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    Hyundai Santa Fe teased

    Agreed-no argument then when the GMC Sierra half-tons and Chevrolet Silverado sales are added together!

    Hyundai Santa Fe teased

    The Bronco Sport is a different model-let's not add them in. Unless of course we can now break out the FORD (Explorer) Interceptor from the regular models.

    Hyundai Santa Fe teased

    Well....I don't think Ford will sell any where near 450,000 new body style Escapes-so we can agree here. Even if they are counting on buyers from more than one previous Ford models. As a matter of fact-I will say that the volume will not even touch 300,000 units.

    Hyundai Santa Fe teased

    The front end will be a "love it or hate it" situation. All their vehicles are getting the bold grill look. If you compare the "bold grill" on the Palisades-and then sales figures, it doesn't seem there is much distaste for the design language-compared to the more conservative somewhat boxy look of the Telluride. https://www.thekeea.com/telluride/kia-telluride-sales-figures-us/ As stated on here before (not by me) you have to give Hyundai credit for more frequent refreshes of their vehicles compared to some other manufacturers. I am not sure about the Sonata grill-but quite frankly find the rest of the sedan very nice.
  5. The point being if you think these vehicles either wont be "federalized" for U.S. roads in the future-OR the basis for electric vehicles in the U.S. (especially the batteries-one of the most expensive components) you are kidding yourselves.
  6. So much for bashing GM for imported "Chinese" Buicks. I love it when another sacred cow bites the dust.

    Hyundai Santa Fe teased

    They did and you get the awful 2020 Escape...............

    Hank the Third

    I had two Contours with the 2.5 Duratec V6. What a GREAT MOTOR. I thought those were great cars. I guess I was among the few however.

    Hank the Third

    The above two posts are actually factual. There are even Ford enthusiasts on this site posting that there is a storm brewing.......
  10. Exactly-either this and do a little negotiating and get it for $5.00/month. I have had SAT radio from the beginning-and never paid full price. I am a retired (Industrial) sales person. So-I know how to negotiate. However-I do realize some don't like the process. But at the $14.00 to $16.00/month I am first to agree it's too much.
  11. CKNSLS

    2020 Escape sales

    Does Ford breakout fleet sales anymore for the Explorer and Escape? I don't know if this is true or not-but I read somewhere that Ford no longer breaks out the Police version from regular Explorers anymore.
  12. CKNSLS

    Autoextremist om Ford

    I said Ford couldn't borrow their way to prosperity-in another thread a week or so ago. The only thing Peter and I differ on is the time frame-I was being more generous in saying "within 5 years" Ford will be bought (but it will be positioned as a "merger"). Autoextremist says 18 months....... Well....Pete and I both agree Ford is in trouble.
  13. TO Folks that live EAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI- You can drive three hours or more with no cell phone signal in parts of "The Great West". And some of us don't want to down load music. So-this is where satelite Music service shines....
  14. That's part of the point-where is the money coming from is the other. You can borrow it (Ford) or you can draw it out of your rainy day fund (Toyota). But we can agree-the government will be along to help-somehow.
  15. I'm going to take a wild guess here and say Toyota's cash (and/or cash equivalents-or at least most of it) is not borrowed (or ready to be borrowed). Not sure about VW. You can't borrow your way to prosperity-long term. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-11-07/toyota-has-record-36-6-billion-in-cash-after-dumping-securities