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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. I got invited to a Mustang-related one last year, but I think I replied too late to be part of it. i probably would’ve been disqualified from it in a screening process though once I’d mention I had a Bronco on order and wouldn’t be purchasing another Mustang.
  2. the way the black plastic doesn’t continue on the door - yet it has an indentation for separation - is killing my OCD lol
  3. with Ford’s MO of late, we’ll probably see some new taillight graphics, a different “Explorer” badge out back, and a new front end, with a *slightly* larger screen inside and no other interior changes …
  4. You and me both. Visited 6g lately? 😂
  5. I don’t think so. I think it’s just a shared design language.
  6. right and Even so, they’re getting fresh product until BEV models arrive. meanwhile in its home market, we’re stuck with a warmed over 2016 MKX. The new dash certainly helps but still. And a minimal at best Corsair refresh.
  7. It looks pretty good. I still say it’s a shame China gets all these products while the US has to soldier on with the same stable for extended periods.
  8. the local Chevy dealer sold the used car building on their property and a 7 story old folks home is going there. Another caveat to that is that the government was involved in the GM bankruptcy.
  9. rmc523

    2023 Maverick Tremor

    those examples are carryover products, so there’s not much new info to release, hence they get released earlier. Ranger is clearly on a different timeline than Mustang. Just because they released one so far doesn’t mean they MUST give everything about the other immediately. We’re still in 2022…
  10. rmc523

    Rivian Amazon EV Delivery Van Shown

    It’s a pretty standard looking van just with a more forward cabin without an engine up there...far from a “clown car” just because it has covered wheel wells. Only so many ways to design a box.
  11. I agree, I’m not in some small town either….this dealer is in a “smaller” city relative to others nearby, but south Florida is one continuous/connected metropolis, with interconnected cities. So for them to not be able to upgrade doesn’t entirely make sense…..unless they’re being told that the upgrades couldn’t be done in a reasonable time so that they could make an informed decision by Ford’s deadline? This dealer is also the only Ford one for at least a 10 miles radius, and perhaps more importantly one of the few Lincoln dealers in the area (in an area that has a lot of Lincoln’s), so I feel it’s not okie Ford would want to close. i frankly don’t understand these imposed time limits of “you have to sign up for Model E by X date, otherwise you have to wait another 5 years to sign up” (or whatever it was). as others have speculated, maybe it is an effort to reduce dealer numbers. I also don’t understand the 25 EVs per YEAR limitation. Seems like Ford would be shooting themselves in the foot here? Customer comes in, “sorry, we’ve sold our 25 cars for the year, come back next year” Unless Ford thinks people are going to hang out at the dealer and look at the latest models while their vehicle is charging ? but requiring that seems excessive. Requiring some for service needs I understand.
  12. Let's hope Ford can get these parts issues figured out soon.
  13. There's a dealer here locally that has been in business for 48 years that is closing basically immediately because of the BEV requirements. And it's not because they don't want to upgrade - they tried to get permits with the city to upgrade, but were told that the power needed for the required charging facilities could not be provided in the area, so they apparently made the decision to close completely.
  14. rmc523

    Fiesta Commercial

    i forgot about that guy! I didn’t realize that was the same guy. It all makes sense now! Haha
  15. Yup, that’s what we’re saying