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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.

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  1. Agree...current has a tough look IMO...proposed? A victim of the GM school of design which features in your face front ends-like the new Tundra
  2. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    Joe-Sany is a large Chinese co. Never knew they built anything here.
  3. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    Latest "Ford" from Otosan.......doesn't look like a warmed over Cargo cab.....
  4. Bob Rosadini

    Ford's Relationship With Suppliers

    as I was saying.."if you've got a problem, suppliers will put all their effort into helping you out. If you are short on parts, or something is down, they'll go the extra mile if you treat them well. If someone is treating you badly, you're not going to prioritize them. There's a hidden cost to bad relationships.". Nothing surprising about that view. What comes to mind...."you get what you pay for" as well as..."once you've beat up everyone on the playground, you have no one left to play with". I'm sure a lot of Ford's recall history is related to this subject. The article also does mention the "shake up" in Ford's global supply chain leadership so hopefully that will bring about improvement.
  5. According to the Detroit Free Press (5/24), the 23rd annual Automotive Supplier Working Relations Index..."which provides a window into the quality of relationships six major automakers have with their suppliers based on confidential feedback from suppliers reveals Ford has sunk "significantly" over the past year with its supplier relations in areas including trust, integrity and long term strategy. Story goes on to say that Toyota, Honda and GM have the best relationships with respective "scores" of 338, 331 and 297 with Ford at 219. Stellantis came in at 145. Article also referenced fact that..."Ford and Stellantis are notorious for beating up suppliers on price"...... Story goes on to say that John McElroy was "shocked" that Nissan beat Ford at 225. He went on to say .."Good supplier relationships lead to higher profits, even if you are paying a little more for whatever suppliers are selling you. I
  6. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    Guys, In the back of my mind wasn't that the way it was expressed years ago??
  7. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    7M...Great post....as I've said on more than one occasion...."in due time" . I look forward to a pro electrification position that includes all the realistic power generation/transmission sources beyond wind and solar.
  8. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    Thx for explanation. I would say that gives GM some credibility anytime you can imply "Allison" had anything to do with your product. On another note, and speaking of 10 speeds, I was hoping to get a new Ranger to replace my 19 year old FX4 Level II. which my son bought new in 04 and then I bought it from him in 06 when they decided it was no longer a practical second vehicle. But I'm thinking as I had someone bugging me to buy my 117,000 mile truck, I would be better off to sell it now, with a cash buyer waiting and get a 30,000 mile F-150 that I would have little trouble selling when new Rangers had some production history. Well as it turned out I found a 2022, 150 built 10/22, sold new 12/22 and back in Fomoco Credit's hands in late March, with 8600 miles. I managed to get original owners name and got him to call me back and he said it was a great truck- contractor who spent a lot of time on I-90 going to jobs in western burbs.. Did not tell me it was a repo but did say he was driving a 2018 Silverado now..hmnn😎 In any case, 5.0 with 3:31 gears. Drive it with a light foot and it will run in the 1100-1400 RPM band. Who knows I may like that Coyote and forget about the Ranger a year from now. Picture of 19 yer old Ranger..always having strangers asking me.."what year is that? B7193B43-4C90-409F-B5B2-CB438DE6E606.heic
  9. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    Does the "Allison 1000" have any commonality with the GM/Ford JV 8/10 speed? GMC and Chevy advertise "Allison' transmissions
  10. Bob Rosadini

    New Taco

    Bronco6G posted Tacoma intro info tonite. Hate to say it but it will give new Ranger and the GM's a LOT of competition-unless you are a Ford /GM
  11. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    Isn't Toyota/Hino a big player in trucks on the world scene?
  12. Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    "Monkey see-Monkey do" In any case I imagine your company has some sort of in-house system or you buy from a vendor?
  13. Unfortunately as I see it, a significant segment Ford has to compete in. May lead to one F series line..elimination of a separate F-150????
  14. Let's hope MT doesn't know what they are talking about.
  15. What about Supercab? Earlier posts said there would be one. Or is this another case of "monkey see, monkey do" as GM dropped their super cab.?