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  1. And I'm not saying we can't do better environmentally (cleaner air, water, etc is good for everyone), but the demands and prohibitive regulations requiring EVs for everything in 15 years when they're already having problems NOW with the power grid just seem out of touch (but I guess it is California we're talking about). You can have a goal, sure, but.....
  2. rmc523

    2021 Ford Puma ST

    I'd have no problem with Ford "2-pronging" the segment with the sporty/swoopy Puma, and keeping the EcoSport more upright and utilitarian (i.e. more skewed toward the Bronco side of things without being a Bronco).
  3. I really amazes me how many tens of thousands of pieces have to come together precisely in a specific order to make one and how they're able to do it! Thanks fuzzy and plant friends! haha.
  4. I'd have to imagine numbers for that will be increased as Fusion hybrid phases out if there is truly a hard "hybrid cap" for Ford overall. I feel like BS is more of an "organic interest" vehicle in the sense that Stacy and Derek will see their friend got one and go check it out and get one, as opposed to Bronco which is more enthusiast-oriented and more folks are anticipating it.
  5. rmc523

    WTF GM ?!?!

    I saw that, and I find it hard to believe a GM designer did that. Actually with some of the ugly designs they put on the pickups, I can see that actually being a designer. Gotta love the 5" of windshield.
  6. rmc523

    Unifor contract update

    Guys. Clearly they're going to have a Mustang-badged truck soon. Duh #expandedMustangfamily!
  7. I also think a BEV architecture could also lend a hand to future sedan-ish offerings.
  8. Yeah, that'd be helpful - I browse via new content, so it jumps me to the latest post and otherwise wouldn't see the first post from a while back.
  9. rmc523

    Unifor contract update

    I would agree, but as pointed out, Ford has a history of exaggerating their offerings by counting multiple powertrains as "extra" electrified vehicles. Where normal people hear that, they think 5 new EV nameplates, when in Ford talk, it could mean a couple of new nameplates with multiple powertrains. I may be wrong, but just going off history here.
  10. rmc523

    Nikola Motors accused of fraud

    I didn't know BORG returned to BOF haha!
  11. rmc523

    Unifor contract update

    Could be? Though someone earlier pointing out Ford's history of including all powertrain variants when tallying up electric models (i.e. an Edge ICE, hybrid, and PHEV counts as "3" models, "2" electrics) makes me skeptical of their "5 electric models" terminology. Interpreting Ford speak in normal people talk, that could easily mean only 3 new models: vehicle 1 - a Ford PHEV (or regular hybrid) and EV version of the same body (i.e. Edge) FORD'S TALLY - "2" models vehicle 2 - a Lincoln PHEV (or regular hybrid) and EV version of the same body (i.e. Nautilus) FORD'S TALLY - "2" models vehicle 3 - a new BEV model. FORD'S TALLY - "1" model Or it could be even "worse" - that it could easily mean 2 new models (in normal people talk): vehicle 1 - a Ford ICE/PHEV (or regular hybrid) and EV version of the same body (i.e. Edge) FORD'S TALLY - "3" models vehicle 2 - a Lincoln PHEV (or regular hybrid) and EV version of the same body (i.e. Nautilus) FORD'S TALLY - "2" models
  12. Heck, on GT500, is it possible they might make as much as a Fusion costs? Even so, that wouldn't fall under the "sport coupe" market. As I already pointed out, they were lateral moves numerically, so "adding" isn't really true. I forgot Mach 1 will replace Bullitt too. And as Akirby said, Mustang is one of the icons - sure they're going to invest in it. Yup, exactly - basically parts of the shelf (aside from the front fascia).
  13. rmc523

    Unifor contract update

    I too am surprised this is so far out and that these products weren't being worked on already. Though I guess you don't plan something without having the place to make them lined up.