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  1. The faster charging is certainly competitive. The EVs that charge faster are 800 volt systems (most, including Ford are 400 volt). That’s a generational change, and not something you’ll see in a minor refresh.
  2. There were people who wanted a Monaro and Commodore too. Not enough to make them viable stateside tho.
  3. Eh. The Everest, like most AUS designs it seems, looks a generation old. It looks like a Durango with a Ranger front clip. It would lead to confusion with Explorer and Expedition sales, and add marginal sales. A fixed roof Bronco makes more sense. The new Land Cruiser is the first Toyota in a long time that I liked the look of.
  4. The article called it blame; the gist of the article was that the government should go after the big three carriers rather than Apple.
  5. I read an article recently that placed blame for Apples dominance in the US with the carriers; The articles theory as to why is Apple provides support for their phones and as a result offloads a lot of the support that would otherwise be provided by the carrier.
  6. Our 2010 Flex was a great vehicle. We have about the same mileage. We kept it for my son, but decided to give him our 2015 Edge instead, so the Flex is going to be donated (it needs some work, and is not worth fixing to sell).
  7. Agreed. A fixed/hard top Bronco option would be a great addition imho.
  8. Holy cow is the site snappy now. Thanks again!
  9. And it must be BOF with a V8, preferably the 4.6, but the 302 will do. RWD with a manual. None of this Coyote stuff.
  10. My wife has been happy with her ‘23 Maverick (non-hybrid). The engine sounds a little too much like a sewing machine to me, but I’m also used to driving an EV at this point.
  11. Thank you! Any thought of offering subscriptions? The sites I am most active in disable ads if you are a subscriber. The site does seem fast!
  12. lol Search for allot and you can see what his current nom de plume likely is.
  13. I don’t trust people who don’t know the difference between a lot and allot.
  14. Recent Stelantis concept vs reality.
  15. I’ve had park assist on three different vehicles since 2015 and used it exactly zero times.
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