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  1. I'm not sure/don't recall. I'd have to ask.
  2. I should've taken a back shot.
  3. I hadn't seen a new Escape on the road yet until I saw 2 this morning on my commute. They both were lower trims in silver.
  4. My mom had her roof/c-pillar wrapped in black on her new ST:
  5. That's an interesting thought. I guess they weren't able to update those aspects once restarted?
  6. rmc523

    2021 Chevy Tahoe/Suburban

    Here are the latest Yukon shots: https://www.autoblog.com/2019/12/11/gmc-yukon-spy-shots-photos/
  7. rmc523

    2021 Chevy Tahoe/Suburban

    A few overall thoughts: -I actually think overall it/they look pretty good - MUCH better than the trucks inside and out. -That Z71 thing looks horrible - the front is terrible and it looks like it's on stilts. --- Some design oddities for me.... Exterior: -the trim at the top of the c-pillar that runs from the rear door to the d-pillar looks out of place....almost like they couldn't decide how to resolve that area so just threw in a piece of plastic there -likewise the slight sheetmetal crease at the bottom of the rear side window on the c-pillar. -The taillights /back end are odd. -I don't like the trim that encloses the Chevy emblem on the rear liftgate. This was clearly done so it can be easily swapped out for the Yukon (GMC logo) and Escalade (Caddy badge) without changing the whole panel. It just looks out of place and the lines of it don't match with anything. I think it would've looked better if the ends of it had lined up with the license plate opening (so the whole thing would end where the body color part ends). -the Tahoe having a kick up in the beltline and Suburban not having it is also odd. Interior: -I understand what it's for, but the little stitched padded area below the center screen looks funny -the push/pull gear shifter is weird. -That little cubby door on the right of the center screen also looks weird, and I wonder how much it actually holds. -The gauges are still cheap looking/use that same ancient GM/Chevy font. Otherwise, the interior looks good. --- Some funny things from the GMI crowd: -Suddenly the tacked on ipad is ok and looks good. -Push button shifter is now ok too apparently.
  8. rmc523

    2021 Chevy Tahoe/Suburban

    Hm. i wonder what it looked like. I wonder what updates Navigator will get? Hopefully it doesn't stick it out with minimal updates. I have a feeling it's going to skew closer to that than Expy's update. I could see Navi getting a new hatch/taillight design with them "flipping" to match Aviator/Corsair, which are "flat" on top ant carve out underneath, whereas the Navi is the opposite.
  9. rmc523

    2021 Escalade

    For those that don't want to click the link:
  10. I'm surprised it didn't fail for some headlights.
  11. Looks like some great numbers right up there with the Rav-4 and CR-V hybrids.
  12. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/12/09/2020-lincoln-aviator-grand-touring-phev-fuel-economy/
  13. rmc523

    FCA November 2019 Approx. Sales

    Updated with correct YTD percentages.
  14. I don't know if I buy that because the last 4 months since Aviator started going on sale, Nautilus sales were up. That said, coincidentally in November, the jump of Aviator numbers over last month was roughly the same as Nautilus' drop. The "problem" is the gap between Escape and baby Bronco launches results in a too soft Escape being the only option right now at Ford. Ford reports them separately in their quarter releases. The posted monthly figures unfortunately don't seem to separate them, making Explorer figures look better than they would be separated. But by how much, we don't know. Only Q4 numbers will give us an idea for the ratio of Explorer:PIU sales. I may have to do some math and revise Explorer numbers to get monthly estimates when we get Q4 numbers next month. He talks weirdly, but to any of us, how is it not clear? We know the products that are coming.