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  1. That's a BAMR, alright, but it's still not the same as the MKZ's sliding glass roof. The Bronco/Baby Bronco I could see having a BAMR, but not something like the MKZ's roof.
  2. Personally, I think there's way too much chrome on most F-Series grilles. That's one of the things I love about my STX--no chrome at all in the grille (aside from the Blue Oval), just a body-colored surround and black insert.
  3. SoonerLS

    Baby Bronco dash shots

    You may be right about that. My vents are usually open, but my niece closed one the other day, and I noticed some slight differences. For one thing, there's a "tab" on one vane that slightly overlaps the other vane when it's closed, and that's missing from the vents in that pic.
  4. SoonerLS

    Future Edge Replacement

    He was talking about if the "no NG" regulations moved across the country and how it would be a non-starter in the Great Plains states.
  5. SoonerLS

    Baby Bronco dash shots

    Can't say I've ever been in a G6, but I look at vents just like those every time I get into my truck.
  6. SoonerLS

    Baby Bronco dash shots

    Also, if you want to see how they're modernizing it, compare that radio to the radio controls (under the "tablet") in the pic in the first post.
  7. SoonerLS

    Baby Bronco dash shots

    Those vents are straight out of a 12th Gen F-150.
  8. You know, my first thought is that there's no way Ford will spend dollars to chase pennies, other than to add it to the Ford Performance catalog. This Mod Center that Fuzzy confirmed, well, that does change things, doesn't it? I don't know if Ford will want to go through the expense of the safety certifications, etc, but at least that eliminates the assembly line-related costs.
  9. SoonerLS

    New light & medium duty news

    I saw a convoy of Asplundh Ford mediums rolling down I-44 the other day. They were led by an F-150 or F-250 (can't recall which). I remember looking for the PSD badge, but I don't remember seeing it. There was one medium of another make in the convoy (I don't recall what it was), but there were four or five Ford mediums, at least F-550s.
  10. I would like to get a car where the top of the wheel could block something at the base of the windshield. For me, even in its full-up position, the wheel normally blocks the top of the instrument cluster.
  11. Except that the F-Series uses electric fans. I'm pretty sure their engines and radiators are bigger than the Ranger's... My guess is that it's cheaper, may be more robust, and is just cheaper. Also, it probably costs less.
  12. SoonerLS

    Why do they do this?

    I can't say that I could tell you which side the speedo and tach occupied on the last several vehicles I've driven. Heck, if I were under oath right now, I couldn't tell you with 100% certainty which one is on which side in my truck. Maybe it's a product of having started my driving career going among several vehicles, but gauge placement just isn't that important to me; I can look at the dash and see which one is which.
  13. SoonerLS

    More 2020 Explorer issues...

    I dunno--I'd argue that a half-shaft that got bent merely from driving on a crappy road and not from something impacting on it must've had a defect in materials.
  14. Is there a way to make the editor not completely suck in Safari on iPadOS 13.3? If I get a quote of another message in there, I can't get rid of it without leaving the thread, and sometimes it stuffs my reply into the quoted message (especially if I've trimmed the quote) and won't let me out. And I can't even simply paste a YouTube link into the message--I have to use the link icon in the toolbar. It's frustrating as hell. At least I used to be able to turn the "smart" part off and deal with the BBCode to fix problems, but now I just seem to be stuck with them... FWIW, I don't seem to have nearly as much trouble with the editor in Firefox under windows or in Safari on my iPhone, but my iPad is what I use the most for BON...
  15. The original Bullitt Mustang sells for $3.74 mil. (Hammer falls at $3.4 mil; I guess the rest must be the vig for selling the car.) https://youtu.be/Y1kzTyqcN9U