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  1. “These cars are so small and compact that I do not believe that we can safely put a prisoner in the cage without it bordering cruel and unusual punishment,” the officer continued. https://kutv.com/news/local/slcs-new-police-cars-are-not-suitable-for-patrol-officers-say?fbclid=IwAR2uHzCXMBMysSaxfQTk2aCT0TSMI93aM4FVaNB9h-zb1C_-7xE7Ga4wE9A

    Meanwhile over at Hyundai-

    Gee...when you post something about a competitor actually doing well in the SUV/CUV market it gets as quiet as a church mouse........
  3. Retail gains were led by Santa Fe (up 26%), Tucson (up 16%), and Kona (up 27%), while Palisade sold 4,346 retail units, a 26% increase compared with last month, September 2019. In total, retail SUV sales finished at 28,547 units, the best ever October total, representing a 60% mix of retail volume compared with 50% mix in October 2018. This was also the fourth consecutive month exceeding 60% SUV retail mix as Hyundai becomes in closer alignment with the industry. https://www.hyundainews.com/en-us/releases/2902 The Palisade is doing very well-and I understand the Kia Telluride is even selling better than the Hyundai. Bottom line-unless you need a REAL BOF SUV-these things will continue to sell well as it seems they found the consumer's "sweet spot".

    FCA and PSA in merger talks

    Opel is probably history.
  5. This is the second time this has been stated. I googled this and found nothing.(Well I did find they had a subsidy for Hydrogen development) I guess maybe if we post it enough times it might be true? Then it was stated "it's all secret subsidy". I mean I guess anything is possible.......
  6. This is great. There are now $11,000.00 sign on bonus (more legacy costs-if you will) and the Koreans must have something else going on to be able to sell a product people want-far less than Ford (and others). So obviously-there must be something THERE to not make it a level playing field. I know there are some intelligent people on this board-so I really should have to say anymore than what I have already said to point out the obvious.
  7. The only subsidize I can find by the SK government is for work on their Hydrogen powered cars. I'm sure you are aware that Hyundai is a major corporation- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyundai_Motor_Company
  8. What puts a "hole" in your theory is that many of their models have been priced (inc. rebates) thousands less than the competition-for the last decade or more. So-according to your theory they would be losing money across the model lines-yet continue to stay in business. Don't think your theory is valid. (Can someone say "Legacy costs?) Back in 2017 my new Santa Fe (XL) Limited was $5,000.00 less than the Toyo/Honda equivalent.
  9. OR- $11,000.00 sign on bonuses........
  10. Maybe as much as those who have read the new model launch of the Explorer has been a disaster.
  11. Think about what you just wrote.......I mean really think about it.
  12. I have seen so many new Kia Tellurides in my area-quite frankly I have lost count. I have heard if you want a top-of-the line model you are going to wait 30 to 90 days for one. But they are VERY POPULAR.
  13. The Koreans have very viable vehicles in this market now. I bought a new Santa Fe XL Limited AWD back in 2017. While I didn't cross shop any Ford products-I did with Toyota and Honda. My wife and I could afford ANY VEHICLE in this segment and we still bought the Santa Fe. It was an easy $5,000.00 savings (after incentives) from either the Honda or Toyota products. Had an Explorer-previous boxy model -with the Fiberglass trim piece that would crack underneath the rear window hatch. No support from Ford on this factory defect. The leather (XLT version) looked like it had three years of wear after about 12 months. Just a "cheaply made vehicle" at the time. I would agree that the Koreans still need to work on "road manners" for their vehicles. They are getting there. But anything you give up in ride refinement is worth the 5K difference IMHO.
  14. So-If I understand both of the replies to my post-you guys think there will be a spike in sales but not 100,000 units. BTW-no one is mentioning profit here, just sales numbers. Is this correct? Does your post(s) imply this answer? I really don't think it's my personal preferences-I just don't think the 2020 Escape is compelling. BTW-the reviewers also came out and criticized the new Equinox-and it's not doing any better than the Escape. Many reviews stated the Equinox is a "rental grade" vehicle. I think GM made the same mistake Ford is making - doing a satisfactory job-instead of "hitting it out of the park" so they (like GM with the Blazer) can make room to "slot in" another model (the Bronco). I'm going to guess right now the new Escape will not sell more than the market leaders. None of you came up with compelling reasons countering that statement. If Mr. Ford wants "product diversification" the effort has to be better.