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  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One should try to see things from the other's perspective (and take a deep breath) before getting so sensitive. It was from such sensitivities that I stopped coming here years ago. I think, rather than being dragged into such arguments again, i will just bid you all a fond farewell once more. Take care and stay safe!
  2. Well, on the 2020 Escape, it looks too much like a Mazda. Just not my style. The Bronco Sport, I don't care much for the styling. Again, not my style. Personally, I liked my 2007 Mariner style even over my 2018 Escape. I guess I like them a bit boxy but not like a lifted Flex. Don't get me wrong. I have other vehicles. I was just talking about the Escape and Bronco since that was the other person's post. Although my fleet has decreased in recent years, I like the 2003 Ford Mustang GT, 2014 Jeep Wrangler, 2018 Ford Escape, 2018 Subaru Forester, and 2007 Jeep Liberty. The 2018 Ford EcoSport I have is a lease so it doesn't count...lol.
  3. I bought a 2018 Escape, and I like that one better than the 2020. Now, I was looking forward to the new Bronco Sport. Unfortunately, if the leaked pictures are correct, I don't care for the Bronco Sport either. Bummer!
  4. I think you may be the envy of several people right now. I, personally, can't wait to see how it turns out. Hopefully, all bugs would be worked out when my EcoSport lease ends in 2021. Not too fond of the EcoSport. Speaking of which...I wonder if that is what the plastic trim along the bottom may resemble.
  5. I leased a 2018 EcoSport Titanium 2.0L AWD back in December 2018. Have a couple of issues and thought I would ask if anyone else knows of these. First, I categorize several issues under "electronics" issue. I've noticed that most of the time, the white guiding lines do not appear when in reverse...only the distance lines. Also, there are times when the radio sound comes out only from the center speaker on the dashboard. Then, the radio station resets (AM 530 or SiriusXM promo) very frequently. The monitor even froze on one occasion where the map was not progressing while I was driving and none of the buttons would work. Anyhow, when I brought this up when I took it in for the Spring service, i was told that Ford was working on a software update that should address these issues. Does anyone know if this is true and whether the update is available yet? Second, I am hearing/feeling vibrations from possibly the drivetrain under certain situation. I actually had a 2015 Focus that had issues with the transmission, but this one is not as severe as the Focus. What I notice is when I take my foot off the accelerator to allow the EcoSport to coast, I can feel and/or hear a vibration that is similar to when one upshifts a manual transmission too soon without having sufficiently accelerated. However, that vibration goes away when I step on the accelerator again. The vibration seems to be from under the vehicle behind the driver's position. This one, I have not yet had the service department look into. Just wondering if anyone has any knowledge of these items. Thanks!
  6. I recently leased an EcoSport after the wife's Focus was rear-ended while I was driving it. Pick-up front bumper to Focus trunk impact made for a bad and painful experience so I got rid of the Focus and my '13 Mustang for an '18 Escape. Idiots tried to hit the Escape on my way home from taking delivery. Thought about it and leased an '18 EcoSport as the daily (and expendable) vehicle. After the wife drove it, she loves it so will probably end up buying it at lease end or get a new one if she likes the new design...for which I am hoping for flow of information soon. Personally, I wish it had a stronger engine and larger wheels/tires. Aside from that, I actually like it even though it's about 10 inches shorter than the Escape.