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  1. If anything these are going to be used as general use patrol vehicles and not interceptors, sorta like the Fusion was being used as.
  2. Yeah I know but that was before the debacle with the roofs and everything else. With that said, if it slid a few months, it would be a summer launch.
  3. Yeah but also consider it could be just a place holder and it might be a Summer/fall of CY22 release? The 2023MY might not launch til December 2022
  4. Raptor name and other options showing up for the 22MY https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/2022-bronco-raptor-discovered-in-ordering-system-4-door-base-lux-levels-code-orange-color-everglades-trim.23521/
  5. The Bronco Sport is a premium product vs the Escape and Maverick. I wonder if Ford would do a CUV based on the Maverick, but I’m also not sure how it would make it different enough and more affordable then the Escape/BS either, just seems redundant
  6. The word your looking for is Fixed 😛
  7. They will still have it, but they also won't have all sorts of incentives on that said product either. Once you take away the 10K rebate on a 65K pickup, people are going to be hopefully smarter and option out their $45-50K pickup instead and Ford will still make a nice profit on it, instead of jacking the price up to cover the baked in incentives in the price.
  8. In the grand scheme of things the Maverick is both funky and unique and apparently Ford can make money off a $19999 Hybrid of it. I just don't see how B sized products actually can work in the US. Just checking this chart out, most models only sell around 5K units a month https://www.goodcarbadcar.net/2021-us-small-suv-sales-figures/#monthlysales One interesting thing to note on that sales chart, is that it looks like the Honda CR-V sales are getting eaten into by the HR-V sales...or maybe its the Passport also?
  9. ICE is covered for at least another 10 or so years with current products The issue that your missing is the auto industry has to work 5-10 years ahead of what is out now. Normally when a product launches, within 12 months or less they are already working on the MCE/refresh that will pop up in 3-5 years. Lots of places and countries are using 2030-2035 as cut off date for ICE...that is less then 9 years away. It makes no sense to invest in a ICE product now that won't see the light of day in 2025MY or so. This is also part of the reason why Ford's product plans have been all over the place for the past 7-8 years. As for the good ole rural area argument-lets say the baseline for a BEV is 300 miles-that is how much you get out of single tank of gas in an average ICE powered vehicle. All that is changing (assuming you own your own home) is that you drive your car home and charge it every few days overnight instead of stopping at the gas station to fill it up, which might require you going out of your way to do so. Charging tech will improve and so will access to charging stations. It might be a major pain in the ass at this very point, but things will improve in the next 5 years with longer ranges and more places and better ways to charge.
  10. An Evos based product would be a perfect fit for Flat Rock, since it sits lower then a CUV. However, I don't see that happening for another 18-24 months, and at that point, I think Ford would be better served with a BEV product at that point vs ICE product that will go away in less then 10 years. Ford seems to be going with a two pronged approach here with products- Current ICE or Hybrids products will be built for another 10 year or so with updates/MCEs and phased out early next decade But they also are coming out with BEV equivalents at the same time in the next 5 years and I'd assume the ICE plants would transition over to BEVs at some point. Plus its an insurance policy if something changes between now and then.
  11. The thing is that it’s easier to move NA products overseas for sale then the other way around IMO. The issue with the Puma is that it would be priced too close to the Escape to make it worth while and the NA market doesn’t buy smaller products unless they are cheap.
  12. It will be-they are sharing it with VW
  13. Thing I'm curious-is how can it be stolen with a PATS key? I get it can be put on a flat bed or something, but how do you operate it without a key?
  14. silvrsvt

    Ford Pro Leadership Team

    Ford Pro, a separate global vehicle services and distribution business It appears to me that they are more concerned about SaaS type products then actual design or marketing with Ford Pro.
  15. I have to learn to be better not to engage some people, since there is no changing of people's options on things.