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  1. SoonerLS

    Flatrock plant

    TTAC only exists to make MotorTrend look respectable. If either of them tell you water's wet, feel it.
  2. Well, I guess you could say there's a Boston R in Mach...
  3. The 6R transmissions have been pretty bulletproof, and there's a metric boatload of them on the road.
  4. He said the 7.3 was designed around the medium duty work cycle, and that's why they went with the pushrods instead of OHCs. That doesn't mean that Ford isn't interested in taking money from folks who want to put it into something else.
  5. Really, how much error checking is needed to print "Hello world"?
  6. SoonerLS

    New light & medium duty news

    Eh, I've seen them out in the sunshine (a local Massey dealer carries them), and that blue really doesn't look anything like Ford blue, IMHO.
  7. They took a poll? About what? What were the results?
  8. SoonerLS

    news coming....

    The M badges don't mean as much since BMW started offering it as a "package" on non-M vehicles.
  9. SoonerLS

    news coming....

    Maybe it's to remind them of something they all should have but too many seem to have forgotten...
  10. Ford already took that shot. Whether or not it was successful, I couldn't tell you.
  11. I was just trying to say that I was seeing the same thing you were. Or weren't, I suppose. Fortunately, jpd80 came through.
  12. All I see is the text in your quote, but I'm guessing it's something humorous, not a real prototype.
  13. It's not always about what they want to do--it may have been too close to an existing trademark, and they weren't going to be able to overcome that (or maybe it was going to be too expensive). It may not even have been a US trademark; maybe they couldn't get that trademark in another market where they were planning to sell the Baby Bronco. You wouldn't expect that latter one, but it's why Microsoft's SkyDrive got renamed to OneDrive after it was launched--Sky News had a trademark on SkyDrive in the UK. Microsoft wanted a coherent global name for the product, so they changed the name. It could also simply be that the name didn't test well or other names tested better. Unless Ford comes out and says something (which seems unlikely), all we may ever know is that they decided it wasn't worth pursuing. Of course, if you really want to get conspiracy-minded, Scout was the name of Tonto's horse, and Tonto's horse was a pinto...
  14. That's just quitter talk.