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  1. I wonder if Ford is planning a convertible version of the Mach E? That would get my interest (even living in an area where snow is on the ground for five months out of the year).
  2. Having a local dealer is a major plus. Even if I was going to buy a Tesla, I couldn't easily do so, they aren't sold in Michigan. If I do decide to buy a Mach E someday, I'm only a 20 minute drive to my local Ford dealer.
  3. Just heard on Autoline Daily today that, in the last quarter, BMW 3-series sales fell 64%. Maybe not all due to the Model 3, but I betcha BMW is wondering what the hell is going on.
  4. mackinaw

    Flatrock plant

    I'm all on-board for a new T-Bird. That would be cool!
  5. Sandy Munro (former Ford engineer who now runs Munro & Associates) heads a company in SE Michigan that strips downs and analyzes cars for clients. They totally tore down a Model 3. He considers the computer/battery/electronic interface to be class-leading, by far the best in the industry. You can hear his interview on a Autoline After Hours from 2018.
  6. I hear Tesla electronics are state-of-the-art, probably best in class. But so what? Few people care if the vehicle they bought has the best electronics. All they want is for their vehicle to take them safely and reliably from Point A to Point B. The techies care about the electronic thing, the vast majority of consumers don't.
  7. The biggest difference between the Mach E and any Tesla......you'll be able to buy a Mach E at any of the nearly 3,000 Ford dealerships that cover the U.S. Have it serviced too. Good luck doing that with a Tesla.
  8. mackinaw

    Goodbye Focus, hello Flex

    Keep that build sheet. 50 years from now, if you still have your Flex, it will be worth a fortune.
  9. Yeah, I know they're Photoshopped guesses, but the front 3/4 of the white (silver?) one is sharp.
  10. Go back a few years. The high-torque C6 tranny is legendary for it's performance and reliability.
  11. When we were kids back in the 1960's, we ride our bikes to the test track, find a bunch of bushes adjoining the wall we could hide behind, then stand on our bikes and look over the wall. We saw all of the "new cars" before they came out.
  12. mackinaw

    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    New and different isn't always good. Tesla's retractable door handles are said to be the cause of a driver burning to death after a collision. "As cool as they may be to some Tesla fans, the unique retractable door handles on the Tesla Model S are being faulted in a lawsuit over the death of a man in Florida. The man, Omar Awan, crashed into a tree in a Model S and was then unable to get out of the electric vehicle when the battery caught fire. The accident and death occurred in February. A wrongful death lawsuit was filed in state court in Broward County, Florida, on October 10 claims that Awan was burned beyond recognition "because the Model S has inaccessible door handles, no other way to open the doors, and an unreasonably dangerous fire risk." "Many Tesla drivers have complained about the Model S's retractable doors. Consumer Reports noted in 2015: "Our car reliability survey shows that doors, locks, and latches are the biggest trouble areas with Teslas and that the Model S has far higher than average rates of such problems." The magazine's own Model S effectively locked people out of the car due to broken handles after just a month." https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a29576096/tesla-model-s-lawsuit-door-handles-fire/