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  1. It’d be nice to have seen the expedition adopt that look too
  2. sullynd

    Stellantis/FCA Q3 2021 Sales Figures

    Or called it the Jeep Renegade, which they did.
  3. The Mach-E is in no relation to, nor does it look anything like the ID.4. In some parallel universe where VW takes over Ford (not going to happen due to how the stock is split with the family) Ford would no longer be a domestic automaker, just like Stellantis is not.
  4. It’s a good thing Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, etc don’t all have substantial capital in the US too. Imagine telling someone in Alabama the SantaFe is foreign. Stellantis is no more domestic than Hyundai is.
  5. My Dads 87 Celica was his first foreign car. He had one problem with it, a bad rear window (plastic - convertible) that was taken care of right away. Service was great, car was reliable. His next car was an Olds Trofeo. He had a list of over a hundred issues with the car. His next car was a Lexus SC300 , which is still one of my favorite cars, he had zero issues and received outstanding service, save for one Benz he’s owned nothing but Lexus since. For that generation I would imagine there are a lot of people who the domestics lost in the 80s. If Toyota (or Honda, Nissan, etc) has treated you well why go back? Younger generations grew up with there being lots of foreign options, and no preference for domestics (or for many a learned need to avoid them). i.e. I’ll never buy a GM because Dad had a bad Olds (not me, just an example).
  6. I don’t consider Stellantis domestic. LUCID is 60% owned by Saudi Arabia, so I don’t consider them domestic either. The cars thing is designed to make people feel better about purchasing their Honda.
  7. sullynd

    Stellantis/FCA Q3 2021 Sales Figures

    They seem to have finally run out of Avengers though.
  8. sullynd

    Maverick Test Drives

    I think he meant NOW. Makes more sense that way.
  9. They were in the Ice White edition first.
  10. sullynd

    Lincoln Zephyr

    Wards agrees with me. https://www.wardsauto.com/2021-10-best-interiors/ford-mustang-mach-e-interior-modern-luxury-space
  11. Illinois doesn’t allow Vanity plates on EVs, so registration for my EV plates is $60 more than my other cars per year.
  12. At 5,000 miles I’ve spent less on electricity than I typically spent in two weeks on gas.
  13. Still a significant “fix” on an otherwise unmolested car. And if that fix does not go well I’m not looking forward to jumping through hoops to get it fixed. I can dump it at three years if I’m not happy with it, but did options just as a hedge.