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  1. ice-capades

    2022 F-Series Super Duty Production Information

    Annual 1-2 week vacation shut down. Where did you hear that the plant was going to be down for all of May?
  2. ice-capades

    2022 F-Series Super Duty Production Information

    It's part of the information provided in the FDNB (Fleet Distribution News Bulletin).
  3. ice-capades

    2021 Mustang Production & Scheduling Information

    2021 Mustang Brochure 2021 Mustang_online_reduced PDF.pdf
  4. ice-capades

    2021 Bronco Sport Production Information

    2021 Bronco Sport Brochure 2021 Bronco Sport_online.pdf
  5. ice-capades

    Order Guide Updates

    Updated 2021 Explorer Order Guide is now available in the Dealer Order Guides section. Includes specifications for the new 2021 Explorer King Ranch model.
  6. ice-capades

    2022 F-Series Super Duty Production Information

    Correct. I was still thinking about what was said about getting the vehicle in May.
  7. ice-capades

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    A vehicle can show "In Order Processing" for multiple status levels. The Ford online tracking site provides limited information and is not accurate or up-to-date. Your Dealer can access the Vehicle Visibility system for the latest status.
  8. ice-capades

    2022 F-Series Super Duty Production Information

    Absolutely not! The JOB #1 Date is June 1st.
  9. ice-capades

    2022 F-Series Super Duty Production Information

    Job #1 Date is 06/01/2021 for the 2022MY Super Duty and the plant is down the weeks of 6/21 & 6/28. As such, you're looking at late July at best and more likely August if it's ordered as a stock unit and depending on when the "OK to Buy" status is achieved and vehicles are released for shipping. Retail orders usually don't start scheduling until after the "OK to Buy" status is achieved meaning an even later ETA at the dealership. This Sales Manager either doesn't know what he's talking about or he's just flat out lying to you in order to get your money!
  10. ice-capades

    2022 F-Series Super Duty Production Information

    Just out of curiosity... what market are you in, how large is the dealership and who did you talk to a sales representative or sales manager?
  11. ice-capades

    2022 F-Series Super Duty Production Information

    Great... another Dealer that doesn't know what they're talking about! The USOB (Unscheduled Order Bank) opens at the same time the 2022MY Super Duty Order Guide is released and orders can be placed at that time.
  12. ice-capades

    2022 F-Series Super Duty Production Information

    The 2022 Duper Duty Order Guide will be available on or about 03/15/2021 when the USOB (Unscheduled Order Bank) opens. As soon as it's released I'll upload it to the Dealer Order Guides section (Top Menu). The direct link is https://blueovalforums.com/forums/index.php?/files/category/8-f-series-super-duty/
  13. ice-capades

    Explorer King Ranch

    A lower two-tone paint treatment would have been a nice touch though and helped differentiate the King Ranch model... similar to the old Eddie Bauer model.
  14. ice-capades

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    If you placed your order on 01/15/2021 (Friday) it would have been eligible for scheduling the week of January 18th as long as the dealership submitted the order to the USOB (Unscheduled Order Bank) as a Retail Order with a 10-19 Priority Code, did not include controlled commodities and your dealership had available scheduling allocation. Vehicle scheduling is done on Thursday's and sometimes carried over to Friday's due to technical issues. Is your vehicle scheduled and/or have you talked to your dealership? Your dealership has 24/7 access to Ford's Vehicle Visibility system that provides information on all order, scheduling, production and transportation matters. Sales representatives are not always reliable sources for information on retail factory orders so I'd recommend talking directly to the Sales Manager or the manager responsible for managing the dealership's order bank.
  15. ice-capades

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    Scheduling Notes – New York Region On Thursday, February 25, Escape, Transit, Transit Connect Van and Transit Connect Wagon orders will not be selected for scheduling. 21MY Edge OTD Scheduling - The extended dressing period for Edge OTD Fitness orders is Monday, February 8 – Wednesday, February 24. Scheduling will resume on Thursday, February 25. Due to constraints, it may take several weeks to schedule Week 10 OTD Fitness orders. Mach-E OTD Scheduling – Please note that only retails will be selected for scheduling this month. 22MY Transit Connect Van – Due to a systems issue, 22MY Transit Connect Van orders that scheduled on Thursday, February 11 were rejected at the plant. Allocation will be restored and dealer-entered orders will be returned to dealers’ order banks to schedule at a later date. SIMS orders that scheduled on February 11 are being cancelled at the plant and allocation will be restored. 21MY Bronco Sport OTD Orders – Please note that orders without Class II Trailer Tow Package (53B) will schedule more quickly; therefore please consider removing this option from your orders. 21MY Escape Ford Co-Pilot360 Assist+ (68B) – Until further notice, you will not be able to amend Escape OTD orders to add Ford Co-Pilot360 Assist+.(68B). 21MY Mustang OTD Mach 1 Orders – Please note that Mustang Mach 1 orders that are 600A with manual transmission will schedule more quickly. Balance out Information: 21MY Super Duty Balance Out at KTP– Final 2021 MY Super Duty orders are due on Thursday, March 18th. Spec changes and cancellation will be shut off on Thursday, March 18th.