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  1. 92merc

    Toyota fined for not reporting defects

    Yeah, because from life to death, an electric vehicle doesn't contribute ANY pollution to the environment.... 🙄 Mining of heavy metals used in batteries and motors. Local power plants produce emissions. A grid that isn't ready for full car electrification. It's an old argument. Beating a dead horse....
  2. 92merc

    Bronco Pickup Sketch?

    I just don't think we need a Bronco Pickup AND a Ranger. Pick one and stick with it. There are a ton of F150 options slotted above. And a new Maverick slotted below. IMO, we don't need 2 in the middle.
  3. I like the new gen and previous gen F150 grilles. 15-17 wasn't bad, but not my favorite. I've actually grown to like the exterior looks of the Chevy/GMC. Interior of the Chevy is unforgivable however.
  4. I'm guessing the hybrid and Corsair GT will be even further pushed back to keep regular Escape production moving. https://autos.yahoo.com/fca-ford-idle-plants-due-185800127.html " Ford and FCA will become the latest automakers to idle production facilities due to a semiconductor shortage "
  5. 92merc

    GM's new logo

    That is ugly. Good for GM! How about Burger King logo change? Another WTF.
  6. My local dealers actually have NO Titanium's on the lot. Using cargurus.com, I have to go out 250 miles to find any. I'm not looking to replace my 2013 Escape just yet. But given the hybrid costs about the same, I can lose a little HP vs. my 2.0EB to gain some MPG.
  7. I don't recall seeing any announcement on the Titanium being hybrid standard. When did that happen? I do hope with the refresh, the exterior looks more like the Chinese version. I prefer that to the US version, exterior wise. Interior I'm fine with.
  8. I was just going to say the same thing. A. a lot of camo, so you can't see much. B. I do see the usual 7 slot grille. So nothing new there. Looks like the usual 3 row CUV to me.
  9. It is odd you can get the 2.3EB in the Corsair, but not the Nauti...
  10. 92merc

    2013 Ford Edge Windshield fogging issue

    This is just my wild guess. One of two things. Either the blend doors aren't working right to divert air to the defroster. Or you may have a coolant leak in the heater core, adding moisture to the system. Just a guess...
  11. I'm sure they'll state that while they are down, they'll be doing quality improvement processes to make their cars even better than before...
  12. Mine is Job 1. I don't have the quad display on the speedo that came later. The hatch piece out back on mine isn't chrome, it's body colored. And I fat fingered that date, I have a 2013, not 2014.
  13. It's been awhile since I dug into this, but I could swear my 2014 2.0 EB Escape Ti shouldn't exhibit this problem. Like the engine was changed after my model year. I have 61k on my Escape. Outside of the door recalls, and one wiring recall, I've had no issues with it. Well, other than for some reason, the wife gets 1 mpg better than when I drive. I can't figure it out! 🙂
  14. I'm not sure if I believe those numbers. Corsair and Escape have had very good launches with no major issues. I don't see how the Corsair could be ranked below a Land Rover, or a Jag.