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  1. Willwll313wll


    Bronco Hybrid? Bronco Raptor?
  2. I'm a Mustang & Bronco owner, and will be deciding "cross shopping" the new Bronco with a Mustang Mach E. Other than a Used GT350, there's nothing else I want in that price range.
  3. Willwll313wll

    2021 Escalade Front end shown in Teaser

    I've been silenced! Kidding, understood (though we were completely civil and respectful, I get that this isn't reddit).
  4. Willwll313wll

    NG Ford Fusion Mule Spied

    I hope the fusion ends up as less of a wagon and more of a coupe crossover... unlikely
  5. Willwll313wll

    NG Ford Fusion Mule Spied

    I can't recall but a mule is something that's easy to forget so you could be right.
  6. I wonder if we'll see a Lincoln concept at the NY show this year.
  7. Willwll313wll

    NG Ford Fusion Mule Spied

    It'll be nice to see a concept at the NAIAS.
  8. More info at Car and Driver https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a30653717/ford-fusion-wagon-spied/
  9. Willwll313wll

    Dont park your c8 in Detroit..

    I can't argue against or dismiss that; I don't have factual data in front of me to go either way with that statement. You could be right.
  10. Willwll313wll

    Dont park your c8 in Detroit..

    Speaking of high petty theft, my sister had a Ford Edge Sport and her rims were stolen twice as it was parked in her backyard. There's bad but there's a lot of good in the city as well. More good than bad imo.
  11. Willwll313wll

    Dont park your c8 in Detroit..

    The violent crime rate continues to drop year after year but Detroit has always been high and continues to be high with petty crime, like rim theft and vehicle theft, burglary, etc. I'm moving back to Detroit after I've been away for 7 years and I'm excited but I will be cautious, as I've always been growing up in the city.
  12. Willwll313wll

    Genesis GV80

    I see more Lexus than Lincoln.
  13. Willwll313wll

    Doug loves the new Escape Hybrid

    Finally sat in a new Escape Titanium... though I do wish for better interior materials, overall it's a lot better than I expected from looking at photos. It's a nice, clean design and everything feels pretty solid with the exception of the rear door panels. The exterior is not as boring as pictures would lead you to believe as well, which we've heard from multiple people. It looks sporty, classy and definitely gives a slight Porsche vibe. Love the lighting details as well. It's not a home-run but a significant improvement from the last generation.
  14. Willwll313wll

    Genesis GV80

    Best thing Genesis has done thus far! I love it...
  15. Willwll313wll

    2021 GMC Yukon