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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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    My other car is a DeLorean.
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    Yet the majority of customers know more than a salesman.
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    The beast finally arrived today. Got the call this morning. Incredible truck. ordered 09/04/2021 built 05/03/2021 delivered today!
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    This may sound weird, but..... We are not buying our truck from Ford. We are buying our truck, built by Ford, from the independent dealer. The dealer is not Ford. They are a separate business licensed by Ford to sell Fords. This is not different from the commercial hardware world I work in. If you buy a Yale or Best or Kwikset lock from someone and have a problem with the order or the lock, you don't call the manufacturer, you call where you bought it. It is their job as the distributor to handle all the issues and questions. Some do this well some...not so well. Dealerships are basically contracted to act as the public interface between Ford and the consumer. Ford makes it. The dealer buys it. The dealer resells it. The consumer buys it. This is the distribution business model. Increasingly it seems people don't know about or understand it. Ford does not and cannot tell a dealer how to operate their business. They can apply some leverage if they have to, but at the end of the day, Ford is not actually selling you that truck.
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    Dean - with all due respect your view of the dealership experience is completely skewed. We have to put up with bait and switch tactics, losing the keys on your trade-in to keep you there, selling a vehicle out from under you, forcing you to buy add-ons you don’t want like nitrogen and mop and glo and glass etching, hidden fees, price gouging on extended warranties - just to name a few. It’s not a pleasant experience. Now I’ve had some really good dealers that didn’t do most of that but it’s still a time consuming process. Being able to go online and order what I want in 5 minutes with a fixed known price and no surprises is a requirement to continue doing business in 2022 and beyond. It’s what consumers want. Let dealers provide test drives, answer questions, deliver the vehicle and service it. Help consumers place orders if necessary and have a small inventory of vehicles for test drives and quick sales. Adapt or die.
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    Super Duty Accessories

    Just had my SpeedLiner color match bed liner done this morning. Been using SpeedLiner for over 20 years and IMHO they are miles above the rest. Carbonized Gray match 2022 Tremor
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    '22 May Sales

    Because the world is falling apart
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    https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2022/06/16/ford-heritage-vault.html Ford is making more than 5,000 curated Ford and Lincoln photographs and product brochures from the first century of the company’s history available to the public online for the first time – and will continue to grow the site as new items are added The searchable collection – at https://fordheritagevault.com – spans Ford’s production history from the company’s founding in 1903 to its centennial in 2003 Historical assets are available to Ford enthusiasts as free downloads for personal use from the American-based auto industry’s most comprehensive online database, which will continue to be updated and expanded
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    And people wonder why inflation is out of hand
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Your dealer is a lying piece of crap. There is no other way to describe it.
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    Now that’s funny I don’t care who you are.😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    no ...its not skewed at all...every dealer is different, and your experiences are most likely dependent on your location... theres good and bad Dealers, I don't deny that, and the experience can be horrid...so NO its NOT skewed in the slightest, Im a realist, nothing more nothing less........but YOU guys are most definitely skewed with blanket statements..I understand FULLY the desire for convenience from a customers standpoints, its basically exactly how I maintain my own clients, they are typed and are in and out in 15 minutes...it DOES promote customer loyalty and referrals. That said this "all about me " mentality Im witnessing from "newer" buyers in some cases has become somewhat extreme...and the "wish lists " are missing an AWFUL lot of details that are glossed over in the interests of ones own convenience...and lets face it, like to admit it or not...basic laziness. Ok...lets take this online BS everyone thinks is the greatest thing since sliced bread...lets compare it with buying a handsaw from Amazon, and SPECIFICALLY how Captain P4G stated he would love to order a truck from Amazon, I can get on there and do that in 10 minutes right?...sounds like a GREAT way to order a 100k F450….Does that handsaw need to be PDI'ed"....does it have a 55 page ordering guide?...does it incur State AND county taxes?...do you need to supply a Federally accepted form of ID and Drivers licence to purchase? Does it require a trip to the DMV to registed? Does it require a full blown Credit application AND bank approval if being financed...after all, its a tad different that breaking it up into 4 $37 payments.....does it require Insurance? …. but no...god forbid you need to spend some of your precious time completing the second largest acquisition of your life....jeez. The Amazon business model may appeal to you guys, but its not happening soon and is absolutely raft with potential issues, some which may be as unpleasurable as whayt you outlined...so for right now its nothing more than a pipe dream, so I would suggest you guys adamant about "convenience " pull the pants up a bit and deal with it..you do NOT have to put up with the BS you outlined, and seriously half the stuff mentioned...is that seriously STILL around?...that's as bad as "etch a glass and undercoating " You guys got electricity yet, and running water?...lol...I do think Ford will simplify the process, but they will firstly need to simply there ordering matrix's, BUT theres no avoiding certain process that are incurred when purchasing a vehicle...its not just hitting "ENTER" on a keyboard...there HAS to be accountability, espec ially given all the "flakes" we encounter with massive dreams and no ability to fufil them....So, you can state my view is "skewed" but I literally deal with it day to day...do you guys?...anyone?...or are you just basically voicing your OWN skewed opinions...I think we may perhaps BOTH be a tad guilty...rant over. Fiesty?...lol...you try living with being White ( racist ) Hetrosexual ( lack of empathy ) working ( lean Republican ) AND being a sales rep for 30 plus years ( scumbag just a step above Lawyers )
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    My 2022 Navi Reserve ! PRICELESS !
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    Problems with the scheduling system. Problems interfacing with suppliers computer system. A shipping container fell off a ship in the middle of the ocean. A supplier's building caught fire. Joe lost his password and can't access it to find out why the failed job isn't working. Seriously, there are 1000's of reasons it could be delayed, and none of us here have a clue. Geez.
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    The plug-in tax credit is simply a transfer of tax payer dollars to the auto makers. The auto makers have fallen over each other the past year proclaiming their move to BEVs. There is absolutely no need for any subsidies for investments in EV’s.
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    I don't think this signifies embracing the so-called 'woke' philosophy. What it really means is automakers are looking for a unified set of regulations nationwide that they can adhere to without the risk of unexpected or regional changes. Since the California Air Resources Board has the right to create its own standards (at least as stringent as the E.P.A.'s) building vehicles to C.A.R.B. standards better ensures some regulatory predictability. Not to mention the fact that any state has the right to adopt C.A.R.B. standards in lieu of E.P.A. standards, and many states choose to do so. Funny that a large percentage of the inflation we are currently experiencing is caused by high oil prices, wouldn't it be helpful if less oil was used for transportation?
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    It made it.

    I picked up the F450 Lariat this morning.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    It looks like Ford has made it official that MY22 Super Duties will be manufactured until December 21 and the MY23 order banks open up October 17. The MY22/23 SD news is around the 33 minute mark. June SD production and scheduling info around the 51 minute mark.
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    Pictures of Delivered Trucks

    Updated, it’s all tweaked. Ceramic coated, lifted, and new shoes.
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    We shouldn't have to visit multiple dealers to find the right dealer. What a complete waste of time that is on every potential new car owner. All dealers should treat their customers properly and cut the crap with all the shananigans. To say I have to shop multiple dealers to find the right one is ridiculous. Akirby's way completely cuts that out of the picture about worrying which one is the right one. How about Ford pull the franchise agreements from the dealers that are not the right dealers.
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    If you think only a tiny percentage don’t like dealerships you’re mistaken. We still need showrooms and service centers but not a huge pre built stock inventory. It’s too expensive and wasteful and leads to overproduction and big incentives.
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    Bad idea to piss off your dealership network. A lot of people like to see and touch their vehicle before they by it. A dealer helps answer the questions the customer has and is the ambassador for the company.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Well my time here is up i lucked out and found f250 fx4. 6 rs away more loaded than one i have on order for cheaper than xplan. Dont know if mix up orwhat but bought it today 45600 out the door. Want to thank ice cyberdman and akirby for all the info that made the 6 month wait tolerable you guys really make a difference dealing with all the bs from dealers
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    As of yesterday's FDNB (Fleet Distribution News Bulletin), Ford has still not released the 2023MY Super Duty timetable. As such, it's looking more likely that the USOB (Unscheduled Order Bank) won't open until October possibly. The FDNB is the official source for this information so, until Ford makes the announcement official, I have to treat any other unverified source as speculation. I understand how anxious everyone is to know about the 2023MY Super Duty. The problem is that, all too often, someone posts unverified information from another online source and then readers view and treat it as being factual which fuels even more speculation. I appreciate the information and wouldn't be surprised either at this point. Thanks!
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    If Ford is insistent on bringing back more old names, then I say we need a cucumber probe ASAP.