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  1. It may have been a skunkworks project with only a few people working on it. It's also been 54 years. I'd guess that anybody who did work on it have long since retired. Some (all?) may have passed away too.
  2. You should contact Ford: From the article: "Because Ford doesn't have other information on the car, it's asking the wider world for help. If you have information about this car, send it to ClubHub@Ford.com. And if you can solve this mystery, Ford says it will provide a reward."
  3. From today's Autoline Daily. Go to the 2:41 mark. Hard to say what engines he's referring too, but probably 302/351/429/460. I've heard the same comments made about the 4.9L straight six. http://www.autoline.tv/journal/?p=67101
  4. Those who remember the Total Performance years will find this interesting. https://www.autoblog.com/2020/04/06/1966-ford-mustang-midengine-concept-mystery/
  5. mackinaw

    Ford and VW partnership

    Volkswagen is currently losing more than two billion dollars per week because of Covid-19. All manufacturers are reevaluating their product plans. https://metallurgprom.org/en/news/ukraine/3728-folksvagen-terjaet-bolee-2-milliardov-dollarov-v-nedelju-iz-za-kornavirusa.html
  6. mackinaw

    GM Delays Mid-Cycle Updates

    From memory, most F-series fleet sales are fourth quarter.
  7. mackinaw

    GM Delays Mid-Cycle Updates

    Personally, I doubt the Bronco or Bronco Sport will launch as first planned. Nobody ever planned on having factories shut down for weeks, or even months, because of some virus. It's not just Ford though, the entire industry is in the same position. All anybody can do is ride the wave until the worst is over.
  8. mackinaw

    GM Delays Mid-Cycle Updates

    Don't know about the Bronco, but Mach E development is continuing. From today's Autoline Daily. Go to the 1:51 mark. http://www.autoline.tv/journal/?p=66973
  9. mackinaw

    GM Delays Mid-Cycle Updates

    FCA has also deferred certain programs until this is over. If Adam Jonas (Morgan Stanley) is to be believed, GM (and Ford) could be burning through one billion dollars/week. Of course there's going to be adjustments to their spending plans.
  10. Covid-19 strikes again: https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/general-motors/2020/03/30/gm-delays-mid-cycle-vehicle-updates-due-pandemic-disruption/5086710002/?fbclid=IwAR1YzTI0S6vBGV-jQS-yF12nUigb7W6xgE_SRpvKtty9teh1CK_jJRdrUbY
  11. mackinaw

    NAIAS officially cancelled

    It's rescheduled for June, 2021.
  12. mackinaw

    NAIAS officially cancelled

    Too bad. I was looking forward to going.