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    A little Coronavirus chuckle

    It’s funny because it’s true!
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    My buddy has three of 'em...I have one. We were out one night and stopped at a coffee shop. The place was having an open mic night and a photographer snapped a picture that they now use for their FB page. Mine is the red one on the right...
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    They're both legit. 4 door is production spec build. 2 door is a slightly older clay study. Enjoy. The wave is starting.
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    Some people would say a 73 Bronco looks like a Jeep. Or anything that has a removable top, big tires and a spare tire on the back. Also some people just like to complain.
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    Pffft. 3 feet. I heard Cybertruck will be able to drive thru 26 feet of water 🤣
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    Bronco Sport Completely Uncovered

    The Bronco Sport looks like a lifted Flex, the Bronco looks like a Wrangler, the Escape looks like a Mazda... if you're experiencing issues like this they can be easily corrected by going into your device settings and changing the screen resolution and brightness to the highest available setting for each!
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    Further...Remember when people were saying "The Bronco will be nothing but the Everest!" Time to eat some crow!
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    Bronco Sport Completely Uncovered

    Exactly! (ducks for cover....waits for lightning....)
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    I am 100% confident we have the best launch team in the company.
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    Just saw this pop on Facebook...is it the real deal?!
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    FYI this orchestrated pic parade was supposed to begin months ago as a drip.. drip.. drip. Things changed. Now it's a deluge. Enjoy it guys, it's a good time to be a BONer.
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    Hey Ralph - leak those pictures out, wait a few hours then go tell them to take it down. Brilliant!
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    Now with two door!
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    Bronco Sport Completely Uncovered

    Nice try Matt/P71_crownvic/EBFlex. No matter what new name you come up with your posts always give you away.
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    I don't personally care for the 2020 Escape, but someone else might like it. I don't think the two compact CUVs with one being more a car-like crossover and one more a compact traditional boxy SUV is a bad strategy. I feel like Ford is hitting both the people who like curvy car-like crossovers and people that like little boxy SUVs with this strategy.
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    I like a CyberTruck joke as well as any other, but you guys are just being silly. It doesn't drive through deep water or walk on it. It transforms into a submarine.
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    Unless they were doing what they were told to do....... This was no accident.
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    The two door looks like a first gen Bronco
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    Absolutely and you gave him plenty of rope, Mlhm5 might have gone on livin’ but he made one fatal slip, when he tried to match the ranger with the big iron on his hip.......
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    They won't fit, but that's a good thing...
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    Compact truck shown to dealers

    Here is our family of 8 hauler. We had an Expedition and an E350 quigley. I agree the van is superior to the suv, at least for our family. The 3.5 ecoboost is ridiculously fast and fun in the transit.
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    *6 wheels...you gotta steer with something.