    Explorer PI Hybrid

    Our agency received one. Drove it for about a week. It had approximately 8,000 km (5,000 miles). Performance is similar to my usual 3.7 Interceptor sedan. The big difference is fuel economy. I averaged 10.4L/100 km during that week vs my Interceptor that usually hovers around 13.9L/100 km. Our older Interceptor utility usually hovers above 16L/100 km.
  6. I think I'll move from my F150 to a 4 door Wildtrak in a year or two. Love it. My favourite easter egg is the slide out tailgate stamped like the 1st gen tailgate.
  7. Meanwhile, Jeep just posted this on Instagram.
  8. https://jalopnik.com/heres-the-2021-ford-bronco-before-youre-supposed-to-see-1844343139/amp
  9. Kinda like how you can option a base Mustang GT with the Performance Pack without having to upgrade to a GT Premium. I'd like that.
  10. Those taillights are 2009 level of bad.
  11. Sharp! I have a 92 that I owned since high school. The way I understood the soft top/hard top combo is that you would fold down the soft top before installing your hard top on.
  12. Saw those shared on an Instagram post today. Not sure of the source. As the current owner of an 18 Lariat, I'm glad to see they added a physical button for the heated steering wheel.
  13. I saw my first 2020 Escape on the road today. It appeared to be a higher end model, in dark blue. It was a quick glimpse as we met on an undivided highway but it definitely looked better and brawnier in person than in pictures. I was impressed.