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  1. I really like this package. Wish it was on ranger and f150.
  2. If you look at most of ford’s new suv/cuvs you will see that same trim piece. It will more than likely be on the final product.
  3. T-dubz

    Goodbye Focus, hello Flex

    I still like how these look, especially with the sport appearance package. I don’t know if it’s an option on the newer models but I remember when it first came out, you could get a refrigerated rear console. Always thought that was a cool option.
  4. I’m not a fan of sub brands in general because they make for needlessly long names, ie Land Rover Range Rover velar. Sub brands based off of existing vehicles also cause confusion. You see it in any of the threads here about bronco. People have to say things like “bronco bronco” to make sure everyone else knows you are talking about the real bronco vs the baby bronco. would the name stop me from buying it? No. I just like playing devils advocate while we are waiting for the reveal.
  5. I listened and heard “laurel” 😆😆😆
  6. the risks of tarnishing the mustang name are greater than any benefit the Mach e would get from being associated with it. think about it, are sales going to increase at all due to being associated with mustang? Probably not by very much. But if this product turned out to be a complete bust (it won’t) them you’ve ruined the mustang name.
  7. With multiple electric vehicles on the horizon, it would have made more sense to make an electric sub brand. if you didn’t want to go that route, you could have made a performance sub brand. Call it SVT. Either one of these options would have been less controversial and just as effective as naming it after the mustang.
  8. I think this is a good design ruined by a bad name/marketing strategy. If this came out with a gas engine, a regular grille, and a ford emblem instead of a mustang and it was named Edge, I’m pretty sure we would all think it was awesome, but this doesn’t seem to live up to the mustang name or image and thus everyone seems a bit disappointed. if they wanted to use a ford name with some performance history, I think they should have used lightning. It fits better with an electric vehicle. granted, this could all change once the camo wrap comes off. With the reveal so close, I wonder why they let these pics slip out?
  9. T-dubz

    Bronco R Prototype

    someone over at bronco6g got this pic from one of the videos. I was surprised at how close in size these two were. The new one is obviously wider, but that’s mainly due to the extended fenders that probably won’t make production. The actual cabs though appear to be roughly the same size.
  10. interesting if true. I like the maverick name, but I thought it was ruled out a while ago.
  11. T-dubz

    Bronco R Prototype

    I hope the bulge in the hood stays. That looks pretty sweet. The shape of the entire front is pretty good. If they go with the c-clamp lights, I hope it comes standard with raptor like led accent lights. If not I hope they go with the circle lights. Im not sold on the back half yet. The area where the rear side windows go looks pretty long. I’m used to seeing a pillar in that area. Granted there aren’t any 2 door hard top SUVs out there anymore so I probably just got used to the look of a 4 door. I’m sure with actual glass there it will look much better. From certain angles it looks like a mini gravedigger lol. i do like the integrated step right in front of the rear wheel. Should come in handy when the roof is off. Hopefully that makes production.
  12. What’s the problem with the swing gate? It’s easier to reach things inside vs a tailgate. I can open it in my garage and not worry about it hitting anything above the vehicle vs the lift gate, and it’s probably much cheaper to engineer and implement. i personally wish they’d copy the 90’s bronco where the rear window rolls down into the tailgate, but take it a step further and implement the ridgeline tailgate that can swing open or fold down.
  13. Where is the advertising for the escape? I haven’t seen a single commercial for it. How are they gonna sell it if no one knows about it? My dealer got their first one in the other day. It’s was a red se. the wheels look really small (it had the base wheels). The interior still had all the plastic on it so I couldn’t see much but from what I could see it looked better than the pictures. Exterior was about what I expected, looks boring and dated already. This vehicle would have fit in better if it came out around 2013-2015 when that face was being put on the fusion and focus for the first time.
  14. T-dubz

    Sync 4 is on its way....

    If you slapped a regular grille on that, it’d make a pretty nice edge.