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  1. The lease on my 2021 Badlands High Pkg. 4 doors is up next fall. I looked into ordering the same one but as a 2 doors (some minor change since they merged the High/Lux package)... $74k CAD vs $62k CAD for my 2021... That's a lot of money for a wireless cellphone charger, heated steering and a redesigned dash pad.
  2. Our department has a mixedc fleet of Ford PIU (past gen and current gen) as well as a PPV Tahoe. Lets just say the "simpler push rod V8" is the least reliable vehicle of our fleet.
  3. I may be the luckiest Bronco owner out there... Never pre-ordered, wasn't planning to buy one for another year or so. I was playing online and found this one in a rural dealership two provinces over in the same exact specs, options and colour I always said I'd order. Long story short, my local dealership worked out a deal with them and they honored MSRP. 4 days later I drove 2500 kilometers to pick it up.
  4. I picked it up yesterday! Badlands with the 2.3/7 speed and the high package. I love it so far! Traded the black Mustang on it.
  5. I saw a picture of a Rapid Red Maverick earlier today with one on it, but I can't remember where.
  6. Or they're cancelling any further development or update for said model.
  7. My parents placed an order on a Rapid Red/Black Bronco Sport Outer Banks yesterday to replace their 2013 Fusion. I was surprised considering they're both on the edge of their 70s. They said it reminded them of a 78 Bronco they owned in the past. They were initially looking at the Corsair.
  8. My 15 Lariat didn't have it but my 18 does. It's barely powerful enough to make a difference in the cold, wet and icy Atlantic Canada winter we have here. My wipers keep icing up. But then again, we get more freezing rain than snow. The European fully heated windshield would've been a better option for the Canadian market.
  9. Mopar Announces New Doors-off Mirror Kit for Jeep® Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator https://media.fcanorthamerica.com/newsrelease.do?id=22273&mid=1 Now that's funny.
  10. Ours has no indication it's an hybrid, inside or out.
  11. Our agency received one. Drove it for about a week. It had approximately 8,000 km (5,000 miles). Performance is similar to my usual 3.7 Interceptor sedan. The big difference is fuel economy. I averaged 10.4L/100 km during that week vs my Interceptor that usually hovers around 13.9L/100 km. Our older Interceptor utility usually hovers above 16L/100 km.
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