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  1. Willwll313wll

    Buick Envision

    They did a great job, inside and out it seems.
  2. Willwll313wll

    Rivian Based Lincoln EV Cancelled

    Does anyone have any inside info on this? Is COVID the actual reason? Any chance that it'll get rebooted?
  3. My personal choice would be the CX-5 but I can't stand that tiny infotainment screen on top of the dash.
  4. Is anyone actually surprised the Escape came in last? We know it's just not that good. We've talked about it since it's release. Sidenote: Just looking at the interior compared to the rest speaks volume of how much effort was put in this. I don't get it. If I were a part of this company other than being a fan, it's no way in hell I would've released the Escape as it is. It's not bad but it just doesn't stack up to the rest in it's class in design (subjective) or quality.
  5. A little clearer and brighter. I'm excited to get in and compare the 2dr and 4dr. I can't yet decide which one I'll prerfer.
  6. Willwll313wll

    Ford Puma Review

    I've loved the Puma since it was first shown. I've watched several reviews of it on youtube and most say it's best in it's class. I really wish they'd bring it here! I'd take one as a daily.
  7. I was hoping for a tailgate as well. It's one of my favorite things about my Bronco. But it isn't a deal breaker for me. I'll likely buy Mach E until I can afford a used Bronco Raptor.
  8. I think he's hoping for a "trick" swing gate and tail gate.
  9. Those headlamps look like they're from the Kia Telluride, and the C-Clamp design looks straight from the GM trucks... Still, I'm a fan of the F-Series so excited to see what it'll look like at it's reveal.
  10. Just my two cents... if he wants to discuss a SFA, and you guys dont, just dont engage! Quite simple... No one has to be silenced or put in time out just because you guys are tired of hearing it. Just stop talking to him about it. There are plenty of other people here who isn't discussing a SFA that you can engage with. I don't think it's fair to try and control what someone wants to discuss, even you find it annoying. HOWEVER, Steve you shouldn't be making personal attacks, insinuating that they are "stupid" or lack comprehension skills, etc. We're all adults here ❤️
  11. Yeah the Ecoboost is cool but I'd take a Sport Trac Adrenalin V8 over the new Ranger any day... and 6.5 so I could use the bigger interior lol The V8 in the Explorer/Mountaineer was no slouch, but it's not just about performance... I prefer the looks, feel, and sound of the Adrenalin as well.
  12. I still wish to own a Sport Trac Adrenalin V8... but man have they held their value!
  13. Batteries for these vehicles need to be recyclable too, if they not already. Go all in in creating a truly green future for the world.
  14. Willwll313wll

    Chicago Autoshow

    Kill it with gasoline and a match