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  1. Is battery degradation a thing in EV cars or have they figured out a way around that? I have a phone for a few years and battery life goes from good to nonexistent in that timeframe.
  2. rmc523

    August Sales?

    That'd be cool, though do individual products lose their importance with that?
  3. This is what I was going to say haha.
  4. That's just bizarre. I didn't realize that's what that pillar was.
  5. I don't remember what thread it was on, but someone mentioned maybe Ford is temporarily increasing the incentives on Edge to alleviate the Explorer changeover.
  6. I've seen only a handful of Fusion Sports. Edge Sports and STs are everywhere though.
  7. rmc523

    August Sales?

    That's definitely great news. I'm really excited for it. And like I said, I'd rather have it right than fast. He meant it'll be that good/well received as the '05 Mustang. You're misreading the chart. The 2019 numbers are YTD only. Ranger started from zero. Obviously it's trend will be up. The others are coming from higher yearly rates vs. 8 months of 2019, obviously they'll be "down". That's why I included the column on the right showing the % increase for the year of each model. I guess I didn't label it, so I apologize for that. As you can see, though, all models are up so far for the year except for Colorado (down about 9%) and Ridgeline (even).
  8. rmc523

    August Sales?

    It was just a poke at Ford's 2017 to 2021 timeline from announcement to production model of Bronco. I know the reasons, and I'd rather have it done right than fast just to be out.
  9. rmc523

    August Sales?

    Poor choice of words haha. Either that or I'd hate to see the slow version haha.
  10. The "island" pillars are an interesting detail.
  11. Yup, that's what I figure too. Makes complete sense too. The new Defender did something similar with a lot of pre-fit accessories available.
  12. rmc523

    August Sales?

    Heck, all they have to do is add the tech F-150 has (backup trailer knob, BAMR, etc.) with the next gen Ranger and they'll be set and it'll be a matter of time.
  13. rmc523

    August Sales?

    So I was thinking there was a bigger lull by Colorado/Canyon. It's also clear to see as Ranger exited the market, Tacoma started jumping rapidly.
  14. rmc523

    August Sales?

    So being a market of 1 (Frontier and Ridgeline are meh efforts at best), I'd hope they're "dominating" the segment as the default/only choice. Guess I'll go look up some numbers and make a chart. And yeah, the 800-900k a year F-series sales and best selling for what 40+ years now definitely says that Ford owners are the least loyal...... He was referring to Ranger specifically. But also those are models on the way out. Because it's not realistic yet. Don't worry, Ford will have that box checked next year for you.