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  1. It could be argued that they never should've gone in the first place with the Chinese partner (take your designs/knowledge) requirement.
  2. 2025 BMW X3 debuts bold new design, even bolder interior for next generation - Autoblog X3 30: X3 M50: Not sure about you guys, but I'm not loving BMW's new design language.
  3. 2025 Audi E-Tron GT is topped by new 912-hp RS Performance trim - Autoblog As promised in a tease two months ago, the refreshed Audi E-Tron GT is out for the European market. And as expected, the upgrades track with those seen on the refreshed Porsche Taycan that sits on the same J1 platform as the Audi. Every E-Tron GT gets a battery pack that's grown from a usable 84 kWh to 97 kWh (105 kWh gross). An improved chemistry along with mechanical improvements to pack features like the cooling plates between cells means this greater capacity takes up less space and weighs about 20 pounds less than the previous pack. We'll have to wait on changes to EPA-rated range, Audi only saying max range is up to 375 miles on the WLTP cycle. The range expands to three trims, with S at the bottom, RS E-Tron GT in the middle, and the RS E-Tron GT Performance inaugurating the RS division's first all-electric Performance model. ... The S makes 671 horsepower, a healthy rise over the 523 hp in today's entry-level E-Tron GT. That lowers the 0-62 mph time to 3.4 seconds, about a half-second quicker than before. ... The RS makes 845 hp with the standard boost function that injects 94 more horses in ten-second increments, getting the GT to 62 mph in 2.8 seconds. ... The Performance top trim makes 912 hp on boost, becoming the most powerful road car Audi's ever made. Getting to 62 miles per hour takes 2.5 seconds.
  4. Fisker files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Delaware - Autoblog
  5. Well, we'll have to agree to disagree. I feel the detailing on the Ypsilon is terrible. The green Peugeot is by far the best of the bunch, IMO....(except those ugly wheels lol). The Opel is next with the Citroen and Ypsilon are tied for a distant third. I've always preferred cleaner designs.....they look more elegant to me - adding a ton of trim, extra shapes, etc. tells me they're overstyling it and that the base design wasn't good enough, so they tack on "look at me" elements to overcome it.
  6. Hopefully they do a quick turnaround between the debut and on-sale dates instead of the usual long drawn out waiting period. I've never understood why they debut something and wait a year to put it on sale, killing the initial excitement of the new model's debut.
  7. Yup, that's been my point as well - the Navigator/Expy's rear cargo area is already long/massive (especially in the Max/L versions), this setup will only put you farther away from items at the front of the cargo area. Like I mentioned above, I do remember some patents for some sort of moving cargo floor to bring items outward - maybe we'll see some sort of trick setup to counteract this issue.
  8. Lol. Not sure what F250 has to do with anything. I just don't consider a design with a mish-mash of styling cues that don't relate to one another elegant. The black on the hood edge looks like a hood wind deflector, the bizarre unnecessary rectangles by the license plate, squared off rear design elements on an otherwise curvy vehicle, stuck on round taillight pods, etc. The body shape overall isn't bad for the segment, but I just don't like the detailing.....maybe it looks better in person?
  9. For sure. He's not actively looking - he was actually looking to see what Escape prices were for his gf - but looked at trucks while he was there. His '19 F-150 Lariat is doing fine, but he's tired of the SuperCab and would prefer a SuperCrew (he bought it used, and it was a good deal considering the options it had vs. lesser equipped new models).
  10. that sounds ridiculous to me. Didn't realize Toyota didn't do that. My brother said he was taking a look through the local lot and that most of the F-150s on the lot (mostly XLTs, some Lariats) were 70k. crazy.
  11. I've seen people that have started taking those "return postage paid" letters and putting them on boxes they fill with rocks and ship them back to make them pay for it.
  12. they may offer one, but that’s just a black Expy, with the camo creating the illusion of a black roof. Look at the panel gaps where there’s no camo
  13. I can only comment on my mom's BMW - yes, both sections are powered. There is one fob button that opens the top section only. The lower section gets opened via button push on the top of the lower section (when the upper part is open). Closing can be done via one touch of the button on the upper portion. BMW has a kick activated sensor too, but it is eliminated with the tow package (which my mom's has) so I can't comment on how that operates.
  14. Not sure how that accomplishes anything different than the liftglass from before.
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