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  1. paintguy

    Who`d a Thought....

    Every day when you walk into Ford you have to have an ID. If you go for the COVID shot/Implantable chip, you need an ID. If you get some type of government benefit, you need an ID. So if ID for voting is unacceptable since nobody cheats, I'm sure Coca Cola is leaving the vault at HQ with the secret formula open. Let's put big windows in the Ford design center so everyone can see what the new F-150 looks like. No one would ever think of taking information. Let's not require an ID when getting on Delta Airlines. Who would lie about having a ticket? And while we are at it let's tear down the wall at the Capitol and White House cause walls don't work.
  2. paintguy

    Who`d a Thought....

    Since one mask is good and two masks are better, I have a suggestion. I know a few people I would recommend six masks, call it a Six Sigma program. We could even have badges and certificates...
  3. paintguy

    Ecoboost Coolant Intrusion

    Could not agree more. Lost a customer who used my "A" Plan with this problem. Engine rebuilt and then failed. Tried to charge them to repair an improper repair to the initial problem. Zone office rectified it after weeks without the vehicle. They are now proud owners of a RAV 4 Hybrid. Not holding my breath for Toyota to screw up. Had an opportunity with a conquest customer.
  4. paintguy

    CAP Whatta Mess

    Or we could substitute the chips with other components:
  5. The other story is the same year Ford made the "Five Hundred", Chrysler introduced the "300". Comparisons in buyers mind were inevitable. Practicality and Fuel Economy, the Five Hundred had the advantage. Excitement belonged to the 300. 300 still on sale, Five Hundred barely a memory on Blue Oval News. Price of gas, same for both.
  6. Go down that primrose path and we end up with a "Lincoln - Mercury" situation. And then starve the dealers of product..
  7. Heard the 3.5 was nixed due to torque handling limitations of the CVT. A mystery as to how management thought the Five Hundred powertrain was competitive. Notice how that CVT was confined to the dustbin of Ford history. (CVT for hybrid is completely different)
  8. Much of the trouble with Freestyle was due to the mediocre engine (200hp Duratec) and transmission (CVT). Both of these were changed in Taurus X, but you are correct, as the damage to the reputation was done. Visually not much differentiation. I recall also the 2008 Taurus auto show car, could see the buffer marks where they removed the "Five Hundred" badging.
  9. Taurus was a practical alternate to SUVs of the time. Over 20 cuft of cargo space and awd. The short lived Taurus X tried to bridge the gap between wagon and SUV (ala Subaru). Failed miserably in sales. Those who bought seemed to enjoy them. BTW still own a Taurus SHO.
  10. paintguy

    Who`d a Thought....

    Highly doubt it as by the time such a thing would happen there will be National Health Insurance with single payer. Now Government would just look silly denying payment for something they recommended. And we know the government would never look silly.
  11. paintguy

    Who`d a Thought....

    Unfortunately correct. Since we have prioritized the elderly (myself included) for the vaccine, each life saved represents say 5-20 years per person. For a young person, for each life saved could represent 40-50 years per person. Therefore which is the greater good? Not so obvious. Secondly how many survivors of COVID will face consequences of compromised lungs, heart, etc?
  12. paintguy

    Who`d a Thought....

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/america-long-favored-cars-over-141706736.html Biden's plan to break hold cars have over U.S. And the UAW supported him, why? Get jobs at the Wixom windmill factory that never quite made it?
  13. paintguy

    Who`d a Thought....

    Hmm. Most parochial schools have had in person learning this school year. Most public schools have not. No news of tremendous outbreaks. Must be the Holy Water...
  14. The Greenies have been touting "green" hydrogen for some time. This involves electrolysis of water with renewable electricity. Currently 3 times the price of fossil hydrogen. Hydrogen pricier than LPG, and pricier than gasoline.