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  1. Made a catchall thread for the 2022 Tundra. They haven't unveiled it yet, but this photo leaked.
  2. I think you're also assuming it'd be a 100% completely unique vehicle, so it's not like they're starting from scratch. They've shown in the past that they'd share components with other models in the lineup - obviously most notably is the platform. But if they can also use one of the existing dashes - be it Escape or Maverick, those are additional savings as well. ---- BS isn't quite there yet, but let's say it gets to 20k/month - that's 240k/year. Let's say Maverick winds up selling half that - that's 120k/year for 360k/year total If there's a 400k capacity, that leaves 40k for TC, which is about where it's been. But that doesn't leave much room for growth of any of the 3 without some sort of expansion.
  3. rmc523

    2022 Toyota Tundra Thread

    At least they continue to brand it properly - an ugly TuRD. I'm hoping the regular version looks better. There are some elements of it I don't mind, but a lot of it is over the top.
  4. Seems like a no brainer to me for fleet fuel savings.
  5. rmc523

    2022 Toyota Tundra Thread

    I mean, it helps reliability when they've been building largely the same truck since 2007.
  6. I know it has history on Ranger, but wonder if it could be used on Bronco? A water-fording focused package or something?
  7. It remains to be seen if Lincoln will use the Ford approach to naming new models (i.e. Aviator ______ a la Mustang Mach E or Bronco _____)
  8. These are where my thinking was at - a BEV sedan only becomes a reality because of the scalable battery platform, basically as a "unique" tophat. Well, they did have that Rivian one that was apparently to be branded Continental - I still wish we'd have seen it. I think there's room for one large midsize sedan in the lineup. The full size S-class/Continental type is a no go, but a smaller one I think has enough of a market to do well. And give it premium BEV pricing and they won't lose money on it. Throw it into Flat Rock which can't build bigger products/SUVs anyway to give it more utilization.
  9. I don't really understand the full width screen - like what is the passenger really going to do with a screen? It also seems like a lazy design choice to me - if the whole dash is a screen, is there really that much to design?
  10. I do wish they'd have found room for another Flex. Maybe a flexible BEV platform will make that possible, but I'm not holding my breath. lol
  11. Glad you know exactly what buyers want 100% of the time! Ford should hire you, they'd never do wrong again! "Honda's own Ridgeline is an option for these customers"......except it isn't if they're concerned about price nor need its capability. At the end of the day, Civic (and Corolla and whatever else) buyers may switch over, they may not. Maverick gives Ford another entry-level product (alongside the woeful EcoSport) that's outside the box vs. the competition, and we'll just have to wait and see how it's received and where the customers come from. I can definitely see potential for it taking further sedan buyers, but it very well may not too. Pretending that one person knows all because the two vehicles aren't the same form factor is naive.
  12. I do think a big key here is fuel economy, because that is a concern with smaller cars - if someone can go buy a Maverick that gets the same or better fuel economy as a Civic, I know I'd rather have a truck than a little car.
  13. https://www.autoblog.com/2021/06/09/toyota-land-cruiser-lc300-v6-turbo-engine/
  14. I wonder is that front end a hint we WILL get the Zephyr, but it'll be BEV?
  15. I do think they (Germans) can have too many.....BUT, I do agree Lincoln needs more models.
  16. Another thing to remember too - years ago Ford & Toyota explored a partnership on hybrid trucks, and Ford pulled out because they were so far ahead already they didn't deem it worth it.
  17. I'd have called it "StarCruise" or "StarGlide" - ties into the brand/star logo better. It'll be interesting to see if they just go the "checkbox" routine of just BEV versions of existing products, or if they're actual unique products.
  18. That's highly debatable. lol.
  19. I get it, but there's nowhere else to put it because of bumper height.
  20. I don't know that anyone is "stuck" on it. There's nothing 100% clear yet. We know the internal name is Warthog, and that Levine has hinted at that being the actual name, but you never know. Also your new avatar is throwing me off haha. I'm like who is this guy? before I realize it's you lol.
  21. Yup, I took Wildtrak into consideration.....functionally, it's truly not much different than the other trims - the main one vs. Badlands is lack of a swaybar disconnect and standard Sasquatch. Warthog is obviously above and beyond that with the wider track and different suspension setup. I suppose it could be possible they have different setups for different purposes.
  22. Yeah, Maverick to me is definitely more of an "organic growth" vehicle rather than a "buzz-filled gotta have it" growth - in that people will slowly hear about it via an ad and/or see one and go check it out, rather than hundreds of thousands watching a Lightning F-150 reveal and reserving right away.
  23. rmc523

    Ford Inventory Discussion

    Based on what you see at dealers, I'd imagine a good chunk of that has to be in transit, no?