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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Here's a shot of the diesel V6, similar to above...I'd say its a bit narrower with wise with the turbo tucked under the cylinder head
  2. https://fordauthority.com/2023/06/2024-ford-explorer-spied-with-chinese-counterparts-features/
  3. In the grand scheme of things, the Edge was actually replaced by three products- the four door Bronco, 2 door Bronco and the Mach E in price/size The Bronco appeals to the outdoorsy type and offers a convertible experience. The Mach E appeals to sporty/trendy segment
  4. Ford rather chase a market that isn't being sold alone on price...the Bronco and Mach E fill that no problem and have demand.
  5. Its hard to tell anything with a cover on it. There's been countless examples of people hating something (me included) with camo on it. I wasn't sold on the 2024 Mustang even with a clear photo till I saw the production model.
  6. The mach E has some clever camo using black paint on the rear to give it more of a fastback look to it.
  7. Many people have negative options about BEVs and seeing something polarizing is going to make the haters come out.
  8. I think that is the smarter bet..why offer two products that can directly compete with one another when you can bring in a new product and possibly new customers to the brand then wind down the current ICE products as time goes down with a new product that will be even more improved? I'd venture to guess this will be something like the Flex-a polarizing product that will have a small and dedicated following. I'm curious as to how well the Blazer and Equinox EVs do when competing against the gas powered versions of the same nameplate..will they grow sales or just divide them up even more with just small gains?
  9. I'm also guessing that you guys don't have many BEVS around you either...my state is an early adaptor, so we have quite a few. I know in the Northeast they are at rest stops on major highways or local convenience stores. Like stated before, a sit down style restaurant that takes about an hour to get served and eat isn't exactly the best place for them. Fast food/Coffee Shops would be better.
  10. If your using a BEV for everyday driving (i.e. commuting to work and errands) your going to use more fuel over the course of a year vs driving a vehicle on a single or a couple long distance road trips a year? In my use case, I drive over 200 miles in a single day maybe 2-3 times or less a year.
  11. 2.3 million vehicles sold in 2022 Cost savings in materials would be $1,150,000 plus any additional engineering costs.
  12. The issue is that buying cars is completely different then it was almost 50 years ago...up until the 1990s or so, People bought a new car every 5 years or so. Then add in the price of a new vehicle being astronomical and the supply being lower (far less overbuilding of product vs 20-30 years ago) to drive down the used car market price, people are far more willing to buy a swiss army knife of vehicle vs being stuck with a sedan or coupe for 12 years plus (average age of a used car these days) so they'll far more likely to buy a more flexible truck or SUV. Then add in younger people not being as interested in cars and when they actually need one, most people will be "practical" and go with something that will give them flexibility. The used car market is still nuts-my nephew bought a 2018 Mazda 3 (entry level car) and paid like $14K or something for it. Then put it into a pole after having his license 2 weeks...
  13. silvrsvt

    VW ID.BUZZ (US Version)

    The target demographic for the VW Bus is getting to the point that they can't drive anymore (Baby Boomers from the 1960s)...I'm not sure its really popular with Gen X either...they where 20-25 years at that point when we first started driving. However it is a cultural automotive icon in its shape and will cause a stir in the automotive world...but how that translates to actual sales remains to be seen. I think the Mustang is suffering to a point because of the same factors that the VW Bus has to a point..the Mustang is a bit deeper where as the VW bus is just surface interest. I'm thinking the lack of rolldown windows on the siders is due to crash impact bars in the doors-the slider is pretty long and roll down windows wouldn't be able to clear it?
  14. I went to Ohio a few years back-just over 500 miles and about 8 hours driving timing If I had this vehicle at the time, I could do the same trip with almost no additional time-I can stop at a Tesla Supercharger and recharge while I'm eating lunch and make it to my destination with roughly 50 miles of range left. Infrastructure might be an issue, but that is getting built out. If it got 350 miles range, I'd have to charge it about twice a month with my current drive into work work 2x a week.