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    I picked it up yesterday! Badlands with the 2.3/7 speed and the high package. I love it so far! Traded the black Mustang on it.
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    Official Ford Bronco RAPTOR tease!

    fordmantpw: Goes to cancel 2022 Super Duty order. Then realizes he can't tow a fifth wheel with a Bronco. Goes to cry in the corner because he can't afford both. Then realizes there is an option, so he tries (again) to convince the wife to sell the fifth wheel and buy a Class A and tow a Bronco behind it. Fails again, so sticks with his Super Duty order, because, you know, a Super Duty is pretty damn cool itself!
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    The shipping mess is annoying AF!!

    ice isn't one that causes a bad rap for this forum. He is a well-respected, senior member that contributes way more to this forum there your petty bitching is ever going to.
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    Ford's EV push, NBC exclusive

    Ford has already announced major investments in Michigan. You don't invest only in your home state, you have to diversify to other states.
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    The shipping mess is annoying AF!!

    Yet 50 of you with Superduty orders just came here looking for order updates and inside information, which ice-capades has provided over and over and over while half of you bitch and moan constantly about things that are out of everyone’s control and ask the same questions over and over, So go vent somewhere else.
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    For those that like colors.........and since it's September numbers, it includes quarterly comparisons for trucks.
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    In the middle of a chip shortage. Go figure…. 😂😂😂
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Ordered June 3rd. Scheduled Aug 12. Built September 13. Shipped 9/14. Offloaded 9/20 in Chicago. Arrived at the dealer today - 9/24!! I get to go inspect it tomorrow morning and probably take delivery next week!
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    It does work! I was able to find my truck rolling down the assembly line.
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    *CURRENT Tracking Rules*

    I've done some house cleaning and consolidation and added in a few new items to take notice of. Please review the items below for changes / updates. 1.) I request that you subscribe to this thread if you haven't already. Click the little button at the top that says "Watch topic". That way I'll get no frantic responses from any of you that don't keep up with this and ask me a million requests when I am gone or on vacation that I have already said I won't be available. You will be automatically notified as long as you have your forum / board settings set up properly. 2.) There are a number of you that have come to this forum for only the purpose of tracking and have in a sense spammed the forums with silly banter in order to fluff up your post count to get in here and demand some tracking action. I would think that if tracking was that important, many of those of you would have read my rules and responded accordingly. I know how you feel ... it is just like Terms of Service agreements or software piracy acknowledgments - you know, those agreements in software programs that scroll on forever that those people ask you to read, but you don't and you just click "agree" anyway to get to quickly click on the next prompt. Humor me and read each and every rule. I ask for a reason and there are so many rule breakers I'm close to my wits end with a lot of you. The rules are here to assist me in helping you - that is it. 3.) If you break a rule, I am no longer going to give you a kind reminder. I am simply just going to ignore your request. If you find you are being ignored, then you did something wrong. Figure it out. Re-read the rules you were supposed to have read in the first place. Then, once you are ready to comply properly, you can re-bump your thread properly. I am not going to respond until you do. 4.) I am sorry, but some of you are taking extreme advantage of my generosity and this free service I offer on my own time. Those that do are ruining it for everyone else. From now on: Absolutely no more than ONE (1) update per tracking thread, per week. I don't care if you are in the process of shipping, or have started production. You plan it out when you want to hear from me, but no more than once per week. I don't care if your lease is expiring and you need to know tracking info so you aren't left without a vehicle. Get a clue - If you are to the point where you need to know where your vehicle is in production because you may/will be left without a vehicle to drive - you have definitely already screwed up and have extremely poor planning that even I can't help you with. 5.) All PMs asking about tracking, information or updates will be deleted no questions asked. I thought this was clear, but apparently it is not. I don't care if you can't figure out how to post in this forum. No PM's about tracking or updates, period! 6.) I am not ignoring you, but at the same time I am not baby sitting your vehicle tracking either. If you want an update, bump your thread. If I haven't gotten to it in a few days, please re-bump - it may have fallen off my list of new updated topics. 7.) If you start to become annoying by wanting timely minute-by-minute updates of any minor thing that happened during your production run or shipment - please stop posting and see your dealer. I am not a service, I do this in what little free time I have because I want to. Please don't make me not want to do this anymore. If you respect my free time, I'll respect your request - it is pretty simple. You don't own me and I don't have to respond. 8.) I have to be at work to do this and I'll typically handle most requests in the morning. Don't ask me for a weekend update because you won't get it. 9.) If I have previously given you an update and in that update there was a specific date listed of something to happen next in the production run, please don't ask me for any more updates until that date has passed. I waste a ton of time with folks wanting updates to production dates I have given you when that date hasn't even happened yet - there won't be any changes. Please be smart about it. 10.) I am not the plant, delivery system, production scheduler or your dealership. Don't ask me to estimate any type of dates or time frame for you, or why things are such and such or taking so long. I can't and won't. There are a million and one variables in what happens with your order - things take as long as they take. 11.) I provide vehicle locator updates - status updates that can be found in your vehicle visibility report. That is it. Don't ask me to provide you with anything other than that, i.e.: no build sheets, no window stickers, no production schedules, no rail car information, no rail car numbers, etc. 12.) Do not make multiple threads for updates. Stick to one thread per VIN / Dealer Code-Order Number for updates. You want to follow a second car you have ordered, make a new thread for that vehicle. Repeat, do not make multiple threads for the same vehicle - even if you've provided incorrect information the first time. Just correct your mis-information in an update to your thread. I will get sick of figuring out which one I need to respond to and just not respond to any of your threads. 13.) I am a human, not an internet robot. I appreciate civility and I enjoy pleases and thank yous. However, please keep the extra chitchat outside of tracking info to a minimum because it helps me sort through threads I haven't upated yet and ones I have. 14.) I do not want anything in return for this. However, after all this work for you, my only payoffs are, 1 - knowing you are happy, and 2 - seeing that final picture of the vehicle I helped you follow for weeks on end. Please don't forget the photo. I love that. 15.) I need a valid VIN, or dealer code and order number to track your order. Please quadruple check the numbers you provide me. I know they are a long string of numbers and letters, but reporting those numbers right the first time will makes us both happier. 16.) When you bump your threads looking for more info, please repost your VIN (or Dealer Codes and Order Number) within your bump. 17.) Do not come here looking for information if you don't have either a VIN or proper, correct Dealer Code AND Order Number. Don't try to give me a Dealer Code with your vehicle description and expect me to find your vehicle. In most cases it is a needle in a haystack. Without both - forget it. If you have your DORA, the Dealer Code and Order Number are both on there, do me a favor and give me both or forget it. Also know this, most dealerships order multiple vehicles -even different types, under the same Order Number, so I will need a description of your vehicle along with your Dealer Code AND Order Number - such as: type, engine, trans, body style, that is it. Don't give me packages or trim levels, those things don't mean squat to me and are not listed in the Visibility Report as trim levels, just a laundry list of options. 18.) I am only a minor admin on this sub-forum, I have no control over how it works and how you get here. I can organize threads and close topics, but I am mostly just a user like the rest of you. Forget all the conspiracy theories of what I am doing to you in why you can't post here or your threads disappearing or whatever related to how the forum works, it is just all B.S.. 19.) If I give you a status and it is Unscheduled-Clean, that means you have a successful order in the system and it isn't currently scheduled for production. When you are in Unscheduled-Clean status I will provide updates no sooner than every two weeks, providing you bump your thread properly. There are a multitude of reasons why something doesn't progress quickly from that status to the line. It has to do with production schedules, plant availability, ordering priority numbers, where you live and that region / dealerships specific allowed allocation segments for that vehicle. I have seen Unscheduled-Clean status stay that way for weeks and weeks on end - even as long as 6 months depending on the availability of what you are ordering and speed of the plant, etc. etc. If you are upset about your vehicle being Unscheduled-Clean for an extended period, you need to work with your salesperson to try to adjust your order priority or find out what period your allocation unit is limited to. 20.) Enjoy yourself. If these updates start making you angry or hostile, or your attitude is making me angry or hostile, please go elsewhere and blow off some steam. Thanks as always. Any comments will be deleted.
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    But at least I brought it home with my Ford! 😂 I just got home from towing this mid-life crisis from Michigan to Connecticut with my 2019 Ranger. I had the cruise control at 71 the majority of the time and it never faltered, never lost speed and I had the AC on a lot of the time ( and there are some big honking hills on I-80 in PA). This truck never ceases to amaze me.
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    Pictures of delivered trucks

    Stop by the dealer today to talk to my salesman and get as much paper work done ahead of time that I could, and guess what showed up while I was there!
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    Lincoln Zephyr

    I like it but the overall look screams Fusion with a new grill to me
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    Official Ford Bronco RAPTOR tease!

    I tried to do a thing.....don't know how well it turned out, but enjoy:
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    Official Ford Bronco RAPTOR tease!

    this is SO frustrating from the dealership level...for basically a year plus we have been inundated with Bronco inquiries and fielding rather abrasive phone calls regarding basically a substandard release, and now they throw out a special edition, and to make it worse, broadcast the crap out of it. Now Im getting bombarded with e-mails of people wanting to cancel their initial orders and reserve a "Warthog"...now I have to relay that this unit , unlike the regular Bronco...WILL be sold much like a Raptor itself...ie read Addendum. Thanks Ford....how about you focus fully on getting the mainstream product release handled more proficiently rather than throwing constant friggen curve balls....this should have been put on the backburner until you get more pressing issues handled. Watch...2022 release will ALSO be delayed significantly...GRRRRR.
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    CLASSIC!...I can certainly attest to that...seriously HOW THE HELL do some of these morons rise to be the so called "leaders"......over the years Ive seen some friggin DOOZIES! Actually asked the Dealer principle a couple of times " WTH ….did this guy interview well?????? " funny.
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    Pictures of delivered trucks

    Well I can’t get the better photos to load. But I’ll pick up this F350 SRW 7.3/4.30 lariat tomorrow after they tint and spray in the bedliner
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    Officially built, but according to the email the Dealership should have had it last month LOL The tracker says November 5th...but hopefully it doesn't take six weeks to ship it.
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    Ford's EV push, NBC exclusive

    The scale investment in BEVs and battery production should leave no doubt that Ford is just as committed if not more than GM in the coming electric future. What I see is a mega complex in Tennessee that will make Tesla look like amateurs and a second F Series electric plant that will get the ball rolling with Super Duty and Expedition / Navigator BEV production. Both of those plants are needed to allow Ford the long transition required to change the production ratio of ICE trucks and SUVs.
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    Ford's EV push, NBC exclusive

    Absolutely nothing wrong with investing in other regions man. Stop taking it so personally.
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    Ford Thunderbird

    No longer any justification for the development cost of an all-new ICE based Thunderbird that would have limited sales. I wouldn't expect anything other than a BEV or Plug-In Hybrid chassis for future vehicles at this point. Existing ICE vehicles will continue to be available for years until they switch to new BEV platforms as supply and demand increases.
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    Pictures of delivered trucks

    Picked it up today, already changed out 3rd brake lights and cab lights to smoked Recon lights. Also installed the Gator Back Mud Flaps
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    Sterling Archer

    Mandatory Employee Vax Reporting

    Trust me Paintguy. There are enough sheeple in the UAW that will vote for what ever the union tells them to vote. They are to lazy to do any research. If the vaccine works so well then why are the VACCINATED so afraid of the people who choose not to be sheep ?
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    Considering buying some Ford Stock

    Have you had problems with your Lincolns? By your statements it doesn’t sound like it. Sounds like you just read something about them being “not reliable.” So if I have this right - you’re going to switch to another brand when you’ve had no issues and presumably enjoyed the product (I assume you have if you’ve bought 5 consecutively) because some report said you might statistically have 1.something problems instead of 1 problem per 100 vehicles? I’m not understanding that logic.
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    Ford's EV push, NBC exclusive

    Clearly you don't understand how big the investments in MAP, Dearborn Truck, and Van Dyke are. It's not always about dollars.