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  1. My late wife had 3 new Explorers. When it came time to replace her 04 she did not want a new one-2013 as she said she couldn't see out of it (rear view)-so I said I'll look for a CPO 2010. Found a 2010 Limited with 27,000 miles. Corp lease-controls for rear entertainment controls still in plastic bags. This thing was loaded and the 3V 4.6 was a huge improvement over her 04 that was a 2V 4.6. She loved that car-as it was getting close to 100,000 I said "want a new one?" She said no way. After I lost her to covid, I sold it to a friend and did not have a dry eye as it went down the driveway.
  2. IMO..How to ruin a good looking vehicle...put a toothy GMC look alike grill on it🤔
  3. This is true with 650/750 under allocation for 6.7's. Order a diesel 650/750 now and you will see it in 12 mos or so a friend who is the commercial mgr at a Ford Pro dealership told me. Back to spending that 3 billion, I wonder if they can squeeze out a few bucks to solve the so called "under hood heat" problem that a compressor creates which is the supposed reason you can't get a 7.3 with air brakes in a 650/750. Sounds like absolute BS but that is what I've been told...."don'thave the funds to do it". Think of it- a 7.3 generates more heat than a 6.7?
  4. That sounds like a logical plan..keep the fragmented production in one plant that is marking time until all phases are good to go.
  5. 10-4 on your truck series comment.....same with Arca right? Also seems to me if its a Mustang doing the pace car duties its a "pace car" If its a Camry, it's ..."the Camry Pace car". Its always the "Tundra track dryers" too. To bad when the Stepps Wreckers come out, its never the "Ford Super Duties". Maybe broadcasters get a bonus for every "yota" mention???
  6. Ah Fuzzy, you just don't get it..the packed house you see at Pocono today will be buying Ferrari's in two years once Ford's investment in F-1 bears fruit😎
  7. According to an article in yesterday's WSJ, the federal watchdog appointed to monitor UAW activities is probing a situation in which Fain made some attempts to take action that would have benefited his girlfriend an her sister. One of the specifics is that Fain sacked a VP for failing to follow his direction to take actions that would have benefited the ladies in question. Of course, innocent until proven guilty. Can't imagine with a fed agent imbedded in the organization he would have the balls to do that but I guess he thinks he is bullet proof. Or the fed is clueless?
  8. Just the opposite here..central Mass..but again GM and Ford will have an uphill battle against "yota". In particular the reliability crown-real or imagined.
  9. Could it be the GM's have a "wow" factor and the Ranger IMO looks dated right out of the box? As for Taco, how many young drivers grew up in a household where the family vehicle was a Toyota? This old guy grew up in a family where the cars, trucks, tractors all had Blue Ovals or Ford in Script on them...and I passed that down to my sons
  10. AK and HR Agree 100% I'm recovering from reverse shoulder surgery so I'm "sleeping" on a recliner-had race on and off all night trying to get a glimpse or mention of a blue oval...never happened. At least they made some nice comments when the team got on the podium this morning..in particular noting Bill Fords presence and the history
  11. PS.. Love my MKZ 3.0. A "best kept secret" that Ford refused to market. I was looking to replace my SHO that hit 100,000 trouble free miles with a CPO SHO with little luck-unless I wanted to go to Michigan, when I believe somone here (TT?) suggested I look for a Fusion Sport or a 3.0 MKZ. I started searching You Tube and found all sorts of glowing endorsements for the 3.0 MKZ. Another example of Ford spending money and not capitalizing on what they created IMO
  12. hmnn..are we horse back or afoot? Did I just not read that Farley was talking about the possibility of a sedan? I guess it is a good thing that he is keeping his eye on changing trends. I drive through a parking lot and what do I see..new Accords, Camrys, Corollas, etc. Again, Honda and Toyota must have the worst product planners
  13. Sounds like Fain may have some "issues" within his organization, and aside from any of those, it seems to me this guy has intentions that go beyond the specifics of a good contract for the UAW members. His recent comments about calling for a "national strike" when the current contract expires, smacks to me of the rhetoric used by labor "leaders" in much of the EU over the years. The danger I see in that, is suddenly, labor issues get blurred with social issues. And when that happens, it is very easy for the competitive issues faced by the domestic auto industry with its huge investment costs, get blurred with industry and businesses that have no such costs that bind the employer to keeping his workforce here. It is bad enough -my observation, right or wrong-that some very basic auto industry positions with minimal skill/effort requirements earn the same as those performing tasks that require greater skills and or physical requirements. But Fain's desire to put all labor in the same pool would only lead to a diminished competitive position for American industry in general.
  14. What is your rear axle ratio? It is?? Also is the problem related to your right foot?😎
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