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  1. I guess he's meaning since they're simpler builds/combos, there are fewer variables/potentials to be affected by shortages?
  2. Yeah, I'd believe that on the EcoBoost. The 5.0 is a different story, though, especially with active exhaust.
  3. Saw my first GT yesterday in Cyber Orange. I've seen quite a few regular ones, but this was my first GT. It looked good, though I still like the upgraded wheels better than the GT's standard ones. ---- More on topic, it'll be interesting to see how Mach E is received there.
  4. I have the active exhaust on mine, and track mode definitely pumps up the (real) volume. Sounds like the OP was expecting the Mustang's old reputation for unrefined/throw a big engine in and it's going to be squirrely - but with the '15s+ they did a good job refining it a lot, to were it may seem more "easygoing". Regardless, I love mine, and very much enjoy pushing that right pedal down.
  5. I've never liked the headlight/grille integration of ours, so any change there is welcome in my eyes.
  6. man that absolutely sucks. I’m really sorry to hear that.
  7. F-series had a 52k lead over Silverado as of Q3. Like 1k behind if you combined Silverado and Sierra.
  8. I like it better than the current version. It's a shame we can't have it here. I understand the logic, so not trying to reignite that debate.
  9. rmc523

    Maverick Test Drives

    FWD goes against the Bronco branding.
  10. Except their goal with Expedition is to not have it TOO truck-looking. It's why you saw them change the interior as well, and separate that more from the regular F-150.
  11. I'm sure our Ranger will continue to have the separate front bumper too, whereas this looks to be a global one with the integrated plastic version.
  12. rmc523

    2022 Lexus LX600 Revealed

    The 2022 Lexus Grille LX600 was revealed today:
  13. The back looks quite Kia to me.
  14. rmc523

    2022 Toyota Tundra Thread

    The way they described it, it sounded like it was more transmission tuning than anything - that it went hunting for gears and therefore couldn't give immediate power.