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  1. The Koreans have very viable vehicles in this market now. I bought a new Santa Fe XL Limited AWD back in 2017. While I didn't cross shop any Ford products-I did with Toyota and Honda. My wife and I could afford ANY VEHICLE in this segment and we still bought the Santa Fe. It was an easy $5,000.00 savings (after incentives) from either the Honda or Toyota products. Had an Explorer-previous boxy model -with the Fiberglass trim piece that would crack underneath the rear window hatch. No support from Ford on this factory defect. The leather (XLT version) looked like it had three years of wear after about 12 months. Just a "cheaply made vehicle" at the time. I would agree that the Koreans still need to work on "road manners" for their vehicles. They are getting there. But anything you give up in ride refinement is worth the 5K difference IMHO.
  2. So-If I understand both of the replies to my post-you guys think there will be a spike in sales but not 100,000 units. BTW-no one is mentioning profit here, just sales numbers. Is this correct? Does your post(s) imply this answer? I really don't think it's my personal preferences-I just don't think the 2020 Escape is compelling. BTW-the reviewers also came out and criticized the new Equinox-and it's not doing any better than the Escape. Many reviews stated the Equinox is a "rental grade" vehicle. I think GM made the same mistake Ford is making - doing a satisfactory job-instead of "hitting it out of the park" so they (like GM with the Blazer) can make room to "slot in" another model (the Bronco). I'm going to guess right now the new Escape will not sell more than the market leaders. None of you came up with compelling reasons countering that statement. If Mr. Ford wants "product diversification" the effort has to be better.
  3. Based on the fact it looks like it came out of a jelly mold. Conversely- The Fusion is one great looking automobile. Much better looking than either the Camry or Accord. If you see something in the new Escape that's going to propel it up another 100,000 units ( to catch the market segment leaders)-please share. I don't see it.
  4. I would agree with you on some of your points. However-IMHO Ford didn't swing for the fences for the new model of the Escape. Maybe 6-12 months or so down the road you can come back and the sales numbers will prove me wrong.
  5. The difference is that those are bought because of brand reputation and reliability.-even though design may be controversial. I mean doesn't it (Escape) still sell in less numbers than Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, Nissan Rogue and Chevrolet Equinox? Or-am I wrong here?
  6. On the various car forums I frequent-most state that there isn't nothing compelling about the Escape for the market segment. That's the issue. Based on looks alone-IMHO I don't see a run-away best seller. SORRY....

    Nissan Titan diesel is dead.

    Yes-but those packages are a "check the box" on an option sheet. Not a stand alone model.

    Nissan Titan diesel is dead.

    If it was indeed a trade in-then yes. I am wondering if it was just too much truck-either size wise/ or the payment was too much. You could buy a half-ton Silverado (LT) nicely equipped for a good $10,000.00 less.

    2020 Corvette revealed

    What a bunch of non-sense.
  10. This is such a crowded marketing space-as far as competition goes, I can see the "long game" but I feel for the expense the dealers are going to be incurring. Even Hyundai will be coming out with a Genesis SUV-as the rumor mill goes.
  11. If you look hard enough you can find a horror story on any make model. I know several people that own the Rogue-and they like them. They have been pretty sold sellers for Nissan as well. I mean C'mon-the "dry clutch" transmissions in some Ford models are nightmares/jokes/and a few other choice names for those who own them.
  12. Why is that Hyundai can incorporate an "air flow vent" (or what ever the proper terms is) in my wife's car but GM makes it ugly???
  13. CKNSLS

    RAM June Sales

    You can potentially find thousands of dollars of "deferred maintenance" as the third or 4th owner of a luxury or near luxury vehicle.
  14. Yes, but the numbers show many sales are going to RAM. Sorry- they are not all buying Fords as their next choice.
  15. Check the 2018 sales year. It's the 2019s that are not moving.