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  1. silvrsvt

    Mercury Cougar Veryon

    Apparently the the fabricator made the light cycles for the last Tron movie also.
  2. Looks really good for what it is. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a29068727/bugatti-veyron-125000-mercury-cougar-for-sale/?src=socialflowFBCAD&utm_campaign=socialflowFBCD&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social-media
  3. Bronco Scout name abandoned https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/ford-abandons-bronco-scout-trademark.793/
  4. silvrsvt

    Homelink on new Fords?

    I didn't see it as an option on the build and price on ford.com-unless its standard?
  5. I just noticed that Ford isn't offering Homelink (garage door opener/gate opener) buttons on the 2020 Explorer-Did they do away with it?
  6. It boils down to this-the Baby Bronco is more or less a reskin of the 2020 Escape-most of the "hard stuff" is done already. The regular Bronco is part of a major upgrade for the Ranger program- New frame to fix V6 engines, Completely new Top hat/body and other things that require more engineering work.
  7. I see the biggest markets for these types of trucks in Urban areas were they are more or less SUV or car replacements for life style owners. I can see some fleet usage, but like you said its not going to be a huge market for a while...they'd be lucky to sell 100K of them a year.
  8. Most cars have gotten pretty damn big...look at a 1990s Civic-its the same size as a Honda Fit or smaller!
  9. silvrsvt

    I got your full-size 4-door Bronco right here,,,,,,

    Holy crap that is like 5-10 minutes from where my In-laws live and about 20 minutes for me LOL
  10. Yeah, she does alot of local driving around the area (25 miles or less one way) and could get away with using a BEV daily. Not sure if you have two vehicles or not, but you could always get a hybrid for the longer trips, which was her suggestion to me...I'm looking at Bronco Hybrid-I'd basically have to top off once a month with my current commute into work (26 miles round trip). A BEV would make more sense for her-we would eventually get solar and her maintenance costs would be cut back to brakes and tires for the most part.
  11. silvrsvt

    Ford Mustang Mach E and Baby Bronco

    I thought we where getting a hybrid Mustang in 2021?
  12. You do realize that the new Ranger based Bronco will be virtually the same size as a 1995 Full sized Bronco? 1995 Bronco Stats: Length 183.6 in Height 74.4 in. Wheel Base 104.7 in. Width 79.1 in. 2019 Ranger Overall length 210 Overall height 71.1 Wheelbase 126.8 Width excluding mirrors 73.3 The Bronco will be less then 200 inches long more like around the 190 mark for a 4 door.