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  1. Dlcorbett

    2019 navigator

    Yes hes had issues with his truck, but This's not rele an issue, its a preference he didnt look into before he bought the truck. Not many vehicles today have hvac controls on the steering wheel because of voice recognition. Matter of fact, i just checked, none in the class do.
  2. Dlcorbett

    2019 navigator

    Theres too many options on The steering wheel to include it. But thats what the voice recognition is for, just tell it to set your temp?
  3. Dlcorbett

    Help, fusion wont start

    i have a 2006 ford fusion. Recently, the car stopped turning on. I thought it may have been the battery, however, ive jumped it and it stll wont turn over. The lights and everything turns on. Could it be the starter, or maybe something else? Ideas and things to try would be helpful.
  4. Dlcorbett

    F150 reveal set for 6/25

    Did gord ditch the heads up display for this? I remember an insider saying the new interior would include a colored heads up display similar to the navigator.
  5. Dlcorbett

    Jeep Grand Wagoneer

    https://www.autoblog.com/photos/jeep-wagoneer-spied-in-need-of-towing/#slide-2239159 I know the article says wagoneer, but it looks like the long wheelbase model, which is confirmed the grand wagoneer. Some interior shots shows the cowl and upper portion of the dash.
  6. Dlcorbett

    2021 F-150?!

    Thats clearly an 18 f150 modded out. Looks good 2, i approve.
  7. Dlcorbett

    2018 Navigator Issues...Maybe?

    Oh no, were so sorry to here that. Please do everything you are able to make sure you and your family heal and beat the virus. Concerning your vehicle, in other forums, some say the dealer repositioned the wire for the tailgate sensor and that helped fix the tailgate issues.
  8. Dlcorbett

    2021 Genesis G80 Revealed

    Not here, but in the asian market, itll sell like starbucks
  9. Ford does that alot if your right. They like to release their vehicles before complete. I more meant that they built the explorer to be sportier than need be, than built a sporty variant of it (which is doing well).
  10. Your st midel would maybe do better than the xlt they tested, but you have to remember, they are comparing the explorer provided by ford within the price they dictate to other likewise vehicles in the same pricepoint. A st model won't be used because the 57k starting price is way to high for these multi car comparos where all fully loaded barely reach 55k. Also, when doing comparos, for the most part, they are comparing the suvs through the lense of a general consumer. Ford worked so hard on the criticsms of the last explorer, they were blinded by what the competition was doing with their vehicles. Yes, rwd platform makes for a sportier yield, but rele what consumer is buying a 7 seat minivan to take on a track. And not only that, ford tuned that car to be sporty, then built a sporty variant of said car. I wont taint the validity of motortrend, most often than not, they actually reward fords unlike their direct journalist competitor.
  11. Dlcorbett

    Finally put order in ...

    That is a beautiful truck
  12. The right square looks like a button for the upper glove box and the left fial looks like a drive modes or drivetrain selector.
  13. Its funny, gm took the c clamp design from ford, just for ford to take the c clamp design from gm lol. I do like the flow through design, its very hyundai/cadillac though. Now we need interior shots
  14. Dlcorbett

    2022 Expedition

    I kno the ford f150 hasnt been unvealed yet but havent seen any prototypes or camoed expeditions yet. I remember seeing camoed refreshed versions of the my15 version back in 2012, atleast 2 yrs b4 release.
  15. Dlcorbett

    2022 Expedition

    Also, hopefully they revise and retune the suspension and add air suspension (atleast to navigator) as well as ventilated sec row seats and heated third row.