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  1. Could we see one this show season even?
  2. rmc523


    I know. It was a "not sure"
  3. You know, this made me think about this.... We've been upset that it sounds like Edge/Nautilus will go to C2 instead of RWD/CD6. BUT if there are two midsize electric utilities, they could totally be RWD/AWD and be more performance oriented, while Edge/Nautilus go more "normal/relaxed".
  4. The midsize ones we've talked about for a while now?
  5. Well, werent the midsize BEVs slated for 22/23? We haven't had a timeline on the Rivian model until RJ Scaringe mentioned its progress the other day.
  6. rmc523


    Interesting guesses!
  7. rmc523

    Time for new CEO?

    I really don't understand the doom and gloom surrounding Ford as if they're just skating by about to close the doors, which is hardly the case.
  8. rmc523


    Oh. Guess I'm weird and I don't consider the 2 and 4 door different models.
  9. Yeah, these definitely fit better than the previous wheels. I'd hope those are the DRLs. looks like it with them being on there. Ford's official DRLs are often just the headlights on, but the accent lights stay on all the time.
  10. Well, they're anticipating the RS1 to start at $72,500 and go up from there if that gives any indication. Well, there's a midsize BEV coming too. I agree Nautilus is a good size. Saw my second Corsair on the road this morning - it looks great!
  11. rmc523

    NG Ford Fusion Mule Spied

    You realize the Outback is just a lifted Legacy right? The front ends (aside from lower bumper treatment) are identical.
  12. rmc523

    Mustang Mach 1 mule?

    I have as well. Definitely doesn't look right.