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  1. rmc523

    2024 Mustang Spied

    Old platforms didn't stop Toyota from milking them forever.
  2. Probably depends on class/size, but in general I'd agree. Maybe smaller sizes are more "hoppers" jumping from place to place on shorter routes, while bigger RVs are the more "long haul" type we all think of when we hear RV.
  3. Well, that's probably partially because Nissan stopped making that van.
  4. Here it's a mix of Sprinters and Transits
  5. I presume chip limitations for Transit.
  6. https://www.autoblog.com/2022/01/18/2023-ford-bronco-raptor-interior-spy-shots/ Bronco Raptor interior spied. Gets the usual changes - red accents (stitching, air vent knobs, grab handles, etc), metal shift paddles on the steering wheel, additional buttons on the steering wheel (presumably for exhaust/steering wheel settings), but the big news is what appears to be a digital gauge cluster, or at the very least it's different than the regular models (unless regular ones will get this setup going forward).
  7. rmc523

    2024 Mustang Spied

    1) Given it's F-series related, I think it's hard to directly compare what they do there to other vehicle lines. 2) They added a separate EV line in the "parking lot" of Dearborn, so it's not like they dismantled part of the factory, added a BEV line and are running both side by side - it's effectively two separate plants as far as I understand.
  8. I don't see that happening.
  9. Yes, I understand what you were saying. With things transitioning long term to BEV, calling a BEV F-150 "L-150" IS changing the name of their core product.
  10. rmc523

    2024 Mustang Spied

    That statement of his I took more to mean a new model with an ICE/hybrid powertrain (i.e. bringing back the new global Mondeo as Fusion), not adding a hybrid option to an existing product.
  11. rmc523

    2024 Mustang Spied

    I'd throw 5.0 V8 manual in there as well - they're not going to relegate an already limited-take option like the manual to even fewer sales by locking it behind a special edition "paywall" - that kills the business case for a manual further.
  12. So they started out designing a Silverado EV. And wound up designing Avalanche 2.0.
  13. rmc523

    2024 Mustang Spied

    If they can gut the F-150 plant and rebuild it in 8 weeks, I'm sure they could gut and convert to EV in less than a year if they wanted to. I just think there was no real pressure to convert the plant from Fiesta to Mach E in super speed. Given it was their first real EV too, they probably wanted to make sure they got it right.
  14. rmc523

    Ford Stock Inventory Reframing Launch

    One thing I'm noticing here is that we're seeing the "New York region" guide to this. Perhaps @ice-capades can elaborate on this thought if he knows..... Since it mentioned trying to tailor dealer stock orders better to what sells in the particular regions - maybe since the "New York region" has (presumably) higher sales than other regions - say the "Wyoming region" (making that region up) - we're seeing a larger combination of available options available here for NY, whereas, it's quite possible that other regions have fewer combinations to choose from? i.e. the Wyoming region has 5 total combo options for Expy because they sell a lot fewer units, whereas NY gets 19 because it needs a bigger variety to reasonably satisfy customer demands?
  15. But then you can't get closer to the vehicle which is the entire point of the door.