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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. The one by me is walking distance to a PF Chang’s, a local pub, and a Chuck Lagers. The one next to the EA I use in south bend is at a mall so there is a food court and some other outlot restaurants. I usually hit five guys when I’m there. The one by our cottage is at a Panera.
  2. Rivian has been building out an exclusive charging network (using a standard CCS plug) but has announced they will be opening it to others. There is a legitimate safety concern while charging as there is no way to drive away while plugged in. Someone recently came out with an adapter for Teslas that allows them to breakaway.
  3. Some. My Lightning has the best AM reception of any vehicle I’ve owned. I get zero interference. My Mach-E had good AM reception. It would occasionally get interference, but mainly when trying to pull in weak signals, and I still used it a lot. Some EVs have significant interference, not all, and I suspect it’s an engineering exercise that was just overlooked in those cases.
  4. Doesn't Ford have a patent on it? That’s my understanding.
  5. The keypad makes phone as key work imho. On both my old Mach-E and my Lightning I’ve only used my fob on the first drive home and for service. Keypad ensures that if my phone dies/breaks/lost I can still get in my car. Love the keypad, though I prefer the “hidden” look on the Mach-E to the “squishy” buttons on the Lightning.
  6. Getting tired of waiting on the Maverick. May consider switching to Ranger if price is right (and I can convince the wife).
  7. I’ve been sick of people thinking every Ford is made in Mexico. Prepare for them to think they’re all made in China. Sharp looking car though.
  8. Have you opened a Mach-E door? I was concerned at first but came to love the button. Granted I don’t have long nails, but I’m skeptical of your assertion. I miss the Mach-E approach on my Lightning.
  9. sullynd

    March '23 Sales/Chart

    It was the two Hummers that put them over Ford had the Lightning shutdown due to the battery issue, as well as trying to ramp up the Mach-E.
  10. Gasoline vehicles will never take off. Gasoline? Where can I buy gasoline? I can feed my horse anywhere. Gas stations didn’t appear overnight.
  11. There are certainly some who would not buy a Ford, even if upgraded. The question is how many, and are they worth the opportunity cost.
  12. I have access to thousands of accessories for my Lightning. How many aftermarket manufacturers are going to step up for limited production RAM and Silverado BEV accessories, and how fast?
  13. I can feed my horse anywhere - where am I going to buy a gallon of gasoline!?
  14. Gen2 Lightning and second TN BEV should be out at the same time as well, right?