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  1. It’s also a question of how quick they’ll hit 200k units and start to lose the tax credit. I believe they’re just over 100k units now.
  2. I wonder if it’ll have sequential tail lights.
  3. Yeah, Shelby has never been used on a non Mustang coupe before.
  4. sullynd

    Mustang? Really?

    Should this thread be moved to a non-employee forum?
  5. Ive been looking forward to a two door sport coupe with AWD, so that sold me (he says in jest). Most of the people I’ve seen complain about this would never even buy a Ford, much less a Mustang. I’ve seen many who don’t understand that the traditional Mustang will still exist. I’ve seen people say “my current Mustang will be my last Mustang!” because of this Really? What will you buy instead? The portly Challenger or dead-man-walking Camaro? Like either of those are a better option for someone so “committed” to the Mustang brand.
  6. I wasn’t aware of it being a Mustang when I ordered. Now that I know it’s a Mustang I may reconsider. It’s blasphemy.
  7. Yes, you choose the dealer. Had a call from mine yesterday as did a friend who reserved.
  8. While I have reserved a Mach, I could see Bronco winning me over once it’s unveiled.
  9. sullynd

    Mustang? Really?

    They’ll never sell any four door Chargers or Wranglers. It’s blasphemous to put those names on anything other than a two door.
  10. I’m thinking sedan, maybe the “four door coupe” approach, but could also see more traditional Sedan. Would make sense, and could also support a Lincoln.
  11. Wireless CarPlay is awesome. I had it on my 4 Series rental a year ago. I assume there is a wireless charger pad? Hopefully it will take advantage of the dual screen CarPlay feature added in iOS 13 (Where directions for instance can be displayed on the dash screen with the map on the big screen).
  12. Has anyone seen anything about avoiding price gouging? There was discussion here by Dean and ice-capades about Mach pricing being similar to x-plan, but has anyone seen/heard anything official?
  13. Yeah, I was set on black, until I saw the white
  14. Yes - thanks for the link, couldn’t find it on main site.