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  1. I would imagine only reason for spending on a smaller Godzilla would be "Packaging"?? That is big advantage of 7.3 is its width right? So what vehicle would benefit from a much narrower motor? Then you are up against the 2.3 which seems to do quite well in ranger as well as the 2.7 and 3.0 EB's???
  2. 6.2 is not gone-or I missed that somewhere along the line. I do believe it is available in 250, and 350-both SRW and DWR But educate me guys -many of you speak of the "tooling" from the 6.2 being used in the 7.3. I don't get that-two completely different blocks. I always thought everything was integrated into a respective production line??
  3. Hah- I remember when the 4.6 mod came out. I thought of a decal for my 289 Bronco...."Pushrods Forever". Looking at the 7.3 and the 6.2, I think its safe to say Ford now can hit from both sides of the plate😎
  4. No doubt when you look at the simplicity it makes a lot of sense. I'm assuming by 2024, to keep pace with this aggressive implementation plan, Newsom will have solved the states electrical distribution issues so they can avoid rolling brown outs and when all the electrics are parked at the end of the day or shift, they will have limitless power. Too bad things can't be done at a measured pace. But that makes too much sense. In particular if so much of this will one way or another have "incentives" that taxpayers in other jurisdictions that have no problem, will be footing the bill subsidizing the program.
  5. Seems like a plan-but then I'm assuming they have some sort of fuel sticker-they will get you with that. All good news for Tesla, Nikola etc. etc.😎
  6. Bob Rosadini

    F150 reveal set for 6/25

    Great presentation-just wished they had done a bit more on power train choices-well engine choices as there is no trans choice- and also perhaps just shown a few real work trucks- not ones where the company owner is in his Lariat but with perhaps a grunt driving a regular cab with maybe a ladder rack-or a 4 x 4 with a 100 gallon fuel cell on the back pulling up next to a back hoe. Yes, ......I know all about ATP😎
  7. Bob Rosadini

    F150 reveal set for 6/25

    Thx guys for info on tonight!
  8. Bob Rosadini

    F150 reveal set for 6/25

    I'm sure this has been posted..but how do you see this tonight?
  10. Joey, Couldn't agree with you more. I can't tell you how many times when I'm in a "listening" mood I play all the versions of "have you.....lately" Including the one where the gal (who unfortunately passed away from cancer) recorded an early version. Same with "East bound and Down". In fact not sure I posted anything on BON but I had said.."why no F-750 dump pulling a tag trailer with a Ford "triple nickel" loader/backhoe chained to the deck". Lot of guys would connect with that. Now I'm sure the "marketing genius" guys would say..."because they are not trying to sell class 7 trucks in the ad". I say BS. If you are trying to hype an image of being a "truck company", throw everything you have out there whenever you can. Doesn't cost anymore?
  11. Bob Rosadini

    Ford vs Ford vs Ford action

    Bingo. I had to move a skid steer trailer and small Kubota loader/backhoe from So Jersey to Boston. So I had Jersey terminal hook on with an F-350 and get it as far as New Haven. New Haven had an F-250 that could handle it. I did not tell supervisor to check it out before someone left with it. If you are familiar at all with I-91 out of New Haven, like four travel lanes. So tongue weight with F-350 dually vs F-250 two different things. Terminal plant guy is driving in morning rush hour and front end gets "loose" and he does a complete 180 in traffic-complete unit facing south in northbound lane!. Other than dirty underwear only damage was one blown tire on trailer!
  12. I think we all agree- time for both of them to grow up and move on. We will see who has the bigger ego -hopefully it will be a draw.
  13. Well I'll concede your point as highlighted-although I think the info on the 7 speed was out months ago. Not sure about some of the other stuff. No doubt, the longer this "announcement" gets dragged out, and the more info that gets "leaked", the more difficult it makes putting together a final introduction package that really has people saying "wow" vs "what else is new"?
  14. You really believe that? I can believe that if they are all "highly principled". Real world? My bet is they will be falling all over themselves to earn as much favor as they can with TFL. They will just be perhaps a bit more cautious. As for TFL, I'm done trying to figure out who shot who! Maybe it's time to call it a draw and say both sides were at fault. The bigger man will make the first move as is usually the case in situations like this-or should I say..the smaller ego will make the first move.