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  1. https://www.autoblog.com/2020/07/02/dodge-journey-grand-caravan-dead-2021/#slide-2246988 After no redesigns since 2008 (only interior upgrades and powertrains), both are set to die after the 2020 MY.
  2. If the Bronco does not offer the GT's 660-hp 3.5EB, it's an absolute failure and should be cancelled and I won't be buying. Lol. I'd love a 2.7 (or 3.0 ) hybrid. Mileage plus power.
  3. I personally don't think that bigger grille looks any better - however, I do agree that the red one on the left with the different/more detailed fog light area looks better than our Escape. The one little fog light (or black plastic fill panel on lower trims) looks cheap/unfinished, or at best, less sophisticated. Hmm, I just realized that the grilles are different as well - the Kuga's goes up higher all the way to that crease that ours has.
  4. Supposedly there was some sort of new Journey on the way, but who knows that's going on with it.
  5. rmc523

    F250 7.3L No trailer tow !

    Seems odd. Wasn't their big selling point on the 650s that you could get it with a gas engine too?
  6. The reveal will be online. Those are just essentially long commercials for Bronco on those networks.
  7. They effectively replaced the Grand Caravan with the new Voyager which was a rebadged current gen Pacifica, which itself got a refresh for 2021.
  8. It's essentially the Escape with a boxy body. So it'll presumably be the same size inside as the latest Escape.
  9. To each their own then. While it certainly wasn't Lexus quiet, but I wouldn't classify it as horrible at all.
  10. Guess I'll have to record 3 different programs now.
  11. Have you driven one? It's not this hell-hole wailing and gnashing of teeth sounding thing that people make it out to be.
  12. crazy how nonexistant that rear overhang is.
  13. https://www.autoblog.com/2020/06/29/2021-cadillac-xt6-updates/
  14. Presumably the Classic grille might say FORD.
  15. I think it does. At least it looked like it did here: If you look at their overall insta image (the 3 together), the text is brighter: I believe what they did (if it lights up) is that they're digitally imposing non-lit or white letters so that you can clearly see the text - if it was lit up like it presumably is, there might be a light haze around it, obscuring the details of the letters (so that the spaces in the B and R especially would be barely visible.
  16. Do you have the most recent version of the app?
  17. I'm surprised they put out another teaser so soon. Does that mean we'll have one every day until the 13th?
  18. I'd agree with that, though I'd say performance in general too. I know my dad would've gotten a more road-oriented performance truck if it were available.
  19. Yes, they do. I don't know actual numbers, but I remember years ago reading about how many dealers Cadillac had and how many Lincoln had.
  20. $48,990 for XT6 (2021) vs. $51,100 for Aviator.
  21. Some at Bronco6g pointed that out as well - I think it's just inside where they cut the photo off. Also, I feel like sometimes they don't put the antenna on for photoshoots.
  22. They can't win either way - if they didn't do teasers, everyone would complain about how there were no teasers, blah blah blah.
  23. Mach E's build and price, though, has been literally just trim levels and battery/drive (RWD/AWD) options and nothing else. That's why I posted the thread last week asking about the reservation process - because I want to know what the options are and be able to check/uncheck boxes and was wondering if there was more available when you actually order the car (as opposed to what the online reservation thing shows), so I know what to do when Bronco comes along.