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  1. mackinaw

    2024 Mustang Spied

    It was Bunky Knudsen who approved the 1971 Mustang. He had just come over from GM. The Mustang was too big , too heavy, and ungainly. Sales weren't anything special either. The Mustang II gets no respect, but at least the Mustang returned to its compact roots. Sales increased dramatically too.
  2. mackinaw

    Ford Mondeo released

    Plus I think it would help that Flat Rock actually made the Fusion a few years back.
  3. mackinaw

    Ford Mondeo released

    Looks good. Nice stance.
  4. mackinaw

    1970 Q-Code Mach 1

    It's nice to see such a nice underbody with no rust. This thing should haul ass when done. Back in high school, a buddy had a Ford engineer as a neighbor who let him borrow his 1969 Mustang Mach-1 with the 428/C6 for a weekend. My buddy had no idea on how to drive it, he just put his foot to the floorboard and watched the rear tires smoke. He returned the Mach-1 to his neighbor with the back tires nearly bald.
  5. mackinaw

    2024 Mustang Spied

    And the last Mustang on a dedicated platform. Future Mustangs will probably be based on some sort of common skateboard used by everything.
  6. Are you having any problem charging in very cold conditions? I read something last winter about Tesla owners in Winnipeg (I believe) unable to charge their batteries in -20 weather. The batteries wouldn't take a charge at those temperatures.
  7. mackinaw

    New Ford tailgate patent

    Old guys, like me, are going to love this tailgate.
  8. I suspect this is correct. I also suspect the clown truck struck out with many focus groups. The twelve year olds may like it, but the people who actually buy trucks don't.
  9. That's in line with other numbers I've heard. Greatly decreased battery range in the winter is an issue manufacturers (OEM and battery) must address if they expect BEV's to catch on in northern climes. BTW, we had a high temp of 6 degrees on Monday. Wonder how that kind of cold weather would impact range?
  10. Just curious, how much reduction in range with winter temperatures?
  11. mackinaw

    1970 Q-Code Mach 1

    Any mods to the 428? Or is it stock?
  12. About a month ago, my local dealer had several F-series, one Bronco (!), a few Bronco Sports, Explorers, Escapes and Rangers parked on his lot. Finally, I thought, some vehicles in stock. The Bronco was gone in one day, the others were gone in less than ten days. As they say, selling like hot cakes.
  13. Ever hear of the Mustang Mach-E?
  14. My local dealer has two vehicles in stock, one F-150 and an Edge.
  15. I agree with this, but the question is whether GM can make a compelling BEV that people really want to own. The Bolt currently sells for $31,000 and seems to be totally forgotten and rarely mentioned (outside of the bad press for the battery recall).