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  1. silvrsvt

    2021 Escalade Front end shown in Teaser

    Yeah I get that, but rather play it safe then sorry.
  2. silvrsvt

    2021 Escalade Front end shown in Teaser

    Ok guys, didn't need to nuke the thread, but I did some moderating of it-talk about the product, not the guy in front of it. I don't want this to turn ugly.
  3. So here is the one thing to consider-how many people are going to actually want to share a ride with someone else in a transportation "pod" like this-this isn't like a bus or metro/subway where there are other people working on the bus/train can intervene in a situation. Once stories of people getting mugged/raped/etc get out into the news, that is going to be a black eye to these companies. If you limit it to one person-what is the point? All your doing is adding traffic to the roads. Lots of this seems like solutions searching for problems.
  4. I'm going to assume the Rivian based SUV is going to be called the Continental(due to the sedans timeline) and will be the price topper of the Lincoln range
  5. No mention of it getting the hybrid 10 speed transmission https://www.autoblog.com/amp/2020/01/24/ford-mustang-mach1-spied/
  6. silvrsvt

    NG Ford Fusion Mule Spied

    Biggest difference is the new mule has a fuel access door now 😛
  7. silvrsvt

    NG Ford Fusion Mule Spied

    If that was the case, it would be far easier to use a current gen Edge cut up since it has a higher belt line. This is something like a Subaru Outback...basically Ford's take on it. The Outback and Fusion are almost identical in size to one another.
  8. If you blow the photo up, its actually taped with no hinges (as far as I can tell)
  9. The S is best looking of the bunch-the X looks like an S with an Egg on top of it and the 3 looks off to me proportionally wise
  10. Right and the video you commented on is the Regular Bronco, not Baby Thats what this is stemming from.
  11. The Top is the Ranger Bronco and the bottom is Escape Baby Bronco-I dunno, given the camo on the Baby Bronco, its really hard to determine the overhangs, but it sure looks like a Unibody to me.
  12. I don't see much change between the Baby Bronco and what the 2020 Escape can do when it comes to that. Another thought-what about a multi-piece glass roof? Part of it opens up, but you have the option of a clear roof or one that can be dimmed electronically depending on the sun?
  13. Part of the guadyness of the front end of the Super Duty was due to lighting regulations and the height of the truck. The first gen was the best looking out of the bunch, but the lights where up too high, blinding people and thats why the light shapes changed over the years like they did.
  14. Yep that's what prompted me to think that.
  15. The windshield rake and the rear view mirrors are different, plus the thickness (even with the camo) of the hood vs wheels is different. Its the full sized Bronco. just noticed this-does this Baby Bronco have a fully glass roof? I was just looking at the windshield near the camo on the roof and I see a black outline where sheetmetal would be for a roof...hmmm