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  1. T-dubz

    NG Ford Fusion Mule Spied

    Quality is improving!
  2. T-dubz

    NG Ford Fusion Mule Spied

    November of last year. Looks like the same car from back then. https://fordauthority.com/2019/10/ford-fusion-replacement-spied-as-tall-riding-wagon/
  3. What car does this guy like? I’ve only watched the videos of the ranger and explorer that were posted here which were negative, so I quickly scrolled through his videos on YouTube and based off of his titles, it seems like he doesn’t like any car 😆
  4. Pretty accurate review. My wife has an xlt and loves it (besides the transmission cooler repair lol). As for the interior, he’s pretty spot on. It does seem like the design is a bit unfinished. It’s good enough for us. I think the silver trim looks better then the wood trim and the 8” screen looks better too. I haven’t noticed any bad viewing angles on our screen either. I don’t have the B&O sound system but the regular speakers sound just like any other car to me. Transmission has been fine for us. I wish the console between the second row seats was a bit better. It just looks kind of cheap to me. The only thing I really didn’t like was the gas pedal. I’m used to gas pedals coming out from under the dash, but it feels like the pedal in the explorer comes up through the floor. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but the angle is a bit different so it just felt weird for a few days until I got used to it. forgot to mention that we are a ford family and have never owned any other brand, so he nailed it on that point too lol.
  5. I’m hoping for Tremor or a black appearance package available on XL and XLT.
  6. I think XL and XLT will carry over but I’d guess that all the higher trims will get unique names. Just like you don’t see lariat or king ranch on anything but trucks.
  7. There are no ford’s with roofs like that right? Only Lincoln’s? I can’t see that making it on either bronco.
  8. I think it looks better than the defender.
  9. I think that one just has a black roof or it has some Camo there. It looks to be starting at the same spot the white does in the pic below. Also found this render today. I hadn’t seen it yet, but I think it looks pretty cool.
  10. Yeah, I didn’t know the bronco truck was confirmed either. I’d rather have that then the bronco. Looks like my wait continues lol
  11. It’s funny how under the radar the f150 has been with the bronco getting all of the attention as of late. I’ve seen a few of the spy pics but you can’t really tell anything from them. Is this a full redesign or just a refresh? Can we expect any new innovations/features (besides hybrid/electric)?
  12. T-dubz

    Baby Bronco dash shots

    Yep, I’ve been saying for a while now that I hope toggle switches are included in the bronco. A mustang-ish interior would work nice with the retro style.
  13. T-dubz

    Baby Bronco dash shots

    I’d guess it’s the exact same analog as the escape. If it was the digital one, I’d think we would be seeing the blue screen like the escape/explorer digital IP.
  14. T-dubz

    Baby Bronco dash shots

    Wish the baby bronco was like a scaled down version of the bronco interior instead of a slightly modified escape interior.
  15. T-dubz

    Baby Bronco dash shots

    The center console appears to be the exact same as the escape. I was hoping for a bit more differentiation. One of the weakest spots of the escapes interior is where the dash and console meet. Hopefully that’s different on the baby bronco. it looks like there’s some sort of cubby below the touchscreen now where the ac vents used to be on the escape. I like that, maybe wireless charging goes there?