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  1. Bob Rosadini

    New Light & Medium Duty News

    I do believe that is intent - Looks like the numerical designation is same as the corresponding Cargo Arne't the Euro standards as tough if not tougher than ours?
  2. Bob Rosadini

    New Light & Medium Duty News

    Latest news from Turkey Ford Means Business In Big Trucks - Trucking News - BigMackTrucks.com.html
  3. Bob Rosadini

    New Light & Medium Duty News

    I didn't say anything about "premium" vs work trucks. Are you making the point that the class 4, 5 and 6 that the GM/Navistar JV are making are "premium"? The ones I see are work trucks. I make my point simply on the basis that GM had an entity that was built around the truck business....be it a 1/2 ton or a class 8. They abandon a segment of the truck business and then come up with a scheme to go back into that segment but instead of giving it to the organization with a history in that business, they give it to an entity that if anything was a lesser player. And the majority of those dealers, don't have the facility or the personnel to do what their GMC counterparts could do. But I'm sure in due time, perhaps with funds from GM -or their banker- they will construct service bays with 14' doors and train and or hire the right service people. But I defer to your opinion given you are in the business of selling trucks.😎
  4. Bob Rosadini

    New Light & Medium Duty News

    Ya Think? I'll have to disagree with you on this one-or should I say I disagree with the brains at GM. Like I said..GMC was synonymous with trucks..big trucks too. How many Brigadier badges were sold vs Bruin? Generals vs Bisons etc. Local GMC dealer did very well but when the Chevy decision was made, no 1 sales guy?..He will now sell you a 5500 Ram! And Service? How many Chevy dealers have the facility to say nothing of service personnel. For sure, GM can spoon out the money for facility upgrades, training programs etc but did it make sense? My uneducated opinion say it was a political decision to give it to the big dog at the table vs. the little dog. Or better yet, wouldn't it have made sense to keep it as in the past?....if you were a Chevy dealer who did sell medium/heavies in the old days, continue the dual badge program. As a Ford guy however, I'm glad they did what they did..better for the Ford dealers that are trying to survive with their financial commitment to be a "Ford Pro" house.
  5. Bob Rosadini

    New Light & Medium Duty News

    Well guys, thx for discussion on regional FDAF efforts. In my opinion the Dealer originated ads I have seen hit closer to home than the ones that come from Dearborn. Not surprising..guys in the trenches know what the real war is about. Back to Gheads comment on the "red tractor". Not only should they be showing OAP mediums in background, but also what I would call "Ford Memories"..be it a tractor, big truck or a Model A. Capitalize on Ford's legacy. (I'll draw the line on a Willow Run B-24😎) I have to say, I've seen a GMC add not that long ago that featured a couple of big buck boat/horse haulers but it fades to a fire scene and a big GMC pumper -50's era (7m 650?? long nose) pulls up. But I digress..GM is as bad as Ford...They spend years building up.."GMC..the Truck People From General Motors"..then what do they do when they re-enter class 4,5,6? They give the Chevy dealers the business!
  6. Bob Rosadini

    New Light & Medium Duty News

    Do the dealers have any input as to what those adds feature? Or does the "big house" do it all. The Chicago dealers have had some good ones....didn't they have the one in which two cops in a CV pull a kid in a hot Mustang over..then they take turns doing burnouts in the kid's car!
  7. Bob Rosadini

    New Light & Medium Duty News

    Hah! The marketers that blessed the add with a Farmall in the background probably didn't know Ford was a powerhouse in tractors not that many years ago. As for Honda, agree...I grew up when a Briggs & Stratton was considered a better small engine..so my elders told me😎..Today? I own 8 small Honda powered pieces-usually start on first pull! That Honda loyalty rubs off- if it wasn't against my religion I would be driving an Accord.
  8. Bob Rosadini

    New Light & Medium Duty News

    I've commented more than once about Ford's adds for light duty that NEVER show a medium duty at least in the background. I always thought that would be a freeby plus...maybe by emphazing that Ford can build a "big truck" and also give the mediums some exposure, some might say.."well if they can build a big truck they should know what they are doing with a pick up". Well New England Ford dealers have been running an add that is truly geared to the commercial market. No campers, no boat haulers, every vehicle in the add is doing some work and the punch line is.."see your tax accountant to see how you might benefit by a new truck expenditure or words to that effect. Then add closes with an image of all kinds of Fords set up for work..including two OAP mediums! Shocker. Then again this is not a national Ford add...it is a New England Ford Dealers add.
  9. Bob Rosadini

    New Light & Medium Duty News

    That is a unique N in the sense that grill piece was used on gas job N's up to 750-no shutters...850 and up gas were Super dutys and had shutters. and for sure a 6-71 would be a 850/950 -D and have shutters . The truck in that picture has the correct hood with the "DIESEL" letters on hood....Maybe a special order?? I drove a N-950-D, (Ryder) 250 Cummins, RT-910 RR was I think a 66 or 77 with the high roof. Was a nice driving truck and the cab was pretty quiet. As for maintenance, as 7M and GearH said, a nightmare. although dog house was pretty big...common for all those 90"BBC trucks of that era. International 2000's had f'glass tilt hoods which also was an option on White 9000's. Dodge had swing out front fenders .
  10. Not talking about today's market...talking about the p-71 in its prime. I think the police 4.6 was 250 HP.
  11. Can you imagine a P71 with a Coyote/10 speed?
  12. Bob Rosadini

    Rear Fender Inner Liner

    Thx. I have to believe up here in NE they would be beneficial in minimizing to some degree the salt spray that gets on underbody...a lot of steel vs. aluminum there! I visit a friends shop at least once a week a get to look up at vehicles on lifts. Underbody corrosion is unreal...doesn't matter what brand ..although Ford guy that I am I always take "heat"☹️
  13. My point exactly...Joe can jump on this...."Energy Transfer Tech"..toss up between Teamsters and UAW
  14. Seems to me Farley is so far out on the electrification limb he has a problem now with getting off. The reality is between the grid, world scene on rare earth supply, and a large percentage of the population not on board, his all out commitment was popular two years ago, with the greens, Joe Six Pack has other ideas. As I've said..in due time, but not at the forced and subsidized pace we are on....while China continues building coal fired generators.
  15. Wow...What an opportunity for .."good paying union jobs"