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  1. At that point, I would expect the Japanese government to step in and help Nissan. They haven’t been shy about assisting their home grown companies.
  2. blazerdude20

    '20 Escape First Drive Review

    You can use the touchscreen while driving. All you have to do is go into the dealer service menu (see YouTube) and turn on the touch screen. Did it to mine two years ago and it’s worked flawlessly. Truthfully, I hardly ever use the touch screen. The knob and button system is quite intuitive and becomes second nature. .
  3. blazerdude20

    news coming....

    Missed the invoice part of that. Regardless I think it’s a good model to follow. Dealers will likely bitch, but it helps to keep certain dealers from caving the market for everyone else.
  4. I disagree... I think Tesla will just morph into a fuel supply service. Think the way Exxon-Mobile provide fuel to cars now. Tesla does have a strong set of patents and experience in a charging network. If the industry adopts Tesla’s convection as the standard...
  5. blazerdude20

    news coming....

    That's not entirely true of Honda. They can't publicly advertise a lower price on tv, radio, or in print. But they can advertise a low price on the cars themselves. Walk into a Honda store and see all the prices on the windshield lower than sticker.
  6. blazerdude20

    What is this Ford SUV

    The top photo makes me think of a Ford version of the sequoia. Eew
  7. blazerdude20

    news coming....

    It’s VERY common amongst “professional” careers. I work in an engineering firm, I’m titled as a principal (managing principal) rather than as co-owner. I think it’s because it sounds better.
  8. blazerdude20

    Nissan Titan diesel is dead.

    The XD was available with both the standard gas engine and the optional diesel. Either way there were upgrades over the standard Titan. The frame and suspension had beefier components added. Not sure how much of a real world difference there is, but they do exist.
  9. blazerdude20

    2021 F-150 Spotted

    Not sure if it’s the camera, but that thing looks much longer than the current model.
  10. The original article has been removed from the website. Guessing the owners of the site didn’t like the dirty laundry being aired out. From all accounts of the staff, everyone was blindsided by the decision and not given any real answers.
  11. The website leftlanenews is being shuttered and will no longer provide reviews and articles on all things automotive. It’s a sad day for me, because this was my go to site for reasonable reviews of new products and comparisons. It is is mentioned in the article that a couple other automotive sites are shuttering as well. Which makes me wonder, how much longer will we have a wide selection of online automotive news. Magazines have already, mostly, gone by wayside. https://leftlanenews.com/2019/07/29/lane-ends--merge-right/
  12. blazerdude20

    David Woodhouse Resigns

    I wonder if they just made him a huge offer to get him to jump ship, or if Ford and he agreed to part ways.
  13. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/06/10/2020-ford-explorer-seats-redesigned-thinner/ interesting that the same seat structure is used across most of the product lineup. Bound to be some cost savings with that approach.
  14. blazerdude20

    tire dressing

    Exactly! That said, I am partial to Adams Polishes. Their products tend to last longer than the products you can but in your local auto parts store.
  15. Maybe try in a private tab and see if that works ?