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  1. ice-capades

    Ford Weekly Scheduling Notes

    Scheduling Notes – New York Region On Thursday, September 23, Bronco, EcoSport, Explorer, F150 and Transit will not be selected for scheduling. 22MY Explorer OTD Fitness Orders – Please be advised the Explorer OTD Fitness orders should be released into the dealers’ order banks on Tuesday, September 21. 22MY Explorer will begin startup scheduling on Thursday, September 30. F-150 and Transit SIMS Orders – Please do not amend your F150 and Transit SIMS orders this week. They will be purged and recreated for next week’s scheduling. No SIMS orders were created for Super Duty, Transit Connect Van or Transit Connect Wagon this week. Balance Out Information 21MY Mach E Balance Out Final 21MY Mach E orders are due on Thursday, September 23rd. Spec changes and cancellations will be shut off on Thursday, September 23rd. Iconic Silver paint (JS) balanced out on Thursday, August 26. 21MY Escape Balance Out - Spec changes and cancellation will be shut off this Thursday, September 23. 21MY Escape PHEV is balanced out. 21MY Bronco Balance Out – Final 21MY Bronco orders will be due on Thursday, September 30. Please note: All Scheduled & UNSCHEDULED spec changes and cancellations will be shut off in WBDO on Friday, October 1. Therefore, please make sure all your unscheduled orders are spec’d exactly as you would like them prior to October 1. 21MY Ranger Balance Out – Final 21MY Ranger orders are due on Thursday, September 30. Spec changes and cancellation will be shut off on Thursday, September 30. F-150 21MY F-150: Final 21MY F-150 orders are due on Thursday, September 30. Spec changes and cancellation will be shut off on Thursday, September 30. 22MY F-150 Order bank UPDATE: 22 Model Year F-150 Job #1 order bank opens on 9/30/2021 – Processing additional software updates. 21MY Expedition Balance Out – Final 21MY Expedition orders are due on Thursday, October 7. Spec changes and cancellation will be shut off on Thursday, October 7. 21MY Explorer Balance Out – 21MY Explorer has balanced out. Spec changes and cancellations have been shut off. 21MY EcoSport Balance Out – 21MY EcoSport has balanced out. 21MY Mustang Balance Out – Please note that the following options have balanced out for 21MY Mustang: Black Painted Roof (94B) Painted Over-the-top Stripe (47W) - GT500's with the Tape Stripe will have to remove the option in order to schedule. Mach 1 Handling Package (60K) 22MY Super Duty Tool Boxes Balanced Out - The Crossbed Storage Tool Box (62X) and the Premium Aluminum Crossbed Tool Box (62Y) have balanced out. If your order shows a balanced out status due to the tool box, please add one of the following two new tool boxes: Aluminum Crossbed Tool Box – Matte Black (19J) or Aluminum Crossbed Tool Box – Bright (19K).
  2. ice-capades

    "Scheduled Clean" No Restraints

    He has a VIN number and a scheduled build week. What do you think the Dealer is lying about?
  3. ice-capades

    "Scheduled Clean" No Restraints

    Commodity restraints apply to unscheduled orders only.
  4. ice-capades

    "Scheduled Clean" No Restraints

    You have a VIN number and a scheduled build week. That's all that matters.
  5. ice-capades

    2022 Ranger Production Information

    No. The 2022 Ranger Order Guide has not yet been released.
  6. ice-capades

    2022 F-150 Production Information

    Per Friday's FDNB (Fleet Distribution News Bulletin), the updated scheduling and production timetable has been released for the 2021/2022MY F-150. 05/28/2021 - 2021MY Fleet Final Order Due Date 09/02/2021 - 2021MY Last Day to Spec Change (DTP) 09/30/2021 - 2021MY Last Day to Spec Change (KC) 11/14/2021 - 2021MY Balance Out Date (DTP) 12/05/2021 - 2021MY Balance Out Date (KC) 09/30/2021 - 2022MY Order Bank Open Date (DTP) 09/30/2021 - 2022MY Order Bank Open Date (KC) 10/14/2021 - 2022MY Scheduling Begins (DTP) 10/14/2021 - 2022MY Scheduling Begins (KC) 11/15/2021 - 2022MY Job #1 Date (DTP) 12/06/2021 - 2022MY Job #1 Date (KC)
  7. ice-capades

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    SCHEDULING TOOLBOX - SCHEDULING PLAN This is the tentative scheduling plan for the production period. This is just a guide for scheduling. This information is tentative and may change at any time. THIS INFORMATION APPLIES TO UNSCHEDULED ORDERS ONLY. Blue Oval Forums_Production Week Scheduling_2021-09-20.pdf
  8. ice-capades

    Worn Chalet seat

    All good questions to ask. Thanks for posting.
  9. FordPass Connect/Lincoln Way Upgrade SUMMARY The FordPass Connect/Lincoln Way Modem Activation Dashboard (MAD) will be frozen and not updated from September 18th - September 25th, 2021. This data freeze also impacts the flow of modem activation data to both the Ford & Lincoln Commitment Program websites. There is no impact to the FordPass Connect/Lincoln Way network or the modem activation process. This scheduled upgrade for Ford Motor Company’s main database warehouse fixes many longstanding concerns around data latency, resiliency, accuracy and delivery. Once the update is complete the Modem Activation Dashboard will run faster, help improve refresh times and eliminate historical data inaccuracies. Once the update is complete, reporting will go live on the dashboard on Sunday, September 26th. The Ford & Lincoln Commitment Program websites will then update on Monday, September 27th and the cadence of daily data refreshes will continue.
  10. ice-capades

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    The fleet scheduling process hasn't changed and the lead times for OTD (Order to Delivery) are much longer for fleet orders as has always been the case. The customer should know what the Fleet Priority Code is and what the requested production week is. It's not simply a matter of Ford putting fleet orders on the "back burner" or a Dealer "making necessary adjustments" or changing the order to a retail order type. Fleet ordering, scheduling, pricing, incentives, invoicing and registration requirements are all different from that for retail customer orders. Ford releases an updated FDNB (Fleet Distribution News Bulletin) every Friday that includes updated Fleet scheduling information and averages about 15 pages of content. There are ways to make the scheduling system work, with limitations, but I'm not about to share a course on fleet scheduling and/or troubleshooting.
  11. ice-capades

    Dealer Number

    Ted Britt Lincoln (Chantilly, VA) Lincoln Dealer Code = 28F007
  12. ice-capades

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Fleet scheduling is a totally different process with Fleet Priority Codes referencing a desired production week. Fleet orders for December production won't start scheduling until 10/14/2021.
  13. ice-capades

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Attached image says order was confirmed on 06/03/2021 and nothing about the order actually being scheduled.
  14. ice-capades

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Okay but not typical timing as scheduling is almost always done on Thursday's.
  15. ice-capades

    x plan

    D Plan sales are restricted to eligible dealership employees and their families. D-Plan An eligible Ford or Lincoln dealership employee may generate up to 2 (two) PINs per calendar year to be used toward the purchase/lease of a new vehicle for them or their eligible family members as noted below (see PIN Generation for details): • D-Plan Privileges Program certified dealership employees and eligible family members. NOTE: Your eligibility will become effective within 3 days following your dealership's certification. • Active Dealership employee participants must be entered in STARS. • The following family members are eligible to participate: Spouse Parents (including stepparents) Spouse's parents Grandparents Spouse's grandparents Sons and daughters (including in-laws and stepchildren) Grandchildren Brothers and sisters (including in-laws, half and step)