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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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    2023 Motor Trend SUV of the Year

    There are basically no hatchbacks-because the market (for the most part) doesn't define them as such. Younger buyers will have no recognition of a "hatchback". Just like they call limited (release LPs) "vinyl" because that is what they are now called.

    2022 GMC Sierra Thread

    Even though the 2.7 has good numbers-the "faithful" have a hard time getting past the "4 cylinder thing". Then you have the "You Tubers" bashing it as well because.....it's a 4 cylinder.

    GMC Canyon

    The Maverick is selling in part due to it's price point. We will see if guys will lay down significantly more dollars for Maverick design language on the '23 Ranger.

    GMC Canyon

    I just saw the 2024 Ranger over on TFL truck. I disagree. GM's faux offroad packages have proven to be very popular. Many of these are with the bashed 2.7 because that's what the dealers are getting. The design language of the Ranger on the front end is not great-IMHO.

    2023 Chevy Colorado

    Doesn't it have about the same numbers as the small Ford 2.7 turbo?

    Hyundai subsidiary allegedly uses child labor

    Only those who ride bicycles are entitled to cast stones- https://money.cnn.com/1998/03/05/companies/ford/

    Hau Thai-Tang to Retire

    $16.67 an hour is terrible...especially on an assembly line.
  8. Make a sedan that people can actually get in and out of easily and not call it a sedan. Sounds like it should sell.

    Titan Is Being Axed

    When Toyota does it will be class competitive.
  10. CKNSLS

    Titan Is Being Axed

    The marketing for the Titan was terrible to non-existent. That probably had a little to do with it as well. And Let's not forget the fiasco of the Cummins diesel. But then again-Ford knows a little about diesel fiascos.
  11. CKNSLS

    The wait is over!

    Ley's be clear..there are ADM stickers on some F-150s sitting on dealer lots. OR-put on at time of contract when you buy.
  12. Since anything would have been an improvement...it is indeed a minuscule step forward.
  13. The number that seems to be thrown around elsewhere is 25,000. What ever the number-it seems the failures have put owners in some very risky situations. So-we can agree to disagree, but I do predict there will be a recall-whether initiated by NHTSA or "agreed upon voluntarily" by Ford.
  14. NHTSA got involved-it's a potential problem.
  15. This thread will not go any where. As on this forum problems don't exist in the twilight zone......