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  1. T-dubz

    1990 Escort GT diesel?!

    Escort was one of my first cars. I always liked the look of the GT too.
  2. What I’m saying is I believe ford would make more money by doing a one vehicle strategy. i don’t think the bronco sport will outsell the escape now because the escape has a lower price and will have more rebates, however, if the bronco sport was offered in 2WD and cost the same as the escape, i am positive it would outsell it by a good margin. I think the money ford spent on making two vehicles could have been spent on making one vehicle better. Ford should have adopted the model they have been using on the f150 (which Toyota now started doing with its rav4), which is giving each trim a different front end, lights, interior materials, etc. this would have allowed them to differentiate the vehicle to cover several demographics while saving a ton of money by not having 2 separate vehicles. They could then use those savings to put better materials inside their vehicles, which would in turn make people think it’s a quality product, which then allows ford to charge more because they have added value. This is opposed to their current strategy which is charge more but make everything cheaper. That’s being short sighted and will hurt them in the long run.
  3. I think ford just toned down the escape a little too much. People buys cuvs because they like the look of SUVs but want the ride of a car. They don’t buy cuvs because they like the looks of a car. The escape should have been the sport and the sport should have been a raptor-ish version of the sport.
  4. it was very noticeable to me, and that was coming from a 2017 escape. Mine is a titanium 2.0 though and the 2020 I drove was a SE 1.5L. maybe my titanium had more sound dampening material? Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to drive the base engine in the older escape. Maybe the difference from the 1.5L 4 cyl to the 3 cyl isn’t as bad. I would say that if you are coming from a compact car, it probably wouldn’t be a big deal to you as those cars are generally pretty loud inside the cabin already. However compact cuvs cost more than compact cars so you kind of expect it to be a bit better too.
  5. It’s bland because it lacks character, not because it lacks angles or creases. There’s nothing special about it. It doesn’t stand out in any way. It’s just a cuv that blends in very well. Some people like that. Id say a lot of people don’t as shown by the sales figures where the rav4 outsold the escape more than 2 to 1. Honestly, I feel like the design language of the escape looks a bit old. It’s using styling cues from vehicles that came out in 2012 (on the front at least). If you were to change the front end of the escape to a more traditional suv look, I think it would make a world of difference. Look at the Corsair for example. It looks 100x better then the escape (it also doesn’t have creases or angles).
  6. T-dubz

    Ford 1st Quarter Sales

    https://www.motor1.com/news/408234/best-selling-cars-2020/ according to this, rav4 is up 16.5%, compared to the escape being down 20.7%. The rogue was down 36.3%, the crv was down 18.4%, and the equinox down 17%. escape = 48,117 (-20.7) rogue = 59,716 (-36.3) crv = 71,186 (-18.4) Equinox = 73,453 (-17) rav4 = 97,631 (+16.5) Pretty interesting numbers here. Rav4 outsold the escape more than 2 to 1 in the quarter.
  7. T-dubz

    New Doug DeMuro Corsair review

    Yes, and I wouldn’t say I drive in a far back seating position either. Pretty average for my height if I had to guess. I remember wondering how they fit the basketball players in the back seat of the escape in the reveal video, then I watched the video again and realized they had some really short people in the front seats. honestly, they probably should have started the sliding rails about another 3-6” further back. Maybe there were limits to how far back they could go with seatbelts and what not.
  8. T-dubz

    New Doug DeMuro Corsair review

    Sitting behind myself (I’m 6’1”) I found the rear seats to be cramped too. Better then the old escape, but the crv felt like it had more room.
  9. T-dubz

    Ford 1st Quarter Sales

    This is why it sales decreased so much. Even though it has the new grille, isnt it basically the same as the old mkx? Once it gets a full redesign, I think you will see it do better, especially if it gets aviator looks. It would be the sweet spot on size, not too big, not too small.
  10. why doesn’t ford just get rid of base models altogether? Besides the XL trucks, I can’t think of any reason you’d want to buy the base model. They aren’t that much cheaper than the next trim up, they look like crap, and they have zero options. I can’t remember the last time I’ve even seen a base model that wasn’t a fleet vehicle of some kind. Dealers around me don’t even stock them. I wonder how much money ford would save just from simplifying the building process by not offering base models (would not have to produce all of those additional parts like all the black plastic trim base models have, or interior parts that are of lesser quality, or The 4” screen instead of the 8”, etc). if they skipped the base model, I imagine it would also help ford build the image of quality products, which would then allow for the higher prices they have been aiming for.
  11. Wasn’t alto blue listed as a color for the bronco or bronco sport? Anyway, it’s also a new color on the fusion. Here it is
  12. 2.0 is fine. I actually really enjoy it in my current escape. I had wrongly assumed the sport would be fwd standard since it was getting the 1.5. I thought the escape was only available in awd with the 2.0, but I checked today and sure enough you can build an awd 1.5L escape. Has anyone driven that combination in the new escape? I wonder how it is? I guess it doesn’t matter though, I’d get the 2.0 anyways.
  13. T-dubz

    Ford 1st Quarter Sales

    Ford SUVs were only down 11% but escape was down 20%. That alone shows there is a problem. id also like to see a breakdown by model year of the escape. I’m sure there were quite a few 19’s being sold with big rebates during that quarter too.
  14. T-dubz

    Escape Hybrid Notes.

    That vignale looks much better then what we get here.
  15. Is there a reason she needs it this week? Maybe the lease is expiring on the edge? My advice would be to wait. You will have many more options in a year or two. Bronco, bronco sport, redesigned edge, and hopefully sooner rather than later a face lifted escape. I looked at an edge when we were buying my wife a new car but The interior just felt too old for me. It’s still using the same my ford touch screens that my 2013 fusion did. We opted for an xlt explorer and she really likes it (except for the recalls lol). with that said, if your wife likes the look of the escape or edge, just go with it.