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    So I took the delivery of my silver radiance '24 Nautilus reserve hybrid in December last year and just hit 1500 miles on it. I was too lazy to write review but then I saw Gurgeh's great review in another post, I decide to offer my two cents😁 The '24 Nautilus is my second Ford vehicle, last one been a '06 Mondeo made by Ford China's Chongqing plant which was a mixed bag. The first thing I noticed is the great improvement in build quality. The Mondeo was mediocre at best while the Nautilus' body and interior panels are almost perfectly aligned. A few( ~15) out of the owners‘ group I was at that has 400+ members now claim that the sensors behind steering wheel are slightly inclined but other than that, I don't see much complaints. Kudos to Ford China for making huge progress in the last 20 years! Luckily my neighbor owns a '21 2.7 v6 Nautilus so I can switch and compare with mine. Both our cars have 21 inch wheels but mine has 255/50 tire while my neighbor's has 265/40 tire which is more sport oriented and frigile. I'm quite happy with this change as the new tires are less vunerable to potholes😂 Theoretically, thicker tires make the ride less bumpy but I feel the difference is negligible. Acceleration wise, my hybrid is just a tiny bit slower than the v6 when doing 0-60, like 7 sec. vs 6.5 sec. BUT when doing 0-40, the hybrid feels quickerdue to the electric motor. Also the hybrid is extremely smooth as the e-cvt doesn't have any gear. Steering is typical Ford - light and 'loose' during low speed which I personally don't like. Suspension is now made of steel instead of aluminum but still filrt the bumps and shocks pretty well. A perfect example of American land yacht. Interior space is HUUUUGE. Blows every single competitor in the same class out of water. I set my seat pass the B pillar and there's still plenty of leg room in the back for a 5'11 adult male. The trunk is massive as well and mine comes with a spare tire which is always a plus. The back seats are also adjustable and are long enough to hold my leg. I get over the lack of physical buttons pretty quick, but still think Ford should have keep the buttons for AC adjustment. The left side buttons on steering wheel are for the Blue Cruise and the right side ones are for music, volume and voice command. The belt screen allows my wife to watch movies while driving and the sound come through her headphone and don't interfere with music . It's a must have for me now😂 As for fuel consumption. CIty mpg is around 25~28 depending on the traffic and high way mpg is around 35. The highest mpg I achieved is 42 crusing at 40 mph.
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    There aren't that many parallel spots near me, and honestly, it takes longer to set up the parking feature than it does to just park it yourself. That said, we all know this will NOT result in MSRPs dropping, it's just another feature Ford will take away and continue to bump up prices.
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    It looks like the infamous "commodity vehicles" saved the day sales wise, while the "passion" vehicles took a nose dive (the Mach-e especially, dang...). This is just one month, but it is emblematic of why I am so nervous about Ford retracting from so many vehicle segments. Cutting your lineup down to high ATP, somewhat niche vehicles without having some "bread and butter" models in-between makes them very vulnerable to fads and swift market changes. Look at how quickly the Mach-e went from being Ford's pride and joy to Ford pushing them into rental fleets.
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    High interest rates and inability to lease certain models doesn’t help. Literally yesterday I just bought out the lease on my Fusion and got a 6.4 percent from my CU and I feel incredibly lucky I got that. Even my sales rep was amazed.
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    Which is the worst-case scenario. And then Ford sits there wondering why sales dry up...
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    I want to know how that survey was conducted.... Asking "would you consider an EV OR hybrid (as the article implies) is going to produce a FAR different (and more favorable) answer than "would you consider an EV" and "would you consider a hybrid" as their own questions.
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    Ford hit a gold mine with this idea of a mustang sub-brand, and then they just let it die. I remembered when the mach-e was revealed, a high ranking Ford employee, I think his name is Dave Pericak or something, he was the head engineer on s550. He got really giddy about future product plans pertaining to the expansion of the mustang sub-brand. I remember being like, I can't wait to see whatever he's talking about, and then it never came. Just like I recall being excited to see what the Shelby version of the mach-e was gonna be like, and it never happened. There was apparently a mach-e dark horse planned at one point, but I don't see that happening now.
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    The Mach E was the best Ford could do with what it had the time...it was a gen 1 1/2 product and the first in house EV they did. They did a solid job with it, but it needs improvements with the way the market has gone.
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    The same trim Bronco that I have - Wildtrak - is now 8k more than what I paid out the door. Out the door I think I was around $62k or so just 2 years ago now - Ford's B&P now has my same model/options at $70,275. The only thing that has changed on them is the HOSS 3.0 suspension, which isn't 8k worth of stuff, not including the additional taxes etc. The increases are crazy. I think unfortunately, we have to remember MME is sort of a stopgap product as Ford gets its long-term BEV plans figured out. Remember it was a re-bodied "E-Max" or whatever it was called. Let's really hope the 2nd gen is a big step up.
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    Heck, mine is at the dealer as we speak getting a new set of glossy black rims,,,,,, HRG
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    Nice way of being dismissive of someone's buying choices.
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    I still think we’ll see C2 hybrid Nautilus and a new hybrid Edge built in either Louisville or Mexico depending on what happens with Escape Unfortunately the Edge lost at least 2-3 years.
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    I heard Job #1 for the 7-seater EV will be February 2025 and it will be a 2026MY vehicle.
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    Ford Gives 2024 Lincoln Nautilus a Windshield-Wide Instrument Panel - It's Like Nothing You've Ever Seen https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/mark-phelan/2024/01/22/fords-new-48-inch-dashboard-will-debut-in-2024-lincoln-nautilus/72285554007/ Ford is about to change what drivers will see when they get behind the wheel of some of its vehicles. A new electronic system and instrument panel — in one vehicle it will stretch the width of the windshield — is aimed at reinventing how drivers get information. It will include the speedometer and other critical gauges, navigation and apps like Spotify, streaming video and auto-racing games. There also will be a traditional touch screen. It's just mounted lower in the dash, between the front seats. Ford engineers developed the new electronic system and instrument panel. It debuts early this year in the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus luxury SUV. Among other priorities to win customer acceptance, the new displays will play nicely with Apple CarPlay, contrary to the direction General Motors chose for its upcoming electric vehicles. The system will be called the Ford or Lincoln Digital Experience, depending on the brand of the vehicle it is in. "The new Digital Experience represents a massive step forward in Ford's ongoing software developments and promises significant improvements over its current Sync systems," Autopacific analyst Paul Waatti said. "It's much faster, intuitive, more customizable, and presents the most critical information to drivers in their line of sight in an easily digestible manner."
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    Just figured I'd share this. My small northern Michigan town is located off I-75 and has both Tesla Supercharger and Electrify America charging stations at a local market. We were shopping this afternoon and saw several EV's clustered around the charger. Of course I wandered over. There were test vehicles from Ford, Toyota, Kia, and GM waiting for their turn at the charger. None of these guys knew each other, it was strictly coincidental that they showed up at the same time. Only three out of the four chargers were working, hence the backlog. I talked to the engineer driving the Mach-E Rally. Nice guy (are they all so young today?). Mainly we talked about how unreliable Electrify America chargers are, and battery performance in cold weather (it was 24 degrees). I asked him about future Ford EVs. He wouldn't tell me much, but is very excited about the future. Being about 225 miles from SE Michigan does pay off.
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    The best way to describe what Farley is taking about, is making vehicles that make people say "I want that" compared to people saying "Sure, I'll take one as long as it's discounted, why not". That doesn't mean everything needs to be a V8 mustang, or a rock bashing bronco. If you understand what your buyers want, and care enough to put the effort in to doing something unique, you can turn basically any vehicle into a passion product. An electric transit for instance that appeals to business owners because it saves them a considerable amount of money on maintenance and fuel costs. A compact truck that buyers fall in love with because it's the utility and practicality of a truck, with better fuel efficiency than a small sedan. A compact crossover that actually tries to have personality and character. Three examples, arguably some of the least enthusiast oriented vehicles on the planet, a truck, cargo van, and small crossover, all becoming desirable products because they dared to be different.
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    Here are a couple of more articles out today on the new infotainment system in the Nautilus. So far, they are pretty positive. Note that you can play movies, games, surf the internet, etc. on the main screen when the car is parked. Obviously, Ford/Lincoln did some kind of show and tell on the new system for the media. Still waiting on when they authorize first drive reviews! https://www.theverge.com/2024/1/22/24045932/ford-android-screen-display-size-os-apps-gaming-lincoln?fbclid=IwAR0Sa7_INHOoT0cEeBd3nl-gOXCgFXZL7v0cGGv6jUJ520uh1W-Hc_TA7kY https://www.motortrend.com/news/ford-nautilus-lincoln-digital-experience-infotainment-system-review/?sm_id=organic%3Asm_id%3Afb%3AAMAG%3Atrueanthem&fbclid=IwAR2X4R69zEBuwKi62ClZ_kBFb_9SOvg1bmtjkhroCAPAPXjtvcu5WB54PHs
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    I would not be shocked if they cancelled the Oakville EVs altogether and moved Nautilus production back there, then made a new NA C2 edge to go with it.
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    The plant produces for North America, Europe and now some ROW markets in Asia Pacific but still, that inventory number is big……Ford’s BEV sales have taken a big hit lately, not sure how or if it will be able to respond with anything other than cash on the hood or killer leases. A C2 based Edge/Nautilus with hybrid and PHEV is looking more and more like a good idea..
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    "Aviator news coming soon" is probably just the goofy-looking (too) light refresh finally debuting. --- I sketched this a few years ago - the right two are a bit low/wide to be realistic, but was my idea of a new Lincoln product: --- Getting back to Edge - I think maybe we're mis-interpreting Farley's words about commodity product. In the sense that its excitement factor needs to be amped up so that it generates its own passionate fans that are willing to pay an elevated price over the competition. Sort of how Mach E started as a compliance car, and was injected with "passion" via Mustang cues and association.
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    2025 Chevy Equinox gets a big redesign, adds Activ trim - Autoblog
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    It sure feels like Lincoln is being poorly managed again, which is holding it back. I sure hope they don’t allow the positive product/sales momentum they have experienced to be ruined by stale products and lack of models and commitment.