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  1. I change my color occasionally, but not often - more often than not, I'll have it on the cyan/ice blue to match the buttons anyway. In my '18 Mustang, I do like being able to swap the colors around in the gauge cluster (for instance, I'll make it red/green around Christmas lol). But that's also a screen, which is different than single color LEDs.
  2. I wonder what the interior changes for the ST are?
  3. I think power ratings may creep up a bit too - remember they announced "targeted" hp/torque.
  4. Are we talking Ford only products there? Because we know about the midsize Ford/Lincoln BEVs that are coming.
  5. So according to your signature, your most recent car purchases have been Mustang and Fusion. Mustang isn't going anywhere. And what midsize sedan are you getting at FCA Stellantis?
  6. rmc523

    Ioniq will be Hyundai's electric brand.

    I wasn't aware the Ioniq name was so successful it warranted becoming a brand. At least Genesis (the model) pushed Hyundai up into an area they'd not been in and was quite successful both in the market and image of the brand.
  7. I'll take a far better ride on the 99% of the normal day-to-day driving over the wheel being able to touch the ground 1% of the time on a massive rock.
  8. Only in half the press photos... --- On a somewhat related note, I saw my first new Defender today - the thing is massive. The beltline was at eye level in my Mom's 2020 Explorer that I was in.
  9. I do think they backed themselves into a corner with that one. Sport Trac sounds like it's based on Sport, when it'd basically be a Bronco (proper) truck.
  10. rmc523

    Cadillac Lyriq EV Teased

    Oh sure, I knew I was putting lipstick on a pig lol But I tried haha.
  11. rmc523

    Cadillac Lyriq EV Teased

    So I did some plastic surgery to the rear end and am curious what you guys think.... My update included extending the taillight upward to the upper greenhouse chrome strip and giving it a "fin" at the top to match the cut line of the chrome strip. I then made the portion of the d-pillar behind the taillight black to emphasize the unique upright body color d-pillar. I also felt like there were a lot of unnecessary "tiers" or "levels" of lines for the sake of lines, so I cleaned it up by moving the license plate opening upward to underneath the main body "waistline" crease (the one that extends around the vehicle). Following this thought, I pulled the corner vertical lights up higher to reach this same "waistline" This second variation takes the upper lights and makes them chrome - this effect can retain the unique upper+lower lighting signature combo I think they want to go for at night, while emphasizing the vertical fin taillights Cadillac is known for. And here's the original for reference: Here it is from the side profile, in the same order: Update: Update w/ chrome upper lights: Original:
  12. My guess is because people are used to the Range Rover/Range Rover Sport difference - which people have no issue confusing.
  13. rmc523

    Cadillac Lyriq EV Teased

    I don't mind the profile/stance - it looks good. But the front end, while ok, is way too busy with all those lines. The rear, however, is an absolute disaster. Taking inspiration from the Prius is never a good thing.