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  1. paintguy

    Who`d a Thought....

    Remember the progressive wing of the Democrats wants us all to give up cars and trucks. Electric skateboards and light rail to handle the traffic, in addition to sneaker power. . How many of those do we make here in the USA? Of course the enlightened ones will still have armored cars and private jets. Suburbs will be closed so we can return to the city in Democrat harmony
  2. paintguy

    Ford Vaccine Survey?

    Man goes to the doctor. Doctor asks "do you want a flu shot?" Man says yes. A week later he goes back to the doctor. Tells the doctor "Doctor, I got the flu after you gave me the shot." Doctor responds "AH, you wanted a flu vaccine shot!" Be careful with what you ask for.
  3. Do it online. They can accept a picture taken with a cellphone as well. Just be sure your marriage License hasn't expired. LOL
  4. paintguy

    Results, Fact not Fiction

    For non Chicagoland people, that is the address of St. Sabina RC church. Pastor, Fr. Pfleger, a well known advocate for gun control and social justice, would undoubtedly confirm an address for anyone born after John Baptiste DuSable.
  5. paintguy

    Results, Fact not Fiction

    Never said COVID isn't killing anyone. Obviously it is. Are the numbers padded? Could be treatment of "COVID" pays better than "flu". Coding of medical bills have long been a number game.
  6. paintguy

    Results, Fact not Fiction

    Flu is down by 98% this season. I wonder why? Follow the money. 14 million COVID vaccine doses distributed by the federal government, fewer than 3 million administered. Must be getting a huge cold storage bill.
  7. Yes. See it on other manufacturers vehicles as well. It is a problem in aircraft, as you might suspect.
  8. If done properly, steel can be treated to resist rust. Pretreatment and e-coat (elpo to GM fans) provide significant corrosion protection. Aluminum is subject to filiform corrosion. Filiform corrosion can be observed on edges of panels in many vehicles. It can be prevented by several pretreatment measures. The most effective is chromate solutions. For environmental reasons, that is not going to happen in automotive. Aftermarket repair of aluminum is also pricey.
  9. Main point is managing perception. Ford actually does a good job with hybrid vehicles. (Yes, I have had experience with Ford and Toyota hybrids) You would not know that in public opinion. Perception of Ford as a BEV producer, or BEVs other than Tesla as serious transportation is nil. ICE vehicles have a fully developed infrastructure. BEVs do not. Much automotive advertising sells the "go anywhere, anytime" dream. Whether we need it or not is irrelevant.
  10. Needs to be addressed quickly. Tesla Y close in price and capabilities. Reliability should favor Ford, but being the 1st "true" BEV from Ford, not a guarantee. I have seen Tesla superchargers even here in the Midwest. Anytime I comment on BEV charging speed, some "Teslarati" comments that it is faster than I calculate. Since perception is reality in this game, we need some "delighted and surprised" early adopters.
  11. paintguy

    Most Popular Color of 2020

    I am surprised $3,000 would cover it. Porsche tends to have pricey options.
  12. paintguy

    Most Popular Color of 2020

    The "whites" of the palette have made an amazing run. The metallic variants and particularly tri coats have added excitement to what was once "plain vanilla". Interestingly it has become almost impossible to do kitchen appliances in all but basic models in white. The other, less reported item is the stranglehold of black for interior colors. Many years ago there were many more colorful choices. With a nod to assembly complexity, choices are greatly reduced. Thankfully paint systems are still about 10- 15 per plant with choices depending on exact model. Specialty vehicles for fleet or police have an even wider palette including muddy browns and greys, as well as bright colors not seen on regular vehicles in decades.
  13. paintguy

    Results, Fact not Fiction

    He forgot to mention the Studebaker Museum is in South Bend.
  14. I'll confess, I actually bought an IBM PC jr. At Sears no less. About 2K all in. Back in 1982 when $2K was real money. Looking back the only good thing about that PC was the wireless keyboard. While derided at the time, it predicted the many wireless controllers, mice, etc to come.
  15. Europe still struggling with HC, NOx and CO emissions as well as CO2. CO2 reduction in "zones" doesn't help. With lower average commuting distances in Europe, PHEV should work. If you are a ride share driver, would need a BEV. Also overly tight CO2 regulation that result in offshoring manufacturing will not help. China has looser rules, and will not even play by those rules. Chinese still building coal fired electric generation. In the west, building or even refurbing coal fired generation would have someone question your sanity.