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  1. I think we'll see an initial jump as people buy the new models, but once baby Bronco comes online, I do think it'll eat into Escape sales resulting in them leveling off, but Ford overall will get a jump overall in the compact segment).
  2. For some reason the build and price only shows 2 options, but there are 5, with different trim options depending on option packages:
  3. rmc523

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    Yeah, it'd be a massive disappointment if true. He's also a guy that's always down on Ford and claiming Ford paid for good initial reviews because they invited journalists somewhere to do the initial reviews of the vehicle - the thing every manufacturer does.
  4. I 100% agree with the deforestation thing. Add more trees/plants. They'll "eat" the CO2.
  5. Well, so would most Broncos too. I was just saying you can offer both an market them to different audiences.
  6. rmc523

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    It's just an illusion because the hatch is "popped" open a bit and the camera angle. It'll be a liftgate. --- Someone over on FIN is claiming baby Bronco will have the same interior as Escape. I find that extremely hard to believe, as why would they go through all the effort of developing a new top hat with a different theme (boxy/masculine) just to throw in the same interior?
  7. rmc523

    2019 IIHS Top Safety Picks

    A model not being IIHS++++++++ or whatever new designation they come up with doesn't mean the existing model or previous model isn't safe. Just means it doesn't fit their moved goalposts. And most of these models seem to not get the highest rating because of headlights and pass everything else.
  8. Well, isn't the Raptor intended to be a desert runner anyway? Whereas a Bronco truck could be rock climbing oriented?
  9. The problem is first it was "global warming" and now to fit additional narratives, it's "climate change." I'm in the camp of I think it is both a cyclical global thing AND that we're having an affect on things. I don't have a problem with instituting better climate-friendly/lower pollution policies, but don't do it to the point where you have to chop off your leg because of a mosquito bite. When you have people that propose concepts such as outlawing flying completely and not allowing people to eat meat because of cow farts - delusional and absurd ideas - how do you expect most people to react? As has been pointed out, the biggest world polluters aren't doing anything to lessen their impact, so we and other countries revert to draconian measures to cause a blip on the radar vs. what improving them would do. And I realize that's a bigger issue than just states. Reverting back to your comment, you think if California instituted a tax like that that the other states that follow California's policies wouldn't introduce the same tax?
  10. rmc523

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    It's weird how it looked so asymmetrical in the other photo, when it clearly isn't in this one. I'm sure the backup camera will go there too.
  11. rmc523

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    Woohoo! Can't wait to see pics.
  12. I'll wait to see one in person, but I'll be honest, it (Escape) does look cheap in many areas in pictures, IMO.
  13. Lincoln's Cavnas site is still working, and points out "Choose from our selection of luxurious pre-owned Lincolns, all less than 3 years old." I guess my confusion with it is - are they just taking CPO models people have traded in, or are they "pre-owned" because they've been part of this program since day 1 of their service life, and therefore have only been used in this service (not by someone that's OWNED the car and then it's thrown into this off a dealer lot).
  14. Hm, interesting. So that'd be the PHEV model coming later.