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  1. I don't think so, I kinda believe lincoln is really proud of what they cooked up amd keeping it under extreme lock and key until reveal. It maybe a huge reveal atleast for the nav.
  2. Escalade been shown completely and not even a wheel spoke from lincoln lol
  3. Interesting, Edmunds said the ranger was the most comfortable otr, but motortrend says the Colorado is the most comfortable.
  4. My dad was looking at one, but it was sold within 24hrs at being at the dealer. He got a used one At a rele good deal and he likes it alot.
  5. That seems minor enough to grab in my opinion.
  6. The interior shouldn't be the subject of everyone's ire, it's the driving characteristics and build quality. Even when the 4th gens first came out, I thought the ride and handling was just good enough, and now with the wagonerr, gms, and coming infiniti, critics and owners say the ride is just good enough. Steering feel and brake feel has also been criticized as well, especially when they say the f150 is better in all areas and it's a pickup on leaf springs. It needs to be improved substantially. Also, my wife's cx9 half the price of my navigator feels way better in terms of fit finish and solidity. The escalade and wagoneer also feel markedly better. The nvh, and build quality needs to feel like I paid for a $60k - 100k product
  7. Right, the interior design is the least thing that needs to be fixed. The driving characteristics and quality need to be fixed first and foremost. The drive is outdated by today's standards and the quality is putting a bad taste in consumers mouths.
  8. The expedition and navigator hasn't shared an interior since 2003, gm followed suit a generation later. Gm and just about every other automaker usually follows fords lead In Regards to trends. That said, the denali didn't get a diff Interior from its counterparts until 2021. The escalade may look different, but it uses way more "shared parts" than the nav does to the expy, yet people feel the interior is better. People won't care if they share the same set up so much as they feel special. I'll wait until they are released to complain, but if ford is charging $90k to get in a platinum, I would prefer if it gave me nav vibes.
  9. I don't mind it. People criticized the decision for a large tablet like screen, so ford decided to give the expy a better alternative that makes it easier to navigate while driving. Someone's gonna complain about something, but if lincoln ups the ante on materials and aesthetic, I dnt see anything wrong.
  10. The Explorers new rear end is well done, why is it so hard for ford to get the expys rear right
  11. The rear of the frame is different. And because of the irs, it takes away some space from the fuel tank.
  12. Lookin at the photos, I noticed the truck will be a tad longer, looks like they pulled the rear end back. Also, the tailgate looks split, so instead of a lift glass either the tailgate will split up like the 3rd gen explorer, or split clam shell style like bmw. They kept that weird as split in the c pillar. Also, the mirror pedestal will be plastic again...eww.
  13. The rear lift in for cargo has been greatly reduced, thats a plus. The tail light design looks interesting, but I hope the light signature with the light thats actually on the tailgate will be continuous and not tacked on.
  14. I think I like the refreshed escalade over the refreshed yukon tbh(I added the uncovered prototype to the tukon thread), but the Tahoe clearly got the biggest glow up. It's a shame, lincoln let the navigator flounder for so long in the third gen. Yes, the escalade was considered more edgy and in style during the early aughts, but the 2nd gen nav was still very popular, all it needed was a bigger v8 and it would've never took the dive it did.
  15. Here a regular escalade in sport trim https://gmauthority.com/blog/2024/04/refreshed-2025-cadillac-escalade-sport-spotted-completely-undisguised-photos/
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