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  1. SoonerLS

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving from the Group W bench!
  2. We don't know what the board's directives were for Fields or Nasser, but we can reasonably presume that what they were doing wasn't in line with the board's wishes because they were pretty obviously forced out of their positions. Hackett wasn't. As for Bill Ford, his position was different than any Ford CEO since the Deuce; even if he wanted to, he couldn't claim that he was only following the board's directives because he was also chairman of the board. It's hard to blame the board when you are, effectively, the board. I'm not making excuses for Hackett, just pointing out that there are alternate views to the "Hackett was a bad, bad CEO" narrative and that all we see are the tactics implemented, not the strategic vision behind them. We can say that tactic X had bad results, but without knowing why tactic X was implemented, we can't say that it was a bad decision. Think of it this way--losing the Philippines to Japan in the early stages of WWII was a bad outcome (especially if you were one of the Battling Bastards of Bataan). It's possible that we could've concentrated on, and succeeded at, saving the Philippines, so was the decision to effectively abandon our forces there a bad one? Taken in a vacuum, it looks really bad, but when you look at it in terms of the over-all strategy, it was the only decision they could've made. Likewise, without knowing the strategy behind Hackett's tactical decisions, we don't have the framework necessary to evaluate those decisions. Yeah, you can look at the results and say they're doubleplus ungood, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the decision itself was bad. What if the trade-off for keeping the quality teams was delaying Bronco another year?
  3. Not necessarily. While Hackett functionally ran the company, he took orders from the board, and we don't know what those orders were. For all we know, Bill Ford sat him down and told him "damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead, get new product out the door ASAP." That, IMHO, seems rather likely, considering how far behind the curve Fields had them in his efforts to prepare for a downturn that didn't materialize. If those were his marching orders, it speaks well of his leadership and decision making that things went as well as they did, because that easily could have become a complete clusterf*ck across the board. And let's not forget that it's because he got the new product out the door that Farley is in a pretty good position to be able to dial that back a bit and work on quality.
  4. You and I must know very different Hybrid buyers. Almost all of the hybrid buyers I know would drive a toaster if it would get them to work; they don’t give a rip about the cars themselves.
  5. That’s why I said “almost looks like a CD slot.”
  6. There's a dark line, most likely a shadow or contour line, between the play/pause/ffwd/rev buttons and the hazard flasher button, that almost looks like a CD slot. That's the only thing I saw that looks like a CD slot, anyway, although the angle would be weird.
  7. I'm thinking power windows probably don't pull much juice (and can you even get a Transit with manual crank windows?), but the radio might. The nav system (even if you just use CarPlay or Android Auto) is probably going to make it a keeper for delivery vehicles, though. If what was posted above, and 75mi is the average daily mileage for their target audience, it seems like keeping the HVAC and other amenities isn't going to be a deal breaker.
  8. According to Wikipedia ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fordlândia ), the Deuce sold Fordlandia back to the Brazilian gov't in '45, so probably not.
  9. I stopped at the QT near my office on the way back from lunch the other day. I'm glad I wasn't there for gas, because all 20 of the pumps were occupied by an Amazon van (mostly white Budget/etc rentals, not the blue Amazon delivery vans). Those things are going to be parked for 10 or so hours overnight every night, and I'd bet that few of them would exceed the 125 mi/day range (plus, they might be able to exceed that if they go into a low-power mode while the driver is dropping off packages), so it seems like a no-brainer for them.
  10. That might be true, but that wasn't the subject in question. The subject was which one they'd buy, not which they'd prefer to see come rolling into the shop.
  11. FWIW, our work vans use gasoline-powered generators to run the equipment we need. They normally run 6-8 hours per day, so they could do the job as a range extender, but their maintenance schedule is a lot more like a 1930s vintage car than a modern car. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat these days. Using something like those tiny EcoBoosts with their modern maintenance intervals would go a loooong way toward making them more palatable.
  12. I couldn’t hazard a guess as to all the reasons why, but the recent Explorer launch was, by all accounts, a dumpster fire. The predominant reasons seem to be Chicago-specific, so it’s not likely to affect DTP or KCAP, but you can’t take that chance on blind faith. Or, as a friend of mine puts it, “hope is not a course of action.”
  13. You have to make contingency plans, and this is going to be a biggly yuuuuuge launch, so you have to have a biggly yuuuuuge contingency plan to go with it. After what happened in Chicago, you can't just take it for granted that this will go as smoothly as the '15 F-150 changeover, although it most likely will.
  14. SoonerLS

    New light & medium duty news

    I would think it'd have to be a Godzilla offspring. I don't think it would make any sense to upsize the 6.2, or they would've done it already for the Super Duties. The 6.2 is pretty much an orphan and the 7.3 is the future in the Super Duty line, so it only makes sense for them to unify on that engine family.
  15. SoonerLS

    New light & medium duty news

    I've recently started seeing UPS box trucks with F-650/750 cabs. They're completely "browned out," with even the Blue Oval on the grille obscured, and appear to be debadged, so I couldn't see anything to give away what mills they're running. It's weird--my office is almost within shouting distance of the UPS depot, so I see lots of UPS and Amazon trucks, but I don't recall seeing any brown box trucks before last week.