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  1. silvrsvt

    Mach-E Delay

    Tell that to the laid off transmission and engine workers. BEVs are far less complex part wise when it comes to powertrain.
  2. silvrsvt

    2022 ford expedition

    Looks like its getting a Explorer like grill/headlights
  3. silvrsvt

    Ford Vaccine Survey?

    So those numbers are in line with peoples reactions to other vaccinations. Your fear mongering.
  4. Outside of maybe charging stations, they don't have a huge tech advantage over what is out or what will be out in the grand scheme of things. Beta testing auto pilot on roads is just fucking stupid! Its like saying the Mustang GT is .05 slower then a Camaro SS...when it beats it in everything else.
  5. Not sure why the color is so blown out from my crop....
  6. Uh the Navi has a frame like the F-150, so they can fit it there no issues and most likely not affect any sheetmetal
  7. silvrsvt

    2013 F-59 V-10 Durability

    I had a Uhaul rental with the V10 (that they told us not to drive out of state...we went to NJ to NC for work LOL) and it ate gas...but I was driving it like my Mustang, since I wasn't paying for gas. It was a good motor from what I remember with a load of 20+ PC Workstations plus the protective boxes for them.
  8. I think it will be the opposite-Tesla appeals to bleeding edge tech people and their kingdom is under attack by everyone in the next 12-24 months. They have older products that haven't changed visually that much (think Fusion like) and how are they going to keep customers if there is product out there that is just as good as what Tesla offers or better (in build/materials quality) Add in government mandates and in the next 10 years or so we will see a major increase in electric car share.
  9. Its about 36-48 months away...figure a 2025 launch, which isn't very far away
  10. I'm putting my order in Saturday morning-
  11. silvrsvt

    Gen 3 Raptor

    So maybe 500HP from the Ecoboost V6 and 700+ from the 5.2L?
  12. The other issue with AVs that since people most likely wouldn't own their own car, you'd need most likely 3x the amount of cars to satisfy demand. I can just think of this-You have a family of four. You can get away with having two cars without much issue, but if you don't "own" a car, you'll run into issues just getting kids places they need to go. One logic issue is dealing with multiple trips in a single vehicle-You have a kid that needs to go to Dr and another that needs to be dropped off at some organized sports they do-first off is a parent going to trust a vehicle to take their kid some place, then trust those same kids to get out of the car to the place their going? I'm sure there are other things too. AVs have their place-I can see them being used in theme parks for buses/transports from the parking lot, etc and needing to get around a fixed area, but beyond that is going to take years and years of research.
  13. Or even the costs of making roads smarter to let AVs drive on them...your talking billons of dollars. Most local governments barely can afford to keep potholes out of "dumb roads" There is far too much cost involved to make it worthwhile. Its like smoking...it bad for your health, but taxes it generates are too much for the government to get rid of. I'd much rather be able to drive my own damn car most of the time instead of giving that up....too many people (well people that can afford cars) aren't willing to completely give up all control over a vehicle. Its going to take a few generations to make that possible...and not to mention the current way laws are written are not compatible with what could happen with AVs. You could bankrupt a manufacture with lawsuits that stem from AV accidents.
  14. Given that Mach E plant seems to have alot of excess capacity there...I think that is where they will wind up. I can maybe see the Mach E selling 100K units world wide.