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  1. Congrats guys! Makes me laugh though going from BEVs to the complete opposite super duties 😆
  2. Looks better than the current palisade. Can’t tell if that’s the actual grille or if it’s camo. If it is the grille, it might need a bit of work, but the rest looks good. Hyundai makes me laugh, because they do refresh/redesigns all the time and a lot of what they do is cool, but then they have to put one or two design elements in that throw the whole thing off. Here its the grille, on the Santa Fe is the rear.
  3. Was the puma refreshed? The article kept referencing “the new puma” but the exterior seems to look the same? Interior looks new and that’s an interesting looking interior for sure. Seems odd to release this now when you just released two other EVs that are similar in size. I think I would have let the new EVs get some sales for a while, then brought out the puma ev whenever the next gen puma comes out (current gen has been around since 2019 so I’d imagine next gen isn’t too far off).
  4. I have no feelings towards the capri name either. I just think the design is bad. And this is coming from someone who actually likes the suv coupe look. the proportions on the capri just seem all wrong. It looks too fat, too tall, the wheels look too big. The rear roof line is all wrong.
  5. The design itself makes this a one and done model. I can’t remember the last ford vehicle that was universally hated like this capri. What a waste of a “legendary” name.
  6. I’m not a fan of the rain sensing wipers. They never seem to turn on at the right time and never at the right speed. With that said, decontenting sucks, especially when the savings aren’t passed on to the customer. maybe all the decontenting means a redesign is coming soon? Wouldn’t be the worst thing for the escape.
  7. True, i assumed it was built in England and thus wouldn’t be worth it to import, but I honestly have no idea where it’s built. That makes sense, but I can’t figure why they would have so many small SUVs in the same price range then. If you aren’t making any money, why have 4 models (2 chevys and 2 Buicks)? Guess they are going for the low profit high volume approach.
  8. Chevy builds the Trax in South Korea. I guess they are able to save enough money by importing them and still make a profit? I too wish ford had a competitor to this. GM has 3-4 subcompact SUVs in the low to mid 20k range. Ford doesn’t have any good looking small SUVs internationally, so there is nothing they could import either. I wonder if we are on the verge of seeing more vehicles being imported? Lincoln is already bringing in the nautilus but it’s low volume. The trax is now one of chevys biggest sellers. If they are able to make a decent profit importing, what’s to stop them or other manufacturers from doing it?
  9. 52k trax in a quarter is impressive.
  10. https://fordauthority.com/2024/07/2025-ford-maverick-tremor-spotted-undisguised-with-new-tires/ new tremor
  11. Nothing about the capri screams “premium.” If anything, I’d say it looks more entry level ev than anything else and should have a price tag that reflects that.
  12. Man, that is not good 😆. Why would you buy that thing over the explorer ev? I’m curious to see what Europeans reactions are to this. It kinda looks like a stubby, bloated, polestar 2.
  13. It does look a bit dated, but I also think ford missed the mark on the design. All the other manufacturers chose to get a bit more aggressive in their design, while the ranger seems to be the “old man’s midsize”. Ford already plays it safe with the f150 and maverick, try something different with the ranger. im guessing sales are low though because of low inventory. I’ve only seen work truck rangers at my dealer and haven’t seen any on the road.
  14. If ford offered a sedan that looked something like this and priced it in the 30’s, I have no doubt it would be a huge seller. It doesn’t cost any more to design a good looking car vs a generic car. Sure, some things cost more like the giant wheels, but lower models don’t have to have those.
  15. A sedan doesn’t have to be generic, ford has just chosen to make them generic. Make the car look cool and affordable and people will buy it.
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