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  1. paintguy

    Unifor contract update

    So Edge and Nautilus soldier on as lame duck models until 2024? If a 3 year deal these investments are not made until the contract is over.
  2. paintguy

    Those poor explorers..

    I'm afraid that is not gonna buff right out..
  3. paintguy

    Three Row Ford Escape?

    Sounds like it could be useful for Europe or Asia. USA customers tend to be too super sized for this. Even young, fit, parents could end up with back strain working a car seat in that 3rd row.
  4. paintguy

    Walton Hills Stamping

    27 is not many employees. Skeleton crew to maintain remaining structure and remediation?
  5. paintguy

    2020 Voluntary Incentive Program

    I'm a retired salary person. Took the phased retirement deal. About a 3 month continuation of pay and benefits. A little after I left, staff level were given the 9 month severance deal. Thought some high seniority retirement types received 12 months. Need to ask yourself, is there a high probability your position could be eliminated or your potential development be limited? What is your best alternate outside of Ford? Are you wiling to relocate? Know some who have taken buyouts or left in the last recession/downsizing. Some have done very well. Skills obtained or honed at Ford served them well. The flip side is others who did not have a good game plan have struggled. In the end, the severance is a nice little nest egg. If it fits your career goals for the next 10 or 20 years, might be right to leave.
  6. paintguy

    No corporate "history book" !

    Kinda reminiscent of the Jack Nasser era. Everything Ford bought, we ended up putting up big money and selling for pennies on the original purchase price. After his sacking from Ford, Bank One hired him due to his experience with acquisition. Or as Woody Allen said, a broker is someone who invests your money until it is gone.
  7. paintguy

    Is the USPS competative?

    How is this related to Ford or Ford Employees?
  8. Mach E looks better. Both SUVs look as if any minor contact with at the rear of the car will disable the liftgate. Think I would go with a tow package on either one so the hitch acts as a bumper guard.
  9. CAP manufactures the majority of the Police vehicles for Ford. Majority of employees are People of Color. Not just entry level or hourly either. GSR employees and many LL6s and LL5s there over the years. Several Plant Managers and Assistant Plant managers as well.
  10. Could you give us the Reader's Digest version? The link is to a paywall.
  11. paintguy

    DONT drop the soap,Gary!

    Time to maintain the equipment? We have bailing wire, chewing gum and duct tape. (No WD-40 in Paint). What more could we want?
  12. Always pleased with smoothness of Ford HEV's. I've also driven Toyota and Lexus HEVs. Toyota and Ford seem comparable. Lexus as expected is smoother, partly due to the V-6 powertrain. Expect Lincoln should aim for this level. Performance is defintely superior for Lincoln.
  13. Can't answer the 1st question. As to the second a standard shutdown would empty automation cells, Paint spray booths and ovens. Some lines are emptied to accommodate maintenance and cleaning operations. Yes partially completed trucks are routinely left on the line. Exception are during a complete model changeover.
  14. paintguy

    EV's have a long way to go

    As a former Escape Hybrid owner, over 100K miles, no battery or computer module glitch ever. I believe you will have at least as high a chance of mechanical/control problems with an ICE car. Last powertrain problem I've had was an oil leak on an '03 Jaguar X type. I know, served me right for buying a Jag. At least I bought it used, so I got a good price.
  15. Bat Leather interior for the Wuhan Edition? "Sync" system with hot and cold running hand sanitizer?