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    USPS contract going to Oshkosh Defense

    That vehicle is a prime example of function over form. Meant to haul small packages-not pleasing to the eye.
  2. BRONCO-a range pony or mustang of the western U.S., especially one that is not broken or is imperfectly broken. Horses should be offended everywhere.

    General Motors Q4 2020 earnings release

    I think the numbers show that RAM got the conquest sales.

    General Motors Q4 2020 earnings release

    The refresh on the F150 is certainly a conservative step. It's enough for the Ford loyalist but any conquest sales are going to come from those who want a generator built in to their truck to power tools, their RV, etc. I don't think there is enough of those buyers to make the numbers spike. As someone who rushed out to buy a 2018 Silverado-when I saw pics of the 2019's that I thought were horrible, it turns out that I was wrong about the polarizing front end of the truck-and the sales numbers show it. BTW-I just received a piece of mail today that is apparently a factory program-that says there is a $4,250.00 cash allowance on the Silverado if I take delivery by 3/01/2021. They are going to sell as many of their SUVs as they always have.
  5. No-the underpinnings are different. Unlike when Ford had Mercury and those models were basically "badge engineering".

    2022 Nissan Frontier

    The only interior that looks marginally worse than the Escape.
  7. No-the Escape is ugly in it's own right......
  8. You unlatch/open the door-then push the bottom of the door with your foot. It's not hard. If I pickup food or something that makes my hands full-I do the same thing.
  9. We all get how it works-on just about any vehicle specific forums. When Car and Driver, Motor Trend, etc., says your car is the best-it's all giggles. And it's all frowns and "unfair" when it places below the competition in other instances. Mean while-the market is liking the sharp creases of the other models and not the "Retro Taurus" look of the new Escape. And as I mentioned previously we will see if the Hybrid is the "Hail Mary" pass to win the segment. Personally I doubt it whiteout a "refresh".
  10. The name "Fordbuyer" kinda sums it all up....doesn't it?
  11. I called it a "Fail" when I first saw it and caught a lot of cr*p on here for it. Everybody on here is calling the hybrid the "Hail Mary" for this vehicle. This is a giant "we will see".
  12. I guess that is why Toyota sold like 120,000 units and the Escape sold like 47,000 units the last three months. Granted COVID came in to play here but CUV buyers seem to like "jagged lines".
  13. The point is that it's ugly regardless of it's shape. Arguably the worst looking vehicle in it's class. The Bronco Sport will sell and the Escape will sit squalid on dealer lots.
  14. CKNSLS

    2018 Cadillac XT4 Accident

    If no part was available-would the insurance company total a car over a headlight? After all-the car wouldn't be made "whole" and would be illegal to drive. Interesting thought.................
  15. CKNSLS

    2 hours of charging = 520 miles?

    The 32 miles covers many average trips from home-statistically. To the grocery store, to pickup children from school, etc.