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  1. The one interesting thing about this (as brought up by my Father in Law who teaches earth science at a high school and College level) is that we might have done damage already to the environment 20-30 years ago that we don't know about that irreversible, so we might be in a situation that even if we do this, we aren't going to "change" it.
  2. Look at what a loaded Gladiator goes for-$60K or so plus accessories (averaging about $1500 per Wrangler/Gladiator sold). Adding a Pickup bed to a Bronco seems like a no brainer to me if they can sell 10K units a year at that price. a Ranger Raptor would be "only" in the mid 50s fully load
  3. But thats the problem-your back to California setting policy for the rest of the country-the United States isn't supposed to work that way.
  4. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/09/19/amazon-100000-rivian-delivery-vans/?ncid=edlinkusauto00000016 Not bad-makes me happy as a Ford and Amazon stock owner.
  5. your answering yourself now? Regarding cheap trim or plastic-in the grand scheme of things it really doesn't matter unless its REALLY Bad-I think the worse plastic I've seen seen in a car was a Dodge Caliber-it had the same texture as an igloo cooler! A BMW i3 uses some funky interior materials that I wouldn't expect to see in a 'luxury" car-they are kinda ugly looking due to the "texture" in them, but they don't look "cheap" Not to mention some cheap looking plastics look great once you put some interior dressing on them.
  6. What it boils down to is that California can more or less set policy when it comes to emissions/fuel economy standards because 12 other states plus DC use CARB rules. I get why CARBwas established by California (due to smog issues from emissions of the 1970s plus geological conditions) but as of 2016 EPA has had the same regulations (up to that point) that matched CARB rules. What we have now is a butterfly effect and a state having too much power and it interfering with federal power. CARB originally "in addition to" EPA guidelines, but as described above, its now dictating policy to the rest of the country. What works in California doesn't exactly work everywhere else in the country-I saw an article that California was talking about banning the use of Natural Gas due to greenhouse gases and forcing new construction houses to use electric appliances only. I'm sure you can imagine people's reaction to that one-not to mention to mention that would never fly in areas where you actually see freezing or below freeing temps for long periods of time in the Winter.
  7. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/09/17/trump-california-emissions-rules-ban/?ncid=edlinkusauto00000016
  8. silvrsvt

    National Drive Electric Week September 14-22

    LOL One of my coworkers has a I3 and gave a few of us a ride to a location where we work-and him talking about it was quite informative-then again he does own some sort of Audi that he races (was complaining about putting $200 a month in gas into it and he lives less then 10 miles from work too!) and got the I3 used for around $20K, so at that rate its not a bad deal.
  9. Could it be so its easier to get in and out of the vehicle?
  10. silvrsvt

    2020 Explorer ST tuned !

    You had so little idea that you double posted it ;)
  11. C2 is the current Focus platform IIRC The C architecture is what the new Focus/Escape/Baby Bronco and what not is being called-I don't think Ford is really breaking them out anymore directly.
  12. I happened to run across a youtube video for the PHEV Kuga and they said it gets something like 235 eMPG or something?
  13. silvrsvt

    2020 Explorer ST tuned !

    I'm sure alot more then the 6F ever could Isn't it the same transmission as what is in the Mustang?
  14. silvrsvt

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    Thank god-I was thinking the same thing!
  15. silvrsvt

    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    Looking at the Defender-it also sits higher then the Bumper, which also helps-this looks like it might be doing the same thing