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  1. While I don’t disagree with you, it seems like younger generations don’t care about that stuff. plus add in the shitshow COVID has cause with society, I think a lot people rather not interact with people or have completely forgotten how to.
  2. I get that, but at the same time what has been stated has been another F-150 plant, which there are two plants already making 500-800k units a year…are they expecting to gain another 200k units because of a BEV? That is what I’m not quite tracking- You have Dearborn making ICE and Lightning BEV trucks KTP is building ICE only as far as we know at the moment The Blue Oval City plant will be building a next gen F-150 that is BEV only. So once KCTP And DTP switch to the new BEV platform, that would make BOC redundant to a point. I guess they might plan on moving Navigator and Expedition to the BOC plant to free up KTP to make super duties only?
  3. The problem with the RS200 theory is that it predates what was going on with the GN34 by at least 4-5 years and Group B racing only lasted one season after the RS200 competed in it. Have to keep in mind that development time in the 1980s was measured in half decade to a decade. They couldn’t turn stuff around in 36 months like they did with the Ford GT.
  4. Unfortunately for the Tesla driver, they didn't survive https://www.fox10phoenix.com/video/1010213
  5. silvrsvt

    2021 Bronco

    Congrats! I was wondering what the timeline was with the later builds with shipping-I know mine was built in July but didn't get shipped till October due to the roof issue. Still waiting on my 2022 VIN, maybe tomorrow.
  6. Not sure what your talking about, but people bitch about the fake noises piped into ICE interiors of performance cars.
  7. Toyota is still pushing hydrogen cells as a path forward also, since they are planning on converting it from coal from Australia. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-59525480
  8. I'm assuming that Ford is going to retool the plants as needed, sort of the same way they retool the F-150 now...one plant goes down and then the next one retools once the other one is up and running. Though it does beg the question why of a sudden is it ok to build a new EV only plant now vs. what they've done over the past 20 years with assembly plants and starting and not finishing them or closing them. Not sure how much impact EV production has vs ICE production for assembly timelines either, but the other thought is due to the skateboard design, say midsized product would be able to build quite a different amount of products on it easier? You could technically have the Mustang, Mustang Mach E, Mid-sized Explorer/Lincoln BEV and other products all on the same skateboard platform?
  9. silvrsvt

    Chrysler branded EV

    The photo they show in the article gives me a Mach E vibe. The thing that that annoys me about current EV design-they are suffering from the minimalist design in an effort to make them look different then a regular car. The thing is that using the Prius as an example-it became a short lived status symbol that just frumpy looking now. IMO the Model 3 just looks cheap because it has no styling details to it, the Model X looks like pregnant Model S that would have been far better served with a more stereotypical 2 box design instead of a fat sedan/hatchback look it has. Since you don't have as worry about cooling as much with BEVs, why not try a different form factor that would make it stick out?
  10. silvrsvt

    2021 Bronco

    When was your build date? Normally not supposed to get it till after you take delivery. I got one of my 2021MY that turned into a shitshow the afternoon everything happened
  11. Just going by the highlights, Ford and Farley have a good plan going forward-roll out more EVs and keep your business customers happy till you have an EV replacement for the Super Duty in 10-15 years. I guess the TN plant will be building the next gen BEV only F-series and not the transitional Lightning that is coming out next year.
  12. https://www.thedrive.com/news/43374/ford-almost-made-a-mid-engine-ferrari-fighter-in-the-1980s-heres-what-happened?fbclid=IwAR0E-CnX3IxSipMjoItipRm-m-S1nd6i1d8h6iGJRI9p6P08oNWIAz1eB9M This car got me into cars, even though it wasn't the one being reported in the magazines at the time...which is covered in the article also. Lots of interesting history and how the Yamaha V6 engine aka SHO engine wasn't part of this program either...
  13. I've seen $2500 markups on Mach Es on the dealers lot, which was lower then what I saw on a Maverick in the same lot! Anyways, Tesla raises their prices all the time as reported in the previous post.
  14. This is sort of the like the situation with the Explorer and getting a trailer rental for it...its overblown. They are banning EV's over one model and not Teslas or other branded EVs? Cars catch on fire inside of a house and can be just as difficult to put out. Its a stupid kneejerk reaction.