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  1. Local University of Florida Shands Hospital System was hacked couple weeks ago and everything is now done by paper and pencil until further notice.
  2. paintguy

    Who`d a Thought....

    Or as one former manager once told me, "An assembly line works much better when we all show up at the same time." This was followed by expletives for the "process coaches" who did not hold everyone to that standard.
  3. As others have mentioned Blue Cruise has bad connotations. I can think of Blue Streak, Blue laws, old timey "Blue movies" But then then there is the Blues Brothers, St. Louis Blues, Blues Music, and Blue Bloods. Good to see some new electrics from Lincoln. For the next trick, super fast charging stations.
  4. paintguy

    Who`d a Thought....

    Flying Monkeys had the day off. OT restrictions...
  5. paintguy

    Who`d a Thought....

    When I was young, I attended Catholic Schools. At least in matters of faith, I was told what to think. Later, I attended public schools and finally Universities. At University, I was taught how to think. Critical Race Theory elevates a theory to dogma that students will be requested, well actually required, to regurgitate. I managed to recover from my early education, grow up to work for Ford, and never need Vaseline.
  6. paintguy

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    Used vehicles increasing in price in response to the shortage. Noting your Minnesota tags, might be able to get Explorers with "slight" fire damage.
  7. paintguy

    Who`d a Thought....

    Well we have the plague, locust (aka cicada's), storms of epic proportions, I'm sure Chicago will kill all the fish in the Calumet to insure no Asian carp are there. So 6 more to go. I haven't heard of frogs anywhere yet. Don't think Pharaoh getting Dementia was in there.
  8. In the old days (1990's) ordering a car, particularly with the Big 3, was commonplace. Todays dealerships seem more reluctant to place orders. In light of current conditions, might be time to go back to the practice. In any case fulfilling orders depends on availability of components. Back in the day had a car delayed for anti lock brakes. Not sure how priorities are working today. Some are delaying higher lines since more electronics are needed. There may be a priority to higher profit higher lines. Either way an honest dealer should tell you where you stand.
  9. paintguy

    Who`d a Thought....

    You got to hand it to him, at least he got his job back. Nothing like that could happen at Ford, thank goodness.
  10. Hard to separate out, as these nations appear to make little effort to stem these gangs. Add that to the fact that foreign companies in these countries operate as partnerships with approved local companies. Don't see that in the US. Gives the impression that in these "Iron Curtain" countries nothing happens without government knowledge.
  11. paintguy

    Who`d a Thought....

    When has that ever stopped you?
  12. paintguy

    Who`d a Thought....

    https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/attending-her-last-g-7-030017080.html So Angela Merkel has had enough of US leadership? Want a bigger share of G7 and NATO leadership? Pony up some money. The Orange Man was demonized in the press for asking The EU NATO "powers" to do an agreed upon fair share. I'm sure Biden will gladly share power, foot the bill with our dollars, and defend the wretched mess with US Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen (Airpersons?).
  13. paintguy

    Who`d a Thought....

    No, your checkbook, and mine. Or maybe just one from our "equity" line of credit.
  14. paintguy

    Who`d a Thought....

    Gonna Get Me a Shotgun Performed by Garrett Morris on 24 Jan 1976 (Peter Cook and Dudley Moore) I'm gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the whities I see, I'm gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the whities I see. When I kill all the whities I see, then whitey he won't bother me, I'm gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the whities I see. Then I'll get a white woman who's wearing a navy blue sweater. From a parody involving irrational white fear, to a supposedly serious psychiatrist addressing medical students. Note that is a psychiatrist and not psychiatric patient! As we have asked before, who is running the asylum?