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  1. RedHoncho01


    I'm curious as to when the build to price feature for the 2021 model will be on the US Lincoln website. I have a 2019 but I love the new interior for the 2021.
  2. Does anyone know if there will be a Grand Touring model of the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus? I'm interested in a plug-in hybrid. I find the Corsair too small and the Aviator too large for my taste. The Nautilus is the Goldilocks size for me.
  3. I have my phone updated to iOS 14.4 but still have the issue. I'll try rebooting the phone and see if that helps.
  4. RedHoncho01


    Does anyone know if there will be a Grand Touring plug-in hybrid of the Nautilus? Initial indications are that Lincoln hasn't had enough interest from customers for a Grand Touring Nautilus. I am personally interested in a plug-in hybrid but find the Corsair too small and the Aviator too large. The Nautilus is the Goldilocks size for me.
  5. I have a 2019 Lincoln Nautilus reserve that has the wireless phone charging pad in the console. I recently got a new iPhone 12 Pro. It won't charge on the pad for some reason. It starts charging but within a few minutes I get an error message saying something has come between the charging pad and the phone. I have a case on the phone that works with other wireless chargers (not MagSafe). I thought it could be the protrusion of the cameras so I bought a protective cover for those as well. I still get the error message with or without the phone and camera covers. Is anyone else having this issue or know of a fix? Otherwise, I will mention it the next time I have the vehicle serviced to see what the dealer says.
  6. I just noticed in the US order guide the 2.7L engine AWD comes with dynamic ride cpntrol and paddle shifters. The online build to price isn't available yet in the US for the 2021 model. The 2020 model adds $2500 US for the 2.7L with mandatory AWD. Obviously, they are adding features along with the 2.7L enging. There is an order guide for Canada for 2021 model year on here under the order guides folder. That may give you a better idea of the price discrepancy.
  7. On past models in the US, the 2.7L engine required other features such as AWD. This is the reason for the increased price.
  8. It appears the 2021 model Nautilus will get an interior refresh with the new dash seen in other recently refreshed Lincolns. There has been significant discussion whether Nautilus will continue in North America. Ford has tooled a plant in China to build the Edge and Nautilus. As Oakville Assembly, where the Edge and Nautilus are currently produced in North America, is retooled for 5 electric vehicles, it is possible the Edge and Nautilus will be imported from China.
  9. RedHoncho01

    Annual Rustproofing Application

    All new vehicles go through a phosphate electro coat process in the factory to prevent rust. Any aftermarket product that drills holes in the metal would probably void any factory warranty for rust perforation. I strongly recommend against doing that.
  10. RedHoncho01

    Nautilus first world problem

    I did learn how to fold the mirrors in before entering or exiting the garage. It is SO simple. There is nothing in the owner's manual or any support video on the Lincoln website or YouTube that addresses this issue. You simple press the mirror lock button and they fold in automatically. They won't redeploy until you press the mirror lock button again. I wish I had known this $1600 ago.
  11. I agree about the rims. I prefer these to the Black Label rims.
  12. RedHoncho01

    vehicle taxes in your state?

    The ad velorem tax made your license plate fees very high depending on what vehicle you had, the model year, etc. based upon their own valuation of your vehicle, not KBB or any other industry valuation method. Our 5-year old Toyota Highlander Sport cost us around $365 per year for license plates. There was no way to dispute the valuation the state put on your vehicle. You just at to pony up the dollars or you got no license plates.
  13. RedHoncho01

    Nautilus first world problem

    Feel fortunate that's all it cost. I broke the passenger mirror off my Nautilus backing out of the garage (we have a very tight 2-car garage). The mirror and all the guts are intact and fine except the camera was dislodged. My repair bill is going to be $1438.08! The dealership can order almost any part off the mirror except the housing. In order to get the housing they have to buy the complete mirror assembly and then paint the housing!
  14. Thank you. I have only been around town. I'm anxious to get out and make a road trip.
  15. I have a Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited offset stick burner and a Weber Spirit gas grill. I smoked a lot of pork belly and 4 pork sirloin roasts this past weekend.