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  1. Yeah, sorry. What I meant was as they are built in the same plant if Maverick is hybrid then the components are there for BS too.
  2. Wouldn’t it make sense if BS and Maverick are in the same plant?
  3. My only concern is that the Lightning ends up in the Hummer/Halo price range. Hopefully not. Especially if the CyberTruck ends up in the price range that Tesla has said.
  4. Wonder if all BEV F150 will be Lightning, or if Lightning will be just a halo model.
  5. Jim and Mike have been hit by Tesla trolls on Twitter the last month or so. I like this exchange.
  6. I assume this is what the giant projection screen on headquarters is for.
  7. It was liked by a Ford designer. it’s not the old Navigator concept, is it?
  8. I do wonder if they’ve re-evaluated that factory at all.
  9. Fiat too. (Stelantis didn’t work)
  10. Mariner was only the last year.
  11. How many first gen escapes did they sell when it was in two plants?
  12. The only Mach-E on the lots, for sale, are canceled customer orders. I reserved first day you could, and mine just made it on a train the other week.