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  1. RedHoncho01

    Interesting Parts Slipping Out

    Perhaps because we had a President who was both senile and homophobic. Reagan ignored the AIDS crisis for years. Even when he did finally pay attention is was too little too late. The good thing about science is we don't know everything about everything, especially new things like AIDS then or COVID now. We learn as we go. Once we know better we do better.
  2. RedHoncho01

    Interesting Parts Slipping Out

    I read everything with a grain of salt. Science isn't perfect and some articles were published without being properly peer reviewed. One study I recall came from the Henry Ford Medical Center regarding treatment of COVID with Ivermectin. It was supposedly peer reviewed but when looking at the citations at the bottom of the article the reviewers also worked for Henry Ford Medical Center. Most people in the scientific community would view this as very suspect and eventually the article was withdrawn from the journal it was published in due to this fact. A peer review is properly conducted when the reviewers have no connection to the study whatsoever so they can view it without prejudice. There are many sources of media available. Almost all of them are profit driven. Some have ulterior motives as well. Some will use video that is highly edited that presents something that is completely out of context to the original; others will go the extremes of deep faking the audio to to flip the script as it were. Most of them are funded by the far right but some are also funded by the far left. Those of us in the middle get stuck having the radicals from both ends of the spectrum making the most noise and getting the most attention.
  3. RedHoncho01

    Interesting Parts Slipping Out

    Of course, there is also the quality of the reporting source. Epoch Times is notorious for making outlandish and abjectly false reports. I had never heard of Hot Air until you posted this. It is owned by Salem Communications and is dedicated to posting about the Biden administration but not necessarily truthfully. Being a scientist, I rely on peer reviewed scientific journals, not schlocky tabloids.
  4. Here is a new review of the 2021 Corsair Grand Touring. https://www.autoblog.com/amp/2022/01/12/2021-lincoln-corsair-grand-touring-phev-first-drive-review/
  5. RedHoncho01

    Rail Car stuck in KY

    I'm not certain what is happening specifically with CSX but I do know great portions of Kentucky received significant snowfall last week with some areas getting over a foot of precipitation. This may account for the delay.
  6. RedHoncho01

    Interesting Parts Slipping Out

    I hope you scrolled down to read the part about where the author is a doctor, but not a medical specialist. She holds a PhD in electrical engineering and computer science. Conclusion shopping will always garner what you are looking for, not necessarily what is the truth.
  7. RedHoncho01

    Using external SSD for audio

    There isn't enough power for an SSD to operate. I purchased a 1 GB USB thumb drive that works perfectly. I just need to take the time to burn all my CDs to the drive.
  8. RedHoncho01

    Drivers Heated Seat Not Working

    The warranty on your vehicle should be 4 years/50,000 miles whichever comes first. As long as it is within this warranty period it should be repaired by the dealer at no cost even if you're not the original owner.
  9. I love it. I really only have a couple of minor complaints. The engine noise is a bit harsh for a Lincoln. I had a 2019 Nautilus Reserve with AWD and the 2.7L engine. It was much quieter than the 2.5L Atkinson cycle engine on the Corsair GT. I sprung for the 24 way adjustable seats because I loved them on my Nautilus. They are not anything like the comfort of the Nautilus seats. They aren't uncomfortable but they definitely don't have as much padding as I think they should. When I ordered my vehicle the 24 way adjustable seats were a stand alone option at $1100. I think the for 2022 model they are part of a package. Both of these are common complaints I have seen on the Lincoln forum. I got every option on mine except the bigger wheels. I couldn't see plucking down $2000 for 20" wheels. I prefer the 19" wheels that are standard on the GT. I got the Revel audio system too. I love the sound. As for charging, you don't need a level 2 charger. The included charging cable can plug into a 120V 16A outlet or a 240V 20A dual pole outlet with the included adapter. Recharging if the batteries are completely depleted at 120V takes around 11 hours and gets you around 28 miles of all electric driving. Recharging at 240V takes around 3.5 hours. The 240V outlet is a NEMA 6-20R configuration. I had a licensed electrician put in the 240V outlet in my garage. I have almost 950 miles so far and am getting nearly 60 MPG but that does include a lot of city driving on all electric. I have found that you need to engage the ICE a few times per week to keep the 12V battery charged. Otherwise, you get a notice that your vehicle is in deep sleep mode to conserve the battery power.
  10. Ford is working on development of a new type of charging cord with Purdue University that will be a gamechanger for EV recharging. They have found a way to cool the cord so it can take much higher charging rates to the point that recharging an EV vehicle will be as fast as gassing up an ICE vehicle. This technology is probably 4 - 5 years from deployment as the charging stations and hardware/software on the EVs will have to be upgraded to handle the rapid charging. I have a Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring and bought this type of vehicle to be a bridge until the battery and charging technology improves as mentioned above. https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2021/11/10/ford-and-purdue-charging-station.html https://www.thedrive.com/tech/43155/ford-purdue-cooling-patent-could-charge-evs-as-fast-as-gas-station-fill-ups
  11. RedHoncho01

    Lincoln Corsair - the Wait

    Job #1 for the 2022 model year Corsair has been pushed out to December 2. I ordered my 2021 GT on July 5. It was delivered to the dealership on September 30. I can tell you the wait is worth it.
  12. Probably longer than the ICE maniacs took to block charging stations and roll smoke on EVs. 😉
  13. RedHoncho01

    Wireless Charging and Paddle Shifters

    Your iPhone 6S is not compatible with wireless charging. The first iPhone that was compatible with wireless charging is the iPhone 8.
  14. EVs are here to stay. Currently, no automaker can build them fast enough to satisfy demand whether it be Tesla, Rivian, Lucid, GM or Ford. The supply chain for microchips and batteries are the biggest constraints on the back side. Ford, GM and Stellantis are not fully ready to mass produce electric vehicles. This will impede the transition from ICE to EV more than anything else. The battery and microchip supply will improve within the next 2 - 3 years. Then it will be up to the automakers to begin mass production. Ford in conjunction with Purdue University has developed a charging cord that can make charging an EV as fast as filling up an ICE vehicle with gas. The hardware and software on the EV as well as the charging stations will have to be upgraded in order to handle rapid charging of this nature. The power grid is not a big consideration in the adoption of EVs. The recently enacted infrastructure bill includes money to bolster the grid and to increase the availability of charging stations.
  15. RedHoncho01

    TSB for Seat Pan Movement

    Here is a link to the TSB. They are using a piece of heater hose and a hose clamp for the repair. https://www.tsbsearch.com/Lincoln/21-2185