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    Order Guide Updates

    The 2024 F-150 Order Guide is now available for download in the Dealer Order Guides section. Thanks jgillis!
  2. ice-capades

    2024 F150 Order Guide

    The 2024 F-150 Order Guide is now available for download in the Dealer Order Guides section. Thanks jgillis!
  3. ice-capades

    2024 F-150 Order Guide

    2024 F-150 Order Guide View File 2024 F-150 Order Guide Submitter ice-capades Submitted 09/21/2023 Category F 150  
  4. ice-capades

    2024 F-150 Order Guide

    Version 09/13/2023


    2024 F-150 Order Guide
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    UAW Demands 46% Pay Hike

    Las Vegas Review-Journal EDITORIAL: How Green Mandates Are Driving UAW Strike https://www.reviewjournal.com/opinion/editorials/editorial-how-green-mandates-are-driving-uaw-strike-2907517/?utm_campaign=widget&utm_medium=latest&utm_source=opinion&utm_term=EDITORIAL%3A How green mandates are driving UAW strike Las Vegas Review-Journal_2023-09-20_Opinion_How Green Mandates Are Driving UAW Strike.pdf
  6. ice-capades

    Ranger getting PHEV 2.3L

    Agreed. Yes, there's still a lot of people paying ADM's and the real estate market is still stronger than it was a few years ago with people paying more than the listed prices but it varies depending on the market. In Las Vegas, rental rates have dropped 12% since last year and the foreclosure rate for property owners has risen dramatically. It's just hard to understand where all this money is coming from and what the real long-term cost will be when all of a sudden the monthly payments are no longer affordable.
  7. ice-capades

    Ranger getting PHEV 2.3L

    I'm not sure we know what the real sales potential is for Bronco and/or Ranger. Even though Bronco still has unfulfilled retail demand, both Bronco and Ranger production has suffered due to commodity, supply chain and labor factors. Ranger has suffered due to production being skewed toward fulfilling the overwhelming demand for the Bronco. Unfortunately, we may not know what the sales potential is for either vehicle if they're sharing the same plant even if/when production is increased with additional shifts and labor. My other concern is Ford's priority to produce only vehicles with the highest profit potential. At some point, based on recent and current economic factors (Cost-of-Living, Interest Rates, Financing Costs, Etc.) there's going to be "push back" from the market that is less able to afford the vehicles that Ford wants to build. At the same time, the future outlook is dimmed when realizing that any future UAW contract is going to have a direct impact on vehicle pricing in response to the increased plant and labor costs as well as increased supply chain costs.
  8. ice-capades

    UAW Demands 46% Pay Hike

    When I was the Business Agent for the IATSE Motion Picture Local (Projectionists) we had about 40-45 members with about two thirds being full-time members providing projectionist services at 1st, 2nd and 3rd run theatres. At the time and for many years, projectionists in CT were licensed through the CT Department of Public Safety through the CT State Police that had qualified inspectors that conducted the licensing tests. Projectionists actually had more authority over theatre operations than theatre management as related to public safety. Apprentice members were not paid during their training time and didn’t get paid until they were qualified and licensed by the State of CT. The “Relief” schedules to cover members working full time was covered by members making themselves available for such assignments. The condition was that they had to accept whatever work was assigned regardless of the contract terms in place at the theatre or the conditions. The understanding was that the assigned work would be balanced out between conditions and wages so that it would be fair. Members available on the “Relief” schedule on a regular basis enjoyed better wage and condition benefits based simply on their better availability. There were a small number of members that made themselves available for work only to maintain their union membership and benefits. One member made himself available but literally demanded that he only be assigned to work available at 1st run theatres such as Showcase Cinemas. I explained the policy about schedule assignments and rotation, but he refused to accept the policy. He worked a few shifts and then disappeared. He went on to produce a successful TV series that he created but I never felt guilty about the work policy I enforced. New hires have no right to expect the same wages and benefits that were earned by their senior co-workers. At the same time, they should not have to work 4-8 years to earn those same benefits. If they can’t prove their qualifications in about 2 years, they shouldn’t be working for the company.
  9. This morning's gas prices in Hamden, CT (New Haven) $3.83 Regular (Cash) @ Gulf $3.93 Regular (Cash) @ Citgo
  10. ice-capades

    UAW Demands 46% Pay Hike

    Much has been made about the new transparency within the UAW internally regarding communications with the membership and how the union will operate in representing its dues paying members in contract and other matters. The new UAW President has set forth an aggressive stance for negotiations with Ford, General Motors and Stellantis that has now resulted in a strike against all three manufacturers at selected facilities. At least initially, these selected plants being struck will have a minor impact, which raises questions and simple curiosity about why these plants were selected in the first place. The industry has changed dramatically over the years with the “Big 3” having lost substantial market share to foreign/import brands that operate with lower cost, non-union facilities, including those that have rejected UAW representation in recent years. For all the information reported by the media over the past few months, it’s important to separate the public’s perception versus the reality of the current strike situation, including the current contract wages, bonuses, benefits, etc. versus the UAW demands for a new 4-year contract. Based on the current contract information available, I suspect that many Americans would love the opportunity to earn the current contract wages and enjoy the signing bonuses, profit sharing, health care and many other benefits included. The UAW can lament its concessions in previous contracts, but those concessions were a reflection of the market and economic conditions at the time and those contracts were agreed to and ratified by its members. Years later, conditions and future expectations are much different and it’s unrealistic for the UAW to expect the target companies to make up for the UAW concessions made years ago. The new UAW President has taken a hard-line negotiating position with a long list of demands. While it may seem that he’s trying to represent what’s in the best interest of the UAW membership, at the same time it appears that he has his own agenda in establishing himself as a legendary and historically significant union leader. That will depend on the results of the current contract and strike results. Whatever the new contract terms include, there will be a profound impact on vehicle production costs that will impact customers in the terms of price increases. These price increases will further position the “Big 3” at a big disadvantage in competing with the numerous non-union facilities operated by the foreign/import brands. Ford has submitted 4 proposals to the UAW and disclosed the major terms publicly which the UAW has quickly rejected without any known counterproposals revealed to put the negotiations in perspective. If the UAW President is going to maintain the hard-line position of the companies having to meet the UAW demands, the situation could get ugly quickly. If the UAW is sticking to its demands and refusing to negotiate in good faith, the union could face NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) charges. Ford and the other companies affected by the current strike situation could push back with actions that the UAW wouldn’t expect. UAW employees are just that and paid to do a job covered by contract conditions and terms. Employees, UAW or not, are not entitled to profit sharing. If they want to share in the company’s profits, let them invest their own money in the company. Contract signing bonuses are just another form of bonuses that should be eliminated. The UAW negotiates a contract and the membership approves the terms to ratify the agreement. The signing bonuses should be eliminated. These are my observations and opinions based on years as a Business Agent for the IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Employees) Motion Picture Local in my area.
  11. ice-capades

    UAW Demands 46% Pay Hike

    Ford Says UAW Counterproposal is Unsustainable https://fordauthority.com/2023/09/ford-says-uaw-counterproposal-is-unsustainable/ For weeks now, Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis have been engaged in contract negotiations with the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, but despite both sides submitting multiple counteroffers, a deal never seemed particularly close. Thus, a strike officially began early this morning following the passing of Thursday’s 11:59pm deadline, as Ford Authority reported earlier today, albeit only at one plant operated by each manufacturer – in Ford’s case, the Michigan Assembly plant, which builds the Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger. Shortly before the strike began, Ford issued a statement revealing that it has made four offers to the UAW thus far, and received one from the union mere hours before midnight, though the automaker called it “unsustainable.” “Unfortunately, the UAW’s counterproposal tonight showed little movement from the union’s initial demands submitted August 3rd,” FoMoCo said in a statement. “If implemented, the proposal would more than double Ford’s current UAW-related labor costs, which are already significantly higher than the labor costs of Tesla, Toyota, and other foreign-owned automakers in the United States that utilize non-union-represented labor.” “The union made clear that unless we agreed to its unsustainable terms, it plans a work stoppage at 11:59 p.m. eastern. Ford has bargained in good faith in an effort to avoid a strike, which could have wide-ranging consequences for our business and the economy. It also impacts the very 57,000 UAW-Ford workers we are trying to reward with this contract. Our hourly employees would take home nearly 60 percent less on average with UAW strike pay than they would from working. And without vehicles in production, the profit-sharing checks that UAW workers could expect to receive early next year will also be decimated by a significant strike. Ford remains absolutely committed to reaching an agreement that rewards our employees and protects Ford’s ability to invest in the future as we move through industry-wide transformation.” At the same time, the automaker notes that its last proposal to the UAW “was historically generous, with large wage increases, cost of living adjustments, more paid time off, additional retirement contributions and more.” Ford’s most recent proposal to the union offered it a 20 percent pay increase, which is still pretty far off from the UAW’s recently-lowered ask of 36 percent. Otherwise, FoMoCo has seemingly met most of the union’s demands, including the return of cost of living increases, the end of tiered pay systems, pensions for new hires, and increased pensions for retirees – but not a request for a four-day, 32-hour full time work week.
  12. This morning's gas prices in Hamden, CT (New Haven) $3.79 Regular (Cash) @ Gulf $3.89 Regular (Cash) @ Citgo
  13. Just my thoughts... A lot of the recent discussion is really off-topic which is supposed to be about the August 2023 sales. Discussions about BEV battery size, MPGe rating comparisons, vehicle aerodynamics, etc. are a whole different story and belong in a different topic.
  14. ice-capades

    2024 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    No. When the production changeover to the new Model Year is done, only the new Model Year vehicles are produced.
  15. And this is important because? Ford Authority is very good at generating volumes of content but sometimes it serves their interest primarily and has little value.