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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Yeah for sure, I was actually talking about the pic of the old version of the mach e. The other one who knows. The wedge design looks good on cars, in fact most exotics have a similar front end to some extent. I’m not so sure how well it will carry over to a suv though. The back end is were it falls apart for me. It could look really cool, but it’s hard to see how from that silhouette.
  2. Yeah I know, but even so they are different shapes.
  3. That has nothing to do with it. If it were an ICE vehicle, they’d hate on it MORE since ev’s generally get a bit more leeway in their designs. It just not a very attractive design. The design might serve a purpose, but people want good looks too.
  4. I don’t really see it either. The profiles are completely different. Mach-e has a coupe like appearance where as the blue on looks more like a traditional suv.
  5. T-dubz

    Ford Sales May 2023

    What’s going on with explorer? That looks to be a pretty big drop. Still up YTD though.
  6. my brain cannot comprehend how that image and an oversized edge could ever be compared to each other 😆
  7. If it’s not loved by many who see it, I have a hard time seeing ford throwing the thunderbird name on it. Ford wouldn’t waste it on that. Doorstop seems to be a more appropriate name for this thing.
  8. T-dubz

    Tesla Cybertruck interior

    Where are the ac vents?
  9. Superformance (replica car maker) was going to produce it a few years back. Not sure if that’s still the plan or not though https://www.superformance.com/factory-models/gr1
  10. Will a regular hybrid be offered or is it only phev? I have no interest in the phev.
  11. From what I can gather, there is some stiff competition in the midsize truck market, and not a lot of brand loyalty. Go look at any midsize truck enthusiast website and you will see multiple discussions about cross shopping all the new generations coming out. I think it would have been wise for ford to announce the whole line up to keep customers from jumping ship. Even having the asterisk for “late availability” or “coming in 2024” would have been fine, at least your customer knows that it’s coming. Without any solid official info from ford, I could see those customers on the fence switching brands.
  12. T-dubz

    Colorado Bison

    https://www.motor1.com/news/669816/2024-chevrolet-colorado-zr2-bison-debuts/ 35” tires, I believe same engine/hp/tq as the regular zr2. No pricing yet.
  13. Are you the first person in line at your dealer for a raptor? Over on ranger6g they are saying each dealer will only get one raptor for the time being and after that you’ll have to wait until they’re figure out the allocation process. Who knows if that is true or not, but thought I’d mention it to you.
  14. T-dubz

    Fixed Pricing Model

    Here’s a different way of putting it. Tesla is the luxury department store where the customers go and buy the latest “gotta have it” item without even looking at the price. Ford is like JCPenneys from a few years ago when they tried to drop coupons for everyday low prices and the customers hated it because they felt like without coupons, they weren’t getting a good deal. with that said, things are changing. I don’t think Tesla is the status symbol it was a few years ago, and maybe ford is moving up the ladder a bit, but I still don’t think that’s enough for no-negotiation pricing to work.
  15. Wonder how the tremor package fits in? It’s $4300 on the current ranger. Add that to a 4x4 lariat (48,605 including destination) and you are at $53k. Pretty close to a raptor. Seems like it only makes sense on the xlt, unless they raise the raptor price.