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    If you ever need proof that you can never please everyone and that people will literally argue over everything, look no further than this conversation about fucking trim names JFC
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    Airplanes are literally off-road vehicles.
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    My Aviator experience

    Allow me to share my Aviator Journey: Ford announces the return of the Aviator. We are going to get one. Enter the billion dollar Explorer/Aviator debacle. No way are we getting one now. Decide on the GLE450 4Matic. Test drive, it's sporty, and amazing tech. 82 grand, ok, ouch. We want it from Germany, but they are built only in Alabama. Not a deal breaker. At least test drive the Aviator before going Mercedes. I step into the driver's seat, close the door, and the Mercedes was voted off the island. OK how do we get a good one? Plan to visit the Chicago Auto Show and talk to the factory reps. That didn't happen. OK, keep researching. Learn to decipher the window sticker. Insist on seeing the odometer. Focus. Why are all of the Aviators at the dealers five, six months old? Look at the manufacturing date. August, September 2019? STAY AWAY. (now reading through these forums, and seeing all the problems and unhappy people). I love Lincoln. Been driving Lincoln since the 90's. Realize this is a brand new model. I have learned from Microsoft not to upgrade my Windows computer with a new OS until they come out with the first service pack. Use that mindset when looking for a car. Don't just go buy one off the lot because it's such an awesome car and I want it now. This is a HUGE investment. I'm going to order one. I'm going to spare you my dealer experiences. Finally, I found a guy who actually listened to me, and strove to put me in the car I wanted, not the car HE wanted me to buy. Order the car on March 4, 2020. Scheduled to Day March 26. Enter Covid, and factory shut-down March 19th. When the factory reopened, it did so running only two shifts, so cars are trickling out. My new scheduled to day is June 18. Frankie was built on June 23. We drove up to the dealer on July 9 to pick him up. (175 miles away, no pick up and delivery) Frankie is perfect. Not one single issue. It is hands down the nicest car I have ever owned. I am so happy, so greatful, so thankful to have found such an awesome dealer who made me feel like a king. I can't say enough about Michael Goch at Pompano Ford Lincoln. I was lucky, but i feel I brought on that luck myself. I have no regrets, nothing but praise. Thanks for reading my post.
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    Exactly - they should name it after some kick ass jet aircraft instead.
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    Lincoln Buy Back Navigator

    The OP should be able to use all features of the vehicle as intended....and I may add it doesn't matter if it's a $15,000.00 vehicle or a $90,000.00 one. The features should work as designed.
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    Three Row Ford Escape?

    You guys are over thinking this. Ford just want a competitor for VW Tiguan Allspace, Nissan X-Trail (Rogue) and Peugeot 5008. Just look at the clusters of competitors from a worldwide perspective (rather than US-centric one) and think of Ford's professed desire to be the preferred SUV brand for the masses. I just picked 3 random competitors from each segment to illustrate what Ford is trying to accomplish here with a 7 seat Kuga - it is the missing hole in the line up. L x W x H // WB Subcompact short Suzuki Breeza (not sold in the US) 157.3" x 70.5" x 64.6" // 98.4" Honda WR-V (not sold in the US) 157.5" x 68.5" x 63.0" // 100.4" EcoSport 161.3" x 69.5" x 64.8" // 99.2 VW T-Cross (not sold in the US) 161.7" x 69.3" 62.6" // 100.4" Subcompact long Hyundai Kona 164.0" x 70.9" x 61.6" // 102.4 Puma (not sold in the US) 164.8" x 71.1" x 60.5" // 101.9" Jeep Renegade 166.6" x 71.1" x 66.5" // 101.2" VW T-Roc (not sold in the US) 166.7" x 71.6" x 61.9" // 102.0" Compacts short Nissan Qashqai (Rogue Sport) 172" x 70.9" x 62.8" // 104.2" Bronco Sport 172.7" x 74.3" x 70.2" // 105.1" Peugeot 3008 (not sold in the US) 175.2" x 72.4" x 63.8" // 105.3" VW Tharu/Tarek (US debut in Oct 2020) 175.3" x 72.5" x 64.3" // 105.5" Compact long 5 seat VW Tiguan SWB (not sold in the US) 176.6" x 72.4" x 65.9" // 105.6" Escape/Kuga 180.5" x 74.1" x 66.1 // 106.7" Honda CR-V 180.6" x 73.0" x 66.1" // 104.7" (also available with 7 seats) Toyota RAV4 181.1" x 73.0" x 65.4" // 105.9" Compact long 7 seat Peugeot 5008 (not sold in the US) 182.7" x 72.4" x 64.6" // 111.8" Nissan Rogue 183" x 72.4" x 66.9" // 106.5" VW Tiguan LWB 185.5" x 72.4" x 65.9" // 109.9" (also available with 5 seats) <Escape/Kuga 7 seat should be somewhere here> Midsize 5 seat Hyundai Santa Fe 187.8" x 74.4" x 66.1" // 108.9" Edge 5 seat 188.8" x 75.9" x 68.3" // 112.2" Jeep Grand Cherokee 189.8" x 76.3" 69.3" // 114.8" Nissan Murano 192.4" x 75.4" x 66.5" // 111.2" Midsize 7 seat Jeep Grand Commander (not sold in the US) 191.9" x 74.5" x 68.4" // 110.2" Edge 7 seat (not sold in the US) 192.0" x 75.9" x 68.2" // 112.2" GMC Acadia 193.6" 75.4" x 68.7" // 112.5" Toyota Highlander 194.9" x 76.0" x 68.1" // 112.2" Large 7 seat Kia Talluride 196.9" x 78.3" x 68.9" // 114.2" VW Atlas 198.3" x 78.3" x 67.7" // 117.3" Explorer 198.9" x 78.9" x 69.9" // 119.1" Dodge Durango 199.8" x 75.8" x 70.9" // 119.9" US Fullsize Expedition 210.0" x 79.9" x 76.6" // 122.5" Chevy Tahoe 210.7" x 81.1" x 75.7" // 120.9"
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    Seeing the models post above again made me want to show the ones I’ve been working on....
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    Lincoln Buy Back Navigator

    I'm old school, don't own anything with a power lift-gate and I survive just fine. However, the notion that this customer should let this failure slide on a $90K vehicle is absurd. On a Lincoln everything should work flawlessly and be pleasing to the customer who dropped all that coin for a luxury vehicle. I know we sometimes questions these types of posts...but I did see another Lincoln Nav owner out here complaining of the same thing. Gosh Lincoln - just fix the damn thing for her.
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    Those poor explorers..

    Somebody will blame CAP....
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    I'm guessing adding Fusion Active and a commitment to continue Edge and Nautilus will be the prize. That will ensure Ford will invest in OAC to make it PHEV and EV capable which is the important thing to have a future in car assembly plants. Goodluck and I hope you guys get what you want.
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    Jeep Grand Wagoneer

    Nobody does retro modern like Ford.
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    For one brief period, Ford was selling so many Fusions that it had overflow production at Flat Rock but after the very modest 2015 makeover, the wheels began falling off as Titanium buyers deserted Fusion, it was only a short hop from there to Ford bitching about 33,000 ways to order a Fusion. IMO, Ford engineered this from way back, making high series Fusions less appealing compared to Ford's utilities. While not increasing sales, Ford is clearly hooping a different group of buyers while unfortunately, casting off its long time car customers. Ford made this into an either/or choice, the cancellation of San Louis Potosi and putting it's new products at Hermosillo then forced Fusion and Focus off shore to China. After that, trade tensions and poor clinics put the skids under cars. If recent history with Ranger has taught us anything, its that vehicles once considered dead to North America can one day, magically turn up like an old long lost friend. I wouldn't count out sedans from ever returning.
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    Fusion was best in class when it debuted and Titaniums were just as good as some entry level luxury sedans. The problem was most people were buying heavily discounted SE models and the higher priced buyers went to CUVs. It was a great product in the wrong market. Camry has the winning formula - keep it cheap with minimal updates other than appearance and play the price wars.
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    Can't California just break off and drop into the Pacific like so many people wish it would!!??
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    The new Supra is a giant dud. Giant lesson on how NOT to revive a legendary name.
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    No. There' no inherent pattern/hierarchy to "custom, XL, XLT" other than the fact that Ford's used that nomenclature for decades, so THAT'S how you know what they mean. Had Ford used Big Bend, Outer Banks, and Wildtrak for decades, you'd know exactly where they were in the hierarchy too. They specifically wanted a different nomenclature for Bronco, and folks that will buy one will know what's what. What else are they supposed to name it after? Bigfoot? Oh wait.... 😛
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    Harley Lover

    Lincoln Buy Back Navigator

    You are justified in expecting the vehicle to operate in the manner it's expected to - and it's almost unfathomable that Lincoln/Ford can't figure out how to repair the liftgate mechanism on your Navigator. I can also understand why that feature is so important when you're picking up or delivering food for the local pantry. I can also see the Lincoln side of it, in which they probably view this as a hassle, but not something that prevents driving the vehicle on a daily basis. All that said, I don't blame you if this sours you on Lincoln - it's simply frustrating to buy something (especially at these prices) and then have to deal with failure to perform on a daily basis.
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    Warthog? You mean the 2023 Bronco Raptor??
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    I'm still trying to process where the fuck the past six months have gone since the lockdown started...
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    As usual you don’t understand the difference between sales and profits and you don’t understand corporate finance. If a Fusion was profitable enough they would have found a way to keep it. It wasn’t and a new one would not have changed much. End of discussion.
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    Jeep Grand Wagoneer

    I dunno, I personally liked/still like the retrobird.
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    2022 Hyundai Tucson teasers

    Nice to see they're recycling the 2007 Edge look....
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    I think that Fusion is the best looking midsize sedan out there and it is a mistake that it is being cancelled. I can see where Ford dropped the Focus at MAP to build Ranger and Bronco, but the Fusion could have easily been moved to FRAP. Unfortunately, like GM, Ford listens more to the voices of analists than their customers, and if the vehicle does not have a ten percent profit margin it does not get build. In the case of Fusion, Ford sees 100 percent of nothing better than 2 percent of something. Even if Ford could only sell Fusion at cost, it is better for them that a customer is sitting behind the wheel of a Fusion compared to a Malibu, Camry, Accord, or Sonata. Once a competitor snatches a customer, it is very hard to get them back.
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    It's the communist... er, California way