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  1. If they are going to kill the Escape (something with more brand history than the BS), Ford better upscale the interior quality on the top end BS models. Escape interior quality is much better than the BS.
  2. They probably haven't lost money, but I'm betting it's no where near a cash cow like the F150 is. I'm betting it's more like Costco's rotisserie chickens, if you know what I mean....
  3. I"m not saying Ford would quit building vehicles for export. Just quit selling Fords in China.
  4. So back on Topic. Is Ford actually making money in China? Enough to add to their bottom line? If not, get out while you can is my opinion.
  5. Current trucks started in 1986. So 37 years. Article is off by nearly a decade. And yes, butt ugly. But they'll have no excuse for not being able to see out the front. I wonder how those will cope with North Dakota winters and heating? Big a$$ windshield can't be easy to keep defrosted.
  6. Got the same notice for my 2020 Escape. Haven't called to make an appointment yet.
  7. It was that Fairbanks engine I was thinking of. But I haven't heard of any progress on the Achates Power design being put into production either.
  8. I can remember 5-8 years ago I think, Ford was working on a reciprocating engine to be a range extender for the F150. Can't find anything on that though. It was similar to a hydraulic piston going back and forth.
  9. With those wheels, I'm guessing the plug in hybrid. But I'm not seeing a plug in port. I like the lights, but prefer the current grille.
  10. One thing I'm noticing is the article claims "EV's". Is the Chinese built Nautilus an "EV" being a hybrid? They don't really spell it out, but it implies fully electric vehicles getting the tariff. No mention of hybrids.
  11. I was actually referring to the Speedo Cluster. On all the Escapes, except fleet, they are full LCD. After a quick search, I see a few Maverick owners have swapped it in. So it does fit. https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/full-digital-gauge-cluster-from-ford-escape-swap-into-maverick.9506/
  12. I'm not sure. But now that I look at it, I think the Maverick is sharing the speedo with the Bronco Sport. I don't see a full LCD on the BS. I guess sharing it with the BS does make some sense.
  13. 2.3 EB was axed in FWD configurations. So I'd be surprised if that showed up. Not unless Ford built the Mustang's updated 2.3 EB with FWD in mind. Personally I think Ford would more likely put a different tune in a 2.0 EB at most. If they keep it consistent with Escape names, it'll probably be just ST-Line. The part I don't understand about the Maverick, is why they didn't put in the Escape's full LCD screen. I get Maverick is made cheaper, but in Lariat, they should have. I mean parts are right there.
  14. That was corrected by 2019 model year I believe. BTW, I sold my 2013 Escape with 2.0EB last summer. 80k miles. No coolant issues...
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