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  1. You’ve summed up what is wrong with journalism for the past 20 years or so-bare minimum of skill trying to exact the most amount of money for the least amount of work.
  2. I think most sedan buyers are buying them more on value then anything else. Even luxury car makers are all in on CUVs and SUVs instead of sedans. the one major “issue” with BEVs I see is due to the torquey nature of electric motors and overall weigh of battery packs, it hard to sell an all around performance vehicle-they are perfectly fine for straight line performance that most buyers would gravitate to (who regularly auto crosses their daily? 😆) when the regular models perform good enough for most buyers?
  3. IIRC he does work for Ford…so I’m expecting that some sort of roadmap for Lincoln should pop up in the next 11 months or so that will show where they are planing on going in the next 3-5 years.
  4. Couple things: PHEV/HEVs are a short term solution with no future (read 5-10 years down the road) Maintenance for a BEV (MME) vs a PHEV (Escape PHEV) is extremely different...just a couple different things I can think of-No regular fluid changes, 95% of filters are removed from BEVs vs ICE, and Brakes last longer due to regenerative braking to recharge the batteries-every time you take your foot off the accelerator, the car slows down and helps charge the battery. Every battery put into HEV removes batteries from BEV, which cuts into profit for companies-they'll focus batteries going to more profitable products. If the supply wasn't an issue, this wouldn't be as big of deal, but it would also help push the costs down of a BEV also, removing the cost argument. Much like everything else on the internet, what YOU want or do doesn't exactly work for other people or companies selling you things. If a hybrid works for you, that is great, but in the grand scheme of things, BEVs are the future of transportation, like it or not.
  5. Because the vast majority of auto makers have decided they are dead ends and government regulations will make them impossible to develop/make a profit on Not to mention BEVs apparently are much cheaper to build construction wise then ICE, which will allow for more profit.
  6. The issue is that no one thing is a one size fits all...the US has lots of places for renewables then say the UK.
  7. I think much of this was just trying to meet the EU sales requirements for BEVs and as they where going down that path, Ford discovered that VW wasn't doing that great of a job with costs (which VW has admitted to also) and they'd be better off going in house again with their own designs. The big issue with BEVs is battery raw material costs-hopefully the increased production of cells and the introduction of other materials to be used as battery cells drops prices as time goes on, along with figuring out how to make the assembly process of unibody cheaper.
  8. I'm guessing Valencia will get GE2 in 2025/2026 timeframe, given what's going on with the GE2 Escape in North America (January 2026 launch). I don't see the Mach E or the Explorer going there since the MME is made in Mexico and given how the Explorer sells in the EU, importing it from Oakville would be a better course of action?
  9. In the grand scheme of things, the Edge has been replaced by the Mach E and the Bronco...both are roughly the same size (overall length) and appeal to demographic that the Edge was going for. Looking at this from a purely North American marketplace, I see the Mach E filling in the upper end of the Midsized BEV market, The BEV Explorer the large BEV market (even though it won't be that much larger then the MME), and the Escape being high end of the compact market being basically the midsize sedan of the day to butts up the the Mach E, while be based on lower end models like the Maverick BEV and Bronco Sport BEV when they come along. Both the ICE Sport and Maverick are expect to last into the middle of next decade. Then don't discount the Escape getting a coupe version like the Mach E to fill out more of the CUV market like other CUVs are doing in the other part of the world.
  10. There are no plans for the MEB to come to the US from Ford...the Escape goes BEV in early 2026 on GE 2.1. Given how bad the battery supply situation is currently, it would make no sense to bring it here when its needed more in the EU for regulations. I'm guessing whatever this is will be replaced by the GE2.1 platform by 2028 or so.
  11. That is where stop-start shines in making an improvement in gas mileage.
  12. I went from 29 MPG around town in a fusion hybrid to a 2.7L V6 in my Bronco getting 17.5-19 MPG to my short commute to work and the difference is roughly filling up extra one time a month more. Your not going to see a huge improvement in MPGs in something like a F-150, since the powerboost hybrid is marketed as a power adder and not really a fuel saver. My wife gets 23 MPG or so in her Escape. Using Fuel economy.gov as a baseline, @75% stop and go driving, you'd save maybe $550 a year in gas...or $11 a week going the Escape Hybrid route vs a Regular Escape
  13. Just as an example: Escape PHEV generates 160 g/mi of tailpipe and upstream GHG in my state. It goes up to 200 in a place that uses coal (see below for more info) MME generates 110 g/mi In my state its roughly a 50/50 mix of Natural Gas and Nuclear power. If you want to go the coal route (I used a WV zip code since 91% of their power is generated via coal) the Mach E generates 160 g/mi https://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/Find.do?year=2022&vehicleId=45144&zipCode=26554&action=bt3
  14. In the grand scheme of things sizing isn't that much different. 2022 Escape 181″ L x 74″ W x 66″ H 2022 Bronco Sport 172 x 74 x 70 2022 Bronco (4 door) 189.4 x 75.9 x 73 The Sport is actually shorter then a second Gen Escape but is wider. 175″ L x 70″ W x 70″ H The ID.4 is 181″ L x 73″ W x 65″ H, which I'm assuming this is directly based on. Has Ford mentioned anything about the Kuga going away the EU?
  15. Good luck with that one...not sure if that issue is going to be fixed any time soon. Its terrible all over the place.