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  1. ExplorerDude

    Ford files to trademark Excursion name

    This is very interesting to me because I haven’t seen anything that corresponds with this in the cycle plan yet. That being said, you can’t find a used Excursion anywhere. People rebuild them, they put new engines and transmissions in them and keep them going. If an Excursion is totaled they scrap the parts for immediate use. If this is Super Duty based again I gotta wonder where they’ll build it. KTP is maxed out.
  2. https://www.motortrend.com/news/ford-excursion-trademark-news/
  3. ExplorerDude

    Mustang Hybrid with V8/AWD?

    From what I’ve gathered and seen, yes the S650 will be launching for the 2023MY and it’s expected to use the same platform (D2C) which is now called D5. This was done for substantial cost savings. As it is the program is still pretty expensive. But it’s expected to use many CD6 components. Again, apparently using all the CD6 components would’ve made it too big and too heavy. The S650 is basically a new top hat on the same platform with more CD6 components used. I’ve seen a sketch, and it’s not that far off from this article’s illustration. I will say the roofline drops 1 inch to make it even more swept back. It will be gorgeous I can assure you.
  4. ExplorerDude

    Ford 1st Quarter Sales

    Not sure if anyone noticed but Ford has officially combined Explorer and Police Interceptor Utility sales together as one. Makes sense and that will add (on a good year) about 30,000 additional units to the Explorer’s yearly total. It was always silly for them to split them out. But that was more so because of the Taurus and Police Interceptor Sedan.
  5. I think he meant Explorer Sport Trac Pioneer Edition with the upgraded sound system.
  6. ExplorerDude

    2022 Expedition

    Technically it’s an MCA, but it’s significant for both Expedition and Navigator. I mean the 2021 F-150 is a new generation but it’s not an all new truck with the general footprint and cabs all carrying over. One could say the changes the Expedition and Navigator get are exactly on par with the F-150s changes. Both get new sheetmetal from windshield forward plus, new headlights, grilles and bumpers, plus new rear sheet metal on hatch with new taillights. Inside both get new dashboards and new door panels in front row. Yes the new F-150 dashboard will be shared with the 2022 Expedition. There will be powertrain updates as well but don’t know specifics. It’s honestly nice to see the Expedition and Navigator stay fresh right along with the F-150. No more languishing for these beasts seeing as they make so much money.
  7. ExplorerDude

    Vehicle Introductions in Detroit

    Not sure what’s planned to be shown in Chicago but in addition, the 2021 Explorer gets the following: - XLT Sport Appearance Package - King Ranch trim - FX4 Off Road trim
  8. ExplorerDude


    Maverick was the original intended name and probably is on some early parts planning documents but that was changed. Again this is going to be called the Bronco Sport. I’ve heard it and I’ve seen the final badging on the Baby Bronco’s body, it’s Bronco Sport. Although personally I liked a Bronco Scout. All 3 Broncos will be showed in the spring at the New York Auto Show as a family.
  9. I agree, I thought that there’d be a refresh as well seeing as the ‘18 Explorer and ‘19 Fusion both got a mild refresh and so did the ‘13 Mustang for their last 2 model years. Again, I hope I’m wrong and they do update the S550 with new bumper covers or lights but I just don’t see any action plans on it.
  10. I don’t see any MCA in the pipeline for the MY21 S550 but I could be wrong. The S550 has an 8 model year lifecycle. The next gen will be a MY23 and it will be an all-new tophat on the existing platform. It will have a 6 Model year lifecycle.
  11. ExplorerDude

    '19 Year End Sale Totals

    I did hear that the 2020 Escape was originally a bit tougher and beefier from the lead designer but he was told to “tone it down” and make it more car like.
  12. ExplorerDude

    '19 Year End Sale Totals

    We were told at a recent meeting that we are going to go hard on selling the 2020 Explorer XLTs, supposedly towards the end of the 1st quarter. They said they plan on selling about 80,000 more Explorers in 2020 than in 2019. So you’re looking at them getting back to 250,000 Explorers this year. That was an absolute commitment that they were serious about. As for Escape, they basically indicated that the Escape has moved up market in pricing and that they expected sales to shrink with that change. Looks like they don’t plan on going as volume crazy on Escape. They admitted they overproduced the 2019 Escape. It was quite the cluster to hear this. The Escape matters but I’m puzzled because it doesn’t seem like there’s a plan and there are no decent programs on it. They expect about 150,000 Bronco Sports annually once production with that gets up and running.
  13. Wow I honestly missed that post and that decision must have changed because originally 2020 Fusion and MKZ production was supposed to go until the end of the full calendar year. I’m a little shocked about that one.
  14. All 3 Broncos (Bronco 4-door, Bronco 2-door and Bronco Sport) will be shown together as a family so as not to create confusion. The reveal event we were told was in the spring. So yes it could be NAIAS in June. Last I heard that either the 2021 F-150 or 2021 Bronco family will be at NAIAS in June and the other will get their own event, like the Explorer and Expedition did. That was as of back in October. I’m sure they chose what will be revealed at what venue by now. Bronco Sport will be built alongside the Fusion and MKZ in Hermosillo for about 6-9 months as they don’t have a concrete end date yet. Then Fusion and MKZ will be done, then the next gen Transit Connect and baby pickup will be in there in mid 2021 for the 22MY.
  15. ExplorerDude

    2021 Chevy Tahoe/Suburban

    MY2022 Expedition will be given an extensive MCA. New front clip from windshield forward, with new hood, headlights, grille and bumper fascia plus new liftgate and taillights out back. Anyone hoping for a different than F-150 dashboard will be disappointed. It will get a new dashboard but it will be shared with the MY2021 F-150. I will say the MY2022 Expedition MCA is a serious effort to keep the product fresh and competitive.