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  1. I think it is the Atkinson engine. The 2.5L Atkinson has been the standard engine Ford has used on all hybrids and the Corsair GT until the launch of the Aviator GT and now the 2024 Nautilus.
  2. My understanding is if you put the vehicle in the EXCITE drive mode there is some sort of tachometer showing in the display. My Corsair GT will show a tachometer along with a graphic showing how much power the ICE and electric motors are using as well as how much charge is being put back into the HV battery when decelerating or braking.
  3. I currently drive a Corsair GT PHEV with the 2.5L Atkinson engine. While I find the torque and horsepower acceptable it does come at a cost of considerable engine noise invading the cabin. It is one of my biggest complaints about the powertrain. The engine noise has been documented in several press reviews as well. I have a Nautilus FHEV on order and recently test drove one to make certain of my ordering decision. The 2.0L in the FHEV set up is considerably quieter than the Atkinson cycle engine. It feels like there is more torque and acceleration compared the Atkinson engine. Based upon this short experience I doubt I will ever purchase another vehicle with an Atkinson cycle engine. I prefer the quiet luxury over the engine drone any day.
  4. There has been a huge list of quality issues, with some being repetitive, that started within 3 months of ownership. Those issues, coupled with 10 recalls, pushed me over the edge. I contacted the Lincoln Concierge who had suggested a buy back previously and told her I wanted to proceed. I was immediately connected to a Lincoln buy back specialist and told the approval for the buy back could take up to 10 days. I had an approval within 12 hours. Then I was connected to a buy back program agent who I have been dealing with ever since. There is a LOT of documentation required for a buy back like this. I spent hours scanning documents and sending them via email. The offer is currently on hold until I receive my 2024 Nautilus I have on order.
  5. I have a 2021 Corsair GT. I have received at least 4 recall notices for the engine fire issue. This is in addition to numerous other recalls. I love driving the vehicle but I am like you and fear being stranded on the side of a highway watching my vehicle burn. My vehicle is currently approved for a buy back from Lincoln due to the numerous quality issues I have endured. I'm just waiting on my 2024 Nautilus to be built and delivered.
  6. Lincoln has continued the 15% off sale through 3/31/2024. Discount code is REDEEM324. https://accessories.lincoln.com/
  7. This looks like a nice refresh. I currently drive a Corsair GT PHEV. The PHEV part is only good for a limited amount of miles. It is best for people who drive short distances and not many highway miles. I installed a ChargePoint in my garage so I keep my vehicle charged most of the time. I have 25,000 miles on it and over 8,000 of those miles are in all electric mode. I now have a 2024 Nautilus FHEV on order. I will still get some benefit of electric miles while driving around town but not as much as the PHEV. $1500 for the FHEV vs around $10,000 PHEV is a huge difference. Yes, the PHEV comes with some other amenities but the cost differential is huge even with the potential tax breaks. Those tax breaks fade out over time. I believe the current Corsair GT now only receives $3,750 tax break versus the $7500 I received for my 2021. I think Farley is on the right track by delivering more FHEV vehicles. Unfortunately, the Aviator isn't going to be one of those vehicles as of yet. If it were, I'd give it serious consideration.
  8. For the month of February, Lincoln Accessories is offering a 15% discount. You must purchase by February 29. The discount code is a one time use so make certain you have everything in your shopping cart before completing the purchase. You can also use Ford and Lincoln Access Reward points on top of the 15% discount. https://accessories.lincoln.com/
  9. Lincoln Accessories has a sale happening for the month of February. 15% off any accessory up to US $1,000. https://accessories.lincoln.com/
  10. The US FHEV model has a combined 310 HP according to the latest technical specifications put out by Lincoln. All New 2024 Lincoln Nautilus Tech Specs.pdf
  11. Panoramic Screen Display Themes https://youtu.be/dqinO2MB1xo?feature=shared
  12. Steering Wheel Controls This is another very helpful video. https://youtu.be/g5h4rfNHhNg?feature=shared
  13. Digital Experience This is the most helpful video out of all of them. It describes pairing your phone as well as setting up a preferred voice assistant from Google, Siri or Alexa.
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