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  1. RedHoncho01

    GT Charging Cord Failure

    The specifications were for a 20A circuit.
  2. RedHoncho01

    GT Charging Cord Failure

    Once again, the specifications for the charging cord was for a 20A circuit. It isn't my fault Lincoln provided a defective cord manufactured by Webasto nor that the replacement cord had completely different specifications. You're implying it is my electrician's fault for not installing a 60A circuit when the reality is the cord would have failed regardless of a 20A or 60A circuit. As for BEVs, the charging technology will most likely change significantly in the next 5 - 10 years. After this happened to me, I found out Webasto had a similar cord that was recalled by NHTSA in 2018 for the same reason. This affected numerous auto makers including Ford, GM, BMW and others. I have filed a report with NHTSA for the issue with my cord.
  3. RedHoncho01

    GT Charging Cord Failure

    My original cord required a 20A dual pole 240V NEMA 6-20 circuit. This was noted in the specifications I posted above and is what my licensed electrician installed. This isn't bare minimum. The original cord drew peak 16A at 240V or peak 12A at 120V, also listed in the specifications. The new circuit is a dual pole 240V 60A NEMA 15-40 circuit. I'm future proofed for any new requirements as well as having the ChargePoint Home Flex charger installed to this circuit. The new charging cord I will use for travel has the same requirements at 120V as the original cord.
  4. RedHoncho01

    GT Charging Cord Failure

    I had a NEMA 6-20 outlet installed by a licensed electrician for a 20A 240V circuit for the Lincoln branded Turbocord that was provided with my vehicle as the OEM charginging cord. I used the provided adapter to plug into the 240V outlet. I never unplugged the cord from the outlet and had a cord holder installed to keep the cord out of the way when I wasn't charging. It worked fine for almost a year. Last month, I had my vehicle plugged in as usual. I had to go to my garage to get something and saw the Turbocord LED was flashing red as was the charging indicator on my vehicle. I unplugged the cord from my vehicle then unplugged the cord from the outlet. The plug was extremely hot and the prongs were as hot as branding irons. I know the plug will be warm during charging but this was way hotter than usual. I contacted my dealership and they said the would replace the cord. The new cord is referred to by Webasto as the Webasto Go. The new cord, also branded as Lincoln, has a specification of 40A for 240V along with a NEMA 14-50 outlet. It also has a separate attachment to plug into a 120V 20A NEMA 5-15 outlet. The service manager at my dealership advised me in writing the original Turbocord had several reports of "thermal issues" and that it could cause a fire. I had purchased a Webasto branded Turbocord as a travel cord. That is also now in the junkpile as I am afraid to even try it. I had to get my licensed electrician out to install a new circuit and outlet for the new cord set-up. Labor and materials have significantly increased since I had the original circuit installed. The new outlet and circuit cost me $1650. The new circuit having to be higher amperage also contributed to the increase cost. This same circuit supports a ChargePoint Home Flex charger so I had that installed to use for my home charging. I will use the new cord as my travel charger. Yes, I am very salty about this. I have filed a complaint with NHTSA over the cord since it is a fire hazard. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't gone to my garage. In the meantime, I have contacted the Lincoln Concierge. They are refusing to pay anything toward the new circuit. The new cord was covered under the OEM warranty. I wasn't expecting them to pay for the new circuit in its entirety but I do think in all fairness they should pay half. Here is a link to the original cord that was provided as OEM with my vehicle: https://www.techwebasto.com/documentation/charging-systems/evse-products/turbo-cord-240-volt-turbo-cord-dual-120-240-volt Here is a link to the new cord I received and was told is now being provided as OEM with Grand Touring vehicles: https://info.evsolutions.com/webasto-go
  5. RedHoncho01

    Spare Charging Cord

    If you have purchased this charging cord as a spare, you should stop using it immediately. My OEM cord of similar design overheated and failed. My dealership service manager told me to stop using both cords immediately because they have had several reports of overheating that could cause a fire. He even put this in writing. The replacement cord has completely different electrical circuit requirements including a different outlet and a much higher amperage rating.
  6. I have a 2021 Corsair GT. The OEM charging cord has failed. I had my vehicle plugged in and it started charging. Sometime during the charging process the cord failed. Fortunately, I had to go to my garage to retrieve something and noticed both the charging port light on the vehicle and the LED on the charging cord were flashing red. I unplugged the cord from my vehicle and then unplugged with cord from the outlet. The plug was extremely hot with the prongs being hot as branding irons. The service manager at my dealership advised me there had been several reports of thermal events and that I should immediately stop using my spare cord as well as there could be a fire. I contacted my dealership and was provided a new cord. It is completely different from the OEM cord I was given. The electrical circuit requirements are for a much higher amperage circuit and a completely different plug. I ended up having the circuit rewired at great expense. I have contacted Lincoln Concierge to see if they would help cover the cost for rewiring since the part that was under warranty failed and the new one required a high amperage circuit and outlet. They are refusing any assistance and deny any culpability. Has anyone else with a similar cord as shown in this link experienced the same overheating issue? https://store.evsolutions.com/turbocord-240v-plug-in-ev-charger-p51.aspx?ShowReviews=True&utm_term=&utm_campaign=Smart+Shopping+-+WS&utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=ppc&hsa_acc=1169429514&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_cam=1876320147&hsa_ad=&hsa_kw=&hsa_grp=&hsa_mt=&hsa_ver=3&hsa_src=x&hsa_tgt=&gclid=Cj0KCQiAyracBhDoARIsACGFcS5VeQJsWiC7vXxvJvdHNemr0m461oU4STpBe1O8yzpdMDq8WDCUrkQaAnpFEALw_wcB
  7. RedHoncho01

    2023 Escape

    Those early reviews were incorrect. There are several drive modes that are available that will either run only ICE or only EV until the batteries are depleted. These drive modes are accessed via a dial on the center console and show up on the drivers screen in the center. The default mode is Normal and it will always revert to this mode once the vehicle is shut off.
  8. Does anyone know when the dealer order guide for 2023 model year will be available on this forum? The last model year shown on the tab is 2022.
  9. RedHoncho01

    Recall on Corsair GT

    There is a recall for the Grand Touring model of the Corsair. Owners will be notified this month.
  10. RedHoncho01

    Likes and Dislikes of Your Lincoln Corsair

    You CAN jumpstart the 12V battery but mine wouldn't jumpstart for me or two different tow truck drivers. There are posts under the hood at the driver side firewall to connect the jumpers to. The battery for the GT is in the hatch under the spare tire. I found this out way after the fact. I got a new battery and points for purchasing a new battery even though the battery was covered under warranty.
  11. RedHoncho01

    Priority Levels

    Supposedly, the lower the number the higher the priority. Of course, this is predicated on a lot of factors not limited to model, trim level, parts availability, etc. The dealer can assign the priority when you place your order from 10 - 19. Lower numbers can be assigned at a corporate level for numerous reasons.
  12. This topic has come up a couple of times on other forums. It is strictly for the Grand Touring model of the Corsair and does not apply to the standard or reserve models. Tell Lincoln Roadside Assistance you need a flatbed tow truck with dollies or skid plates. Explain this is a PHEV and cannot be towed by conventional tow trucks. Otherwise, they will send a tow truck with a tow hook. 1. This vehicle has an eCVT. The transmission is electronic and is based upon licensed Lexus technology. There is no manual parking brake release tether under the dash or in the console that you may find in the standard and reserve models that have the 8 speed transmission or referenced on YouTube videos. This is important information to pass along to the tow driver when they arrive. 2. Because the transmission is electronic the vehicle must be placed into Neutral Tow mode. Page 234 for 2021 or page 258 for 2022 states to not tow your vehicle in the Stay In Neutral mode. Stay In Neutral mode is activated by depressing the Neutral button twice and should be used for brief situations like going through a carwash. A notification will appear on the driver's display. 3. It is important to note the rear wheels will spin freely even with the vehicle off and placed into Park even though it is an AWD vehicle. The front wheels are locked when the vehicle is in Park. If you cannot get your vehicle into Neutral Tow Mode, the tow operator must place dollies or skid plates under the front wheels to avoid damaging the eCVT. NEVER allow a tow operator to drag your vehicle out of a garage or other space without dollies or skid plates under the front tires even for a few feet. Severe damage to the transmission may occur that is not covered under warranty. 4. Your Corsair GT should always be towed on a flatbed tow truck. While it can be towed with all four wheels on the ground, you must have the transmission in Neutral Tow Mode and the following conditions are observed: • The vehicle is facing forward so that it is towed in a forward direction. • Shift the transmission into neutral (N). If you cannot shift the transmission into neutral (N), you may need to override the shifter and enable Neutral Tow Mode. Failing to do so may result in damage to the transmission. • Maximum speed is 35 mph (56 km/h). • Maximum distance is 50 mi (80 km). This is referenced on page 332 - 333 of the 2021 Corsair GT owner's manual. The 2022 model is on Page 356. 2021 Page 333 gives instructions on placing the vehicle in Neutral Tow Mode; 2022 is page 357. If you tow your vehicle with all four wheels on the ground: • Tow only in the forward direction. • Release the parking brake. • Switch off welcome lighting. See Welcome Lighting on page 108 for 2021 or page 110 on 2022. • Place your vehicle in Neutral Tow mode with the following steps: • Switch your vehicle on in accessory mode (Press the start button without your foot on the brake). • Press the menu button on the controls on the steering wheel. • Select Settings. • Select Neutral Tow. • Follow the instructions on the information display. • Fully press the brake pedal. • Shift into neutral (N). • Switch the ignition off. • Note: Switching on Neutral Tow mode requires 12V battery power to tow in this manner. Should the 12V battery power drop below minimum charge the vehicle will automatically shift into Park. I have extracted this information directly from the 2021 (second printing) and 2022 (first printing) owner's manuals. It is also based upon my personal experience from having a 12V battery failure while my GT was parked in my garage. If you see anything that is confusing or conflicting information, please feel free to correct my post. I attempted to be as thorough as possible but switching back and forth between the 2 model years owner's manuals was difficult.
  13. RedHoncho01

    Car Wash Water Coming Out Of Spoiler

    I may have solved the issue although it seems a bit ridiculous to me. I purchased a 12V powered air compressor that had a long cord and a hose with an attachable extension. After I went through the carwash today, I immediately opened the hatch when I parked at the vacuum. I left it open while I dried off the rest of the vehicle and vacuumed the car. I closed the hatch and wiped it down with my lint free cloth. Then I took the air compressor and blew out all the spots where water tends to pour out. I opened the hatch and wiped down the interior, then closed it again and blew out the areas again. I drove a mile to the grocery store and I had one drip down the center of the rear windshield. There was nothing on it when I arrived home. Problem solved, sort of.
  14. After owning my 2021 Corsair GT for 6 months and putting 4500 miles on it here are my assessments: PRO: 1. This car is fun to drive. The eCVT and electric drive give excellent smooth acceleration. On the highway, the 2.5L Atkinson cycle ICE gives plenty of throttle. 2. This car is comfortable to drive and ride in, including long trips. The massaging seats add to the experience. The seats are comfortable and the ride is smooth and quiet. 3. This car is beautiful. I get a LOT of compliments on it when I'm out and about. The interior is beautiful as well. 4. The Revel audio system is superior to just about any other manufacturer's audio system. SYNC, with all its idiosyncrasies, is still superior to most infotainment systems out there. How about adding in the Revel Ultima audio system featured on other Lincoln vehicles? 5. Even though the Corsair is a compact CUV, there is plenty of passenger space. The cargo space is a little bit tight but I tend to carry too much stuff in the cargo area for those "just in case" moments. 6. The gas mileage is excellent. The combination of all electric mode and hybrid driving once the charge is depleted give excellent gas mileage in almost any condition. 7. The drive modes work as described. They aren't meaningless settings. 8. Lincoln Roadside Assistance is excellent. They were concerned for my safety first. They had a tow truck at my home less than an hour after I called them. A shout out to Tillis, who I spoke with at Lincoln Roadside Assistance a couple of times. She was awesome! 9. Bob-Boyd Lincoln in Columbus, Ohio is an excellent dealership. From the sales people to the service people, everyone is polite, respectful, friendly and responsive. Kelly Culbertson was my sales representative. He went above and beyond coming in on his day off so I could test drive a Corsair GT before mine was delivered. He also took a great deal of time once my vehicle was delivered going over all the features as well as helping me set up the PAAK. CON: 1. The water that comes out of every nook and cranny after going through the carwash is a huge nuisance. I have a monthly fee I pay for unlimited washes. I spend a great amount of time using lint free cloths to dry my vehicle after it is washed. The water coming out of the liftgate and the small trim pieces at the rear quarterpanel areas is frustrating. It literally comes out for hours. I have used the vacuum at the carwash in an attempt to suck out the excess water and soap. It doesn't help. I have considered purchasing a portable air compressor to use to blow out the excess water and soap. I shouldn't have to go to these extremes to keep my vehicle looking good. PLEASE FIX THIS ON FUTURE MODELS!!!!! My dealer says everyone complains about this one thing. Damn it!!! 2. The funky "horns" on the lid to the center console are frustrating. I open the console only to hit one of the horns with my elbow causing the lid to close. This is a dumb design by someone who obviously didn't test it out prior to production approval. 3. The paint, while beautiful, chips and scratches way too easily. As someone who spent over 35 years in automotive plants as a supplier of OEM paint it really upsets me a luxury vehicle has such poor paint quality. 4. The lack of an engine cover is a huge oversight. The roar of the engine at low speeds is upsetting when the ICE initially kicks in. It isn't so noticeable on the highway. However, the inability to purchase an engine cover as a build option or in the aftermarket from the dealer is unacceptable. This is some dumb decontenting from bean counters. 5. I wish the panoramic sunroof were a lot more panoramic. It needs to open a LOT further. 6. It takes too long to charge even on a Level 2 charger. This has to be improved on future models. Taking 3.5 hours on a Level 2 charger to fully charge the HV batteries is just too long. I know this is a hardware/software issue but it needs to be addressed, especially since this vehicle will only travel ~28 miles in all EV mode. 7. The Preserve driving mode preserves battery charge but does so at a huge expense to gas mileage. A 25%+ reduction in gas mileage to preserve HV battery charge is unacceptable. It would be nice if the drive mode functions were easier to determine by popping up a small description on the driver's screen instead of mostly meaningless graphics, Preserve (gas mileage or EV power?). Also, it would be nice if the drive mode stayed as set until the driver changes it instead of defaulting to Normal each time the vehicle is stopped and powered down. 8. The 12V battery is not of very good quality. Early failure seems to be a common theme. Mine failed at 5 months. The vehicle had to be towed to the dealer because it couldn't even be jump-started. Also, there is no way to put the eCVT into neutral towing mode if the 12V battery has failed. There was no power to the dash to access the settings on the touch screen to get into neutral towing mode. All things considered, I love this vehicle. I hope Lincoln takes note of both the positives and negatives to make improvements on future models.
  15. The oil from the Keystone pipeline would also be imported from Canada. With only 5% at most destined for the US the impact of the pipeline for the US would be negligible. The current prices of gas are due to Russia waging a war that never should have been and OPEC countries not living up to their promises to pump more oil after the pandemic was predominantly over. They promised to increase production by 400,000 barrels per day but have barely managed to achieve a 200,000 increase. Shale oil production in the US stopped when the pandemic hit because the price per barrel fell so low it made it financially impossible. Most of the shale oil producers went bankrupt. Until we get that capacity back, we are reliant upon the external market.