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  1. Dlcorbett

    2021 Escalade Front end shown in Teaser

    Yea whats wrong with spike lee
  2. Dlcorbett

    2020 Expedition?'s

    You can get 360 camera on xlt fx4s for 2020.
  3. Dlcorbett

    2020 Expedition?'s

    Id say go drive one in each trim level to see if you like the upgrades the 4th gen has over the 3rd.
  4. Dlcorbett

    2021 Escalade

    Them seats look bout basic...
  5. Dlcorbett

    My 2020 Explorer ST needs a few things.

    3. I wish that was in my expedition.
  6. Dlcorbett

    2021 Escalade

    Wifey said "No!"
  7. Dlcorbett

    2021 Chevy Tahoe/Suburban

    I believe thats to showcase the air suspension in off road mode.
  8. Dlcorbett

    2021 Chevy Tahoe/Suburban

    Caranddriver seems smitten by the new suvs. I bet they cant wait to hand it every award they offer.
  9. Dlcorbett

    2021 Chevy Tahoe/Suburban

    When will we expect to see the new f150? What do you think is the best part of the new f150 interior? Does the screen integrate into the dash or is it tablet style? Any word on how they will change the nav dash? Also, outside of hybrid, anything else ford plans on adding to the expy/navi?
  10. Dlcorbett

    2021 Chevy Tahoe/Suburban

    I wonder if people are finna complain about the price creeps for these like ford customers/fans complained about the expy/navi price creeps. A fully loaded suburban/denali xl looks to be pushin $90k and thats generous. On top of that, they look wildly similar to the ford suvs with shared features and specs so wheres the value? Even the "i need a v8" crowd are gonna be mad becuz since the trucks are bigger, the 5.3l is gonna be slow and the 6.2l is only available on "top" $75k or more trim. Ford, if you ever paid attention to your customer base, nows the time to do it, put the 5.0l in the expy. That 25% of market share will increase but a huge margin.
  11. Dlcorbett

    Smooth or Rough - What do owners say

    Depending on your location, its hard to drive one. Ive been wantin to take my wife on a drive but theres no navigator 20 miles from our location.
  12. Dlcorbett

    Smooth or Rough - What do owners say

    The nav also has an eco mode which softens the suspension even more. I did try this on the hwy and thought it was a bit too much but normal mode is quite nice. Of note, the 2020 nav comes std with ccd now, so the base model will have 20in wheels with the ccd. This should make the ride even better
  13. Dlcorbett

    Smooth or Rough - What do owners say

    I believe when compared to the truck competitors like escalade and qx80, it rides pretty favorably. Compared to car based suvs like gls, x7 and range rover, its not as good. I haven't driven none of the competitors but an escalade. After test driving a nav, the nav rides well above the escalade(atleast early builds, the Gm utes have since been retuned). Honestly, its the best ride of any suv ive driven, but there was no "rough" stretch that i drove on. I dnt know about qx80, but seen that its not quite as nice as the nav or expy. I would say go test one if you can and compare. If lincoln offers the air glide which i think they will soon, it will most likely be near the top of the class.
  14. Dlcorbett

    Subtle 2020 change - door handle chrome

    Its in your settings menu on the touchscreen.
  15. Dlcorbett

    Navigator w/ Executive Package

    Range rover, mb, and volvo make these pkgs and im sure bmw wont be far behind as well. I also wont be surprised if cadillac offers this after the new model is released.