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    For the record I just had my 2nd Moderna shot this morning. I think it's great that they're offering the vaccines to make it more convenient for employees, as long as it's not mandated. I say let everyone who wants the vaccine get it, then open everything back up and let people decide for themselves whether or not to get it. Just like the flu vaccine.
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    Just received confirmation of a 6/21 build date for my rig. Should have the VIN on Thursday.
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    Got my golden ticket
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    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    Enough is enough. You’re outta here for at least a month.
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    That's what my son wants to get into. He's majoring in Material Science Engineering. How to get battery raw materials out of ground with less environmental damage, how to make batteries last longer, and what to do with them when life of battery is over. He is finishing sophomore year, it was not a good year 2020 or 2021 to get an intern job though. Hope next summer he gets a good intern job.
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    Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    Ok, time for a bit of...."the way we were".
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    First mock it, then copy it. “Man-scale”.
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    GM will come out with the same thing in 2-3 years and pretend they invented it.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    So how does that work - do you alternate weeks or do weekdays vs weekends? Who gets it for Christmas?
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    I guess there is another way to open the frunk other than pulling that lever twice.
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    I just think it's incredibly dumb to throw Edge away.
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    Lincoln Zephyr Reflection

    Flat Rock sure seems to be available.....
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    Did you ever stop to think that Americans have more underlying conditions that lead to death than other countries? Certainly more obesity. At least half the deaths came from assisted living facilities - do other countries have as many elderly in those types of facilities?
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    Given all the ice that's already melted we should already be seeing islands disappear, not 25 years from now. Beach erosion and flooding has been going on for decades and is partially due to increased development not a rise in sea level. I'm not saying there is NO effect, but it's definitely not the catastrophe that global warming advocates had predicted and continue to predict.
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    It’s probably a good time to stay out of the market and just ride it out until supplies and prices come back to normal.
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    2021 Ford Ranger STX FX4

    Just picked her up!
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    Lincoln Zephyr Reflection

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    Ford's new "Ion Park" Battery R&D Lab

    Especially when we know a new generation of batteries is right around the corner. Waiting might turn out to be an advantage if the current battery plants all have to be converted or rebuilt. I don't think Ford's ICE vehicles are going away as fast as some people are predicting. I think BEV sales will slowly increase with the most impact on mid-sized, mid-priced and luxury cars and utilities while cheaper ICE vehicles, larger SUVs, trucks and vans continue on for quite some time.
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    Tesla stock

    From Tuesday's Autoline Daily, Tesla's profit comes from selling EV credits and from the selling off some Bitcoin they had. They did not make any money from the sales of their vehicles. "One reason investors may have been looking for more is that Tesla earned $518 million from selling EV credits. And it pocketed over $100 million from selling some of its Bitcoin stash. If you take those numbers out, then Tesla actually lost money on its core operations. So some investors may be waiting for Tesla to post a profit simply from selling cars."
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    The only numbers they have followed are their poll numbers.
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    Man, I wish I could sign your Broncos or leave a little mark or something that would survive through paint, or even know which unit is which beyond whether or not it's a 3 door or 5. The least I can do is make sure I'm on the Bronco line and not the floor pan line on your build days and hope it doesn't come through on night shift.
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    Me too! And of course Scott's is being built a week before mine.
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    Lincoln Zephyr Reflection

    I just don't believe Ford can't put together a business plan for 100k volume for Evos and Zephyr combined to go into Flat Rock or another plant. It's mind boggling that a car company like Ford can't figure out how to make and sell cars in one of its primary market. Honda manages the business case for TLX just fine with similar volume as MKZ. The whole point of a common modular platform like C2 is so you can make multiple models on the same production line with ease and flexibility. It's crazy that Ford still can't manage that in North America.
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    You can't force anyone to get a vaccine. Assuming a large percentage of workers are vaccinated the risk of the other workers missing work because of Covid is extremely small, especially for younger workers. It should be far less impactful than a regular flu outbreak.
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    Ford to Launch More Sub-Brands?

    News Flash... in keeping with their horse themes, the next Ford sub-brand will be: