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  1. RedHoncho01

    Adaptive Steering - Is it worthwhile......

    My 2019 Lincoln Nautilus is equipped with adaptive steering and adaptive cruise control. In city driving it isn't much of a benefit. The true benefit is when you're out on the highway and especially on long trips. Adaptive steering and adaptive cruise control take a lot of the fatigue out of driving on long trips. It senses the curves in the highway and gently guides you in that direction. You can easily override the direction. I don't think I will ever own another vehicle without this feature.
  2. RedHoncho01

    2022 Lincoln Corsair Production Information

    Thanks for posting this. Ironically, I ordered a Corsair Grand Touring I on July 5. According to my inside sources at LAP where the Corsair is produced they won't be resuming production until July 19. Any idea if they will be immediately producing the Corsair Grand Touring or will that be delayed a few weeks?
  3. Thanks for all the information. You've been most helpful. I know enough that I'm not qualified to do this myself. I'll get a licensed electrician as there could also be permits required.
  4. Thanks for the info. This will help me when I contact an electrician to do the work. I got one quote online that was US$2000 and thought that was extreme. Maybe it was and maybe it wasn't.
  5. OK, so we appear to have several electrical smarter people than me. The Wallbox charger I am considering would have a draw of 16A up to 40A. From my research I think that means I should have a 50A breaker if I want to achieve the maximum capacity of the charger. https://smile.amazon.com/Pulsar-Level-Electric-Vehicle-Charger/dp/B08H2LYFHX/?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_w=3BvdD&pf_rd_p=38316967-9a6c-4cf3-acd3-6269fd389669&pf_rd_r=MQDFSR1W6RVZ2PJ7B8R4&pd_rd_r=fb380dac-0d0e-4ef0-8946-759f28ad74ae&pd_rd_wg=Z03eC&ref_=pd_gw_ci_mcx_mr_hp_d Does this mean I need to have a new line ran from the breaker box to the garage? The current 32A outlet is about 2 feet inside the door to the garage.
  6. I live in Ohio. The circuit in question is for an electric dryer. The house was constructed in 1997. I've attached photos of the outlet and my breaker box. The breaker is the first one on the upper left. It is marked "32" on the switch so I am assuming this means 32A. I'm no electrician so I could very well be wrong.
  7. I have a unique set up in my house. There is a mudroom just inside the door from the house to the garage that has an optional laundry room. There is a 240V 32A circuit about 2 feet from the garage wall. I'm thinking if I find it necessary I can have the circuit upgraded to 40A or 50A and have an outlet installed in the garage wall at a much smaller cost than running an entirely new circuit. I'm also trying to decide between Webasto (Ford's chosen supplier), Juicebox or Wallbox for a Level 2 charger. Webasto has 16A or 32A chargers but only the 16A in stock. I've read quite a few reviews from Juicebox stating they had to have 2 or even 3 chargers due to failure of connecting to WIFI. I don't see these complaints with Wallbox and I kind of like the small profile of the charger itself. Does anyone have their recommendations for Level 2 chargers? At this point, I'm just shopping around. I won't receive my Corsair for a few months as I just ordered it July 5 and the plant that produces it won't resume production until July 19 after a 2 month shutdown.
  8. My dealer finally confirmed it is 20 feet. I curious if you decided to have a level 2 charger installed. I was set on having one installed as I have some features in my home that would reduce the cost of the electrical wiring. I've done quite a bit of research in the past week on charging. From what I have read so far the faster you charge your vehicle there can be more degradation to the battery.
  9. As much as I said the Corsair was too small for me I test drove one a few weeks ago. I was thoroughly impressed with the handling and also felt like there was more room inside than the original impression I had. The capability to pull the rear seat forward will make a difference in the cargo capacity inside the hatch. I was going to trade my Nautilus for the Corsair I test drove. My father is a Ford retiree I qualify for the Z plan. The dealer wouldn't give me the Z plan from any vehicle in dealer inventory. The only way I could get that was to order a new vehicle. I thought about it over the weekend and viewed the Lincoln Corsair site. I found the Corsair Grand Touring was now available on the Build To Price and that dealers were accepting orders. So I went to the dealership last Monday and ordered a Corsair Grand Touring I. The dealer told me it could be up to 120 days before I receive it. I spoke to a friend who works at Louisville Assembly where it is built. The plant is down until July 19 due to the semiconductor supply issue. He told me it would most likely be about 2 weeks before they start building the Corsair Grand Touring.
  10. RedHoncho01

    Trade Values at Lincoln Dealers

    I will say I purchased my current 2019 Nautilus Reserve as a CPO in March 2019. I got an excellent deal on it. The current KBB value is at or above what I paid for it 15 months and 11,000 miles later.
  11. I found out from a friend that works at Louisville Assembly where the Corsair and Escape are built the plant won't resume production until July 19. The Corsair won't start until August. This is due to the semiconductor issue. My dealer told me customer orders are prioritized over dealer orders. I had to sign a document stating I was ordering the vehicle and didn't work for a dealership.
  12. RedHoncho01

    Trade Values at Lincoln Dealers

    I have a 2019 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve that's fully loaded and has just under 30,000 miles and in very good to excellent condition. The dealer offered me at the very bottom end of KBB trade value. We didn't negotiate because they wouldn't give me the Z plan pricing from dealer inventory. I had to order to get that pricing. In Ohio, there are advantages to trading in as the sales taxes are based upon the difference between the purchase price and the trade in value. Once my new vehicle arrives I will be negotiating for a better trade value.
  13. Does anyone know the length of the included charging cord for the Corsair Grand Touring? I have perused the website and the ordering guide and can't seem to locate this bit of information. Thanks!
  14. Does anyone know the length of the included charging cord for the Corsair Grand Touring? I have perused the website and the ordering guide and can't seem to locate this bit of information. Thanks!
  15. The Corsair GT is now available to order. The build & price option is open as well so you can go to the website and configure your vehicle. https://shop.lincoln.com/configure/corsair/?inctmp=ln-vhp-bb-bp-corsair#/select/