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  1. Does it have a steel front bumper like the ranger? I remember ford making a big deal about that when the ranger came out. Looking at the leaked pics of the baby bronco, the front bumper seems to have a similar vibe to the magnetic gray bumper on the ranger sport package.
  2. I think everything in the red outline is fake. You can see the shape of the roof line and the rear door through the camo. The rear is probably taller than a sedans trunk but not much.
  3. stole this from jpd80 on another thread, but maybe this side profile of the Evos concept is similar to what it might look like.
  4. I bet that shape is pretty much what it will look like.
  5. Is this closer in size to the Tesla model 3? It’s hard to get a feel for the size in these pics.
  6. Yeah but it doesn’t look like a crossover either. The whole back is fake camo. Like someone else mentioned, you can see the roofline sloping downward. If anything, it has a 4 door fastback design which I’m guessing they will turn into a hatch so they can call it a utility. I like what I see though. If the $40k price is close, this should sell pretty well.
  7. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/08/21/ford-mach-e-electric-crossover-mustang-inspired-spied/ https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a28775720/ford-mach-e-electric-suv-prototype/ car and driver guesses it will cost around $40k. why even bother calling it an suv? It looks pretty much like a car to me. I think my fusion has about the same ground clearance.
  8. I’m not sure that’s a concept. I thought that was supposed to be the real thing.
  9. Ford wheels haven’t been that great for a while now. Wish they’d borrow a few designs from Lincoln. If I were to get an escape, it’d definitely be the hybrid sport. It’s the best looking of the bunch. It looks a lot better with the black wheels and no chrome trim . It is strange that you can’t get copilot 360 without removing the black wheels. If you are going to upgrade the wheels on that package, it should be to another black wheel that’s 19”. The titanium is probably the worst looking of all of them. It’s nice to see the green color make a comeback. It looks pretty good on the escape. You can also see ford cutting down the number of combinations here. It seemed like each trim had very few options to choose from. does the titanium have different lights? I couldn’t find anything in the standard features saying it had led headlights, but they do look different from the other models. Guess ford isn’t going all led for the escape like it did for the edge?
  10. i think bzcat may be on to something. In the past, the 2 door explorer was called explorer sport. Seems possible they could do it again with the bronco. I wish they would just call the baby bronco Scout though. Not bronco scout, just scout. I get that they want to use the bronco name to help sales, but if the vehicle sucks, it only hurts the bronco name. If the vehicle is great, you’ve missed out on an opportunity to create another marquee name.
  11. jaguar I-pace starts at $69k audi etron starts at $74k mercedes EQC is rumored to start around $70k polestar 2 starts at $55k These are all luxury brands. Again, Lincoln fits better here. If the ford cost as much as the luxury brands do that would mean the Lincoln would have to be even more expensive. These luxury brands make up the top end, the Kia niro like vehicles make up the bottom end. I’d imagine the Mach e would be on the upper end of the midrange vehicles. Who knows though, I could be way off
  12. I bet it’s cheaper. thats Jaguar I-pace and Tesla model x pricing. If there’s a Lincoln version, sure maybe around there, but I’d imagine the ford starting around $50k.
  13. I’m not so sure about that. If wagons were nicer looking, they’d be flying off the shelves. You can’t blame marketing either. When was the last time you saw a commercial for a ford car? I only ever see trucks, SUVs and maybe a mustang commercial here and there. Fusion gets minimal advertising and it still sells well. I think the problem with wagons is they almost always look like an afterthought. Like they took the sedan and just added the back end on it. The proportions always seem off too. That’s why I like the flex. It was designed as a wagon from the get go and doesn’t have a sedan counterpart. besides the looks, there’s other things holding wagons back too. I’d say it’s easier to get things out of the back of an suv than a wagon. Also many elderly people find it easier to get in and out of a taller vehicle.
  14. Nope, the article says the first designs for the escape were more aggressive. Baby bronco is completely different from those.
  15. As a 2 time escape owner, I am definitely the target market. I am also in a fusion now and looking to get an suv. I’m assuming the whole point of getting rid of sedans was to push me into escapes or edges. Since I have a long commute to work and need good gas mileage and space for a family, the escape redesign was the vehicle I was most excited about. It’s also the one I’m most disappointed with. Now the baby bronco is my only hope for a ford product.