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  1. Increase commonality between right and left hand drive vehicle?
  2. The range displayed is based in part on driving habits. If the employees are raving about the performance, then the car is likely calculating a shorter range based on being driven enthusiastically. This might be a bigger factor than the temperature.
  3. If only Ford had used sport to signify the smaller model of a famous model decades ago....like the explorer sport for the old 2 door model.
  4. The pedestrian lifestyle is also the opposite of social distancing. This might result in more young car buyers and slow the spread into the city.
  5. Tesla buys their battery cells from Panasonic. The cells are 21700 standard....which are made by other companies like Samsung. There is nothing special about the battery cells used in Tesla cars. I think people get confused by Panasonic making the battery cells for Tesla's American cars in space rented within the gigafactory.
  6. Try XXXX if you want truly awful Australian beer. It was much worse than the beast ice I drank in college.
  7. I disagree. Ford will get much more discussion generated for both models by calling them Mustangs. This makes marketing cheaper and easier so it should help sales of both.
  8. I was told it sounds like a mustang, but wouldn't say which engine.
  9. Ford was making the Ranger EV from 1997-2002, while the S10 EV was made from 97 to 98.
  10. You are confused. The charge rate you state is for chargers like the SAE j1772. There are over 19,000 public j1772 charging stations (50k chargers) in the USA and Canada. I'm talking about SAE CCS chargers providing about 75 miles in 30 minutes. People have no clue how much infrastructure is already built for EVs.
  11. I guess you are unaware of the over 2000 fast charging stations in the US and Canada that are publicly available to people with non-Tesla EVs like the Ford Focus ev. They don't stick out like Tesla charging stations since the are located at gas stations , hotels, shopping centers, and car dealerships.
  12. Havelock

    MKC replacement spied

    Corsair and Mustang were the two fastest US fighter planes of WWII. Might be the actual name of Mach 1 SUV.