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  1. SoonerLS

    New light & medium duty news

    I've recently started seeing UPS box trucks with F-650/750 cabs. They're completely "browned out," with even the Blue Oval on the grille obscured, and appear to be debadged, so I couldn't see anything to give away what mills they're running. It's weird--my office is almost within shouting distance of the UPS depot, so I see lots of UPS and Amazon trucks, but I don't recall seeing any brown box trucks before last week.
  2. It has been a few months since I heard an analysis of the event, but my recollection is that they had "de-tuned" Volvo's software because their software was supposed to take over, but something went wrong and it didn't. It seems like it was something that was in development, but was considered to be mitigated by the safety driver, or maybe it wasn't supposed to be live in that test vehicle. Interestingly, a few years ago, Volvo said they would accept liability for Volvo autonomous vehicles. Betcha they're breathing a collective sigh of relief right about now that the folks at Uber monkeyed with their software.
  3. You shouldn't take this stuff so seriously. I certainly wasn't.
  4. Well, it'll give them one less thing to bitch about, anyway. Seems like nobody's happy unless they're bitching about something these days.
  5. SoonerLS

    Those poor explorers..

    That's a railroad bridge. It's going to take a lot more than some corrugated metal to take it down.
  6. Basically, that makes the Tremor a Raptor without the name (or 3.5HO). That probably has more to do with the lack of an F-150 Tremor than anything--the folks who want to split the difference between an FX/4 and a Raptor are going to be a mighty fine slice of the market.
  7. Most people, maybe, but truck guys (the ones they want to target with a package like this) are more like Mustang buyers than Camcord buyers--they tend to know about this stuff. There's a reason the F-150s still have as much configurability and options as they do. Mind you, I'm not saying the Tremor name is an albatross hanging around the F-150's neck; if the package is good enough, the name would be more of a bump in the road than an actual road block. After all, Ranger was covered with the stink of the Edsel debacle in 1960, but a short five years later it was a high-trim F-100. I'm just thinking that letting the name rest is probably playing a role in not applying it to the heart of the truck lineup, The other thing...I haven't done a detailed comparison, but what would the Tremor package get you that the FX/4 doesn't, aside from the shocks and springs? It might be a better investment for Ford to just add those as options for the FX/4 package...
  8. The package itself is irrelevant. The name is what's tarnished, so it makes sense for them to let it sit until it has had a chance to recover. If it succeeds in the Super Duty and Ranger, it won't be long before it returns to the F-150.
  9. I think the folks in Fayetteville might have a problem with using that second one. Plus, it's a Razorback, not a warthog.
  10. It looks more '78 Mustang than '80s to me. Or maybe '78 Econoline...
  11. The previous F-150 Tremor went over about like a fart in church, largely perceived as too much cost for what you actually got and not living up to its promised performance, so it doesn't really surprise me that they're bracketing the F-150 at this point. They need it to do well in the Super Duty and Ranger before they can bring it back to the F-150.
  12. Man alive, I'd love to have that mill, backed by a man transmission, in my '13. I love my Coyote, but to get double the power with not that much of a weight penalty and no loss of drivability...
  13. Good grief. You two either knock it off or get a room.