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  1. blazerdude20

    Nissan Titan diesel is dead.

    The XD was available with both the standard gas engine and the optional diesel. Either way there were upgrades over the standard Titan. The frame and suspension had beefier components added. Not sure how much of a real world difference there is, but they do exist.
  2. blazerdude20

    2021 F-150 Spotted

    Not sure if it’s the camera, but that thing looks much longer than the current model.
  3. The original article has been removed from the website. Guessing the owners of the site didn’t like the dirty laundry being aired out. From all accounts of the staff, everyone was blindsided by the decision and not given any real answers.
  4. The website leftlanenews is being shuttered and will no longer provide reviews and articles on all things automotive. It’s a sad day for me, because this was my go to site for reasonable reviews of new products and comparisons. It is is mentioned in the article that a couple other automotive sites are shuttering as well. Which makes me wonder, how much longer will we have a wide selection of online automotive news. Magazines have already, mostly, gone by wayside. https://leftlanenews.com/2019/07/29/lane-ends--merge-right/
  5. blazerdude20

    David Woodhouse Resigns

    I wonder if they just made him a huge offer to get him to jump ship, or if Ford and he agreed to part ways.
  6. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/06/10/2020-ford-explorer-seats-redesigned-thinner/ interesting that the same seat structure is used across most of the product lineup. Bound to be some cost savings with that approach.
  7. blazerdude20

    tire dressing

    Exactly! That said, I am partial to Adams Polishes. Their products tend to last longer than the products you can but in your local auto parts store.
  8. Maybe try in a private tab and see if that works ?
  9. blazerdude20

    '21 F150 SuperCab Spied

    Agreed. Especially for super duty models, if you have a 5th wheel.
  10. Haha I think he was asking you...
  11. blazerdude20

    bought a new car yesterday

    Welcome Sinclac! When I had my fusion I always went to this forum, they have a lot of mod DIYs https://www.fordfusionclub.com/forumindex.php#/
  12. Well obviously. A lot people bitch and moan about how expensive new cars are and how it’s stretching their budget. When they could just as easily buy a year or two old car and pay less.
  13. blazerdude20

    Tesla drops a bomb

    Can we quit with the ridiculous stereotyping of “millennials”? It’s quite old at this point. I’m a millennial. I work 60-70 hours a week running an engineering test firm. The “lazy millennials” who work for me bust their butts every week, throughly outperforming the “boomers” in our company. It’s not a Cushy office gig either. By far the biggest whiners and laziest are the 50+ crowd. Can’t get rid of them fast enough. They bitch and think they all deserve 100k+, company cars, etc while working 30 hours. And refusing to learn anything new in a rapidly changing industry. How’s that for an about face?
  14. blazerdude20

    IIHS aims for rear seat improvements

    Constant warranty issues didn’t help. The connecters on the harness fail regularly. No clue why that particular system was such an issue.
  15. https://leftlanenews.com/2019/04/25/iihs-study-reveals-improvements-needed-in-rear-seat-safety/ wonder how much of a difference pre-tensioners would make?