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  1. From this angle the new one looks a bit like the new frontier. You can really see that squared up front end.
  2. here’s the sport vs the clay model. They look pretty similar. Even has the line that makes it look like there’s a separate bumper there.
  3. Overall I like it, but I am a bit underwhelmed. IMO it’s too similar to the current ranger (at least from the side view). The interior looks great though. 10.1” screen looks like it will be standard and theirs an available digital instrument cluster. Step on the rear bumper is a nice addition. ford continues to suck at wheel design. Edit: actually it appears that the digital instrument cluster is standard. It’s probably the same as the bronco.
  4. 1am Central time tonight I believe. Officially it’s at 6pm AEDT 11/24/2021.
  5. Hoping there’s a non chrome version
  6. T-dubz

    Acura Integra Teased

    The design just doesn’t flow very well. The aggressive face doesn’t go with the bubbly roof line.
  7. T-dubz

    EV NEWS: Kia Concept EV9

    Call me crazy, but I kinda like it.
  8. I think I prefer the shape of the raptor fenders compared to the round fenders on the bronco. The width of the fenders looks a little goofy IMO, but that could change when the camo comes off.
  9. What does it take to qualify here? There are several that don’t seem like they should be on this list, including the bronco sport IMO.
  10. id say it’s pretty close to the new focus too (which also resembles the evos) minus the headlights having a slightly different shape and different DRLs. The lower bumper area also looks like it could be similar under the camo.
  11. https://fordauthority.com/2021/10/2023-ford-escape-spotted-for-1st-time-with-more-aggressive-front-end/ From what I can see in the photos, it looks much better.
  12. Wish this would have worked out better for you. Seems like the dealer got exactly what they wanted.
  13. Another teaser video. Get to see a good shot of the headlights lit up as well as some testing info. https://www.motor1.com/news/542083/2023-ford-ranger-teaser-video/
  14. Kia is throwing a 10.25” screen in the forte for 2022. I believe there are several compact SUVs that also have screens 10+ inches in the US now.
  15. I think this new face and interior would make the NA escape much more attractive and sporty looking.