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  1. They'd better be. I love having them. Who cares what Jeep has, Bronco should have them.
  2. My guess is it's a low optioned high trim model, because it does have the massive center screen. We saw a smaller screen in other spy shots, which presumably would be lower trims. So think of Edge ST - where the "base" ST (400A) comes with heated seats standard, but you have the option of the 401A package that adds cooled front seats, heated rear seats and a bunch of other gizmos. I think Mustang is like this too, so it's definitely not unprecedented at Ford.
  3. Nope, they stopped paper printing. And I had let my subscription lapse before that. I agree, it used to be really good. Over the last few years it went way downhill though. Like you said, biweekly, and when it did show up, 75% of it would be ads, and of that remaining 25%, 90% was motorsports stuff which I could care less about Literally out of a 100 page issue (or whatever it was), I'd have 3-4 pages of the whole thing I'd read/be interested in.
  4. I didn't even know Autoweek was still around. I appreciate the post, but that article could've been from a few years ago - I even checked the date on it lol
  5. Maybe they should switch to quarterly reporting.... everyone else is doing it lol.
  6. Is it working now? I've been able to see it the whole time, so if y'all can't see the pic I posted, let me know so I can do something else.
  7. I think Ford is moving to touch screens standard.
  8. If it's not the built in one, it'll be the phone anyway.
  9. rmc523

    2021 F-150?!

    Looked like it had the 6.5 foot bed instead of the 5.5. I forgot that length gets added ahead of the wheel. Ignore it. lol
  10. What do you mean? What's not working for you? The photos and article pull up on my screen. There's the Bronco6g thread too: https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/leaked-2021-bronco-display-screen-center-stack-7-speed-auto-transmission-crawler-gear-off-road-package.1338/
  11. https://www.tflcar.com/2020/05/ford-bronco-infotainment-manual-transmission-news/ TFL truck speculated that it's the same 12" display the new F-150 will use, with the earlier photos probably being a 8 or 10 inch unit. Comparing the identical switchgear beneath the screen between the Bronco and F-150 spy shots, I'd agree with that 12" assessment:
  12. Here's the Bronco's center stack: So looks like there will be two size screens, this is the larger one: Earlier spy pics showed a smaller one:
  13. rmc523

    2021 F-150?!

    This was the most similar picture I could find. I had to flip it fo match this one, so ignore the backward F150 and FX4 badging, but you get the idea: And a Platinum with the long bed for kicks and giggles:
  14. rmc523

    Edge ST Line

    I'm sure we'll see something like it in a few years. Yeah I thought so.