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  1. Build and price didn’t make decisions any easier lol. $45k or under is where I want to be. Priced out a black diamond and big bend nicely equipped right around that amount. Guess I’m gonna have to see them in person before I can make a final decision. Black diamond 4 dr - 2.3L - auto - mid package - mic roof - sound deadening - optional wheels - brush guard - tow $44,980 big bend 4 dr - 2.7L - auto - mid - mic roof - sound deadening - roof rails - modular bumper - brush guard - signature lights - aux switches - tow $45,030
  2. Some of the interiors are interesting. I actually think the lower trims (base, big bend and black diamond) looked the best. Digital camo cloth seats in the wildtrak was an interesting choice.
  3. T-dubz

    2022 Ford Evos mule

    I would have thought they would have been past the mule stage by now. Seems like it was forever ago that we saw a similar mule.
  4. Lots of complaints about that over on 6g. I see it as a free roof and $2000 in your pocket.
  5. I like the Mach e. It suits my needs better than a bronco, but I’d probably wait a few years before buying. A first year vehicle and ford’s first entry into electric cars sounds like a double whammy to me based on the problems I’ve had on my first year fusion and explorer.
  6. Around me all the hybrids are 3250 off and everything else is $3750. I also noticed the lack of titanium’s and hybrids. It’s mainly just SE’s that I see on the lots. Hopefully the sport is the opposite with mainly badlands and outer banks on the lot.
  7. You are right, I completely overlooked the demand part in the tweet. Well what does this say about the MME then? Limited supply and limited demand at launch can’t be good.
  8. I hope your right. Escape has $3750 in incentives right now. Add that to the sport, and you’d have base models starting around 23k and badlands around 29k (without destination). The sport would sell really well if that’s true.
  9. I guess it depends on how many Broncos they produce in 2021. The MME will be less than 60k yet it still gets x plan and incentives. So saying it’s due to limited supply isn’t exactly truthful when other vehicles in the ford lineup with limited supply also get x plan. Also saying it’s similar to Shelby mustangs and raptors doesn’t make any sense either. I don’t have sales data for those models but I’d guess they are in the range of 10-20k a year. Now if ford only makes 20k Broncos for 2021, then it makes more sense.
  10. For sure, but the Mach e is limited to 50-60k units. I’d imagine that’s still lower then the number of Broncos they will make for 2021.
  11. The Mach e is going to be much more limited than the bronco and it is still eligible for x plan. Saying that this is due to limited supply doesn’t really make sense on ford’s part, unless the 2021 model is going to be a very small production run.
  12. If this were 60k with a V8, I think they wouldn’t be able to keep them on dealer lots. At 112k, they might be sitting on the lot for a while. The cyber truck starts at around 40k I think. Rivian is around 70k. You could buy both of those for the same price as the hummer.
  13. Yeah, but you can get the base model for 80k in 2024 lol. How long did the hummer last the first time around? It might not make it to 2024 with those prices.
  14. https://www.motor1.com/news/449980/2022-gmc-hummer-ev/ lots of info here. Edition 1 comes out in the fall for 112k. Lower priced models will roll out every year through 2024 with the base model coming out in 2024 for 80k. seems like it has some pretty cool off-road features. That last picture shows the adjustable suspension. It also has 18 cameras, including front and rear undercarriage cameras. The removable panels of the roof are see through and can be stored in the frunk (at least that’s what they showed on the video). I don’t care for the hummer grille and the back of the cab, but the interior was nice. I’d like to see a bronco truck with a similar roof. I’d take that for half the price anyday..
  15. I actually like it. Thought it looked a bit strange when it first came out but I think it looks much better in person. I really like this color too. I’m not sure it could make it out of my driveway without bottoming out though.