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    Ford’s EV Truck Chassis

    Keep and mind that the Cybertruck is not a production vehicle. Though it was not verbally stated, it is very much a concept truck.
  2. Willwll313wll

    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    ..... It's grown on me hah But I can't see it in my driveway
  3. I believe they didn't use the GT because it's further behind in development. If I understand correctly, the GT won't be released immediately with the standard and extended range versions; the GT will come some time after.
  4. One thing to note with these articles, the vehicle they were riding in wasn't the performance GT model, and they are still a year out from production so I'm certain suspension and drive train tuning is still happening.
  5. Everything isnt for everyone 🙂
  6. Love that color on the GT! Looks fantastic. I won't be in that market when it ships but if I were...
  7. I'm guessing the GT will have multiple wheel options. I like both love the ones on the grabber.
  8. I actually really like what they did with the grill area. Maybe someone can Photoshop to see what it would like it if that grille area was blacked out though... I don’t care so much for the gray plastic in the lower fascia, and the lack of fog lights don’t help, but I do like the overall design of the area.
  9. Has there ever been so many leaks before a big debut like this for Ford? Geesh
  10. I love what I am seeing. I definitely see the mustang influence. I think it will be the best looking all electric SUV on the market (not that there's a lot of competition).
  11. Willwll313wll

    Bronco world premier Spring 2020!

    This is exactly what I want. I drive a 94 Bronco EB and I often just pull the tailgate down, sit lay or sprawl out with my back against the rear seat back, play some music and smoke. A multifunctional gate will be nice too!
  12. Willwll313wll

    Sync 4 is on its way....

    Must be the Mach E screen; I notice the vehicle in the top left, the vertical orientation, and the electric trip info.
  13. The ONLY way I would get an Explorer over the Telluride is if I were getting the Explorer ST. You just can't beat that performance with a Telluride... But design, interior, value, features, etc. is owned by the Kia in my opinion.
  14. Willwll313wll

    Corsair first drive reviews

    The Corsair, Aviator, and Aviator GT made the final 10 for Motortrends SUV of the year.
  15. Willwll313wll

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    Is it just me or has Ford and Lincoln had product launch issues for half a decade now?
  16. Willwll313wll

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

  17. Willwll313wll

    Ford Mustang Mach E and Baby Bronco

    I'm so excited. November can't come soon enough! I haven't been this excited for a Ford product since the 2015 Mustang. And this trumps that honestly (sorry to use his name).
  18. Willwll313wll

    Ford Mustang Mach E and Baby Bronco

    I do hope it have a longer hood than the iPace (I think it will based on spy shots), though I think the roofline and hatch looks great
  19. Willwll313wll

    Ford Mustang Mach E and Baby Bronco

    Thanks for the info! Anymore you can tell us about the Mach E exterior and interior design? From the spy shots, it looks smaller and more car than crossover I imagined it to be but I don't mind that as long as the design is a knockout. I'm interested in the Mach E as my next vehicle. As long as it's not priced out of my range.
  20. Have been SURPRISINGLY positive! https://www.motortrend.com/cars/cadillac/xt6/2020/2020-cadillac-xt6-first-drive-review/ https://www.autoblog.com/2019/07/29/2020-cadillac-xt6-sport-first-drive-review/ https://arstechnica.com/cars/2019/07/the-2020-cadillac-xt6-better-than-an-escalade-in-every-way/ Still I am underwhelmed by every bit of it. I would of course choose an XC90 over it, and of course the Aviator which I suspect will dominate in it's price class.
  21. im starting to question these "focus groups"
  22. Bronco Scout works as well! I'm going to give Jim a call... 😶
  23. Yeah Maverick just worked... "Adventurer" is boring and forgettable. I hope this isn't official or factual. If not Maverick than something else! Hell Bronco Sport (though it was a trimline) and Bronco II (though it has some bad history) would be better choices than Bronco Adventurer.... ehhhh