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  1. Mine either. Checked on their inventory and nada, nothing there in person when I went for an oil change either (they did have an absurd $50k markup on a several $96k GT500s though...) .......reminds me, I forgot to drive by their get-ready lot..... This dealer group is weird - since they took over from AutoNation a few years ago, they run things strangely - they have half their lot empty right now, and find it hard to believe they sold all those trucks at once.
  2. rmc523

    Gen 3 Raptor

    Looks like it gets factory fogs now too.
  3. No problem, and thanks for the pointer! I'll update it for next month/going forward.
  4. For those that like nice colors:
  5. This is about where I am too - if Ford had offered a hybrid Bronco (either regular or PHEV), I'd go with that now, but they don't, so normal ICE it is for this one. I have considered a MME (and I'd be lying if I said the tax credit doesn't make it more appealing), but I just don't know if I'm ready for a full BEV yet, with an uncertain housing situation going forward (may be moving soon and don't know if it'll be a condo without chargers, or a house where one can be installed), I don't think it's feasible to make that jump just yet.
  6. F-series is the crown jewel - it basically gets whatever it wants/needs to be successful. Another thing with the 7-10 options - there may technically be 7-10, but I think at least 4 of them are the same with different color surfaces/finishes (i.e. body color bars vs. chrome bars).
  7. I don't know if there are climate change "deniers" here, as much as being more realistic with analysis of it - in that it's been a "sky is falling next year" thing for 20-30 years (first global cooling, then it's global warming, now it's just "climate change"). Not to get off on a tangent, but I believe it's both naturally cyclical and that we have an effect. I see deforestation as a big problem, and that obviously affects the climate because of oxygen/co2 production/"scrubbing". Plus the fact that EVs are not all roses - maybe they're cleaner on an individual level vs ICE emissions, but that ignores the additional power generation needed (which, I'm sorry, is not all coming from renewable - not feasible right now) and the mining for the elements to make the batteries - factors that are conveniently ignored by EV supporters. I'm not against EV, just the negatives need to be pointed out too, and not ignored. As for EV adoption - naturally percentages will increase from the 0 they started at.......but when you have governments subsidizing their sales, and mandating EVs, obviously sales will have to increase and have "no sign the market trend is going to reverse" - government literally won't allow it lol. Or you can still buy or have an ICE but you can't drive it to X, Y, Z locations... point is - it's not 100% organic growth. This is a big issue too. A buddy of mine was considering a Tesla, but lives in an older condo building, with nowhere to charge it. It just really ties in to the overall electric/charging/infrastructure issue.
  8. i agree. I want to see that Lincoln BEV that Rivian was to build
  9. rmc523

    General Motors - Nikola Memorandum

    “Everything else” has shrunk every time there’s news about Nikola.
  10. rmc523

    General Motors - Nikola Memorandum

    So, I ask again, what is Nikola providing here? If GM is providing the powertrain?
  11. rmc523

    2018 Cadillac XT4 Accident

    Seems strange, especially with it only being 2 model years old. I didn't think they've changed anything on the XT4 since then, have they?
  12. I mean, could the same not be said of most of the compact class?
  13. Who knows. Their (and GM's) plan seems to change daily.
  14. https://www.autoblog.com/2020/11/24/bronco-sport-epa-fuel-economy-mileage-figures/ 1.5L - 25 city / 28 highway / 25 combined (by comparison, AWD Escape gets 26 city / 31 highway / 28 combined) 2.0L - 21 city / 26 highway / 23 combined