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  1. Interesting. Don’t follow EU. Should have said Ford NA I’d be leery of using such a system here. Mild hybrids have all flopped, ask GM.
  2. Makes sense if Mustang is a brand. Mustang Mustang Mach-E Mustang Falcon
  3. Ford doesn’t have a mild hybrid system.
  4. I was solely talking about the rendering.
  5. Looks like they started with a sporttrac to me.
  6. That’s my favorite generation F150, probably as it was the generation when I got my license. Love the first gen Lightning, but what I really wanted was a flareside.
  7. sullynd

    Gen 3 Raptor

    A buffet is a piece of furniture or a type of restaurant. A Buffett is a Warren or a Jimmy.
  8. sullynd

    Explorer King Ranch

    Would have been a good model to offer as a PIH.
  9. sullynd

    2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Revealed

    More than anything I’m surprised there are dealers holding on. Even if it’s co-located with another brand there has to be a cost to keeping it going, and it’s hard to believed you’d sell/service enough to make it worthwhile. Surprisingly (admittedly quick google) there are 350 Mitsubishi dealers in the USA and only 200 Mazda dealers. By comparison there are over 3,000 Ford stores.
  10. sullynd

    2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Revealed

    I hate to break it to you, but SUV is also a “made up term”.
  11. I miss my Escape XLT-Sport. The roof rack was cool and handy. I wonder if Mutang or Mach-E is the brand. Escort Mach-E?
  12. sullynd

    2021 Mach-E

    Thank you for checking!
  13. sullynd

    2021 Mach-E

    My salesman has gone radio silent. Not a good sign. When you have a chance can you please check again? Dealer Code F41064 Order Number E100 Mach-E Premium Red AWD Long Range  Thank you so much!
  14. Yeah, my sons only 12, if he were closer to driving age it’d be a slam dunk to keep it. We’ll definitely keep it at first, but if we don’t use it we’ll get rid of it. We could use the size as the Edge and Mach-E are smaller than we occasionally need, and having two ICE is nice, until we’re more comfortable with range on the Mach.
  15. Yeah, we’re very tempted to keep our when we get the Mach-E, it’s got over 130k on it so they’ll probably offer us like $1k for it anyway.