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  1. And when does the tax credit become a political football? I like my ICE! I should pay for some guy to have a "feel good" moment while he drives his electric? And then I pay for his battery disposal? Or the need to upgrade the electric distribution system in my small town because it can no longer handle the load. Once again, no free lunches. But I know, I'm old😣
  2. Bob Rosadini

    7.3 D.Van/ Chassis/ RV

    I believe TT you are preaching to the choir😎--small as we may be!
  3. From what I've read, IMO Ford is defining "Hardcore" as "rock crawling" and that would not be the mission-in stock form. That to me leaves a lot of "offroading " that the new Bronco will be well suited for. And didn't Hinrichs make some sort of statement awhile back that it would have serious off road capability.??
  4. OK- as my sons tell my grandkids......"That's it -you are in time out"😎 Play nice.
  5. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    Just noticed Ice Capades has posted 2020 350-550 chassis order guides. What is interesting to me is it makes no reference to 600. IMO the 600 is a 550 with heavier spring and rubber options. Plus more commonality to 550 than 650/750 which in my view would have lent itself to being included in 350-550 guides. ??????
  6. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    JP- But isn't the cab structure different?
  7. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    OK so; You disagree that it will have composite doors? Or, you believe new composite doors if true, are not indicative of a completely new cab? As for a weight saving, agree, I doubt that given nature of class 6 and 7 sales, weight savings of that magnitude-or should I say insignificance, would justify the expenditure. What continues to surprise me is they still would be building two SD cabs- aluminum for SD up to 550 (600?), and steel cab for 650/750. Like I said, Work Truck Show may have some surprises.
  8. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    No-but if true that suggests a completely new cab. Can't believe they would mess with doors on existing cab- unless of course composite doors then go on all SD cabs-which might be the case. As I've said before-let's see what shows up at Work Truck Show in a couple of weeks. And again, when I see the number of dealers around here that have added Commercial sales people as well as started stocking 650/750's (I imagine there is some service qualification level that must be met to do that--$$$) we just might see a renewed effort.
  9. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    Joe-was that Dodge a bucket truck? Been a long time since I have seen a Dodge in the Lancaster Altech facility awaiting a bucket install.
  10. Bob Rosadini

    2022 Expedition

    Hmnn...I'm waiting for the first lawsuit that makes a huge award based on defendant was distracted by screen....recognizing that argument for bigger screen is less attention needed because of scale. As always, only winners will be the legal profession.
  11. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    Now that is big news as far as Ford is concerned. Too bad Landi-Renzo can't partner up with Manning Equipment to do the installs at their Avon Lake facility. Pretty expensive to build a truck in Ohio then send it to Calif. for modification then ship it back east???
  12. Bob Rosadini

    2.7 Fusion Sport, Opinions

    Yes that push button gear shift does take some getting used to. Shut/start is top button. JasonJ-thx for suggestion on MKZ 3.0. Never would have looked as I thought they were all 4 bangers. I also started looking on You Tube and found all sorts of videos praising the MKZ. Once again classic Ford marketing-ever see an ad talking about a 400 HP AWD MKZ? Nope.
  13. Bob Rosadini

    2.7 Fusion Sport, Opinions

    Well to close this out. After looking at a couple of Fusion Sports-small screen, I started looking at MKZ's and that is what I ended up with . 2017, 39,000+ miles, CPO, 3.0T, AWD, Reserve, Driver Sport package and very good Car Fax (typical 36 mo.lease, and off to auction. Hated to part with the SHO as it was flawless and to the un initiated if it was parked next to a 2019, someone would think it was a 2018. In any case sold it to a retired cousin whose wife had passed, and he had sold her car, and discovered that his Ranger pick up that he hauled his Sheltie pup around in was not exactly something that his new lady friends thought was the ideal vehicle😎. He will probably put a couple of thousand miles a year on it. Feel good about that as I'll be able to keep tabs on it-hated the thought of someone trashing it-yeah I know its just a car! MKZ is nice and after my youngest son gave me an education and spared me the ordeal of going through almost 600 pages of the owner's manual, I think I will enjoy it. Thx again guys for your comments.
  14. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    Seeking Alpha post this morning says Ford has increased OAP new employee count from 1500 to 1800 and says product announcement will be made "in very near future". I'm hoping that will be at the Work Truck Show in a couple of weeks. Once again Ford has the most company reps registered and one of the biggest display areas booked at that event. Interesting that Mack is setting up new class 6 and 7 trucks in a leased facility of some 200,000 sq. ft and announcing an investment of $13 million. We have been told the OAP plant with a $900 million investment will be cranking out electrics of some sort- hopefully it won't mean the end of 650-750 to make room for Hackett's desire to electrify everything.
  15. Bob Rosadini

    8+L Godzilla ?

    JP- I think you are looking at it the right way. And my fear as I said, it's the easy solution that Hackett and his posse will be looking to cut anything that does not have big volume. The future? Ability to generate more sales throughout the product slate ?---(Joe 76-your favorite point)- forget it. As I see the F-600, this was put together very quickly to offer something to counter GM/International at last years Work Truck Show when they made their return to medium duty. What is an F-600? Its a 550 with a different badge and higher rated springs and rubber! And it will sell. But by no means does it come close IMO to the 650 with its true medium truck beam front axle and 26,000lb GVW-still with the same non CDL driver. Ford is the leader in class 6. And I think the 7.3 will do nothing but increase those numbers big time. We have beat this to death too, but with a savings of $8000 at least over a Power Stroke, it will be a home run for the operator who needs the GVW, and reasonable power, but the truck does not run the mileage for the mpg savings to pay for that upcharge in a reasonable amount of time. And believe me, a 26,000 lb GVW does not stop a lot of operators from going far beyond that figure. Case in point- the guy I worked for while in school was a building contractor. He had two dump trucks-they were a convenience- a Cheby, like 19,000 gvw and an International that I drove-with a plate of 24,000 lbs. I would CARRY 11-12 ton of asphalt! These guys are not going to settle for an F-600. Also, keep in mind, Mack has jumped back into class 6 and 7 with a totally new truck that will be built in a leased building in VA. Obviously the Swedes think class 6 and 7 has a future. If Ford wants to continue to be the leader in commercial trucks, I don't see how they can afford to drop 650/750. Oh and get this -Mack is spending the huge some of $13 million to do this. Its a component truck-like a Ford- at least Ford makes its own SD cabs- all Mack cabs are outsourced-not like the old days. If we were reading about Ford, that would be 50 million!