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  1. RedHoncho01

    Nautilus first world problem

    I did learn how to fold the mirrors in before entering or exiting the garage. It is SO simple. There is nothing in the owner's manual or any support video on the Lincoln website or YouTube that addresses this issue. You simple press the mirror lock button and they fold in automatically. They won't redeploy until you press the mirror lock button again. I wish I had known this $1600 ago.
  2. I agree about the rims. I prefer these to the Black Label rims.
  3. RedHoncho01

    vehicle taxes in your state?

    The ad velorem tax made your license plate fees very high depending on what vehicle you had, the model year, etc. based upon their own valuation of your vehicle, not KBB or any other industry valuation method. Our 5-year old Toyota Highlander Sport cost us around $365 per year for license plates. There was no way to dispute the valuation the state put on your vehicle. You just at to pony up the dollars or you got no license plates.
  4. RedHoncho01

    Nautilus first world problem

    Feel fortunate that's all it cost. I broke the passenger mirror off my Nautilus backing out of the garage (we have a very tight 2-car garage). The mirror and all the guts are intact and fine except the camera was dislodged. My repair bill is going to be $1438.08! The dealership can order almost any part off the mirror except the housing. In order to get the housing they have to buy the complete mirror assembly and then paint the housing!
  5. Thank you. I have only been around town. I'm anxious to get out and make a road trip.
  6. I have a Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited offset stick burner and a Weber Spirit gas grill. I smoked a lot of pork belly and 4 pork sirloin roasts this past weekend.
  7. Thanks. There was a Black Label Nautilus that was closer to my home but wasn't a CPO like mine. I actually prefer the rims on mine vs. the Black Label.
  8. RedHoncho01

    vehicle taxes in your state?

    Ohio has a 6% sales tax for the state. Local municipalities such as counties or cities can add up to 1% sales tax. My newly purchased used Lincoln Nautilus had nearly $3000 in sales taxes because my city took their 1% cut.
  9. I work at a customer site as a supplier for Honda. They stopped production on March 20 and won't resume until May 4. I have worked from home for a bit but had to come to my office as the office space we were provided was going to be demolished. We had to move everything into a new office space. Since nobody is here, I have been coming into work. I have no traffic and nobody bothering me while I catch up on training and sit in on conference calls. I did buy a gently used 2019 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve AWD a few weeks ago. When the weather has been nice I have been taking rides in it just to be out and get away from 4 walls. I also am into barbecuing and smoking and have been enjoying that activity more.
  10. So I bit the bullet and bought a very gently used 2019 Nautilus Reserve. It has every option available except the rear seat entertainment system. I bought it from a dealership in Wooster, Ohio, about 92 miles from my home. The entire deal was conducted via 2 phone calls and text messaging. The dealership delivered the car to my home so I could test drive it with the hubby. I had to go through the drive through at my bank to get a cashier check. We signed all the paperwork in my driveway. On day 2, I messed up the liftgate trying to program it to not open so far that it hit my garage door. I called the local Lincoln dealer. They offered to pick it up and bring me a loaner but I chose to take it directly to the dealership. They gave me a loaner and had my liftgate working the next day at no charge to me. I can say that my experience at the Lincoln dealership was more than I ever expected. I love my new ride and look forward to having it for many years. It is Burgandy Velvet exterior with Ebony interior. I can't say I would have chosen the exterior color but it has really grown on me. The deal on this vehicle was just too good to pass up.
  11. RedHoncho01

    New member

    Hi folks. Ford Motor Company has been a major contributor to my wellbeing for most of my life. My father is a Ford retiree from Kansas City Assembly Plant. He worked there 33.5 years. I began my career in the automotive coatings industry as a supplier representative at KCAP for 3 years and moved to Louisville to LAP for 20 years. I'm now with a different customer but I still love Ford products. My first car was a '66 Mustang. I bought it when I was 15 and it mostly sat in the drive until I was old enough to get my license. I drove that car for 4 years. Unfortunately, she was totalled as I was struck in the rear end by a 1978 Ford LTD land yacht!). I then got a Mercury Comet and eventually a Ford Futura. Once I started in my current job, I got a Ford Taurus to drive. I went through several of those in my career. I had a Mercury Mountaineer for several years and nearly 200,000 miles before I traded it for a new Ford Edge. I loved that vehicle and wish I had kept it longer but with having a company vehicle it sat in the drive more than it got driven. My current company vehicle is a 2019 Ford Escape SEL. It's a nice ride and I like the Active X seating as well as the host of safety features. Now, I've got retirement plans and am looking seriously at getting a Lincoln Nautilus. I've looked at other brands but I keep coming back to Ford products because of their quality, SYNC and the advanced safety features that It hink are superior to the other automakers systems.
  12. Anyone know if both the Bronco and the Bronco Sport will be built at Michican Assembly? I read once where the Baby Bronco would be produced at Louisville Assembly and ride on the new Escape Platform.
  13. Automotive News reported this over the weekend: https://www.autonews.com/dealers/ford-plans-bronco-reveal-march-dealers-learn-details The Bronco will be revealed in March 2020 with sales to begin in early 2021. Bronco Sport (Baby Bronco) will be revealed in April 2020 with sales to begin this fall.
  14. I worked at Louisville Assembly where the Sport Trac was made. It was a vehicla that almost wasn't going to happen. However, several production managers and engineers devised a way to get it done and Ford HQ gave it a green light. It wasn't that the vehicle was a poor seller. There was a legitimate manufacturing constraint. At the time, Explorer and Mountaineer were selling like hotcakes We couldn't build them fast enough. Add in the Sport Trac and you could imagine the production nightmares. The cab and box sides would go through paint, then the cab and box sides were pulled into a mini-assembly area at the end of the paint shop where Sport Trac specific trim pieces, back windshield and box were assembled. Then it was sent to the trim department for final assembly. LAP built as many Sport Tracs as the facility could produce. When Explorer moved to the unibody chassis, that was the demise of the Sport Trac. I think Ford could legitimately bring back the Sport Trac on the new Bronco paltform and have an immediate following and again sell as many as they could produce.
  15. Deafsoundguy I am considering the Reserve with AWD and 2.7L engine and the 202A package. I can't justify another $3000 - $4000 for upgraded leather, 4 oil changes and a premium exterior color for the BL. I like the Pristine White but don't like the $695 it costs. However, when I was doing research on a used Nautilus I noticed that any with the White Platinum or Pristine White were being priced about $2000 more than similarly equipped Nautilus with a different body color. I am also trying to decide on an interior color. I dislike the Cappucino and that's out altogether. The Slate looks interesting but I'm leaning toward Ebony/Terracotta. I worry about the lighter colors showing soil more than the dark colors. I would be interested in hearing if anyone who chose the Ultra-comfort seats think they are worth the extra $1500.