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  1. rmc523

    Explorer King Ranch

    Because they can make money doing it that way. Ford has done this for what? Nearly 20 years now? It's not as it it's some massive investment to add a badge on the outside and change a grille.
  2. rmc523

    Explorer King Ranch

    I mean. This essentially is the other trims with a different interior color....
  3. Yeah right. They'll just find new ways to create laws.
  4. Obviously. But they're going to spend it how they want regardless.
  5. It was just an easy round number for examples sake.
  6. rmc523

    Explorer King Ranch

    It's really more simple than you're making it out to be: Tan or black luxury interior -----> Platinum Black sporty interior/performance -----> ST Brown interior ----> King Ranch If they can appeal to more customers simply by changing the interior color, why not?
  7. I think it's more that manufacturers are afraid to get caught with their pants down on BEVs, so they're massively diverting development budgets to them.....that means cuts elsewhere, and the low hanging fruit approach is to consolidate development of parts that are projected to have lower demand with other manufacturers. I wonder if Cummins next step is to work toward a power generation hybrid approach - i.e. a range extending motor that charges the batteries for long haul trucks.
  8. rmc523

    Explorer King Ranch

    I actually don't have a problem with the lower black plastic on Explorer - it visually both shrinks the body giving it a longer, leaner look, while also "raising" the body for a more rugged look. The one area I don't like regarding the plastic is I think the wheel arch pieces are a tad too thick, but otherwise, it's ok here. On Escape, though, I agree to an extent - my biggest complaint there is the rear bumper being all black plastic, which does look cheap.
  9. Considering Puma came out before he was CEO, without plans to bring it to US, he can say that, while also (potentially) working to bring it here. Regarding batteries, he can also be working on a plan for batteries for Ford while also discussing government assistance - aside from the politics of it, it'd be stupid for him as CEO NOT to take advantage of government grants or whatnot if Biden is going to hand them out to fit the green/EV initiative. If given two options, option 1 is they build a 100M factory of their own paying the full price, or option 2 is they can build that same 100M factory, spending 60M of their own money, and the government throws in 40M, obviously option 2 is better (depending on strings, etc, of course), as that's 40M you don't have to spend. His point on a macro level is we need to make stuff in America so we don't get caught with our pants down any time a global issue happens.
  10. rmc523

    Explorer King Ranch

    Yeah, his comment is the first I've heard of that. I do recall some "decontenting" on some of the upper trims, but it was in fact making something like the sunroof an option rather than standard, and lowering the price accordingly.
  11. I don't. The only Explorer element I see is the angled/squared transition from pillar to upper glass cut line.
  12. rmc523

    Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV Debuts

    Back to the Ioniq 5 - apparently it'll us the SK International batteries: https://www.autoblog.com/2021/02/24/hyundai-ioniq-5-sk-international-batteries/
  13. rmc523

    Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV Debuts

    The '05 was retro. And since they were more minor refreshes up to 2014 could be considered retro. But '15 isn't. It certainly still has Mustang cues, but it's not retro. Challenger is another retro vehicle. Cues and a copy are separate things.
  14. rmc523

    Explorer King Ranch

    These aren't unique wheels, just the KR logo center cap. Interior looks nice though!
  15. rmc523

    Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV Debuts

    Comparing a car released 15+ years ago to one released today? The current one isn't retro. At least Mustang's retro design was of a vehicle people loved and clamored for. Can the same be said of this Hyundai? No.