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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. What a poorly written article. It does not provide a single reason why people don't plug in the cars. It simply says newer owners of phev do not maximize charging. Is this because they use their vehicles on long trips where the electric charging is likely not used once leaving home? It doesn't say. How is the data collected? Doesn't say. What do the owners think? Has charging changed due to work from home since the start of COVID? Is this including used car sales where people might have bought whatever was available during the shortages? It doesn't say. As for regulator opinions, the results are caused by regulators trying to regulate people for a specific outcome. Poorly thought out regulations and incentives produce results that are significantly different than intended.
  2. What if they called it Mercury? Is that still covered by dealership agreements?
  3. Havelock

    2024 Mustang Info

    One might think it was poorly done on purpose so people will be more than happy when the much better looking EV coupe is introduced in a few years.
  4. Havelock

    2024 Mustang Info

    I thought the 2018 was new edged. This seems more like the design is based off a kid drawing a S550. A lot of details are similar but the proportions are just off.
  5. Havelock

    2024 Mustang Info

    Boring. Looks too much like the current model while somehow the front...maybe mostly the hood...looks like a charger. The headlights look like a 3-pack of flash cubes. This is why I hate the idea of designing mustangs based off the 60s mustangs. After a while, it just gets boring and predictable. I have the same issue with 911s even if I can't buy one.
  6. Havelock

    2024 Mustang Info

    Is that any different than the Ferrari FF? Maybe it has the ground clearance of a normal car??? For the record, I have zero problem calling the MachE a mustang. The teased logo looked like a horse with a collar or harness around it/resting behind the head on the shoulders for pulling. This made me think of a pick up. I'm not a horse person so there is probably a different name for what I'm thinking.
  7. Havelock

    2024 Mustang Info

    The mustang pick up truck logo? Mostly joking.
  8. There is the catch. The car companies can't make enough. The first half of 2022 saw a record 400k bev sales in the US. Last year, there were 17 million new light vehicle sales in the US. I don't think 100% bev sales in 203x will be close 17 million sales per year. The prices are too high and too much investment is needed in factories and new workers at the OEM and supplier levels to meet this 17 million sales, especially when you factor in growth overseas too. Welcome to 1900 where cars are only for the rich.
  9. The Koreans are cancelling several sedans.
  10. This same description was given by people that had seen the 2015 mustang before it was revealed.
  11. Have you ever watched the movie Cars? Lightning McQueen calls a competitor Thunder because lightning comes before thunder. Thunder can't be the top model.
  12. The cheapest new Bolts/bolt euvs are advertised for thousands below MSRP around the US on CarGurus website. I can't say I have seen another vehicle advertised below sticker in the last few months. This seems to suggest the Bolts are not compelling vehicles.
  13. Just the question the car thief would ask!
  14. The cited dimensions don't match what I found at roadandtrack.com. They had the Escape larger in most seating dimensions except front hip and front shoulder. Front shoulder were listed as equal and front hip was listed with the Mach E at 55.3 inches and the Escape at 55.2 inches. The Escape had 2.6 inches more of rear leg room.
  15. I'm not sure that is enough production units if the truck meets spec.