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  1. Ford was making the Ranger EV from 1997-2002, while the S10 EV was made from 97 to 98.
  2. You are confused. The charge rate you state is for chargers like the SAE j1772. There are over 19,000 public j1772 charging stations (50k chargers) in the USA and Canada. I'm talking about SAE CCS chargers providing about 75 miles in 30 minutes. People have no clue how much infrastructure is already built for EVs.
  3. I guess you are unaware of the over 2000 fast charging stations in the US and Canada that are publicly available to people with non-Tesla EVs like the Ford Focus ev. They don't stick out like Tesla charging stations since the are located at gas stations , hotels, shopping centers, and car dealerships.
  4. Havelock

    MKC replacement spied

    Corsair and Mustang were the two fastest US fighter planes of WWII. Might be the actual name of Mach 1 SUV.
  5. Mustangs got 6speed auto and manual transmissions with the 2011 model update.
  6. Havelock

    2019 Ranger Rumors

    The 2014 tremor was the most recent single cab/5.5 ft bed f150.
  7. If all other vehicles lose money, then the profit for the F150 is greater than the profit for the company.
  8. I think the new edge mustangs look better than most mustangs (1971-1998, 2005-2009, 2013 and 2014). I might be a little biased driving a 2001 model.
  9. Havelock

    '19 Ranger Spied Testing

    It is a design patent. It only covers the appearance. This is different from regular patents.
  10. They can safely draft. This reduces drag, polution, and fuel consumption on highways. 10 cars drafting would take up much less space than 10 human piloted cars with the proper safe distance between them. This reduces congestion. You can YouTube the demonstration GM ran in the 1990s if you need further explanations.
  11. The auto industry has been working on this for at least 30 years. The federal government has funded some development since 1991. What you want has been happening quietly for a long time.
  12. Havelock

    Ford Everest

    The original Bronco is tiny. 151.5 inches long. The original Bronco II was 158.3 inches long. The last Bronco II was 161.9 inches long.
  13. Havelock

    Driverless Technology

    Driverless cars are an outgrowth of crash prevention technology such as sensors for airbag deployment, blind spot, rear cross traffic, pedestrian safety devices, active impact absorbers, automatic brakes, and cruise control. Electronic power steering provides a slight improvement in fuel economy as well as allowing the car to steer for self parking, maintaining Lane, and avoiding crashes. Self driving cars will greatly reduce accidents and deaths by at least an order of magnitude, with the more optimistic predictions of ~90+%. No other technology can do that. Once vehicle to vehicle communication comes on line, self driving vehicles will be able to draft greatly reducing traffic as there will be less space between cars and greatly improve actual fuel consumption due to the drafting cars driving in a low pressure area (less wind resistance) and less traffic in general allowing for driving at a constant fuel optimized speed. In short, self driving cars will improve fuel consumption and safety.