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  1. RedHoncho01

    Ford Website Tracking Experience

    Once the Ford or Lincoln vehicle tracking site shows your vehicle has shipped, you can track it more accurately via this website. You don't need to sign up. You just need your VIN. https://www.palsapp.com/
  2. RedHoncho01

    Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring

    Here is something new and VERY irritating. If you set up a personal profile and delete it or save new seat settings to the memory button you used for this profile, it erases ALL your presets in audio and resets the number of preset cells to 3. I thought I was losing my mind and that there was something wrong with the vehicle. I purposely tried it this morning and YUP, all audio presets were gone. I went through ALL my seat and presets to make certain I had everything just like I wanted and then set up my profile again. I have it set to my key fob and my phone.
  3. RedHoncho01

    Battery Range on Corsair Grand Touring

    The pedestrian alert on the Corsair GT is audible inside the vehicle but it isn't that overbearing Toyota noise. Obviously, somebody didn't listen to the sound when they approved that. LOL
  4. RedHoncho01

    Battery Range on Corsair Grand Touring

    My next planned long trip won't be until December. I know the cold will affect the range. I'll be traveling around 600 miles each way.
  5. RedHoncho01

    Sync 4 Question - Modem

    You don't lose anything in any content. That modem is strictly to act as a hotspot. I activated the modem so I could get the Lincoln Access Reward points only. When the 90 day/3 GB trial is over I won't be renewing it. I had it on my Nautilus and it was awful. It was slow and really didn't offer anything that I couldn't get via my regular cell service. The hotspot operates off AT&T cellular towers. AT&T cellular service is horrible in my area. I couldn't justify spending $200 a year or $20 per month for something I never use.
  6. RedHoncho01

    2021 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring in Burgundy Velvet

    This is my 2021 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring. I'm really loving the powertrain on this vehicle. The 3 electric motors, 2.5L Atikinson engine and the eCVT are superior to any powertrain I've had on any vehicle.
  7. RedHoncho01

    2022 Lexus LX600 Revealed

    Likewise for the wrap around light bar on the liftgate.
  8. I took a test drive this morning since my battery was close to being depleted according to the icon on the dash screen. I had 7 miles of battery power left. Driving at 55 MPH was done in all EV. The dash screen showed Electric Driving. This was a surprise to me as I figured once you got out of city speed limits the ICE would kick in. I got out onto the highway at 70MPH and the gas engine did kick in as well as the electric motors. There was plenty of power available whenever I hit the accelerator. As I neared town I noticed the battery was showing it was depleted. However, when I got into town at 25 - 35 MPH speeds I was still driving in electric mode with the dash screen still showing the battery was depleted. I drove like this for 4 miles to my house. I believe the range on the battery is much further than 32 miles when fully charged. This may be due to the speeds I was driving too. I will say I had the vehicle in Normal driving mode the entire time. When I was out on the highway I scrolled through some of the other driving modes and there are definite differences between each mode. Future road trips will involve putting the vehicle into one of those modes for the entire trip just to see how it performs in different circumstances. On a side note, when I stopped in at Starbucks this morning there was a woman in a Toyota RAV4 PHEV. As she backed out of the parking place it emitted a very loud noise that I could only describe as something coming out of the sound system at a haunted house. When she put the vehicle in drive it emitted the same sound albeit at a much lower volume. I won't complain about the EV sounds my Corsair makes ever again. 😉
  9. RedHoncho01

    Home charging stations

    I completely understand. I probably will only be in this house a couple of more years. I was going to future proof for the next owner but then decided better of it. The next owner can spend the money if they want or need to.
  10. RedHoncho01

    Home charging stations

    Had the owner of the electrical company out to my home this week. He reviewed my setup and where we are going to run the service. This is the same company that installed my subpanel. Long story short, we are putting in 20A service as the maximum draw is supposedly 16A. He said the way my service runs through the house it would be very easy for someone to replace the breaker and run new wiring to handle a higher amperage circuit. He is hoping to get me on the schedule this week.
  11. RedHoncho01

    Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring

    I have about the same amount of miles. The Lincoln Way app says that I am averaging over 1000 MPG primarily because I have been tooling around town in all electric mode.
  12. I'm curious if the in vehicle modem hotspot can be switched from AT&T to another carrier. The cell service from AT&T in my area is poor at best and basically nullifies any use for the hot spot. In addition, my entire family has Verizon cell phones and adding this modem to the family plan would be more cost effective and provide better connectivity.
  13. RedHoncho01

    Lincoln BEVs Coming in 2025

    There is a freshen scheduled for 2023 for the ICE Aviator too.
  14. RedHoncho01

    Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring

    So, how do you like it? I'm loving mine a great deal. I am having an electrician install my 240V outlet in the garage tomorrow afternoon. That will speed up my recharge time.
  15. RedHoncho01

    Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring

    My 2019 Nautilus had the physical mute button. The 2021 Corsair does not. It will mute the audio system when I answer or make call. Going through the Starbucks drive through, or any other drive through for that matter, is where I miss that mute button. However, it is a quick toggle to lower the volume or I can just tap the power button on the audio system. There is a mute button on the touch screen when using it on a phone call.