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  1. And GM just spent A LOT of money with new Cruze models, Impala, and Malibu. So it would stand to reason a model updated in the last 2 years will have more content than a model that has had no updates in 8 years. Ford has reasoned the sales of the Fusion won't be impacted by de-contenting. It's already in the shitter. Losing a few more won't hurt. Just pump them out until the Fusion is done.
  2. This is the one I was thinking of... https://leisurevans.com/wonder-rtb/ Something like this could benefit from the 3.0. I don't think the 2.0 diesel would cut it.
  3. There are quite a few. They are basically a B class, or B+ class model. Winnebago has the Fuse. There are a few more I can't recall the names of.
  4. There was an episode of American Pickers where they commented they were glad they paid the extra $XX? dollars for the all wheel drive upgrade.
  5. The one thing I'd like to see is the new 3.0 diesel in the Transit cut-aways. I think that would work really well for the motorhome market. Better than the old 3.2 does.
  6. 92merc

    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    I hope Ford brings out a 4x4 F-150 full electric prototype. Put something with tires as big as the Tesla. And then drag it across the parking lot. Take Elon up on his challenge...
  7. 92merc

    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    I generally give Tesla credit for pushing the design envelope. Some good ideas, some not so good. But this looks like he took his kids drawing and said, "Yep, I'll design that". First thought when I saw this was: Second thought was: I don't think Ford can muck up the BEV F150 this bad. Even while being coked out after an all night bender.
  8. I"m highly interested in a Corsair as my next vehicle. One thing I don't want to go down on is power vs. my 2.0EB Escape. They didn't mention torque in the article, only HP. But if overall torque is same or better, the GT will be top of my list. Personally, I care more are power than I do about electric only range. The 30 miles will be enough for me personally. I'm glad I didn't finish that corner of my garage where my panel is at. I'll need to figure out what wiring I'll need for an EV charger. I'm thinking of putting in wire capable of 220v 40 amp. That should cover just about any possible need I'll have.
  9. 92merc

    Aviator hood will not close

    Makes me wonder if there are bump stops on the hood. The hood may be pressing up against those a bit too hard preventing a full latch. I haven't personally looked at any of these hoods. So its just a SWAG.
  10. 92merc

    Hitch Cover

    You might want to look at one of these. I think it would be a better solution. https://www.autostopeliminator.com/collections/products-for-lincoln-vehicles/products/2020-lincoln-aviator-autostop-eliminator
  11. I'm wondering if this setup will deliver better FE than the hybrid Escape. It has me interested...
  12. 92merc

    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    Another electric truck being built. Haven't heard of this one before. https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/08/business/gm-lordstown-plant-sale-electric-pickup/index.html
  13. 92merc

    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    Number of trucks Tesla has built: 0 Number of trucks Ford has built: More than 1 Winner: Ford. 😛
  14. My local dealer had white, black, and a red on the lot. I thought they all looked fine in each color. I'm not a fan of the longer hood. But I could live with it. I was really hoping to look at the Corsair they had. But it was inside and dealers are closed on Sundays here.