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  1. Borg posted this at GMI with no info as to where it came from:
  2. rmc523

    2022 Ford Expedition News

    We've seen it's getting a unique dash this time around, using the Mach E's screen. Upon further inspection, and looking at the gauge cluster area and glove box, it appears the panels in front of the driver and passenger may be the same as F-150, but it's obviously getting its own center stack with the Mach E screen and unique center air vents. The center console area unsurprisingly seems to be carryover since it's a refresh.
  3. rmc523

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    I don't believe Microsoft has been involved since the original SYNC, which was well received. I have it still and it's always worked well.
  4. So basically Chrysler/Dodge's current products will be around unchanged for another 10 years and then kaput?
  5. Spy pictures indicate the Lightning appears to be getting the revised Expy's dash with the Mach E's vertical screen.
  6. rmc523

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    They also could have a customer lined up to come look at it and don't want it shown.
  7. F-150 is the crown jewel, so it often gets tech first. I'd imagine they're probably waiting for the upcoming Navigator refresh to announce something (assuming it's tech/systems are able to handle it on just a refresh)
  8. That sucks, but not surprising. I'm into a '22 already/never got the original production email, though.
  9. Regular cab anything is dead on arrival these days. Very very few people want regular cabs. Explorer ST? Edge ST?
  10. rmc523

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    I feel like there was more ability to build unique combos when you have 25% of the market.
  11. rmc523

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    Yeah, that's not good at all.
  12. Looks like a shadow black top too.
  13. rmc523

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    Yeah, it's definitely not been the smoothest launch, but for me, with all that's going on in the world, it's the worst time to launch a vehicle, so I'm more understanding than most there. Everyone is also shocked and further angered by additional delays/changes, and I frankly can't understand why they're surprised - shutdowns from last year have had a ripple effect across multiple industries. Obviously they're going to have issues with different things right now.
  14. You know what I didn't notice that - and now that you mention that, it's also getting it's own taillights too - notice how they notch in like the 2015-20 models rather than the angle down like the '21 Indications are all of them will be Lightning.