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  1. I’m wondering if the F150 BEV will be lower range, and if Ford didn’t decide to use the Rivian platform for a range topping truck instead of a Lincoln. BEV Truck is a more worthwhile battle for Ford than luxury BEV IMHO.
  2. My understanding is the Rivian is still a go, it just won’t be a Lincoln. There were rumors of a NA MEB based mini-Mach-E. Anyone see anything about that recently?
  3. sullynd

    General Motors - Nikola Memorandum

    Huh? Honda has had fuel cell vehicles for years. https://automobiles.honda.com/clarity-fuel-cell
  4. And they put a better engine in the Marauder near the end of its life too. Same exterior. Same underwhelming interior.
  5. Is the VW taking the tax credit into account? If not that could be huge.
  6. I do think they could also become a powertrain provider.
  7. The Model S is older than the Fusion, and there is no sign of it being replaced any time soon. The S and X should be replaced by now (including regular rear doors). May as well be the new Crown Vic. Musk/Tesla seem to have ADHD and are only interested in what’s next.
  8. At least two. The regular four door weighs 4,500lbs, the V8 likely more. That’s just over two tons.
  9. They screwed up testing car seats, not sure why anyone would trust them to review cars.
  10. I wonder if GM would have been better off with a new brand for EVs. Tesla isn’t anything magic. GM has a chance to match or exceed their tech. Possibly with better quality and (yeah, I know, it’s GM) an interior worthy of their price. I think the dealership model for service has advantages over Tesla’s approach, which has not scaled well. Tesla has advantages in their sales model and panache. I don’t know how many Tesla buyers want a “Cadillac” no mater how good of a vehicle it is. (Or a Ford/Lincoln honestly) Maybe kill Buick and launch Electra with the Saturn sales model or something.
  11. sullynd

    Bronco Sport Storm Intercept Vehicle

    The Explorer is less than 12” longer. The Bronco Sport is 4” wider, and almost 3” taller than the original Explorer. Vehicles have gotten big.
  12. https://nautique.com/press/nautique-debuts-100-electric-gs22e
  13. So do you only have a landline?