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  1. SoonerLS

    F150 reveal set for 6/25

    My grandpa's '51 F1 would beg to differ, as would the '37 my dad used to own.
  2. Well, there's step 1. Now we'll see what the aftermarket does with it.
  3. As I recall, the people who tried it said you could change the settings with FORScan, but they had no actual effect, at least on the '11-'14 F-150s. That was awhile back, though, so things may have changed. If you have the Ford diagnostic tool, it can change the tire size, but only to one of the stock tire sizes. Supposedly, the SCT tuner I have for my truck can change the tire size (it asks when you first connect it), but I'm still running the stock tire size, so I've not had a call to try it.
  4. SoonerLS

    F250 long bed

    FYI, if you want to see what's encoded in your VIN, you can look here: https://www.fleet.ford.com/content/dam/aem_fleet/en_us/fleet/vin-guides/2017 VIN Guide V11.pdf
  5. SoonerLS

    F150 reveal set for 6/25

    Having an aftermarket HUD in my F-150, I have to agree. It's nice to have, but I'm not going to switch brands because the F-150 still doesn't offer it.
  6. SoonerLS

    F150 reveal set for 6/25

    Yes, but he was responding to the hypothetical "why not a rotary shifter instead of a fold-flat shifter" with an "I like the two options we have now." At least, that's how I read it. Then again, I'm not trying to put a 14th Gen MCE three years into the 13th Gen...
  7. SoonerLS

    F150 reveal set for 6/25

    Well, there's the rotary shifter in the post he quoted...
  8. Eh, there's always a way. The tighter you draw the law, the more loopholes appear.
  9. If they stick with this, I see dealerships opening just across the NV and AZ state lines and a precipitous drop in new truck registrations in CA.
  10. SoonerLS

    diesel issues.

    I think it's really just Ford taking a flier on the V6 PSD. There's nothing particularly unique about the PSD-powered F-150 aside from the mill itself and its emissions system, and Tata/JLR did the heavy lifting (finance-wise) on those, so it's a relatively low-cost, low-risk proposition. They really don't need (nor do they likely want) it to be a home run, just something to give Ford buyers who want a diesel a reason to stay--kinda like why Honda offers its open-backed minivan. Really, that's the only way this whole thing makes any sense to me. If Tata/JLR wasn't in the equation, I don't think the V6 PSD would've ever made it into the F-150 (if it even made production at all).
  11. That question is far from answered, and I'd bet that the final answer is years away, but a few years ago, Volvo (the one Ford sold, not Volvo trucks) did say that they would take on the liability for Volvo autonomous vehicles.
  12. SoonerLS

    diesel issues.

    The F-150 has had an e-locker in the FX/4 for about a decade, so I'd think locking diffs would be table stakes for the Bronco.
  13. IMHO, this doesn't really mean much for autonomous vehicles; automakers aren't going to have machine learning programs try to file for patents, anyway. As for the liability for AVs, we haven't even scratched the surface of that subject in any meaningful way, plus there's no relevant precedent set here--this is basically just the PTO punting. It's a simple logic problem: the PTO rules are set in statute by the Congress, and they say only a person can apply for a patent. A machine learning program is not a human, therefore it cannot be granted a patent. QED. Now, if the PTO had granted the patent, and a court had invalidated it, we might have a precedent that would be bad for AVs, but, as my dad says, if a frog had wings he wouldn't bump his butt when he jumped.
  14. SoonerLS

    diesel issues.

    The insider talk I heard before the EB35 was released was that it was definitely planned for the F-150, and it was always positioned in the F-150 as an alternative to, if not a direct replacement for, the 6.2. The big campaign with Mike Rowe emphasized the durability and performance of the EB, rarely mentioning fuel economy, aside from an occasional "oh, and it gets pretty good gas mileage, too" thrown in while talking about it having ALL the TORQUES!1!1!!1! If you look at the performance envelopes of the 6.2 and EB35, it's pretty clear that Ford wanted the EB to replace the big V8; the only question was if the buyers would go for it.
  15. The way I handle it is with a virtual credit card with a limit that's just above the monthly promo rate. When they pop the full freight, the card is automatically declined. It's not the way I'd prefer to handle it, but if that's the way they want to call the tune, that's the way we'll dance. I'm not at all inclined to fight with them to stop overcharging me for their service. Hell, the only reason I use them at all is to listen to the Cowboys and Chiefs radio calls, so it's not like I miss it most of the year, anyway.