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  1. IIRC the F-150 and Superduty share a cab as well. I wonder if we don't eventually see some F-150 production mixed in there as a safeguard against future strikes.
  2. Dang, the time between posts on this thread. Threads almost old enough to vote.
  3. I do wonder if Ford will eventually limit dealers to allocation requests only. Other manufacturers (Toyota) do not allow for custom orders. You can try to request a certain package and color combination for allocation, but by no means is it guaranteed. They just send the dealer an allocation list of vehicles they’ll be receiving and you get what you get.
  4. Looks like there is kick up in the third row window / beltline. Hmm.
  5. Igor is another one that I haven’t seen in probably 5-7 years. wonder if any of these guys still lurk around reading the boards.
  6. That thread lived from the start of the Great Recession through the Pandemic. Lasting longer than most cars.
  7. I wonder what happened to Theoldwizard. They had some good insights into development back in the day.
  8. My wife’s 2021 Toyota Sienna is like this… it bothers me every time I’m in it. For a $40k+ vehicle it seems like extreme cost cutting.
  9. I know it was a joke but i really hope Ford doesn't try to push "Raptor" to the BS. Similar to Chevy watering down the SS label in the 2000's. I think a Tremor or a sporty ST for the BS would be a great idea. Modern take of a "hot hatch"
  10. It’s been gone for a few years but Kona Blue is my favorite Ford color. Would love a Bronco in that color.
  11. I was thinking of the old Land Rovers where you could close the top and keep the bottom open. Providing a ledge to stand on. Appears no modern SUV does that.
  12. A split tailgate would be fantastic! Especially for people who carry things on the roof like skis or kayaks.
  13. I wonder if this gives a quick boost to Mach-E and Lightning sales. The biggest reason to get a Tesla is their charging network, which is by far the most robust and reliable. Couple access to that network with the price cuts/rebates on the Mach-E and suddenly you’re a fair bit cheaper than the Model Y. With Minimal difference in charging experience.
  14. Dang! Thanks for the info. Guess I’ll be waiting till they change the base port to buy a Lightning.
  15. Does anyone know if you can use this adaptor on home charging with a Tesla charger. We have a Model Y and a gas F-150… if I got a lightning, I’d prefer to not have two charging stations at my house.
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