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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. ExplorerDude

    New Escape With No Camo

    This is a Titanium, only trim to have the light bar. Make no mistake though, many future Fords will have this as a tie in to the electric Lightning look.
  2. You hit the nail on the head and described the next gen Lightning….
  3. Current Escape runs until MY2027. There is no next generation ICE planned. It will be replaced by a BEV. Hopefully the Escape name will continue on the BEV.
  4. The Mustang family will expand….other variants/body styles may or may not be coming to the Mach-E….
  5. ExplorerDude

    First Look at Fusion Active?

    That vehicle is not the Fusion Active at all. Again, that vehicle hasn’t been seen in the Cycle Plan and I don’t believe is being carried forward. The vehicle in these photos has the Lincoln mesh grille and is most likely the next gen Nautilus. It has a similar shape to this.
  6. ExplorerDude

    Ford to launch another BEV Pickup

    jpd80 good call….The nameplates in question are all right here.
  7. ExplorerDude

    Ford to launch another BEV Pickup

    There is so much developing and changing by the day that it’s hard to say what is concrete but BOC will be the home of TE1 and it’s multiple derivatives. Let’s just say KTP will be able to focus on Super Duties….
  8. ExplorerDude

    Lincoln Star BEV Concept

    This strongly hints at the next Nautilus coming for MY2024.
  9. He’s correct that the Edge program isn’t dead per say…..the China Edge program is continuing and moving towards its full redesign but the Edge program for NA was shelved. Unless something changed recently but I don’t think it did.
  10. This situation has triggered a lot of concern in the glass house. This gas crisis caught them way off guard because it happened overnight and hasn’t been building for a long time. If this gets really really bad with gas prices I am a certain they will revisit Fusion/Mondeo and/or Focus for another run in NA. Both sets of vehicles were designed to meet US federal crash requirements. I’ve been told that there already is discussion about some sort of affordable sedan program but not sure the specifics.
  11. One of the worst months possible. We all know why. I was in a meeting and heads are rolling over F-Series and Explorer. Truly horrible. They are flipping over the chips they aren’t getting for F-Series and Explorer.
  12. ExplorerDude

    2023 Explorer Facelift?

    Explorer and Escape were developed during the cost cutting and program freezes under Fields. The MME, Bronco, Bronco Sport, Maverick and new F-150 were all developed during the Hackett and Farley “Design Thinking” approach to everything. I’m confident the refreshes coming for Explorer and Escape will reset those products and give them the extra boost they need to sell better and have more respect.
  13. ExplorerDude

    Cryptic Lincoln Post

    Nautilus is NOT leaving the scene. It’s sister the Edge is, but the Nautilus is being redesigned and the next gen will be built in China and imported here.
  14. ExplorerDude

    Ranger Raptor Spy shots

    Let’s just say that a trilogy is in the works.
  15. ExplorerDude

    Maverick Sold out for 2022

    Mustang Mach-E will get a huge production increase at Cuautitlan bringing production out of there to 200,000 a year. The Explorer and Aviator BEVs were to be built there but they really want to maximize Mach-E production to satisfy this side of the world demand for it. Remember the Mach-E is also built in China for consumption there. We always knew the Maverick would be a runaway hit, just not this huge of a hit. Hermosillo isn’t even close to full capacity yet but I know they want to pump up and out as many more Bronco Sports and Mavericks as much as possible. Maverick is a Top 5 product of importance within Ford now. F-Series, Explorer, Maverick, Bronco and Bronco Sport in that order, I kid you not. The amount of interest and lead volume dealers are getting on Maverick actually surpasses Bronco and Bronco Sport combined. If there is a need to build more Mavericks eventually, it will be promptly resolved.