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  1. I sure hope so! I hope the Lightning Fseries is a high performance model and not just the name of the Elec Fseries line UNLESS the entire line is worthy of the name, i.e. Mach E.
  2. Willwll313wll

    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    Another win for Hyundai/Kia design team!
  3. Willwll313wll

    Hummer EV SUV shown off

    Those wheels are intriguing!
  4. Mentally, probably not said aloud
  5. followed by: "I'll just put it to the side... whatever" That's exactly what happens lol
  6. I've dragged my hitch, in my full size Bronco... it happens. Hitch should probably be removed when not towing.
  7. I'm excited for this
  8. Willwll313wll

    Explorer King Ranch

    King Ranch Phoned In
  9. Willwll313wll

    Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV Debuts

    Love what Hyundai and Kia is doing as of late with their designs! Looking forward to the 6!
  10. Thanks for the info ExplorerDude. Always interesting to hear tidbits.
  11. Probably a sales event or something.....
  12. Willwll313wll

    Bronco Sport Impresses

    And love the steelie-like wheels
  13. Willwll313wll

    Bronco Sport Impresses

    The explorer interior I thought was really decent as well. There was some fit and finish issues with the trim and hard plastic but I wouldn’t call the interior cheap.
  14. Willwll313wll

    Bronco Sport Impresses

    I haven’t been in any Bronco Sport competitors but, I can say just from Ford, the Expedition I sat in recently had a nice interior. Some hard plastics but that’s not always the problem, the Bronco Sport looks to have a fairly nice interior, with a terrible steering wheel.
  15. Willwll313wll

    Bronco Sport Impresses

    Lol, I can’t believe they put that steering wheel in this. It’s terribly cheap. And it’s the place the driver touches the most! The other cheapness of the interior doesn’t surprise me; I’ve been in the escape. Looks like a great product all and all though!