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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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    Not putting Chinese in the title is just clickbait advertising. I’ve had to explain this is Chinese only multiple times in other Nautilus groups/forums.
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    Pictures of Delivered Trucks

    Here she is! 14 months and 6 days after I ordered it.
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    Disagree 100x. Then again I might be biased.
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    There have been tons of rumors about C2 products and exploding demand. Maverick is so popular they are looking to add that 3rd shift at Hermosillo but that may not be enough. I’ve heard rumors of Bronco Sport actually going to Louisville as well to allow for just Maverick production at Hermosillo to meet global demand. Wild stuff I know!
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    QUIET since ICE CAPADES is not here

    He’s still around just busy.
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    2024 Explorer Grand Slam

    I would like to see Ford hit a grand slam with the upcoming 2024 Explorer! I leased a 2021 Explorer XLT 4WD in December 2020 and have had 26,000 miles of trouble free driving. However, I do see a few things that need improvement after driving this SUV for almost two years. My prior Explorer was a 2011 XLT 4WD , 3.5 V6 which never gave me any issues except for an electric motor radiator failure that sent the vehicle into limp home mode one time! The current Explorer needs to have a smoother and quieter base engine. The 2.3 is noisy when accelerating and does not show the refinement needed to be competitive in this market segment. It should be as smooth as the 2.0 liter ecoboost in an escape! Power and acceleration is fine and actual fuel economy on the highway is amazing. The other gripe is the base radio is too poor and should be improved. Vehicle handling is ideal but ride quality could be improved. I hope Ford considers this input for their 2024 Explorer. edselford
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    Only on BOF would people complain about 450 hp in a normal production model.
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    Pictures of Delivered Trucks

    I finally picked mine up last week. Ordered 2/7/22. Built 10/18 and delivered 11/1. Love it so far!!
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    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Why do people believe random people on the internet over actual facts?
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    My opinion doesn’t mean squat, but I’m betting Ford is wrong on this. I think the transition will be longer and I hope Ford doesn’t short themselves with such a limited and potentially stale lineup of ICE vehicles to sell in the meantime. They talk about their record sales of EVs, however they likely could have exceptional or record sales of their ICE vehicles if they weren’t hampered by parts shortages or intentional production suppression. This Lincoln looks pretty good, and I bet it would sell here. It is getting pretty old to see so many new vehicles for the Chinese market with better technology than what is available here. Lincoln has a very small portfolio to offer its customers and it is aging as rmc523 had mentioned. So when sales fall off because of lack of new ICE product, we will hear them say it’s because everyone wants EVs not because of them failing to keep their products fresh, which is disappointing. I could care less what GM is doing. One of the reasons I buy Ford vehicles is they seem to try to build many of them in the US or at least NA. I will NEVER buy a Chinese vehicle. It’s bad enough you can’t avoid general consumer goods made there. If at all possible, I try to avoid supporting regimes that are actively trying to subvert the US.
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    Very nice, congratulations 🍾🎊🎈
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    My truck finally showed up,at the dealer yesterday! Waiting to see if I can pick it up today… still needs B&W hitch put in and window tinting but I’ll get those in a few weeks… I just want my truck! I haven’t seen it personally but my sales guy sent the attached pic. ordered 2/4 Original build date 10/3 bumped to 10/11 Shipped 10/13 Arrived in Houston 10/23, 75 miles from me Original delivery 10/27-11/2 Re-scheduled delivery 3x and new shipper dispatched Delivery 11/11
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    My '22 showed up at the dealer yesterday! Picked it up last night. Haven't had a chance for pics yet, but will post them in the delivery thread when I get a few free minutes. This truck is awesome! Not bad buying a truck at 12k under sticker price these days...the 14 month wait paid off in that respect!
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    Wouldn't Ford recoup the money back from the vendor for the defective injectors anyway? First off I have no hatred of Ford Motor Company. I have owned nothing but Fords since I was old enough to drive. I have bought, built, and worked on more Fords then you ever will. Three sit in my garage as we speek. But I will speak my mind when I think Ford is doing the wrong thing on quality. I'm not going to praise a company that knows it has quality problems and doing the same old bad habits to try and fix them. JMO
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    The order guide isn’t even out yet so this window sticker is likely a fake.
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    Drivers never had it so good- For $30K you can get a new EcoBeast Mustang that will run high 13 second quarter miles like a 60s big block Mustang, and unlike the 60s big block it'll turn instead of plow and stop again and again with no drama. Gets mid 20s MPG too...
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    2023 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Random as in he has no direct information just what he’s heard (I think I didn’t watch the entire video). There are probably hundreds who could say the same thing. As opposed to actual dealer info posted here or at least a video from an actual dealer.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    A number of months ago, I posted my story. A quick recap: we ordered our F250, Lariat ultimate, BAP, Tremor, with the 7.3 L engine, in June, 2021. The truck was delivered to our dealership in April of 2022, but they sold it out from under us. By the time we realized what had happened, the order banks were closed. The dealer tried to find us a similarly equipped vehicle at another dealer, with no luck. Almost 2 months later, they called me. A customer with a super duty on order had contacted them and wanted to cancel because of an illness. Ford allowed them to keep the order spot, but change the feature set to the features we'd originally ordered. Well, it arrived at the end of October! They had to do a few things at the dealership, and interestingly, it has black plastic covers where the badges will be (in front of the doors)--but we LOVE the truck. Pricing was a bit of an issue. The truck MSRP was about $8,000 more than our original order. The dealership agreed to match my initial price and give me an extended warranty. This took a bit of work, though. They were reluctant to lose so much money; after reminding them about how much I imagine they made off of my original truck, they softened up... In any case, we LOVE the truck. It's a dream. Our first Super Duty--first truck, in fact. So glad we stuck it out.
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    Perhaps more applicable to the 22 vice 23 new order thread?
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    Looks too generic now, especially the frontend. It lost the details that made it special. It doesn't look "Lincoln". Since I'll never see one in person, I doubt they care about my opinion.
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    road turtle

    Finally RETIRED

    Salary Employee. Long time coming, but it was the right time for me to go. A most interesting career around some most interesting projects. Some of the highlights Started Jan '99 as contract Worked on the development of 2002 Thunderbird complete vehicle, developed a successful process for tracking engineering progression. Worked on Ford 500, setting up a project support team for the CNE. Saw one person go from FCG directly to LL6. She was all about face time, and no substance. Luckily she didn't last. Short stint on minivan again for CNE 2005 Mustang, was there for the BATTLE over independent rear suspension, interim PMT lead as a contract engineer. Worked for CNE on Flex/MLT - side note, CNE was on my extremely short list of high quality manager types. Laid off in Jan '09 as contract, in the last wave to hit in that era. Went back to school, picked up Masters in project management and MBA. Starting back as contract Jan '11 Don't recall the 1st project, it never got off 1st base Went into transmission working on superduty transmission, it was short term project Went on to body project management on large body stamping dies. Worked for one of the most flamboyant chief engineers in my entire career. Watched him throw reams of paper up in the air during a director level meeting. Jan '13, hired into transmission on superduty as project engineer. Moved to Hybrid transmissions, and kind of found a niche that was good for Ford and myself. While up to my eyeballs in project management on hybrid transmissions, given a special project to manage that IMO was the pinnacle of my career. I did the electric rear drive proof of concept attached to a hybrid vehicle.. Essentially given 2 months to do a forecasted 6 month long project. Not only was project finished on time, was actually finished a week or two early. It was so successful, mgt decided to skip an entire phase (or two) of prototypes. I received an award from Lincoln director of engineering for that project. Had a panic just before mgt drive, and we had to do an emergency shipment back to allen park from MI UP. It arrived and before I could even get down to allen park, the very minor issue was repaired and back on the truck to UP. Literally it was a 45 minute repair. Finished up on HF55 and BEV managing prototype builds. It was a lot of fun, and stressful. My supv said in a recent review, I have no idea what you do, I know things are getting done, and nobody is complaining, so I guess you're doing ok Basically, give me a goal, give me the resources and help when I ask for it, other than that, just let me manage the projects. Most supervisors were good with that. The one I struggled with the most... well, he wasn't a fan favorite, even at the director level. Long list of industry credentials, and performance awards. Three awards stood out, one mentioned above, second was VP of engineering for navigating through covid shutdowns and not missing one single delivery to program, and lastly was from a LL6 for solving a problem that had them stymied. I worked with some incredibly talented and highly intelligent people. Without their direct and indirect support, I wouldn't have been 1/10 as successful. Finished up working for a great LL6 and LL4 (who should be a LL2), and the LL2 Already on to my next life stage, dragging a 5th wheel around the country.
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    https://finance.yahoo.com/news/ford-gm-talks-posco-investing-040517529.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAIgi-2WuifxPomhDyI7VNZAPGL6FEXbLowjvB3KDtrVujglp3Wr6Bb-hf33AvVC8dL8_qymefbnOtyWuf2Vg1kgN1vzjhvRSXrgRUga_JBqT4C7Wm9g-13bJkwgJnoGzqfn_bAMnmzgXbJb2PQBj2tXupbE6G2Zc1rBIj34zzX99 Ford, GM in Talks With Posco Chemical on Battery Metal Hubs (Bloomberg) -- Ford Motor Co., General Motors Co., and Stellantis NV are in talks with South Korea’s Posco Chemical Co. about potentially investing in plants producing electric-vehicle battery materials in North America, according to people familiar with the matter. The factories would make cathode-active or anode materials -- key ingredients for determining the energy density of lithium-ion batteries used in cars -- said the people, asking not to be identified because the discussions are private. The talks are preliminary and may not necessarily lead to a deal, according to the people. Posco Chemical is also talking to other automakers about similar investments, they added... GM is investing $35 billion to make its lineup fully electric by 2035, while Ford is plowing $50 billion into its pivot to EVs, with plans to build 2 million a year by 2026. Stellantis, the maker of Ram pickups and Jeep off-roaders, is targeting 75 fully-electric models by 2030 with annual sales of 5 million vehicles. This rapid shift to EVs is making sourcing batteries -- and the metals used in them -- a key competitive battleground for automakers. In recent months the likes of Honda Motor Co., Ford and Stellantis have teamed with Korean battery makers LG Energy Solution Ltd., SK Innovation Co. and Samsung SDI Co. to invest billions in North American battery plants. The race has only intensified as the US government pressures automakers to slash their reliance on Chinese batteries and materials -- a major constraint given that China is home to the world’s two biggest EV battery makers and is a key source of battery metals such as lithium, cobalt and graphite...
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    The problem is, people read a headline and assume it to be true. Take a look at the window sticker in the Ford Authority link. It also states Sync 3 and an 8" screen. That doesn't sound like the new screens in S650. I suspect someone with Photoshop just wanted their 5 minutes of fame. Also, have a watch of this video. At the reveal Ed Krenz specifically states the only different between the Dark Horse engine (the HP starts with a 5) and the GT is that the DH gets forged conrods. BOTH get the dual intakes and dual throttle body setup. He also states the GT will have "480 plus, and the reason I said plus is that one of our competitors has 485 and we don't like to be second....."
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    https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/ford-recall-suv/2022/11/24/id/1097876/ A software fix and a shield? Just a band aid fix. We are talking fire here folks. Guess they really are fixing the quality issues the right way.....NOT!
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    My F350 is sitting at a rail yard about 75 miles away. Now I just get to wait the 2+/- weeks for it to get here. That's OK, it's been 14 months, what's another 2 weeks.