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  1. Also, I think fuel prices, the jump in truck powertrain performance, and, to a lesser extent, VW's "Dieselgate" all had a lot to do with the drop in demand for a diesel half-ton. When you can choose from multiple gassers that will outperform a diesel, can do it on significantly less expensive fuel (in the OKC area, you can currently get E10 87 for $0.95 per gallon, but diesel is still $1.70 or more), and cost less to maintain, it becomes very difficult to justify buying a diesel F-150.
  2. How much is the upcharge for the 3.0 PSD?
  3. Yeah, I didn't realize that Tata paid for the big-ticket charges. That does make it make more sense.
  4. Transits are, I think, mostly commercial vehicles, which generally have a different duty cycle, so it probably makes a lot more sense in them (and the E-Series, which are completely commercial). I'm not sure if it's packaging constraints or a different rating method, but the EB35 in the Transit has output more like the the F-150's EB27; if they could keep more of the 3.0 PSD's performance, it would seem to me to be a no-brainer to add it to the lineup. (Obviously, there's something that's keeping them out of the Transit.) I don't know what the Ecodiesel take rate is, but it can't be much. Maybe they changed their output, but when Ecodiesel was introduced, they were only slated to get a max of 75K engines per year, split between Ram and Jeep. That's table scraps in the F-Series' segment.
  5. To be fair, Ford rarely advertises any of its F-Series powertrains. And really, they don't need to do so--the people who care about them already know which powertrain they want, and the rest either buy what's in the truck they liked or the one that'll get the job done. Diesels just don't make any sense in half-ton trucks, IMHO. They're very heavy relative to gassers, which takes away from the truck's payload, and they don't really give you any advantages over the available gassers when it comes to the occasional towing that half-tons normally see (if they see any at all), plus they bring higher maintenance costs on top of their higher acquisition cost. Really, I think that contributes a lot more to the low take rate than any lack of awareness. To be brutally blunt about it, I don't know why they bothered with the 3.0 PSD in the F-150, and I'm guessing that there are some folks in the Glass House who are wondering the same thing...
  6. According to Wikipedia, it is.
  7. I thought the Lion had other issues that kept Ford from using it.
  8. SoonerLS

    7.3 teardown

    I don’t know about that—they have a Ford Performance catalog full of crate engines, including engines that they haven’t stuffed into a production vehicle in over 20 years. I’m guessing you’re talking about a usage of the term “crate engine” that’s peculiar to the Super Duty/mediums classes, but I was using it in the more common (IMHO) hot rodding parlance.
  9. I don't know how you'd do a removable roof on a trucklet like this, especially when it looks like the doors have frames around the windows, but it sure looks like there are cut lines at the tops of the A, C, and D pillars...
  10. SoonerLS

    7.3 teardown

    With all the "this mill was built around the duty cycle of mediums," I would've thought no, but with it going into hot rods before it even made it into a production Super Duty, I'm thinking the chances are better than average.
  11. SoonerLS

    7.3 teardown

    That's also what the chief engineer said at the unveiling of the engine.
  12. I'm not sure what your point is. The Bronco Sport gave me an impression of Flex, but I'm with jpd--there's no Flex at all in the Bronco.
  13. Most of this hysteria has bordered on comical (OMG! There's a virus that causes respiratory distress! Let's buy all the toilet paper!), but this part is downright tragic. I don't really care that much about the pro sports--they're grown-ups who can cry all the way to the bank--but these kids are, for the most part, just screwed. Especially those seniors whose careers are ending prematurely. Here's your first lesson in life, kid: life's hard and then you die. And it's not just the collegiate athletes--my brother's kids' soccer leagues canceled all of their games. I hope you enjoyed that one game you got to play, kid.