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  1. Surprised on one has mentioned this one. Still a lot up in the air. But not sure I'm a fan of fixed price model. On the other hand, I've never bought a brand new automobile, always used. https://jalopnik.com/ford-ceo-says-he-wants-to-move-to-fixed-pricing-1850470208
  2. Carnac says "We'll get to it when we get to it."
  3. 92merc

    2017 Escape Major Issues

    What you have going on sounds like the water intrusion issue. Loss of compression and I'd bet a loss of coolant too. Check with the Ford dealer. You may be covered by the 100k mile extended warranty due to this block issue, if that is the cause.
  4. I'm wondering if the 2.7 will be the same CGI out of the F150, or if they'll go to a lighter aluminum version. Personally, I'd be happy with the 2.3EB. That's all I need. I'm guessing it'll be the same updated 2.3EB out of the Mustang. Not the old model. Makes no sense keeping the old one around since they already axed it in the Corsair.
  5. One huge thing not being mentioned is the amount of carbon emitted during the manufacturing of the vehicle. I don't recall the numbers, but a TED Talks had a gentleman showing the actual graphs of carbon emissions when you factor in how much more carbon is emitted in the making of batteries vs. an ICE vehicle. Those graphs look good above. But that' totally ignoring how much more in the hole you start with on a EV vs. an ICE. I think this was the one. Guy looks familiar.
  6. I'd much prefer a Mach-E style solution than the Tesla pop out handles. I've heard from quite a few locals having issues with their Tesla handles in the ice locally in ND.
  7. Ford and GM can't afford to make their own batteries from scratch at this point. It also would take far too long to source the materials, and invent your own battery technology that doesn't have a patent on it. And build the whole processing plant. And there are no American companies to partner with at this point. Tesla is the only truly American company making batteries, and they aren't sharing squat. The rest of the battery companies all have Asian connections. It would take 5-10 years for Ford to do this on its own, possibly more. There just isn't enough time to do that.
  8. For my willingness to buy a BEV, yes. But that would have to be 200 miles in ND winter. I've seen some BEV's lose almost 50% range in our cold weather.
  9. Personally, I don't have an issue with how hard Ford is pushing the BEV rollout. If they are going to get a head of the game, they'll need to be out front. It's going to take some time, and resources to get there. But that's the only way the old Three will make it in the long run. I am concerned that Ford will be dropping the ICE market too soon for myself. I get minimal improvements to ICE engines. But I live in the frigid tundra of North Dakota. I may be able to move one vehicle to BEV. Wouldn't really want to right now until range is better. Especially in the cold. But I'd still need my other vehicle to be a ICE/Hybrid to take me on the longer trips. I'm just hoping 10 years from now, Ford still has a couple of ICE choices for me.
  10. Not a fan of the kick up, but I could live with it personally. But with the US Explorer, the L just wouldn't be needed here. We need an Edge replacement. I'd like to see a mid-sized ICE CUV continue for awhile yet in the US.
  11. It also comes down to sourcing the raw materials. China has no issue polluting their environment to mine what ever metals it takes. US, not so much.
  12. Well, the Chinese Edge looks better than the 2024 North American Edge. See picture below. ---->
  13. 92merc

    2024 Tacoma Shown Off

    I'm sure the Toyoda fanboi's will love it...
  14. Yeah, a bit too much white in the picture. I liked the chrome bumpers better. Get something in there to break up the mass of color.