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  1. Cool design. I agree with your interpretation of his comments. It would explain at least a small part of why some of these products we may have seen by now were pushed back; some of it is design changes.
  2. I see Edge buyers and the Ford 3 row EV as different consumers. I'd love to see a graph of how Ford see's their vehicles offerings and how they may or may not overlap. I'm guessing the EV will be just a tad bigger than the Mach E/Model Y, but not as big as a future Explorer EV (if that's still in the pipeline).
  3. This is kind of how humans speak to each other, we move around topics and have open discussion that are still somewhat on topic but may derail a bit. I'd rather that then discussions dying bc we can't "just talk",. Is it a file room or a forum (little joke to poke the bears <3), is it okay for things to just move freely? Not a free for all of course but ykwim. I'll follow the rules and moderations of course, but I did want to ask genuinely. I always think of these paths when you guys step in hahah.
  4. Is this a Lincoln version of the 3-row ford ev or is this the "aviator ev" we've heard about?
  5. I'd prefer desirable vehicles over market share. They need to do something about their quality though!! You are right about that.
  6. I think the original lightning production plan was about 50k a year; this cut is still above that. They jumped the gun with increasing production. Sidenote, and this is just an opinion, consumers are not rewarding the automakers and its dealer network (and other companies) for (what I saw as) price gouging during the pandemic and chip shortage. I do think Farley is right in believing that EVs should be differentiated from ICE counterparts so I'm excited to see what project T3 brings! If plans dont change...
  7. Calling this badge engineering is like calling the current gen Edge and the Nautilus badge engineering. Just not accurate.
  8. Well, there's only two BEV pickups out right now and this hasn't been compared to them in the real world. And I am doubtful that this is in the same class as the Lightning. This may be the size of a Rivian.
  9. That's pretty interesting! I like where it's going! I can see it something along these lines actually working really well commercially despite being polarizing.
  10. It sound's like it's being done at Ford sounds like it is for efficiency, which I think it should be. Let the form follow the function.
  11. Hahah that's funny. I am curious of how it will perform in real world! It has to be good. It can not just be something to look. Reviews should be happening in the next couple months.
  12. Some would say the Cybertruck goes too far. I think it went as far as it could and they would probably go farther if they reasonably could. I think that's a good thing, when done right of course, not going far just for the sake of going far. Shake up the market. Push design. Take real risk. Be innovative. Be unconventional. I'm excited to see if Ford/Lincoln delivers with the 3rows and project T3.
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