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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. A supercab short bed tremor would be nice.
  2. https://fordauthority.com/2023/01/will-the-2024-ford-ranger-tremor-be-offered-with-supercab/ this will make some of you happy. Looks to be a NA ranger with a supercab and possibly the tremor package.
  3. First time I have seen this pic. That’s the Chinese explorer timberline? I actually like that. This with the Chinese explorer interior would be a winner here. Maybe not in that orange, but I imagine forged green or carbonized gray would look pretty good.
  4. T-dubz

    2024 Tacoma shown off

    looks pretty much just like the Tacoma ev concept from last year.
  5. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see much explorer. The shape looks good though. Looks like it’s wider than the Mach E. I’m just curious how ford intends to do the grille on this one.
  6. I hope you are right. But they have to do a better job then on the current gen where the only difference in grilles is adding some color or chrome to the same grille. The raptor doesn’t have that small body panel that goes between the headlights and the grille. That space is instead filled up with the grille. I think that larger grille helps the overall look of the truck. I hope the tremor gets a similar front end to the raptor but maybe just has the ford logo instead of the ford script.
  7. I was hoping the separate steel bumper would give the ranger a more aggressive look. Very disappointed that they did away with it. Not good if this is a lariat. Maybe it’s the color but it’s definitely giving me work truck vibes.This looks pedestrian next to the canyon and Colorado. Is it too much to ask to just make all the rangers look like the raptor😆? Now that’s a good looking truck.
  8. Who knows how long Lincoln will be around. I don’t blame them for not wanting to make the investment.
  9. This reminds me of what a concept truck from the 90’s might look like. The way they designed the bed makes it look way too long. The front end is too round and doesn’t look aggressive. The interior is ok. Looks a bit like a fancier version of the new ranger interior. Im not a fan of the styling direction of this or the Silverado ev. I’m hoping the next Gen lightning doesn’t follow suit.
  10. T-dubz

    2024 Explorer Grand Slam

    Besides the quality issues, I enjoy everything about our explorer. I think the exterior design is still one of the better looking in the segment. The 2.3 seems fine to me. I haven’t noticed any excessive noise or vibrations, but I’m used to 4 cylinders so maybe that explains it. The only complaint I really have is the screen is too small.
  11. They also said the rivian towed better and had a higher payload. Essentially the rivian did all the truck things better then the f150. As for the charging rate, ford over performed on their advertised rate and rivian underperformed on their advertised rate but rivian still charged faster and at a higher rate then the f150. The rivian is way over the top for my needs, but I think that storage compartment is slick. An ev ranger with a bit more space that had that storage compartment would be at the top of my list.
  12. I’m just now reading this article from motortrend and I have to say it’s a terrible review. In their comparison, the rivian seems to be better in almost every category. Where the lightning wins is storage space. Duh, it’s a much larger vehicle. That’s like comparing the ranger to the f150 and saying the f150 wins because it has more space. I’m not advocating for the rivian over the lightning, just think their results don’t match the rest of the article. They also mention that the rivian was the truck of the year, so how did the lightning beat it in this review?
  13. Toyota needs to focus on their ev design more than anything. What they have rolled out so far looks terrible. It doesn’t matter what platform it’s on if it’s so ugly no one buys it.
  14. T-dubz

    2023 Escape

    Build and price is up. I know we talked about this before but the trims just seem weird to me. Why is there even a base trim? It’s only 1k cheaper than the active which looks almost identical minus a very small amount of trim pieces. then there are the 3 different ST Line trims. 3 different packages on the ST Line trim would make more sense, but if there are 3 different trims, ST Line becomes redundant. Might as well come up with a new name for the other trims.
  15. T-dubz

    2023 Escape

    That was pretty bad too lol, but at least they actually made a commercial for it.