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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. I am not sure, it doesn't look like the concept, also I think they will go after different design. This on the other hand looks a bit more traditional in shape I agree, there is room for something smaller, also some coupe suvs but it doesn't seem to be that small
  2. yeah, it isn't the Nautilus. Maybe as you say it is the Corsair although it would be a bit weird because they have just refreshed it. It could be something else? Maybe a Mach-e sibling?
  3. Mystery new Lincoln spied? Seems to be smaller than the Aviator/Navigator From Kindelauto at IG
  4. joseodiaga4

    2025 Expedition Spied

    I also think they should offer the digital rearview mirror, at least in the Navi because most of it's competitors have it. Both the Escalade and the Suburban are longer that the current gens Navi L/Expy Max (about 4 in) so I think the next gen have to be grow a bit
  5. joseodiaga4

    2025 Expedition Spied

  6. Ford Three-Row Electric SUV Coming In 2025 With 350 Miles Of Range "Doug Field sharing some new details on Ford EVs. Says a 3-row family SUV is coming in 2025 with a 350-mile range. He likened it to an Expedition." For context, Doug Field is Ford's chief advanced product development and technology officer. https://insideevs.com/news/668467/ford-three-row-electric-suv-coming-2025-350-miles-range/
  7. I agree with all haha maybe also night vision, rear wheel steering. should be nice to see something to compete with the Escalade-V (use the gt500 v8?)…..maybe I am dreaming too much
  8. 2023 Corsair for china https://www.lincoln.com.cn/vehicle/suvs-2023corsair/features-exterior.html/?intcmp=suvs-corsair
  9. I guess the smaller screen is going to be like a pad to use the bigger one? It is too far away
  10. 2024 Ford Edge L Officially Debuts In China With, Oh, Edgy Styling The Edge L is technically a successor to the Edge Plus and has a three-low layout with 2+2+3 seating. As you can probably tell, it's a rather large vehicle, bigger than another locally sold SUV, the Equator. Indeed, it stretches at a stately 196.9 inches (5,000 millimeters) long, 77.2 in (1,961 mm) wide, and 69.8 in (1,773 mm) tall. It carries a 2,950 mm (116.1 in) wheelbase and rides on alloys as large as 21 inches. https://www.motor1.com/news/654202/2024-ford-edge-l-debut/
  11. https://burlappcar.com/2022/12/2023-lincoln-corsair-vs-the-chinese-version.html