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  1. Here is the problem-they won't Higher prices of new cars are driving pricing of used cars higher because of trade in values need to offset the price increase. Then add in much tighter production of new cars and fleet dumping not happening like it did back in the 1990s combined with cash for clunkers about 10-15 years ago, and you destroyed the supply of used cars. I keep my cars at least 8 years or so and I was shocked at what I got for my 2006 Mustang GT when I sold it in 2018 and I made 3x on my Fusion Hybrid (got it cheap) when I sold that, but I didn't make any money on it because I had to put $$$ into fixing the brakes on it.
  2. So I wonder when we'll see something that slots between this and the Dark Horse Mustang...at a more reasonable 100K 🤪
  3. There has been a couple cam phaser issues on the 2.7L, but keep in mind just because someone says it on the internet, doesn't mean EVERYONE is having it. The Bronco had a 2.7L engine issue that affected less then 100 Broncos, but going by the reporting of the different pages on the internet and social media, it seemed like every single one was affected by it, when it was then .01 of a percent.
  4. The really stupid thing is that the Jeep Compass is built on the same platform as the Alfa/Hornet and starts at $25K, which is more in line with this segment. But the Hornet is nothing more then a badge engineered Alfa
  5. The average price of a new car is around $48K and if you look at current entry level products, they don't sell in the numbers like say the Escort did in the 1980s (which where most likely being fleet dumped anyways) because they are smaller vehicles that don't appeal to most buyers. The used car market will cater to the low end of the market, but even then pricing is stupid-my nephew bought an Altima that was 3 years old last year and it was 20K. I remember the days of the early 1990s when a used 5 year old car was like $1000. Luxury car pricing started at 30K about 20 years ago...now that is an entry level C class CUV like the Escape Active.
  6. It also boils down to the labor pool is also shrinking-Boomers are just about out of the labor market, Gen X is getting older and they are a small cohort, Millennials are the largest group but are rapidly approaching middle age, and Generation Z is only slightly larger then Gen X and about 4 million smaller then the Millennials. Shortages in the labor market are going to drive strikes (because it will be harder to replace workers to a point), but should be curious how this all shakes out with the UAW and what the actual tipping point was-was it their actions or the people inside the organization.
  7. That is what I get for answer a post at a traffic light-didn't see the Raptor in the title LOL
  8. Uh the 2.0L Ecoboost doesn’t have a cam phaser in it and the 2.7L isn’t available for the Ranger yet. Don't answer posts at traffic stops!
  9. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/2024/06/10/uaw-president-fain-under-investigation-by-federal-court-watchdog/74047826007/ Hmmmm
  10. The fender Mascara extension on the Lincoln MKZ to the door handle looks terrible! The interiors are really interesting-The Corsair red interior-I like it but I don't think I could live with all that red trim on it, the seats and arm rest are fine.
  11. Well the Maverick was (dismissively) a parts bin special-Escape/Kuga drivetrains and the Transit Connect "frame" improvements. If Ford wanted a cheaper C2 utility, they'd be far better off starting with the Bronco Sport with a new top hat and keeping it FWD only with just a hybrid or 1.5 I3 only. Maybe AWD, but use the cheaper/not as capable Escape system.
  12. No they offered a matte wrap on the Mustang...maybe some other products, but no flat paint for the Bronco
  13. The Mach E? I think the problem is that management can't or won't keep focus on other projects, since the F-series basically pays for itself and if it got screwed up really badly, that would hurt Ford badly financially, so it has the proper focus on it. Compare that to other products over the past 15-20 years and you see things going ever which way. Not to mention the multiple repeating of products (Fusion and Mondeo up till 2014 I think for example) in different markets....only in past 10 years or so has Ford's lineup of other products more or less have been the same worldwide. The Maverick was successful because it was done cheap and quickly. Lets see how they manage it going forward over the years.
  14. Here is the thing-how much of an edge case do you make it? According to the Dept of Transportation, average distance driven in a day is roughly 40 miles. I get it might not work for you (and of course your the most important person to yourself :p) but it might work for other people...that is what needs to be "figured out", just like unrealistic demands of a 400-500 mile range EV when the vast majority of ICE go about 300-400 per tank aren't best either. Its finding what a large amount of customers deem acceptable, but yet the vast majority of buyers "overbuy" a vehicle that they actually don't need, just because of perceived needs.
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