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  1. Mine is actually worth more now then it did pre COVID....my Ford stock is a big part of that, but I'm still losing my shirt to a point with it from my dividend buys over the past few years.
  2. They might be doing what they did with the RS-offering two sets of tires for an additional cost-off road set and an on road set.
  3. So this tidbit was just posted by the admin on Broncog6 Update: this will be a virtual reveal
  4. Yeah I think they might be just fucked no matter what...but also how much attention is going to be really given to a car launch that it becomes a national debate topic?
  5. https://community.thebronconation.com/bronco-brand-reveal-july-2020/ The Bronco Nation is Ford's front end run by one of their ad agencies for the Bronco and Bronco Sport...so what they pretty much say is the same as Ford saying it.
  6. silvrsvt

    Hyundai Santa Fe teased

    Say what you want about the 2020 Escape...it looks far better in person and in a different color other then black or white (which is what I saw at first)-there is alot of surface detailing that gets lost in a 2D photo or with lighting from photography. Getting back on topic-I don't mind the grill on the Santa Fe-the question I have is how are those headlights going to actually look like in person that flank the grill? They are "hidden" in the photos to a point, but for some reason I think they'd bother me or stick out too much in person.
  7. What is necessarily good for the dealerships isn't good for Ford and vice versa. Selling cheap Fusions to keep traffic up in a dealership doesn't make Ford $ And of course this goes the other way also.
  8. Im assuming the city delivery van is something smaller then the transit connect?
  9. That is the one thing I’ve been wondering about-how they are handling weatherproofing the interior when you have the top off and it rains. I’m still scarred to this day of seeing a late 1980s vette with its top down and a downpour happening and it getting completely soaked inside.
  10. yeah my 2013 SHO has them and they don't get cool enough (as late) for me.
  11. Meh I just want heated seats
  12. I wonder if the Maverick small pickup will tie into the family. Bronco Maverick has a nice ring to it.
  13. https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/new-pics-2021-ford-bronco-2-door-drops-heavy-camo.1340/