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  1. It will be RWD, with optional AWD. Period. Just like all the Tesla models. There will be a few trims with very limited options. It probably has the least complexity of any Ford in recent years I’ve seen. There will be a base and GT variant. Just like the Mustang. And yes, it will be called Mustang Mach-E. But just like the F-Series Super Duty, expect Ford to basically call it the Mach-E in the same way Ford calls the F-Series Super Duty just the Super Duty. The connection will be there again as part of the Mustang family.
  2. ExplorerDude

    Fusion styled crossover?

    This is definitely the Fusion Active test mule. Next gen Fusion was always planned to move to C2. I don’t know the product development code for this one. But I have seen the mock up early buck. It’s very attractive and is a mix of Fusion, Edge, Escape and Subaru Outback all mixed together. It’s rugged like an Outback but in a classy way. It blends a number of designs well. Make no mistake this will be called Fusion or Fusion Active. I’m not sure how big the market is for this but maybe Subaru’s secret sauce isn’t so secret. Ford needs to market this the right way in order for it to succeed. ive heard either Hermosillo or Oakville as production locations. Not finalized yet.
  3. So I heard through the grapevine that the 2021 Escape will be getting an emergency facelift to correct the front end that has been disliked by many. Just 1 year into its lifecycle. I have to wonder who they showed this to in a focus group and said they liked it. Wondering if anyone else heard about this?
  4. ExplorerDude

    2021MY Escape

    So I heard through the grapevine that the 2021MY Escape is getting an emergency refresh because there has been a lot of dislike about its new face with the 2020 redesign. Anyone else hear this as well?
  5. S650 should be MY22 believe it or not..... Again this stays on the current platform, this will be a major overhaul with new sheet metal and interior but same footprint and same roof etc. The S750 will MY26 and will be all new from the ground up and probably on CD6 by then.
  6. Bronco Scout (CX430) Bronco 2-Door (U725) Bronco 4-Door (U725) Bronco Fullsize - not approved due to a few reasons, chiefly being lack of production space. If the Expedition and Navigator had their own plant, it probably would’ve been approved. But....they don’t wanted to give up Expedition and Navigator volumes. If they find space elsewhere this may change.
  7. ExplorerDude

    Mustang Mach-E trademarked

    That image is not even close to what the Mustang inspired BEV CUV will look like. It is definitely a sexy CUV with the perfect balance of style and utility. It won’t be FWD. Again, Mustang Mach-E or just Mach-E has been the name that has been in discussion for a while now.
  8. The 2021 F-150 will use the same footprint as the current model. Yes, think ‘09 but the cab sizes arent changing this time. In fact, I believe all the glass carries over. The sheet metal will be changing though.
  9. Perhaps but I’ve seen many things
  10. The Mach E is going to be a show stopper. It is stunning and truly the single greatest design Ford has pumped out in the last 10-20 years. I can’t wait for it to hit the streets. It should use the Mach E name not Mustang Mach E but it’s still TBD from last I heard. Lot of internal debate over it. The 2021 F-150 goes into production in June 2020, way earlier than the last F-150 launches. It could be revealed at the Texas State Fair or in January at its own event. The 2020 Explorer reveal at Ford Field was a test for a large scale stand-alone reveal.
  11. I agree 100%. 8 years is a long time for a generation when the Japanese tend to stay to 5 years max. I wish the next gen Edge was happening sooner but 2023MY is what’s in the cycle plan.
  12. A CD6 Edge is coming but it will be FWD, not RWD. CD6 has 2 variants: 1. CD6R - Explorer and Aviator for MY2020 2. CD6F - Next Edge and Nautilus for MY2023
  13. ExplorerDude

    Is this the next gen Ford Ranger?

    I hate to say it but I believe this is the 2021MY P703 (Ranger) for the global markets. We will get this exact Ranger here in North America for the 2023MY with some NA specific tweaks. It’s currently in design review/finalization for specific trims so it’s very close to reveal in global markets in the next 18 months.