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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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    Ford February 2023 Sales - Up 21.9%

    AND. How could ICE sales have INCREASED?!?!?! I was told that was completely IMPOSSIBLE as everyone is flocking to BEVs in droves and ICE was dead!!
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    BEV accounted for 2.9% of Ford Motor Company U.S. vehicle sales YTD and 13.2% of the net sales growth in that timeframe. Hopefully the production ramp-ups that Ford announced today for Mustang Mach-E, F-150 Lightning, and E-Transit combined with new product introduction in the next few years will result in BEV comprising at least 15% of Ford U.S. sales by the end of 2023, at least 50% by 2026, and 100% by 2030.
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    The flaw in that theory is that every car buyer will be able to afford and operate a BEV within the next 10 - 15 years and I highly doubt we’ll be close to that. In the meantime you could be saving a lot of fuel with new hybrids that are both affordable and available now with no restrictions. It’s not going to slow down BEV development. What happens in 15 years if BEVs are only 50% of the market and we’ve wasted 15 years of gains from more efficient hybrids? Why can’t we look at all options and see which ones contribute the most reductions using realistic adoption rates that take into account realistic technology and infrastructure limitations? Why not a two prong approach to improve ICE as much as possible while also transitioning to BEVs? Saying that takes money away from BEVs and delays BEV adoption is just rationalization.
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    With ford quality and software issues as of late, you don’t have to worry, it won’t work anyways 😆
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    Ford February 2023 Sales - Up 21.9%

    Also, got around to updating my charts....
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    You can be somewhat realistic, you know. They are not getting to 15% US sales by the end of 2023 from 3%.
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    I’m just asking the question which is better for emissions. You’re just repeating that BEVs are better. My biggest complaint is we aren’t looking at all the options on the table using realistic forecasts with the goal of reducing emissions. We’re just jumping right to 100% BEVs What if we can only get to 50% BEVs in 15 years - what does that look like with and without hybrids? If you do t at least do the math you’ll never know the answer. The real answer is some want BEVs no matter what and are unwilling to consider options because the goal isn’t reduced emissions it’s 100% BEVs. We lost sight of the trees in the forest.
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    Harsh cutovers are expensive and leave a lot of people stranded- A new BEV is a multi billion dollar investment and for many people charging isn't readily available if they can even afford a new vehicle. Forcing a hard cutover also creates a backlash that will kill electrification entirely- Forcing people into BEVs will actually slow adoption.
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    As frustrating as this is for those with orders, this is a good sign that Farley is serious about making changes. In the past this would have been a fix it later situation.
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    After almost exactly a year, it is safe and sound in my driveway after a 1,750 mile drive home. Performed flawlessly. Even got stuck in the massive Portland snowstorm yesterday for 7 hours and tested all the 4wd systems. One interesting thing though is there was a production error (I think) because it has the 5th wheel prep package and I didn't order it and it's not on the sticker. Pretty strange. Anyone else have this happen? Not complaining. On Edit: Included The 5th-Wheel/Gooseneck Hitch Prep Package is standard on all F-450 models. I guess I was confused because I was looking up F350's as well.
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    If you don’t make the payments you agreed to make that’s a loan default. Period. End of story. Now if the loan itself is illegal then you have recourse but that has nothing to do with a legal repossession.
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    I have no sympathy for someone who steals. And not making the payments on your car is theft, plain and simple. I think this is one of the coolest things ever. I think they should just disable it and not let it go anywhere unless you have the special "repo key" in your pocket.
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    He’s just laying the groundwork to make Ford E different. Remember he’s also speaking to Ford employees. These inefficiencies and added costs in Ford Blue are taking money away from Ford E investments.
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    Ford February 2023 Sales - Up 21.9%

    https://s201.q4cdn.com/693218008/files/doc_news/2023/sales/03/ford-feb.-2023-sales-data.pdf I'll throw these numbers into my green/red charts when I get a chance, but in the meantime here are the Ford PDFs. Nice to see improvements overall, though last February's numbers were pretty bad.
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    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    My dealer has 3 in transit. All gassers and mine is one of them with an ETA of 3/26. His regional rep said a tentative OKTB/OKTS for diesel is 4/13.
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    Right now BEVs are very popular with early adopters. Once those folks have filled up on them the real task will be getting the general car buying public to start buying them in mass quantities all across the country. I know it’ll eventually be forced by the government whether we like it or not, but if free market had it’s way, BEVs have a long ways to go outside of urban areas to be the vehicle of choice. I’m still pro-hybrid and ICE at this point where I live and will likely be for years to come. Winters are long and cold here and charging stations hard to find. I like lots of heat on my drives when it’s cold and don’t want to worry about range when I crank it to 80.
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    Ford February 2023 Sales - Up 21.9%

    What it boils down to is people don't like change...easiest way to make someone believe it put there butt into an good BEV and they'll change their minds. The midwest is a bit more conservative than the rest of the country and not to mention BEVs pose a threat to people's livelihood when it comes to jobs, well you wonder why the feel that way.
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    That makes him outspoken, not wrong.
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    Keep in mind auto companies aren't altruistic...they have shareholders that want profit from them. Keeping the status quote would be in their best interests since expenses would be less. Keeping hybrids around for 20 plus years would be pretty much the same deal as using your house as an ATM machine and cashing out equity you have in it, if your goal is to own your own house....you'll almost never get to that point. All your doing is kicking the problem down the road-those hybrids on the road now will be still on the road in 15 years from now with a much smaller reduction in emissions and gasoline usage. Companies had to be prodded and made to do things that they should have been doing by government regulation for over 70 years now.
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    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    They have already started setting up OT and parking to bring back 23 models to ship. As soon as Ford gets the ok to buy they will start processing what has already been built.
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    Chris and akirby already said what I would have added. A simple phone call with the lender usually works to get a new payment plan worked out.
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    2023 Super Duty OK to Buy (OKTB)

    There was a call with dealers today; Tim @ Long McAuthur did a quick video on some of the content. He specifically talks about the OKTB situation and says they were told late Feb/early March - "any day now" is expected. He talks about this just after the 1:00 mark. Video:
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    Truck rolling when in Park

    Yes, you also should not go swimming less than an hour after eating. 😂
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    Also a lack of your typical updates and sheet metal changes helps also. That won’t fly as far with more competition coming into the market either.
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    It’s funny how Tesla went from losing money on car sales every year until 2 years ago to being the “most profitable” when all that changed is that low supply jacked up prices for everyone and allowed Tesla to increase prices by up to $8k.