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  1. sullynd

    Genesis GV80

    Given the timing of both vehicles it’s purely coincidence.
  2. Does the Escape have wireless charging? Do we know when more vehicles will get SYNC 4? If it gets wireless CarPlay is really needs wireless charging.
  3. Agreed. I think it’s my favorite Lincoln design-wise.
  4. I think all three look great. The Palisade has features the Telluride does not, such as a power third row. Palisade is made in Korea, Telluride in the US, which may account for the feature differences.
  5. I like all three, but the Palisade seems like a better vehicle than the Telluride to me
  6. sullynd

    Knock knock

    What was to the left of the transporter?
  7. sullynd

    PHEV Wrangler at CES

    The gravel path at the country club does not count as off road.
  8. sullynd

    Subaru might rethink that name

    I occasionally see these on the way in to work...
  9. My second car was a 91 Eddie Bauer which was a hand me down from my Mom. It had the standard rocker rot, and the typical Ford rocking chair seats, but otherwise was a great car.
  10. sullynd

    Bronco Announcement Date

    I still think June 9, 2020.
  11. sullynd

    Rivian gets 1.3 Billion Investment

    One thing to keep in mind, especially re: Chicago, is Indiana is not that far, taxes are less, as is cost of living. I have coworkers who live in NW Indiana with a shorter commute than my own.
  12. sullynd


    Ticketted? In California, yes. Most other places, no. Towed? If on private property the owner can have you towed. It’s not different than “Parking for Parents with Children.” (isn’t the definition of a parent someone who has a child? They never say the child must be present)
  13. sullynd


    Assuming I lease (which is current plan, pending deal) I’ll need to keep mileage down.
  14. As I noted, if I don’t my Mach-E, I’ll probably get a Bronco. Now, I’ve only bought Fords, my last two through the same sales guy, and I’ll deal with him on the Mach-E/Bronco as well, but how many of those 40/100 reservations at that dealership are new to them? If, for example only half end up buying a Mach-E, but 25% of the balance end up in a different Ford, how is that not a win for the dealer?