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  1. I still think Harley was a good brand to associate with.
  2. sullynd

    Ranger FX2 package

    I know it’s a design flaw, but the cooled seats in my Edge are practically useless.
  3. The Jeep Grand Cherokee and Durango ride on a Daimler derives platform too.
  4. I’m pretty sure it was a Lutz vanity project. The Solstice was supposed to be parts bin as part of its pitch (the tail lights were from a GMC or something?).
  5. Cascada is dead now I believe (it’s a hit!). I still say Sky would have had a good cheby.
  6. The Sky was one of my favorite GM vehicles. It could have easily become a Chevy.
  7. Of course there is no reason Buick couldn’t exist only in China; they have vehicles that aren’t even sold here.
  8. sullynd

    2020 Escape...will it be flat-towable?

    It’s been a while, but wasn’t it also a matter of FWD v AWD on the first gen?
  9. sullynd

    ROW Raptor grill in NA Ranger

    Looks great!
  10. Acadia and Enclave are the same platform.
  11. It’s too bad someone doesn’t make a modern “skateboard” to slide under the LLV shells and update them. I do wonder what the chassis looks like underneath. I imagine some are more “oxide” than steel.
  12. Hey, I like my rocking chair seats.
  13. sullynd

    Ram TRX testing

    Many who think that way live in Mommy’s base-ment.
  14. My concern with these types of agreements is how long term are they... Think of the MB/Infiniti deal that MB has decided not to renew - Infiniti will have to scramble to develop replacement vehicles - arguably easier to do as they are ICE. If Fords BEV portfolio is all VW, and VW decides they want out, it will be harder to spool up replacements, especially if they don’t continue to build their own BEV knowledge.
  15. sullynd

    2020 hyundai palisade test drive

    The telluride and palisade will get test rides when we replace our Flex. I prefer the look of the KIA, but KIA has bounced around dealers near me, whereas the Hyundai dealer has been stable and is well liked. Not sure we’ll stick with a seven passenger SUV though.