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  1. Actually, the Bronco Sport has a 63% conquest rate, most coming from Jeep. "The same also holds true of the Ford Bronco Sport, which has enjoyed a tremendous number of conquest sales – 63 percent of its total thus far – with most of them coming from Jeep." https://fordauthority.com/2021/09/jeep-exec-dunks-on-ford-bronco-while-owners-defect-to-the-blue-oval/
  2. I can't even imagine a dealer that large. My local dealer has five F-150's on his lot now, which is the most he's had in probably a year.
  3. mackinaw

    All Electric Escape

    I can guarantee you that an all-electric Escape (or equivalent) is being planned.
  4. mackinaw

    '21 Escape PHEV in the wild

    40 electric miles is very impressive. And yes on the snow tires. Expect dramatically better traction with snow tires compared to the standard all-weather tires.
  5. Yeah, it's been downhill for the Sugar Bowl since the long-time owner retired several years back. The newer owners tried to keep it going with a new chef, and staff, but it just wasn't the same. Covid was the final straw, so they eventually gave up and closed. A Mexican restaurant will be opening in its place. It's a prime location, so should do well.
  6. Year's back, I had the chance to tour the Motor Transport Division (MTD) garage for the State of Michigan in Lansing. MTD supplies motor vehicles for all State employees, including State Police. They do repairs too. They literally had racks of door panels, hoods, trunk lids, etc. for Crown Vics lined up in one section of the building. That was one reason why cops, and administrators, liked the Crown Vic, lots of available parts and easy to fix.
  7. With the stock doubling in the past year, and probably even going higher in the months to come, pressure to restore the dividend has probably decreased. My guess (which is worth nothing) is that they'll resume the dividend sometime next year, when the current chip situation has sorted itself out, and production gets back to something resembling normal.
  8. The manufacturer(s) that handle the ICE/EV transition the best, will be the most successful.
  9. This is absurd. Laughable too.
  10. From the Detroit News: https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/ford/2021/09/27/ford-four-new-plants-tennessee-kentucky-electric-vehicles/5879885001/
  11. Maybe just the opposite? From Autoblog: "The long-haul trucking industry appears to be the best bet for early adoption of hydrogen. Fuel cells, which convert hydrogen gas into electricity, provide a longer range than battery-electric trucks, fare better in cold weather and can be refueled much faster than electric batteries can be recharged. Proponents say the short refueling time for hydrogen vehicles gives them an edge over electric vehicles for use in taxis or delivery trucks, which are in constant use." https://www.autoblog.com/2021/08/15/hydrogen-energy-feasibility/
  12. I can vouch for that. As somebody who was highly skeptical of auto stop/start on our new Bronco Sport, it does work well. I've warmed to it (though still turn it off in certain situations).
  13. mackinaw

    Ford Thunderbird

    Supposedly MN12 came in both over-budget and overweight. I think Car & Driver had a writeup on how Ford management wasn't happy with the MN12 team.