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  1. I was just trying to say that I was seeing the same thing you were. Or weren't, I suppose. Fortunately, jpd80 came through.
  2. All I see is the text in your quote, but I'm guessing it's something humorous, not a real prototype.
  3. It's not always about what they want to do--it may have been too close to an existing trademark, and they weren't going to be able to overcome that (or maybe it was going to be too expensive). It may not even have been a US trademark; maybe they couldn't get that trademark in another market where they were planning to sell the Baby Bronco. You wouldn't expect that latter one, but it's why Microsoft's SkyDrive got renamed to OneDrive after it was launched--Sky News had a trademark on SkyDrive in the UK. Microsoft wanted a coherent global name for the product, so they changed the name. It could also simply be that the name didn't test well or other names tested better. Unless Ford comes out and says something (which seems unlikely), all we may ever know is that they decided it wasn't worth pursuing. Of course, if you really want to get conspiracy-minded, Scout was the name of Tonto's horse, and Tonto's horse was a pinto...
  4. That's just quitter talk.
  5. SoonerLS

    New Explorer ads

    I saw the one in the first post yesterday. I don't recall if it was during the Cleveland game or the Dallas game, but I did find the commercial memorable.
  6. The big dogs (Orkin, Terminix. etc) pretty much, from what I've seen, stuck with trucks (some moved to the F150, but most went to other makes), but there are a lot of players in that market. I'm pretty sure that losing those truck sales didn't really hurt them any.
  7. Didn't they sell off their stake in Opel?
  8. SoonerLS

    New light & medium duty news

    With modern battery tech, they probably have more flexibility in the location and shape of the batteries, so the weight can be more easily distributed into otherwise unused areas--where you'd need a fairly large single volume for a hydraulic tank, you could, in theory, break the batteries down into smaller units and stash them wherever you have some empty space. And as was mentioned elsewhere, with the electrical hybrid systems, they can leverage a much larger electrification program (one that covers the full range of Ford products) instead of having to do it all from scratch--and, more importantly, bear all of the costs on a relatively small operation.
  9. I'm not a fan of fake engine noise (especially the fake engine noises that come out of the sewer pipe exhausts on FWD 4-bangers), but it's an important auditory cue for visually impaired pedestrians--and non-impaired pedestrians, at that. That's why you're starting to see regulations on the subject.
  10. SoonerLS

    Rear steering 2.0

    That's what they said near the end of the video.
  11. SoonerLS

    Rear steering 2.0

    Three of the Japanese makers (Mazda was one, and I think Lexus and Acura were the others, but Mitsubishi could've been one) put 4WS into production in the late '80s, but it didn't stick. Dunno why; it could've been like the '65 T-Bird's sequential turn signals, and just too far ahead of the technology to be reliable, or maybe it just was just an answer desperately seeking a question, but there have been a few times when I could've used 4WS on my truck.
  12. SoonerLS

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    There are rumors, but, AFAIK, Ford hasn't said anything even hinting at that.
  13. SoonerLS

    4.8 V8 for the '21MY F150?

    Fleet managers, maybe, but that's about it. There are a few F-150 guys who would trade a Coyote for a 5.4, but I have yet to run across one who would take the 4.6 over the 5.0.
  14. SoonerLS

    4.8 V8 for the '21MY F150?

    That makes more sense than it being a marketing move. The guys who care about the bore spacing are very few and far between, so there's no significant marketing advantage to be had there.