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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. How California is preparing its grid to handle the transition to electric vehicles Some statics mixed into this so we more information hopefully to use to argue over
  2. But you can't fit a washing machine, Dishwasher, or the like into a Mach E or any other BEV either.
  3. silvrsvt

    16 Ford Escape Ecoboost

    White smoke out of DI turbo charged engines is “normal” when it is cold out.
  4. But they also generate a lot of additional drag, which eats into range. I wouldn’t mind seeing a chart of how much different it is from a gas powered vehicle. I’ve seen reports of gas powered vehicles getting sub-10 MPGs towing things, which isn’t optimal either. And I’m going to assume that the vast majority of lightings are going to be used as passenger vehicles 95% of the time. But that also goes in to the augment of buying a vehicle that meets your needs and not your wants either.
  5. silvrsvt

    2024 Mustang Info

    But at the same time the 10 speed auto is considered to be superior to the manual on the Mustang performance wise.
  6. Hell I was doing that 30 years ago-Some friends of mine decided to take a ride to France (was station in Germany at the time) and we filled up a bunch of fuel containers and put them in a back of a Civic Hatchback because we didn't want to buy gas on the economy. Man that was freaking stupid! LOL
  7. silvrsvt

    2024 Mustang Info

    The new Mustang doesn’t have that terrible kick up at the door bottoms. They vaguely look the same because they are two door coupes with long hoods and short tailgates on them. That is like saying all sedans or trucks look the same.
  8. silvrsvt

    2023 Maverick Tremor

    I’m wondering if it’s Ford just being overly cautious with taking orders and not being able to build them-they are still making dealer stock units, but I guess that is just what they can make vs what people are are ordering.
  9. The thing to keep in mind is new car sales (not 100% BEVS only in 2030 on the road) and people’s expectations of how to “fuel up” their BEVs needs to be changed. 70% of the market can support at home charging and even local gas stations/convenience stores in my area are adding Tesla superchargers. So given the average commute to and from work, you could possibly spend maybe 20-30 minutes having to charge your car (other then home if that isn’t an option) every three to four days. Not sure where you live, but we have a decent penetration of Tesla’s in my area that we have over a half dozen of them within a 20-30 mile drive. We also have three Electrify America places within that same zone. The info is out there about future build outs in different areas if you want to look into it.
  10. Could be just the way Google works and it’s showing you Ford advertising while on YT. Velocity was rebranded as Motortrend TV a few years back, so I may or may not be talking about the same thing
  11. Sounds like this could have security implications even though it’s just looking at your device as a beacon and not connecting to it.
  12. silvrsvt

    2024 Mustang Info

    I feel at times that people who compare how cars look completely lack the proper language to properly describe it. It’s like people saying the new Bronco looks like a Flex. The new Mustang might look like a Camaro after six beers, but to say they look the same is completely stupid. I also get the feeling that these are the same people who say that certain racial groups all look the same too.
  13. Well wasn’t it posted here that dealerships can wait till 2027 for the next round of converting over or adding BEVs to their dealerships? I can see some dealerships waiting, but in other areas like California or other areas that are more urban moving to the BEV dealership sooner then later. When I see my sales guy I’ll ask him if he knows what they are planning on doing.
  14. But we've been in a huge economic downturn for the past two years due to COVID/Supply Chain issues etc when it comes to the auto industry. If Ford can sell less cars that are more expensive with no or next to no incentives, I don't think it will be too much of an issue going on what has happened over the past two years. The real issue is what happens when supply catches up to demand? Demand for cars is going to be high for the next few years. Shortages of used cars due to lower sales and increased age of cars (just over 12 years old now) is going to drive prices up. Its going to cost more because of trade ins needing to offset higher MSRPs. Used cars have been going up in price since cash for clunkers happened and that put a major hole into the used car market, what 15 years ago? Manufactures are doing better about not over producing products and not flooding the used car market-I remember when I first started driving a decent used car was about 1500 or so about 30 years ago. Now that same car is 2-3x that cost.
  15. silvrsvt

    2024 Mustang Info

    I dunno where people are getting the Mustang II from. I actually see more of the Fox Mustang in styling cues in it then Mustang II.