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  1. Did I miss this? The EV Hummer is just vaporware at the moment! https://insideevs.com/news/450345/gm-admits-no-gmc-hummer-ev-exists-yet/?fbclid=IwAR01BbaxWljfszEEYC7lpZ6xCPfopClpxMiuoviafEf5_vEjXpUeIA1Ign4
  2. So they watched Ford and what they did with the F150 vs a Lincoln and made it work too. All the more reason I think Caddy should just die. But GM being GM, will keep it around...
  3. And then it irks me when I see some article/video claiming Tesla's manufacturing is 10 years ahead of other car makers... I no longer even click on those.
  4. All kinds of parts like to fly off Tesla's. https://www.businessinsider.com/tesla-model-y-roof-fell-off-family-claims-quality-control-concern-2020-10
  5. 92merc

    Snow tire package choices?

    There are some online calculators to help you pick tire sizes as well. But I'd agree with going narrower than stock. Seems counter intuitive. But narrow means you are putting the same pounds of vehicle on a smaller patch. Ends up with better traction on slippery surfaces. And they tend to float on the snow less.
  6. I like the looks of the new gen a lot better than the previous one. The last one just didn't do anything for me. That being said, the odds of me buying a Corvette are nill. Not that I'm a Chevy hater. There are just other cars in that price range I'd enjoy more so. Maybe if I had lottery money, then I'd add one to the stable.
  7. 92merc

    VW Taos Revealed

    Yeah, a lot of their stuff is lately. Seems like they are taking the Toyota path. Make it an appliance and forgettable. The Audio designs for CUV's aren't much to talk about either. I do like their cars. But their CUV offerings are missing something style wise. Not much of an upgrade over the VW.
  8. Not sure what the issue is, but the Corsair GT is different. It's a plug in hybrid. The rear wheels are powered only by electric. But the Corsair GT is AWD only. On the Kuga/Escape regular hybrid AWD, it's mechanical drive shaft like previous gen to the rear. Escape plug in hybrid will be FWD only.
  9. I don't recall hearing the Explorer Police Interceptor Hybrids shipping. This was in my local news... https://bismarcktribune.com/news/local/bismarck/bismarck-police-testing-hybrid-squad-cars/article_b55cdaea-b3bc-5e7d-aa3c-cb44af3eaac6.html#tracking-source=home-top-story-1
  10. Didn't the CX5 share a platform with the Escape? Is it still on that platform?
  11. Fussion always seems to be "in just 20 years" away. https://www.newstatesman.com/sci-tech/2014/11/forever-20-years-away-will-we-ever-have-working-nuclear-fusion-reactor I think we may actually be getting there with some of the recent advances I've seen on YouTube. How many years to real world, I won't say.
  12. That wasn't the one stuck in my memory. It has 12 cylinders. The one I'm thinking of was just 2. But same basic design.
  13. I'm trying to find it and I can''t. But there was some sort of really small opposed piston and/or opposed cylinder design I saw a few years ago that was really compact. It was specifically designed to run at constant state for power generation. One of those could be a good fit for something like this application. It was similar to this OPOC Ecomotor design. http://www.hybrid-engine-hope.com/state_of_art
  14. I think they were high on NOX pollutants too. Doesn't sound like something easily correctable. More research being done on standard engines and hybrid/EV. Probably dead technology on a large scale.
  15. If they use the 1.0 engine as a generator, it makes no sense to have the turbo. Turbo is for power. They wouldn't need that power for generation. Would be more efficient as a NA engine.