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  1. Agree, there was no need to tease it. IMO a miss opportunity to show something else that could help the company to reduce the noise about the delayed EVs
  2. Agree. It is very weird the way they manage the Lincoln brand. They don’t keep the momentum going. If there aren't any EV is the near future, there needs to be something else for Lincoln aside refreshes
  3. Agree but in that case why is Ford so behind for example GM in the full size SUV segment? It seems that Ford only can focus in one thing or max two at the same time.
  4. Yeah but it is the 3rd time this products are delayed, couldn’t they have discovered it before? also you need a balance between the efficiency and the products because if not you are always going to find something new or an improvement to do and in that way you wouldn’t launch anything
  5. Mercedes C-Class EV Is Shaping Up To Be Part EQS And Part Model 3 https://www.carscoops.com/2024/04/mercedes-c-class-ev-is-shaping-up-to-be-part-eqs-and-part-model-3/
  6. AR Nav Night Vision Air Suspension Digital Rearview mirror A better surround view 360 camera
  7. Agree, an improvement in those departments + better tech
  8. I think the current frontend design looks better. the interior is improved. I hope the Navi gets a screen this size! It supposes to get the same interior style as the Nautilus
  9. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a60430279/2025-cadillac-escalade-v-refresh-spied/
  10. Sad to read it, Hope it is not shelved. Maybe the current customers won’t go the EV route but this could be a way to attract new customers, specially in China, after all, from what I have been reading, almost all the new brands and products are EVs or Hybrids in China. Not having a EV or any Hybrid option in the last few years is one of the reasons Lincoln is not doing well anymore
  11. Hope U760 is not cancelled So far we have only heard about the U759
  12. Wasn't CD6 a complicated/conflictive platform that has generated many problems in the Explorer an Aviator? 🤔
  13. Ok, but on what projects? The delayed EVs? we are not seeing anything new so far instead 🙃
  14. Yeah, everything is about the ROI and the total revenue and profit for each vehicle, not only sales, but are you telling me that Ford can’t find a way to make it profitable and others do? Well, considering all the mismanagement that is happening lately it is not surprise
  15. Yeah but why? it makes no sense, most of the luxury brands have a vehicle in that segment
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