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    New light & medium duty news

    350 hp in an E-Series. Three hundred and fifty horsepower in an E-Series. (Insert appropriate 'back in my day' quote about 1980s engines.)
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    Harley Lover

    Ghosn Escspes from Japan

    Pot, meet kettle.
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    '19 Year End Sale Totals

    We had this discussion before. You're completely ignoring dividends. Ford pays a nice one. For an old guy like me, dividends make up a large part of my yearly income.
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    All 3 Broncos (Bronco 4-door, Bronco 2-door and Bronco Sport) will be shown together as a family so as not to create confusion. The reveal event we were told was in the spring. So yes it could be NAIAS in June. Last I heard that either the 2021 F-150 or 2021 Bronco family will be at NAIAS in June and the other will get their own event, like the Explorer and Expedition did. That was as of back in October. I’m sure they chose what will be revealed at what venue by now. Bronco Sport will be built alongside the Fusion and MKZ in Hermosillo for about 6-9 months as they don’t have a concrete end date yet. Then Fusion and MKZ will be done, then the next gen Transit Connect and baby pickup will be in there in mid 2021 for the 22MY.
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    Ford patent on huge windshield

    Or maybe a Crown Vic Skyliner made with modern materials engineering:
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    If you have a great design, the material used is seldom noticed. but a poor design will make the cheap materials scream out loud.
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    '19 Year End Sale Totals

    The mute feature works great for Snooter-who I think is on some sort of drugs with some of the shit he comes up with. I've discovered that he adds 0 to any conversation, so no big deal if I don't see it.
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    https://www.foxnews.com/auto/ford-ranger-mustang-v8-engine Please sweet baby Jesus, let this come to the Bronco; in the name of the 5.0 and the Holy Raptor, Amen 🙏
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    My 2020 Escape SE First Impression

    While my explorer is at the dealership getting fixed, I was given a 2020 Ford Escape SE as a loaner vehicle. Today was my first day with the vehicle. Exterior - nothing stands out about the exterior. This vehicle seems to blend in more than most vehicles, especially in the magnetic color. The front still hasn’t grown on me. It looks dated, like it should have come out in 2013 with the fusion redesign. My biggest complaint is the wheels. It came with the 17” wheels which look very basic, almost to the detriment of the vehicle. Better wheels would definitely make this vehicle look better. Also they look really small and don’t fill the wheel wells very well. Interior - just like the exterior, there is nothing special about the interior. It’s the details that make or break an interior, and for the escape, the details were lacking. The first thing I noticed was how cheap the gauge cluster looked (it came with the analog gauges, not the digital screen). its just one piece of flat plastic for all the gauges.theres nothing separating the different gauges from each other. I think the previous gen gauge cluster looks more upscale with each gauge having its own section and chrome trim. Many people don’t like the tablet style screen but I don’t mind it and I actually like it’s implementation here. It’s higher up so it’s easier to see and it’s much closer to the driver than the previous escape so it’s easier to reach. everything below the screen needs some work though. The design just doesn’t flow very well. Where the center console and dash meet seems especially cheap. I was excited to test out the rear seat legroom since such a big deal was made about it. I adjusted the front seat to where I would sit, and then got in the back seat to see how much room I had. I’m 6’1”, and with the back seat all the way back, my knees were still touching the front seat. The back of the front seats are concave so there is extra room for your knees. If my knees were touching each other, they would fit in that area without touching the front seat, but that’s just not a comfortable way to sit. I’m not sure how they fit all those basketball players back there when they first showed the escape. They must have had some really short people sitting in the front. It is more legroom than the previous model. If I had to guess, I’d say it had slightly more room in the back than a fusion. Drive and Handling - this escape came with the 1.5L 3 cylinder engine. The first thing I noticed when I started driving the car was how loud it was, and not in a good way. The engine sound fills the cabin under normal acceleration and gets really loud if you step on it. It feels like there is zero sound deadening material on this car. I was actually surprised by the performance of the engine though. I expected it’d be a dog, but the acceleration was decent. I never got it over 55 so I can’t say how it doesn’t at highway speeds. ride height is pretty low. It feels much lower than the previous gen escape, but still slightly higher than a car. If I had to guess, maybe it’s about the same as a Subaru? The lower ride height does seem to help handling though. It felt more nimble than my current escape. Final Verdict - I didn’t like the exterior design beforehand, but I had hoped the rest of the package would redeem the escape. While I liked a few things, unfortunately the negatives outweighed the positives. The MSRP for this vehicle was around 29k. I wouldn’t even consider it at that price (who pays MSRP though) Honestly, it feels like ford kinda cheapened out on this car. $23-24k seems like where this vehicle should be priced in the SE trim.
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    Mustang Mach E Timeline

    I have no doubt I'd be impressed. I know EV's have instant torque and knock-your-head back acceleration, but I don't spend my driving time drag racing. The past two days I've spent my time driving through 4" of sloppy, wet snow. Difficult, slow driving in below freezing temps. Lot of tire spin and white knuckle driving. These are not the best conditions for a BEV vehicle. Battery range is going to be reduced, probably significantly. ICE vehicles are just more of a sure-bet to most folks who drive in these conditions. EVs are indeed the future, you and I just disagree how fast it will happen. In rural areas, such as where I live, acceptance will be slow. Probably much faster in urban areas.
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    this is the big Bronco's headlight. Here's baby Bronco's grille insert. You can clearly see the headlight assembly from this thread wouldn't fit properly in this insert. Similar style to keep the family look, sure, but not the same setup:
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    My 2020 Escape SE First Impression

    All I need to do is look at the Escape SE gauge cluster or hear the creaks in my flimsy door panels to know the glass house is wrong. It’s totally a mainstream product. If they are trying to charge a premium over other brands at some point the customer is going to expect more. Right now they are leaning hard on loyal customers who will pay more just for the brand, but as the CUV market becomes the new sedan market customers will become much less brand loyal. We can talk about ATPs all day, but if the value is not there customers will shop other places especially in segments with lower rates of brand loyalty.
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    Lincoln Purchase Experience

    I have bought Fords and Lincolns from the same dealership and from the same salesperson and sales manager for many years. I do not expect to be treated differently when I buy a Ford vs. when I buy a Lincoln. I expect top notch treatment either way and I have always gotten it. I don't quite understand why buying a Ford, whether it is a $80,000 F150 King Ranch or a $35,000 Escape should be an inferior experience compared to buying a Lincoln. Before Ford sold Jaguar, I considered an XJ and visited a stand-alone Jag dealer. The sales rep was knowledgeable and the store was nice but I can't say the overall experience was much different than dealing on a Ford. I had a similar experience when looking at Volvos at their stand-alone dealership. Bottom line for me is that the people make the difference. I do not expect a salesperson to have all the answers but I expect decent product knowledge and 100% honesty. I expect to be treated as a valued and respected customer. If those things are missing, the quality of the customer lounge or how fresh their snacks are doesn't mean a thing to me.
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    '19 Year End Sale Totals

    Here's the December chart! To note, Taurus/PIS and Explorer/PIU numbers are a bit skewed because I don't have a breakdown of PIS/U numbers for previous months, so I have to reconcile year end numbers vs. what we have for monthly figures, which results in goofy numbers (like the -64 for Taurus). In other words, October and November charts had Taurus/PIS and Explorer/PIU figures combined, which means these December numbers for Explorer/Taurus itself are actually higher and the PIS/PIU numbers should actually be lower for December. I'm hoping to figure out a way to fix this for 2020. I may have to just combine them and then do a separate row for PIU at the quarters for curiosity's/information's sake.
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    2020 F350

    Someone who doesnt want to spend $10,000 more for the engine.
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    I think you’re reading way too much into it
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    New light & medium duty news

    I try to be well informed on GM, Ford, FCA, Navistar, Isuzu, and DTNA as a part of my profession. I post here because there are some very knowledgeable contributors on these forums.
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    My 2020 Escape SE First Impression

    the very first line of the review is a mistake, “the redesigned escape is good looking.” 😆😆😆
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    My 2020 Escape SE First Impression

    Or just put the digital screen in all models and call it a day lol.
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    The dumbest lawsuit ever...

    It amazes me how people can twist things around in order to blame someone else. From what I read, their is no evidence the extender even failed or if it would have made a difference in the accident. Only questionable thing I see for Ford, is that they were supplying an abnormal amount of extenders to one dealer. Since they don’t cost the dealer anything, I would suspect Ford would want to know why they are Ordering so many. Probably in Ford’s eyes, these things don’t make any money why investigate something that’s free. This is a deep pocket issue for sure. Complete “follow the money” suit. Why not sue nissan for not making booster compatible seat belts or sue nissan because the juke isn’t as big as an armada. While your at it, sue the DOT for not putting up retractable bollards at red lights to stop red light runners. ( doesn’t say if it’s at a red light or not) Maybe sue the restaurant they ate at because if the food came out quicker they may have not been at that spot at that time. (Again just speculation, but showing how ridiculous this blame game gets) This is the society we live in. Only person that wins is attorney.
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    That’s how I ordered mine. I also ordered it with the medium stone interior. Yes I know getting light colored cloth you have to be brave, but 9 months later it still looks really good. I just think the two-tone interior sort of spruces it up a bit.
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    That wasn't it-I had no aversion to buying domestic. I bought a brand new Exploer-I want to say around the year 2000. It was the one that had the fiberglass strip on the rear hatch that would split-and Ford would or would not cover it depending on how the wind was blowing. But quite frankly-based on features content and price-others are going to have an aversion to buying "Domestic" when looking at what the Koreans are putting out SUV wise-at the price point. But time will tell on this. And with the Explorer going up market........
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    Yes sir 02MustangGT, I think you are correct about that. Here is the instrument cluster on 2020 Nissan Versa SV.
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    New light & medium duty news

    I dunno. I think Ford's rationale for the F-600 makes a lot of sense: Form factor. I think the new Chevy MDs have the same issue that the last GM MDs had: The truck is just too big, physically, for lighter duty applications. From that standpoint, I think Ford's going in the opposite direction: They've beefed up a F-550, which has more of a conventional pickup cab/engine compartment/frame, so you get 22k GVWR from a pickup, basically.