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  1. The big advantage the Toyota will have is that their PHEV will be available in AWD. The PHEV Escape is only FWD. This could be a big deal in areas that see a lot of snow.
  2. mackinaw

    Tesla stock

    100% within 20 years? Doubtful. BNEF (Bloomberg New Energy Finance) puts it at 57% by 2040. And many folks consider their estimate optimistic. https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/15/business/electric-car-outlook-bloomberg/index.html
  3. mackinaw

    Tesla stock

    Serious question. In your view, how fast will it take the industry to be 100% electric? 100% autonomous?
  4. mackinaw

    Ford Escape Hybrid Trim Levels

    Actually, the hybrid version is standard on the Titanium model. The plug-in hybrid will also be an option, once that's available later this spring.
  5. mackinaw

    Tesla reaches settlement with state of Michigan

    I recall this. It was a Jac Nasser idea. We tend to hate the guy today, but he was thinking ahead.
  6. A wireless charging pad will be available spring, 2020.
  7. We're looking closely at the upcoming PHEV Escape. Finally had a chance to sit in a Escape SE Sport Hybrid last week and the driver's seat easily fits my 6'4" body (passed test #1). Next step is a test drive.
  8. Here's Mark Phelan (Detroit Free Press) take on the Hummer brand. https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/mark-phelan/2020/01/04/general-motors-hummer-cadillac/2751205001/
  9. Oh yeah, they really blew it with the Blazer. They took a name that had great history and a dedicated following and made it a conventional SUV. Blazer fans I know up in Northern Michigan are very disappointed.
  10. It's a gamble for GM. The image of the Hummer brand is that of a gas-guzzling dinosaur. They can only hope that making it a EV will change opinions. Not sure it will at first, but maybe eventually. And GM has probably noticed all of the positive buzz being generated by the Bronco(s) and wants in.
  11. It ended up going for $3.4 million dollars. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/1968-ford-mustang-bullitt-mcqueen-auction-mecum-sale-price/
  12. Yow! I'm impressed how he matched the contours in the front fender with that of the door. Kind of looks like a Talladega version of a 64 Comet.
  13. From Autoblog: https://www.autoblog.com/2020/01/06/ford-four-wheel-steering-f-series-truck-patent/
  14. mackinaw

    '19 Year End Sale Totals

    For many months last year, some were lamenting the slow sales start for the Ranger. Now, I see in December Ford sold over 14,000 Rangers. I agree with Kirby, way too early to pass judgement on the Escape or Explorer. Let's have this discussion in July.