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  1. Willwll313wll

    Explorer King Ranch

    King Ranch Phoned In
  2. Willwll313wll

    Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV Debuts

    Love what Hyundai and Kia is doing as of late with their designs! Looking forward to the 6!
  3. Thanks for the info ExplorerDude. Always interesting to hear tidbits.
  4. Probably a sales event or something.....
  5. Willwll313wll

    Bronco Sport Impresses

    And love the steelie-like wheels
  6. Willwll313wll

    Bronco Sport Impresses

    The explorer interior I thought was really decent as well. There was some fit and finish issues with the trim and hard plastic but I wouldn’t call the interior cheap.
  7. Willwll313wll

    Bronco Sport Impresses

    I haven’t been in any Bronco Sport competitors but, I can say just from Ford, the Expedition I sat in recently had a nice interior. Some hard plastics but that’s not always the problem, the Bronco Sport looks to have a fairly nice interior, with a terrible steering wheel.
  8. Willwll313wll

    Bronco Sport Impresses

    Lol, I can’t believe they put that steering wheel in this. It’s terribly cheap. And it’s the place the driver touches the most! The other cheapness of the interior doesn’t surprise me; I’ve been in the escape. Looks like a great product all and all though!
  9. Willwll313wll

    '20 November Sales/Chart

    That’s effing nice
  10. Willwll313wll

    '20 November Sales/Chart

    he was being sarcastic lol
  11. Willwll313wll

    Tesla stock

    This isn’t surprising considering the UK and California announcing the ban of new gas car sales, more places are likely to take similar stances over time... Pair that with the incoming Biden/Harris administration and what they are said to possibly invest in infrastructure and in going green, it’s no wonder the only mainstream all electric automaker stock continues to rise. Model Y on sale now too right?
  12. Also, I think it's kind of weird how much Americans specifically drag Tesla through the mud. NOT speaking of any particular comments here, I've been thinking this for quite some time... but It seems unnecessary, and even malicious at times. I would think we would be more excited and supportive of our very own engineers and designers making such impact on the world. The automotive industry is changing fairly quickly, for the better I'd say but that's a matter of opinion; Tesla is a huge part of that. Tesla is far from perfect, we could go on and on about the s*** they get wrong but this is innovation. Innovation isn't so easy, for any of our automakers. Let's push more people and companies to be more innovative, and deal with the mistake along the way. That's how we figure it out and build better. My 29 cents...
  13. I dont think I wrote out my point well enough. I wasn't comparing them as competitors. I was not saying one is just as good or not as good or any of that. I don't want to get into that argument because I don't care about other peoples preferences. I was pointing out that people keep using this term "tech" the wrong way. By definition, both Ford and Tesla are "tech" companies, implementing their own tech into the automotive world. Just because one is electric and is combustion doesn't mean they both aren't technology. In that respect, Tesla is not a tech company, but just another automaker, implementing a different technology. I hope that make sense.
  14. NO Tesla is a automotive company, that's using a "new" technology. It's electric yes, but it's automotive. Technology is what Ford and other automakers have been doing for years, and it's no different then what Tesla is doing now. Ecoboost? technology... Electric powertrains? technology, Model T? technology. Tech does not mean future or new... Tech is really just the application of science/engineering.
  15. Wait we were told earlier this month or last month that the Lincoln EV was canceled right?