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    Tesla drops 7 day return and used warranty

    Gee...you can buy a used Hyundai and subsequent owners get a powertrain warranty for 5 years and 60 miles.

    2020 F450 Buyback Joke

    That's an interesting article. It's not the first time Ford knew there was a defect in a vehicle and choose to ignore it. Just so somebody else doesn't post it....everybody is aware Ford isn't alone in this tactic.

    2020 F450 Buyback Joke

    The issue is putting mega miles on a vehicle and not paying it off fast enough....for whatever reason(s). Then the secondary issue of the vehicle being a piece of garbage.
  4. That's very interesting. I have mentioned on other boards that between some models-trade in/resale differences does not equate to a lot of difference in dollars. The difference between 45% and 48% is not going to break a deal at the time of another vehicle acquisition.
  5. You know-a purchase is a unit sold-it doesn't matter what the FICO is. I find it hard to believe those who buy Fiestas have over 500 credit scores either. Yea-people buy those cars because they gotta have them....BTW-have you looked at resale values-Escapes versus the competition? I haven't but I am curious.
  6. The new Escape has design cues from the old "Oval Taurus". We all know how that went. The bottom line is that just about every other competing CUV looks better. Nissan is going to sell a bunch of the redesigned Rogue. The RAV-4 will sell well and Hyundai's new Tucson looks promising as well.

    2021 Chevy Tahoe vs Ford Expediton

    That exhaust note on the Tahoe is awesome!
  8. This is probably OK from Consumer Reports because it's a positive comment on a Ford product.......
  9. Hey if you are happy that is what matters.
  10. I don't disagree on your comment in regards to the motor. I do however question whether the "average" buyer cares enough about it to sway a purchase decision over a decidedly bland(er) looking vehicle.
  11. The Koreans have some real viable alternatives as well. I predicted an Escape "fail" the moment I saw it. It is lights years behind on exterior styling alone-not even mentioning interior-to just about all other competitors.
  12. Take a guess as to what that seat actually adds to the price of the vehicle (If the seat and only the seat was on the "base model" without having to take the shine and glam options). Divide that by 5 or 7 years of financing. The difference is minuscule.
  13. How many people look at the Expedition and say-"I wish it only sat Five"................
  14. As an ex-Southern Californian, I still have contacts and watch the real estate market there. The only projection I take issue with is the population growth. A 50plus year old house (1,500 sq, feet max)-adjacent to downtown L.A. (10-15 miles) in a REALLY BAD neighborhood will set you back $400,000.00. In Orange County, CA-bring a million, that's what you will need for a 35plus year old fixer. So-yes I am questioning if the growth can sustain itself with housing. This is not taking in to account people bailing in areas where the quality of life (SO. CAL) is a real issue because of congestion and traffic. If all some need to work is an Internet connection-then people will be moving out. I know of two couples who have just sold their homes in S. Cal and are moving to Boise, ID. So back to topic-if they can fix and project (electrical needs) for the current population-it may go along way with the infrastructure for EV vehicles.