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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. The 1989 to 1995 Ford Taurus SHO engine bay was a good looker. That Yamaha built engine had purposeful intakes. Opening that hood was always a joy. My 2014 SHO, looks like it was outsourced to Rubbermaid. My friend's, Lexus 450h is even worse. Removed about a dozen push pins to find the air cleaner.
  2. The vulnerabilities of Tesla are the build quality and reliability. Luxury price without a true luxury look and feel. Styling is subjective, but to my eyes, look like a high school kid's drawing of a futuristic car, from about 1970. The no dealer distribution system is liked by buyers, and is a cost save. As more Tesla buyers become "regular" people without multiple extra vehicles, service will become a larger component of customer satisfaction. My experience with Ford dealers is that servicing is a strong point.
  3. Seems the details of assembly have been difficult to learn. Also impressive new technology can be great, but also introduce new problems. From reading your posts Fuzzy, believe you have seen that up close and personal.
  4. True enough. But much of the electronics left with that. Ford believed it was not core to the business, so talent base was not replaced.
  5. How much of this was exacerbated by spin off of Visteon? I'm just a paint guy, but recall being in quality meetings where the electronics folks relied on the vendors even more than paint. And we relied on vendors a bunch in paint.
  6. I was told the same thing. Pretty much had to take a bribe. They were working with career navigator when I retired. Said it was to be a big improvement. Sorry to hear it isn't all that. Think if you had a part time job at Radio Shack when in High School, would list somewhere as "experience in electronics". But seriously, as a Paint Guy, I could realistically have relevant experience in many processes used in battery manufacture. Ford may find difficulty in hiring experienced people in the "new" technologies. For any that desire to continue employment, don't sell yourself short. Anyone who has maintained productivity, particularly since the Great Recession, has that to take pride in accomplishment.
  7. For any salaried employees out there. Good time to look and update your LDEP. If you have any coursework or experience prior to Ford which may have benefit to the new electric world order. Know sometimes management doesn't look too deep when making these decisions. But increase your odds. Interesting enough I know at least 4 former Ford Employees who currently work for Tesla. Amazing how Tesla needs automotive talent, and Ford needs fewer...
  8. Bringing back any of Nasser's policies sounds like a wrong move. Built a "House of Brands" sold off for pennies on the dollar. The new models programs were way behind and uninspired. Also after Nasser's departure during the Great Recession, most Ford Salaried were shocked when General reductions came along. Said they never had that. Only from plants closing or for cause.
  9. Ford has some excellent quality programs. It needs to turn those to a quality culture. There is a difference. Treatment of suppliers matters. What priority is Ford on the list of electronics suppliers? My guess is not too high. Cars being built without all the parts, sitting around or shipped to be repaired later is a recipe for problems. Ford has come close to "world class" a number of times. Time to close the deal.
  10. Another impractical concept that is totally unaligned with product direction shown in the last 10 years. No Lincoln Sedan. No Coupe since the Mark VIII. When you have trouble selling sedans and your customer base is old, a low, door stop shaped vehicle not likely. But it does look like a car the alien from "The Day the Earth Stood Still" might drive.
  11. paintguy

    Don`t Be Surprised

    Look at the bright side, at least he should be getting shift premium.. Avoiding higherups and endless meetings are another benefit.
  12. paintguy

    Next Gen Edge in China

    Edge has had nice clean lines in previous generations. This looks like a Japanese design. Put a sliding door on it, and it could be a minivan. Excuse me while I rush to the eyewash station.
  13. paintguy

    Don`t Be Surprised

    Sure hope your new engineers are getting some OJT. But then who conducts the "Train the Trainer session"?
  14. paintguy

    Don`t Be Surprised

    Whenever I question retiring, I come to BON to confirm my decision. Hang tough.
  15. paintguy

    Driver and Front Passenger Vent Windows

    Know it would add manufacturing complexity and higher models would demand electric powered vent windows. In the old days you could clear the windows on a humid day by opening a vent wing. Smokers loved it, and today without ashtrays, would be a big hit. With retro look vehicles like Bronco and Bronco sport, it would fit right in. Maybe a special run on the next Bullitt Mustang?